NBA OMG Moments 2019

  • Published on Apr 1, 2019
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Comments • 1 011

  • Plauge Doctor
    Plauge Doctor Day ago

    2:07 Waiters Back To Dwayne Shoots No He Coudin't Get Of Now
    Fires It Up Bank It In It Counts It Counts The Heat Win The Game Dwayne Wade Won It For Miami 126 To 125 It Just Happend

  • vanity rafael
    vanity rafael Day ago

    Smikes pinoy kaba?

  • Shelly Balcita
    Shelly Balcita 3 days ago

    What is your theme song called

  • Cyrus Cailles
    Cyrus Cailles 5 days ago +1

    Can you make your theme song vid?

  • Yene Ayele
    Yene Ayele 7 days ago


  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 7 days ago +1

    When you realize jokic made this list twice in one game

  • You already know who it is 1234

    0:26 guava juice in the background

  • GiantsBear13 13
    GiantsBear13 13 8 days ago

    What’s this intro song

  • Mo Stubbs
    Mo Stubbs 9 days ago

    Wait a minute. Is that Guava Juice in the background when Russel Westbrook is doing his guitar dance?

    • Mo Stubbs
      Mo Stubbs 8 days ago

      @Munir Milhen No I just commented it straight away without looking at the other ones.

    • Munir Milhen
      Munir Milhen 8 days ago

      U copied the comment

  • Extreme Gamer
    Extreme Gamer 11 days ago

    Guava is in the background!!!

  • Peyton Denato
    Peyton Denato 11 days ago

    Does anyone think the lamb shot was backcourt

  • Javontae Ross
    Javontae Ross 12 days ago

    When the dude shot the half court buzzer beater why he shot it so high

  • XWhyZjr GT
    XWhyZjr GT 14 days ago

    4:33 cool step but blocked

  • iCursedVader
    iCursedVader 15 days ago

    2:03 football mindset lmao

  • Shoq Modi
    Shoq Modi 15 days ago +1

    The intro 32 seconds ... why

  • Griffin J miller
    Griffin J miller 17 days ago

    Thumbnail his other foot is obviously on the ground

  • AllTigerTCH
    AllTigerTCH 19 days ago

    Is traveling not a thing anymore

  • AG Scorpion
    AG Scorpion 19 days ago

    Sub to my channel and become an og

  • Victoria Kovar
    Victoria Kovar 20 days ago +1

    *KD has gone out of bounce*
    Refs: mIsS cAlL
    *James harden is triple teamed wait he shoots O GOD*
    Harden: in your face Kd

  •  20 days ago

    Gotta love the commentators 😂

  • Yurigo Mastere
    Yurigo Mastere 20 days ago

    Shame that hornets lost kemba and lamb

  • XYZScorpion
    XYZScorpion 21 day ago +1

    7:09 I think they used the wrong "defense"

  • Kozmic Collects Ankles

    About the thumbnail... He was clearly out of bounds

  • Kvng Q
    Kvng Q 22 days ago

    Intro song??

  • Itscboy C
    Itscboy C 22 days ago

    1:50 was the sexiest thing i’ve ever seen

  • Jayla Okko
    Jayla Okko 22 days ago


  • Timothy Barrett
    Timothy Barrett 22 days ago +9

    6:55 literally everybody in the Raptors stadium 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

    • Vape
      Vape 3 days ago

      even the 🦖 did it

  • Sophia Bridges
    Sophia Bridges 22 days ago +1

    Who knew curry could dunk he's always scared and shoots 3's

  • Cayden McGinnis
    Cayden McGinnis 24 days ago

    Subscribe to me

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 25 days ago

    That’s game right there!

  • SaintsKid Aka
    SaintsKid Aka 25 days ago

    Do more

  • CeeJ Ocampo Orcino
    CeeJ Ocampo Orcino 25 days ago +1

    3:07 Lebron tap Curry on the shoulder

  • shawn driver
    shawn driver 26 days ago

    Song in the intro

  • shawn driver
    shawn driver 26 days ago


  • BaconMan 2222
    BaconMan 2222 26 days ago

    Doncik aint a joke guys

  • Seahawks#1fanever Wit_it

    The Dwayne Wade buzzer beater happened on my birthday February 27th

    JDMEKE DIAZ 27 days ago

    Whats that song

  • Ben K
    Ben K 28 days ago +1

    with the 35 second intro again, I see

    • YourNxmeFX
      YourNxmeFX 20 days ago

      Ben K guava juice and ricegum

  • Mrexploion 804
    Mrexploion 804 28 days ago +1

    Into song??

  • xXSupremeBGTVXx
    xXSupremeBGTVXx 29 days ago

    Anyone else see guava juice in the intro

  • 1opo1 The king
    1opo1 The king 29 days ago

    0:27 next to the bald guy in glasses there guava juice

  • EpicTheBeast- Plays
    EpicTheBeast- Plays 29 days ago


  • kayden kim
    kayden kim Month ago

    Luka’s buzzer beater reminds me about Kawhi’s buzzer beater against the 76ers

    EPIC GAMES Month ago

    0:27 guava juice or nigahiga. Standing up with russ jersey

  • Jonas Frias
    Jonas Frias Month ago

    What that intro song called

  • Reckless Gamer
    Reckless Gamer Month ago +2

    0:26 lance felt salty as fuck

  • Chonson
    Chonson Month ago

    Of course Harden's game winner @ GSW isn't in this. Most hated NBA player of all time.

  •  Month ago

    That last one crazy!!

  • Jason Wilson
    Jason Wilson Month ago

    The heat didn’t win!!

  • Domz Ramos
    Domz Ramos Month ago

    0:26 background guava juice

  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez Month ago

    Lamb lamb.

  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez Month ago


  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez Month ago

    Ray Allen for 33333.

  •  Month ago

    The intro music is so good what is the name of intro music?

  • Claze Clan Gaming
    Claze Clan Gaming Month ago

    Faze sway intro 0:11

  • Nate Coleman
    Nate Coleman Month ago

    What about Kawhi game 7 buzzer beater

  • F8 KAT
    F8 KAT Month ago

    Worst ,,,, ERA ... eVER

  • Sarah Patel
    Sarah Patel Month ago


  • Joshy 69
    Joshy 69 Month ago

    1:10 y did the number 6 just not go and try and guard him

  • Newkmusic
    Newkmusic Month ago

    Name of the first song

  • Legend Win
    Legend Win Month ago

    0:16 song please

  • ibrahim mamedov
    ibrahim mamedov Month ago

    1:39 this is one of the best dunks that i ever seen

  • gachalife453 897
    gachalife453 897 Month ago

    In half court way cant people count them as 4's


    but that was a two point shot at 2:10

  • earl daguio
    earl daguio Month ago

    Whats the intros song name

  • AGame Changer
    AGame Changer Month ago

    subcribe me and i subcribe you too

  • JK KillerYT
    JK KillerYT Month ago +1

    2:07 To all the heat fans just get a knife and kill yourselves because you guys should be dead in hell because you are dumb aqq fans of a s___d team!!😈😈👿😈👿

  • JPS77
    JPS77 Month ago

    The shot that Jeremy Lamb had was one of the craziest buzzer beaters I have seen in my life. The ball arched so high it wasn't even in the camera frame.

  • Choco Krispis115
    Choco Krispis115 Month ago

    nba is so borring

  • Unais Fortnite Dash
    Unais Fortnite Dash Month ago +2

    4:15 did he just lift his leg for in between legs lol

  •  Month ago

    4:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lovely Multani
    Lovely Multani Month ago

    Nice intro

  • waffleman
    waffleman Month ago +1

    D Wade’s game winner was the best moment from this season. Yes, better than the Raptors winning the finals.

  • Liberty Seno
    Liberty Seno Month ago

    What music intro I love it

  • Bryant Pacheco
    Bryant Pacheco Month ago

    Did anyone see guava juice in the background 0:28 like if you did