Mikey Williams' Iso Game is TUFF! FACTS ONLY. 👑 | SLAM King of the Court

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • Mikey Williams and DJ Dudley are gonna take over California as the BORDER BOYZ at San Ysidro next season. Before they team up, though, we had to make 'em run 1's for ultimate bragging rights.
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    Mikey Williams' Iso Game is TUFF! FACTS ONLY. 👑 | SLAM King of the Court
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Comments • 375

  • SLAM
    SLAM  3 months ago +223

    Whose game does Mikey Williams remind you of?

  • sweet slime
    sweet slime 5 days ago +2

    Why was everything about Mike

  • hooper 974
    hooper 974 6 days ago

    Mikey traveled

  • Its merrr
    Its merrr 7 days ago +1

    5:56 i smell some kobe

  • Toddy Winn
    Toddy Winn 9 days ago

    Mikey is insane

  • Gregory Alvarez
    Gregory Alvarez 11 days ago

    Mikey talks all this smack but he can’t even show it on the court

  • Mosese Afemui
    Mosese Afemui 11 days ago

    Mike traveled at 5:58

  • Mosese Afemui
    Mosese Afemui 11 days ago

    They said he was 8th grade like a year ago

  • Mosese Afemui
    Mosese Afemui 11 days ago

    Did Miley Williams get held back

  • Maddox Cruz
    Maddox Cruz 12 days ago

    is mikey a 1 motion shooter or a 2?

  • Maquita Thomas
    Maquita Thomas 13 days ago

    DJ Dudley is a great ball player but humble. Mikey and DJ are both good kids though. A great lesson for arrogant lil Miley. Great competition is always good. Fun to watch both of these young stars with bright futures ahead of them

  • NBA Suave
    NBA Suave 19 days ago +1

    Mikey is not as good as I thought

    • ImTooWeak kbye
      ImTooWeak kbye 15 days ago

      He is he was just fucking around in this vid

    JUSTIN Y. SUCKS 19 days ago

    DJ looks like Dame Lillard

  • Asher Ealey
    Asher Ealey 20 days ago

    5:47 was a travel

  • KinGRaCCoon
    KinGRaCCoon 22 days ago

    “My elbow

  • Azurreh
    Azurreh 22 days ago

    6:23 when gay people play ball

  • ABtv Allen boys
    ABtv Allen boys 23 days ago

    2:23 that’s what she said

  • Ziko Ziko
    Ziko Ziko Month ago +1

    Mikey Williams newest recruit of the wide neck gang👌👌👌

  • jeremy langton
    jeremy langton Month ago

    5:59 how many steps that was😭

  • jeremy langton
    jeremy langton Month ago

    Mikeys breathing making me tired 😂

  • Its merrr
    Its merrr Month ago +1

    "SHOOTER man"

  • Brian Tartaglia
    Brian Tartaglia Month ago

    He did say hold up

  • AXB21 Reacter
    AXB21 Reacter Month ago

    5:41 DJ gets roasted by Mikey Williams

  • Daniel Rosario
    Daniel Rosario Month ago

    More videos of Mikey

  • Archangel_BBaller
    Archangel_BBaller Month ago

    Mikey’s shot is wet

  • Smyth Gover
    Smyth Gover Month ago

    6:01 Travel??

  • John Peace
    John Peace Month ago +1

    Mikey sounds and looks like he’s 18 lmao

  • Yrn Bryan
    Yrn Bryan Month ago +2

    5:40 motor head😂😂

  • Sariya corrigan
    Sariya corrigan 2 months ago

    6:40 why dj arms so long 😂

  • Yosey
    Yosey 2 months ago +1

    He said hold up ong

  • Issac Gonzalez
    Issac Gonzalez 2 months ago

    3:22 he traveled SMH play me fir money

  • Jam Gurtiza
    Jam Gurtiza 2 months ago


  • Troy Grant
    Troy Grant 2 months ago

    Dj is underrated

  • Lrd Bane
    Lrd Bane 2 months ago

    Mikey has a very mature body for his age.
    I feel like if he stayed under the radar like he was he would be better.
    I’m gonna say this though. A child can peak too early. And spot light can make someone content with trash in their game cause it gets praised no matter what.
    I shot creation footwork could use some work. But he has so much time.
    I wish him nothing but success. 🙏🏾

  • Demetrius Blankenship
    Demetrius Blankenship 2 months ago +1

    That boy Mikey got his clout and left lil bronny😂

  • Batman And Robin
    Batman And Robin 2 months ago +1

    Is it just me or does Mikey remind y’all of an OG tre good?

  • Bibi James
    Bibi James 2 months ago

    bruh i thought the second guy was westbrook

  • Garvin Joseph
    Garvin Joseph 2 months ago

    Title praises Mikey.
    DJ wins easy.
    Stop buying views 🤣🤣🤣 they know more people will watch if you talk about Mikey.

  • Jerico Vega
    Jerico Vega 2 months ago

    Mikey is better then lebron jr

  • Caleb Rogers
    Caleb Rogers 2 months ago

    6:03 Am I the only one that saw him take 3 steps??🤔

  • Brayden Major
    Brayden Major 3 months ago +1

    DJ’s shot looks exactly like CJ Mcollum’s shot no cap

  • Yea Aight
    Yea Aight 3 months ago

    Miley better

  • Chris Crowe
    Chris Crowe 3 months ago

    "shutcho lil body ass up"😭

  • ZAK A
    ZAK A 3 months ago +3

    Dj lookin like a small kd

  • Snxze
    Snxze 3 months ago +1

    Aye that was some good stuff

  • Aaron Alvarez
    Aaron Alvarez 3 months ago

    Mikey trash

  • Devonte powell
    Devonte powell 3 months ago +6

    i think tre from kick genius his biological father

  • William Beeks
    William Beeks 3 months ago

    Mikey look like NBA YoungBoy and DJ look like Isaiah Thomas

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 3 months ago +3

    James harden gets those shots easy @3:22

  • Epileptic Gorilla
    Epileptic Gorilla 3 months ago

    ISO game tuff but he still got smoked😂

  • donald ajayi
    donald ajayi 3 months ago +1

    That caption Is terrible. Y’all type like athletes it’s corny caption for their Instagram pics.

  • Loner Loners
    Loner Loners 3 months ago

    He traveled hard asf at 3:22

  • R M
    R M 3 months ago

    Uuuuuhhhhhhh?? Definitely not one on one worthy. But it doesn't matter.

  • Avante HD
    Avante HD 3 months ago

    Looks like Mikey isn’t the best no more

  • Nate Yates
    Nate Yates 3 months ago +6

    Young bulls making each other better

  • drew lovelace
    drew lovelace 3 months ago

    how many travels he gotta do lol

  • HOoDiE KaRi
    HOoDiE KaRi 3 months ago

    Some little nigga in the hood WORKING his ass off right now gettin ready to smoke all these niggas in the league

    Give me likes

  • I’m Goat
    I’m Goat 3 months ago

    Mikey Williams is older then dj and he’s in 8th grade

  • Israel Davila
    Israel Davila 3 months ago

    Dj is gonna fucking top prospect in a few yrs bet on it

  • MarquisJuiceTV
    MarquisJuiceTV 3 months ago

    I hope Mikey stay humble

  • Kolt Viano
    Kolt Viano 3 months ago

    How tall is Mikey?

  • Abinet Clift
    Abinet Clift 3 months ago

    One of the step backs Mikey totally like run with the ball

  • CamBlizzy
    CamBlizzy 3 months ago

    Fake ass Corey Sanders

  • kayden waterman
    kayden waterman 3 months ago

    gave dj no love

  • ice-blue
    ice-blue 3 months ago

    Look at his head even though that neck longer than a giraff (not be a hater)

  • Matthew Nelson
    Matthew Nelson 3 months ago +1

    Mikey Williams low key got locked up

  • poser
    poser 3 months ago

    Y’all dick sucked Mikey this whole vid dislike

  • cindy _dynasty
    cindy _dynasty 3 months ago +1

    See DJ ain’t talk all that smack and won

    • Ramzi Musa
      Ramzi Musa 15 days ago

      He called mikey a bum and said he would lock hm up

  • The Truth
    The Truth 3 months ago +1

    ISO games don't work anymore... You gotta be able to play without ball in your hand

  • Jucy Stax
    Jucy Stax 3 months ago

    Who do that travel on 5:56

  • Trillkid. Meia
    Trillkid. Meia 3 months ago

    Mikey and dj looks like they can be brothers

  • Lil Speedy
    Lil Speedy 3 months ago

    Dj better

  • Noah Bouley
    Noah Bouley 3 months ago

    dj is awsome give him respect

  • Matthewthegamer976
    Matthewthegamer976 3 months ago +6

    How is it king of the court with 2 players?

  • Kinny Boy Few
    Kinny Boy Few 3 months ago +53

    Mikey is like a reincarnation of Tre from kickgenius back when the channel was in its early days. Play style, voice, personality and everything

    • Damian Daughtry
      Damian Daughtry 21 day ago

      Even the braces

    • Omar Estrada
      Omar Estrada 3 months ago

      Kinny Boy Few lmao I was thinking the same one someone said who does his play remind you of 🤣🤣🤣