Hannity: Ratings and polls tank for impeachment

  • Published on Dec 14, 2019
  • Impeachment hearings fail to pull public support.

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  • Lar M
    Lar M Hour ago

    Trump landslide victory.Just common sense.

  • Asgaiyawaya 397
    Asgaiyawaya 397 6 hours ago

    A bunch of Democrats just voted themselves out of office. I don't know how many elected politicians you need to be a party but they will be lucky if they have any.

  • phoebus
    phoebus 4 days ago

    Why are all the democrats so ugly ? Nadler is so ugly his suit looks like it's taking a dump .

  • phoebus
    phoebus 4 days ago

    If Trump doesn't do exactly as the democrats want then they would have you believe he's abusing his power and obstructing congress . Well that's what happens when an election is lost , the losers don't get their way . Why did the democrats impeach President Trump ? because it's the one thing they can do to try to exert some power over him . They haven't been able to stop him from Making America Great Again giving him a very good chance of being reelected , but they can use impeachment as a campaign strategy to try to smear him and divert people's attention away from his many successes and how pathetic the democrat candidates are .

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S 7 days ago

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  • Dan Stephensen
    Dan Stephensen 16 days ago

    I ADMIT. I'm seriously and solemnly asleep right now at my desk here in the travesty room of the House

  • Katie M
    Katie M 21 day ago

    I am so sick and tired of the Democrats and what they are doing to Trump...when will this charade end? I pray that the pit they are digging for him, they will fall in it and fall hard...enough is enough. And what they did for Clinton, they have to do the same for Trump otherwise, it will clearly show such unfair, bias and lack of integrity to do what is right and have a fair just trial.

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor


  • Glycerin
    Glycerin Month ago +2

    It was really messed up what they did to Brett Kavanaugh.. I just sat and watched in anger and disbelief. The left are absolutely NASTY people.

  • No1s Business
    No1s Business Month ago


  • Lupe Moreno
    Lupe Moreno Month ago

    The Real America’s Don,t Believe Nothing CNN, Says Or The Other,s Fake New,s MSNBC, Lying Always,👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • mattzablocki
    mattzablocki Month ago


  • Tim Scotty
    Tim Scotty Month ago

    It’s time for revolution and a march demanding all these garbage Democrats be fired and forced out of office

  • Fender Guitars
    Fender Guitars Month ago

    Democrats can kiss 2020 good bye ,... they blew it tonight; threw it away ,..

  • Raul Lopez
    Raul Lopez Month ago

    Party!!!! No more idiot prez!!! Sad it didnt happen sooner! USA! USA!

  • ZTruth NY
    ZTruth NY Month ago

    Anyone who thinks Joe and Hannity are journalists are in need of their own self assessment. I mean seriously? I picked these two because both are on opposite end of the spectrum by self vested interest and motive. If you can’t see this you are lying to yourself and are controlled by right and left. Stop being used by these two idiots. They are laughing to the bank because of you.

  • Russ K
    Russ K Month ago +1

    I doubt if the polls are tanking for impeachment except for Fox "News" viewers and trumptards in general. They have better things to do other than listen to any accusations that the guy they voted for is unfit for office. So listening to any evidence that might get them to even consider that fact could be upsetting. Today the republicans in the house main point that they are stressing is that the democrats never liked Trump. In fact, they just hate Trump (so they say) and they want to undo the 2016 election. They have managed to ignore all the evidence presented to them and I'm sure they will all vote not to impeach Trump. Democrats, on the other hand, who actually honor their oath of office to defend the Constitution, will vote to impeach Trump because he has earned it. If you don't know why he does, it's probably because you have continued to watch Fox "News" and get the Hannity spin on all of this. Good news for you trumpsters.. Trump will not be removed because the republicans in the senate, led by Moscow Mitch, have already made up their minds to let Trump off the hook. We'll see how things go in 2020. I'm sure most all of you will vote for Trump even if he does shoot someone outside the white house. Shows how little you care about America, the rule of law and our Constitution. No surprise, really. None at all.

    • Russ K
      Russ K Month ago

      Fender Guitars....With the outdated electoral college still being used, in which red states with even small populations being overly represented, I can't doubt it's possible for a Trump victory. But even more Americans know now that Trump is an evil clown and he will lose the popular vote by more votes than last time. But with so many dimwitted Trump supporters and with the help (once again) from Russia who definitely wants their boy puppet to win, it's getting harder to maintain free and fair elections. Trump. after getting a free pass by the what's-an-oath-of-office-for-anyway republicans, will be even more emboldened to seek help from foreign countries to get himself reelected. It's a crime and he knows it now but doesn't care because the republicans and Trump supporters don't care. Trump doesn't care about much of anything but himself. Certainly doesn't care about America except for having bragging rights that he's in charge. Funny that some people can't seem to get that through their heads. Fender? Sure... pay more and get less.

    • Fender Guitars
      Fender Guitars Month ago

      nah ,..they're tanking "everywhere" too,.. Trump is gonna win re-election,,

  • dr. rae christopher

    43000 LIES

  • dr. rae christopher

    43000 lies a big deal

  • dr. rae christopher


  • Barry Bellah
    Barry Bellah Month ago

    I think that the Republicans know what to do now. If a Democrat wins the presidency it will have to be because they cheated. The day after the election we should start impeachment proceedings against whoever that Democrat president is. Then the left and their media would simply freak out and cry for years about how this was so unfair.

  • Karen Nesbitt
    Karen Nesbitt Month ago

    The American people should vote. Donald Trump's the best thing to happen to America in many many years. I STAND BY DONALD J TRUMP 20/20

  • Damalia Marsi
    Damalia Marsi Month ago

    Trump is gone. 2024 and he is out!

  • barsoom43
    barsoom43 Month ago

    Keep an eye on RINO Romney.. see what he does..

  • jae Rossi
    jae Rossi Month ago

    Called out sick due to viral and cant stop laughing. My chest hurts from coughing and laughing same time. Nutty Nadler snoozing wha...


    Nice tie and shirt combo, Hannity

  • Howie Ballman
    Howie Ballman Month ago

    I am for no party's , what the polls don't show is the silent people who is sick of the crap and politics , like it or not people are taking names to vote out alot of Democratics . The problem cleaning out the swamp the politicians are corrupt , people need to vote them all out until the pass a term limits.

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy Month ago +1

    Hunter stepped down...end of story...Trump was right

  • Dee G
    Dee G Month ago

    Republicans will be running for cover when King Trumps Dirty Russia Deeds come out.💥🙄😭

  • Mastercraft PS
    Mastercraft PS Month ago

    Our founders would have been hanging Democrats by now. Compared to them, we are cowards who are allowing tyrants to crush our country.

  • Deborra Strom
    Deborra Strom Month ago

    Hannity, why do we the people feel like fox only allows you to say just enough to boost ratings but really not the whole truth. The public/ Patriots are catching on, get together with others we like start your own news station that is outstandingly UNCOMPROMISED give patriots the whole truth asap. WWG1WGA. Can't wait. Trusting the Plan.

  • the right RocknRoll

    Nothing will happen to Trump he will go on to win 2020 with a landslide! 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧👍👍👌

  • Nebraska SunShine
    Nebraska SunShine Month ago

    Time to start the demoting the Democrats

  • Judy0007
    Judy0007 Month ago

    I heard that the Covington case was thrown out. I hope I am Wong.

  • Peter Mortimer
    Peter Mortimer Month ago

    Popular vote 2016---------------------- 62,984,828 65,853,514

  • Mr. Joker
    Mr. Joker Month ago


  • Mr. Joker
    Mr. Joker Month ago

    IMPEACHMENT this crook Bastard

  • Calbeck
    Calbeck Month ago +2

    "We've already made up our minds, so golf and naps it is."

  • o o
    o o Month ago

    Obamacare need to flush in the toilet

  • o o
    o o Month ago

    Alot of illegal voters vote the shitty crooked Democrats

  • Ben Covington
    Ben Covington Month ago

    The guy at the end rocks! So does Hannity !

  • Tyiee Brown
    Tyiee Brown Month ago

    I see what it's about; they want us to get bored of watching they so we stop watching and they go back to fxxking us over and before we know it if we rise up again heads will roll...

  • Work Email
    Work Email Month ago

    I can't wait to see my stupid liberal friends freak out.

  • Phillip King
    Phillip King Month ago

    Regardless of your politics, if you have to rely almost solely on ad hominem infantile attacks, kindergarten name calling and proffer a frothing at the maw polemic of instantly dismissible falsehoods, rather than objective, evidence based argument, you have no business occupying a public platform.

  • NAKA
    NAKA Month ago +1

    Please help us.
    I dont want a president impeached against our rights. We the people determine it. Not the other opposing party.

  • Daniel Saldana
    Daniel Saldana Month ago

    Bunch of goons. ..

  • Stetson Griggs
    Stetson Griggs Month ago

    Trump all day every day till 2020. Then its yang gang.

  • Thomas Howard
    Thomas Howard Month ago +1

    Dear Hannity, please help us understand why no charges have been filed against the dems who have broken the law and lied to Congress? If they have truly done these things, why no charges, no arrests, no hearings, no investigations? Trump has done nothing and he is being dragged into court. Why isn’t Joe Biden being dragged into court? This is very confusing. Those you say are innocent are facing charges. Those you say are guilty are living their lives as normal, not even losing their jobs. This makes no sense.

  • Jesse Owens
    Jesse Owens Month ago

    FOX should take the high road and quit using the nick names. It makes them look unprofessional and on the defensive.

  • Nunya Buiz
    Nunya Buiz Month ago

    Are you high?

  • Wing Ding
    Wing Ding Month ago

    I was really surprised to find out that Rachel Maddow was born in area 51.

  • Wing Ding
    Wing Ding Month ago

    If there was a majority democratic government with someone like Hillary Clinton as president we will all be rounded up and thrown reeducation camps. The hatred the left has for conservatives is unprecedented. The scary part is that they believe they are just in their hatred towards Trump anyone that supports him.

  • John Logan
    John Logan Month ago

    You can't make this stuff up. What a wast of tax payers money. Theater for the ugly that obviously doesn't have the best intention for the people of this country. Where does America go from here? Probably could have educated a high percentage of the capable homeless for what this has cost the American people.

    ROBIN HOOD Month ago

    Taking the oath of office to protect the constitution with the right hand held.

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors Month ago

    Sane America wants our disgusting president put behind bars

  • dopey dopey
    dopey dopey Month ago

    We need to clear all them dems the fck out of office

  • Brian Gray
    Brian Gray Month ago

    I cant wait til this is over and your god is out of office. Fox news snd hannity is the biggest crock of rightwing biased brainwashing propaganda ever. This is not even close to facts. I don't care for any of your condecending rightwing responses. I wont even have time to read em or agrue a pointless point. So keep being brainwashed. Its your choice...

  • Starduster*RE In Motion

    OY!!!!! Listened to someone from another COUNTRY say.. repeat repeat follow follow.... That with her Accent... that Trump doesn't know how to talk. REALLY???? Saying He doesn't know how to S P I K....... In an UN American ACCENT!!!! *RE♥

  • Athena Millay
    Athena Millay Month ago

    Value, I've been an avid researcher for many years. Don't speak about what YOU don't know!

  • DAV
    DAV Month ago

    The left is finally moving forward toward their full adjunda. This is only the beginning.