Oppo Find X - BEND TEST FAIL!!

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • The Oppo Find X with its motorized cameras, is one of the coolest smartphones on the planet. The Smartphone that changes everything, the hidden motors moving parts of the phone so the screen can be massive and unobstructed by notches. The Oppo Find X is everything a high tech enthusiast can dream of! BUT... is the Oppo Find X Durable? There is only one way to find out. And thats with JerryRigEverything's durability test.
    Its time to stress tess the Oppo Find X with a scratch test on the Screen, and then a razor blade to figure out what materials the phone is made out of. And finally - its time to bend test the Oppo Find X to see how structurally sound the body is.... or how structurally sound the phone body isnt. Not all phones survive my durability tests.
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  • PUBG Comedy
    PUBG Comedy 2 days ago


  • MC Chase
    MC Chase 2 days ago

    Teacher: Find x
    Student: Fins the Find x phone
    Teacher: Not that x you dumb dumb!!

  • X-Mann213
    X-Mann213 4 days ago +4

    I tried the bend test on my a10e and immediately regretted it didn't have a phone for 4 weeks after that

  • A Guy
    A Guy 4 days ago

    The headphones that come in the box are straight up Apple Earpod clones holy crap

  • Oblivion[2]
    Oblivion[2] 4 days ago

    Do Xiaomi Mi A1

  • Brian W
    Brian W 4 days ago

    2:20 you almost gave your shop teacher a reason for all those safety lectures...
    Do kids even have shop class anymore? No... yeah well you little bastards have zero shop safety and it’s showing.

  • Abdulbasit Mahmoud
    Abdulbasit Mahmoud 5 days ago

    Nooooooo 🥴

  • Dagaminstudios
    Dagaminstudios 5 days ago +4

    Teacher: Explains the theory of glass
    Me: Scratches at level 6 with DePpeR GrOoVes at LeVeL SevEn.

  • AngelMen
    AngelMen 5 days ago

    Que video más estúpido y gilipollas. Tratando así un móvil, que esperas?.
    Que ganas de romper un bonito terminal. Seguro que alguien en la vida hubiera apreciado mucho tu regalo antes de romperlo.

  • Mary Miss
    Mary Miss 5 days ago

    Бедный телефон😣
    Лучше бы мне отдал

  • Sam Daniel Durado
    Sam Daniel Durado 5 days ago


  • Ah Sim
    Ah Sim 5 days ago

    Really doesn't like Oppo

  • kak Acik
    kak Acik 5 days ago

    HaCin (Hp Cina)

  • FireBg Hero
    FireBg Hero 7 days ago +3

    Some company : our phone are unscratchable

    Zag : scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

  • Denver's Vids
    Denver's Vids 7 days ago

    Do u buy these phones or do the phone companies give you the phones Jerry?

    • Zigeuninja
      Zigeuninja 5 days ago

      he has 4mil+ subs i think he can easily buy all these phones himself

    • Jeff
      Jeff 5 days ago

      he bought it himself

  • Freya DK
    Freya DK 8 days ago

    First message on Chinese phone: we would like to access your location and want to spy on you through your camera. Ok?

  • Baller Simpson
    Baller Simpson 8 days ago

    Hold my egg mayo sandwich....

  • Raki Lesnar
    Raki Lesnar 8 days ago

    Nice video...but why u waste it ..just give it to me

  • Darling 127
    Darling 127 9 days ago

    China Phone = trash can

  • Sheikh REHAN
    Sheikh REHAN 10 days ago

    Its find x chep phone

  • Herman Kuhn
    Herman Kuhn 10 days ago

    Test the oppo a7 next

  • Animoo
    Animoo 10 days ago

    How to can you live with that metal screeching sound?

  • MR Evolution
    MR Evolution 11 days ago

    This oppo find x is as weak as boring finding x in maths is

  • Noah Elijah Albaytar
    Noah Elijah Albaytar 12 days ago

    Instead of DESTROYING IT..

  • Louis Chester austria
    Louis Chester austria 12 days ago +5

    I got goosebumps when you scratch the side with blade😅

  • Rajesh Gopalan
    Rajesh Gopalan 12 days ago

    Can you do durability test on oppo realme phones

  • SanaTheSnowMan⛄️
    SanaTheSnowMan⛄️ 13 days ago

    Pocket lint

  • Juris Žigurs
    Juris Žigurs 13 days ago

    Shame. But it has got a very interesting design

  • Salt
    Salt 13 days ago

    can you mute the sound from scratching the sides of the phones

  • Manuel Uy
    Manuel Uy 13 days ago

    Can you gift me cp like that? Please?

  • Niresh Ravi
    Niresh Ravi 13 days ago +1

    If you're bend like that mobile definetly it'll broke cause it's just a mobile not an steel bar😐

    • Niresh Ravi
      Niresh Ravi 6 days ago

      @A N G E R Y 😂😂😂😅😑😑😑😑😐

    • A N G E R Y
      A N G E R Y 6 days ago +1

      Then surviving phones are steel bars

  • Betalpha Gaming
    Betalpha Gaming 13 days ago +1

    Whats with the dislikes lol the people couldnt find X?

  • Aashi Ahmed
    Aashi Ahmed 14 days ago

    Plzz review oppo f11 pro

  • Ashkasha Hija
    Ashkasha Hija 15 days ago +1

    dude you need to putt on some type of gloves when your doing these tests

  • chara gapo
    chara gapo 16 days ago

    just give me the phone before you smash it 😔😔

  • AlbertNeedSkills
    AlbertNeedSkills 16 days ago

    Oppo : This Will Be A Perfect Phone
    Oppo Talking To Himself : Fuck I Forgot To Check The Bend Test

  • Green Guy Games
    Green Guy Games 16 days ago +1

    why you do that

  • Hisham Abdul Hadi
    Hisham Abdul Hadi 16 days ago +5

    5:49 And go on to live happy lives, until I harvest their organs for parts, you know how it goes around here

    I died 😂😂😂

  • Lennart - Adventure und Lost Places

    2:50 It hast *no* headphone jack
    0:16 Headphones with cable in phone packaging

  • secter
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    Is it just me or do I feel like his fingers are gonna snap when he'd Ng the phone

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    2:24 rip my ears like for new ears

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    Lol texting your ex

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    3:26 how do you talk without moving your lips?

  • Dartrix The Dark Knight

    Idc i wode stil like dat phone

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    Rip phone

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    Ali Hamza 18 days ago +3

    Why 21k dislikes,this man is saving your money!

  • Aditya Ramdin
    Aditya Ramdin 18 days ago

    That sound of the metal😳

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    James Maravilla 19 days ago

    Nc 1

    LABO M. KAYO 19 days ago


  • 市長ウィルフレッド

    "Go find Ex"

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    How come I have never heard of this phone

  • Shygynaseer Nj
    Shygynaseer Nj 20 days ago

    You can give to me why did you break I feel very bad

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    dislikers are math teachers

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    Ugh that sound...

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    I love that he still puts the case on at 7:30

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    Voice: *soothes everyone*
    Jerry: *scratches metal side*
    Everyone: *😬*

  • Francisco Cruz
    Francisco Cruz 21 day ago

    Lucky you can break phones every day when I have to wait 3years to get a phone :`(

    • Purrune90
      Purrune90 12 days ago

      He has a job and buys his own phones stfu

  • Roberto Ronchi
    Roberto Ronchi 22 days ago

    You are completely crazy

  • Aryan Shah
    Aryan Shah 22 days ago

    Design was the biggest flaw here in find x

  • Ikram ulhaq
    Ikram ulhaq 22 days ago

    For the first time I've seen your ficial expressions while scratching the camera

    JEREMIEE ON YOUTUBE 22 days ago

    Ugh my ears haha

  • Kitty WR
    Kitty WR 23 days ago

    At this point I just want to see Jerry break stuff

  • Peyton Bodin
    Peyton Bodin 23 days ago

    5:40 *erases half of the univereses population*

  • V Hyde
    V Hyde 23 days ago

    Oh god this phone looks so good.. don't scratch it.. don't burn it.. don't bend it.. 😢😢

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    Nitin Pednekar 23 days ago

    Do you buy them with your own money?

    • Purrune90
      Purrune90 12 days ago +1

      Nitin Pednekar i mean, average 1.5m views a vid and $500 spent per vid. If you get 5k from ads every vid it’s a good profit

    • Nitin Pednekar
      Nitin Pednekar 12 days ago

      @Purrune90 He must be spending more than what he receives from RU-clip.

    • Purrune90
      Purrune90 12 days ago +1

      Nitin Pednekar he does

  • Graham Carter
    Graham Carter 23 days ago +1

    Have you ever used the level 10 pick

  • Charlipez
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    Turn your volume all the way up and then click this 2:23

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