USA vs China Exhibition Game Full Highlights

  • Published on Jul 25, 2016
  • The United States outscored China by 38 points in the paint in route to a 106-57 victory tonight in Los Angeles. Kevin Durant led all scorers, for the United States, with 19 points (4-5 3pt FG) and 5 assists as Klay Thompson finished with an additional 17 points. China was led by Yi Jianlian with 18 points and 7 rebounds in the losing effort.
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Comments • 6 664

  • CI CS
    CI CS Day ago +1

    this game ( basketball ) doesn't allow defense if played agressive on offensive. look at the usa team. they all just go full offensive/agressive and the enemy can't defend or they would probably hurt themselfs? i don't know if the original game designers intended this. the china team for example in the offensive never plays aggressive and gets punished ( blocked ). i think the usa played way better overall even without this tactic, but they also play a different basketball ( agressive ) and china plays non-agressive in the offensive. good game overall

  • captain crunch
    captain crunch Day ago


  • Good Luck
    Good Luck 2 days ago


  • mantan h
    mantan h 3 days ago


  • Théodore Lin
    Théodore Lin 5 days ago

    Mother fucking americans

  • Frankie Sum
    Frankie Sum 8 days ago

    white+black vs yellows but still cuts off china's attack tapes + home advantage

  • The Holy Diver
    The Holy Diver 10 days ago

    On average all those Americans got about 6 inches on those other dudes

  • Manuel Jay
    Manuel Jay 10 days ago

    USA is just having low training

  • RH Guo
    RH Guo 10 days ago +1

    china vs African all-star

    • wais khayre
      wais khayre 2 days ago

      hey man, I would rather live in Africa than socially regressive china.stay oppressed fool.

  • sean lew
    sean lew 11 days ago

    팀웍에서 중국이 완전 밀리네.

  • Sultik America
    Sultik America 13 days ago

    Fack china! Let's go USA

    CCPJAYLPHAN1994 13 days ago

    Try Badminton or Ping Pong with China

  • えーっと、ちなみに俺はホモだけど、


  • lazybeastz182
    lazybeastz182 14 days ago

    3:05 is where this is some next level chinese dribbling

  • Beny Lo
    Beny Lo 14 days ago

    This is what it would look like if the NBA VS. WNBA

  • zweenguyen
    zweenguyen 14 days ago

    "I love orange chicken" - jo koy

  • saf don
    saf don 15 days ago

    They should have stayed at home

  • 一笑奈何
    一笑奈何 15 days ago

    let’s play pingpong

  • Kanaan Mrad
    Kanaan Mrad 16 days ago +2

    Lebanon more than a few times meets with China in the finals, and wins with difficulty, but admitted that professionalism, skill and arts ar for the NBA 👍 that is the true ☺️

  • Unknown Mngndto
    Unknown Mngndto 16 days ago

    The only thing China can win against US basketball is by challenging the Weakest NBA teams

    • Teyai Woo
      Teyai Woo 13 days ago

      Not a single white guy in american team.shame

  • Titus P
    Titus P 16 days ago

    High school team vs pro team

  • 李国杰
    李国杰 16 days ago

    Nothing except Yao Ming

  • Nemo
    Nemo 16 days ago

    when the US barely tries

  • Stefan Sharov
    Stefan Sharov 18 days ago

    fuck you chine tompo mongole

  • John Christian Miranda

    my wish is meet stephen curry personal

  • John Cena
    John Cena 18 days ago


  • 锕Nice
    锕Nice 19 days ago

    yes!usa number one

  • PBB Updated
    PBB Updated 19 days ago


  • Zheng Kuang
    Zheng Kuang 19 days ago


  • Molacho 18
    Molacho 18 20 days ago

    The blazers would smoke the chinese team

  • dungui guo
    dungui guo 21 day ago

    尼玛这要是不放水后面能得20吗, 整个中国对就郭艾伦打出点水准

  • xxx无名氏
    xxx无名氏 23 days ago

    China still has a long journey to go....

  • Larry John
    Larry John 24 days ago

    China haven't enough strength to finish the match

  • A T28
    A T28 24 days ago

    Donald trump masturbates watching this video

  • Executive _
    Executive _ 25 days ago +2

    2:30 look at those Chinese in the background

  • Lebrun Kobe
    Lebrun Kobe 28 days ago

    Its like human vs hairy animals

  • Loyd Mapagmahal
    Loyd Mapagmahal 28 days ago

    In mobile legend
    Pro v.s A.i😆

  • Ronin Bayacal
    Ronin Bayacal 29 days ago

    War by proxy

  • mo Tom
    mo Tom 29 days ago +2

    Why America has so many niggas,look like my excrement.

  • Gerardo Flores Lopez
    Gerardo Flores Lopez 29 days ago

    USA, USA

  • all in one
    all in one Month ago

    USA teams look more like African team

  • Furkan 19
    Furkan 19 Month ago

    Allah korkusu da yok piçlerde

  • lynlix salvaña
    lynlix salvaña Month ago


  • John Choi
    John Choi Month ago +1

    fucking china, the virus of the world.

  • There is a snake in my boot

    If only Yao Ming was here.

  • Arvin Jaylo
    Arvin Jaylo Month ago +1

    Probably not played in their country so there is no cooking show going on.

  • 斯毅刘
    斯毅刘 Month ago


  • jalan kebenaran SC
    jalan kebenaran SC Month ago

    Itu team usa apa afrika ya item kulit hitam semua???

  • Zaldy Salas
    Zaldy Salas Month ago

    So satisfying to watch until now lol

  • Ga rou
    Ga rou Month ago

    Basketball is fit for the Americans that's why their levels is different

  • Mason张大仙
    Mason张大仙 Month ago


  • abdoul aziz sembene

    Basketball is on amricans hands from Sénégal

  • Christopher Lee Quito

    Its raining of dunks from usa

  • Tyson King
    Tyson King Month ago

    106-57. How is that 38 points?? They're math wack

    • St4r P
      St4r P Month ago

      They trusted the Chinese scoreboard since they are better at math

  • Stefan Sharov
    Stefan Sharov Month ago

    fuck you chine.

  • SéséBaK
    SéséBaK Month ago

    USA or Africa ? 🤣

    • money Campbell
      money Campbell 29 days ago

      Your team is ass while you trying to talk shit

  • Roni
    Roni Month ago +1

    Usa nigga team

  • Antonio Adikex
    Antonio Adikex Month ago +2

    And Chinese basketball is No. 1 in Asia.

  • Ivan Creencia
    Ivan Creencia Month ago

    Feels like im watching all-star😄

  • N E R D
    N E R D Month ago

    2:22 what in the