Homophobic Laura Bretan supporting anti gay marriage referendum in Romania

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • Laura Bretan, contestant in the Romanian National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest, with the song "Dear Father", supported the 7th October 2018 referendum which wanted to change the Constitution and specify clearly that the marriage is only between a MAN and a WOMAN. She supported the referendum and militated against gay marriage, saying that the normal way God wanted a family to be is between a man and a woman.
    More about the 2018 Romanian referendum on wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Romanian_constitutional_referendum

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  • Eric Krüger
    Eric Krüger  6 months ago +85

    We did it, guys! Laura Bretan, the favourite of the Romanian televote and top 3 of almost all the international juries, got marked down with the lowest scores(4 and 6 points) by William Lee Adams and Deban, two beautiful gay men from UK who took part in the Romanian international jury, on the behalf of wiwibloggs.com. Their votes really made a difference, as between Ester and Laura there were only 5 points difference. 1 month ago, Laura was the favourite of William and Deban, on their first reaction of the Romanian selection songs, but now they punished Laura with low scores and I believe it is because they, as gay persons, felt that it is *NOT RIGHT* to let a homophobe go into Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision is about music, yes, but it's also about spreading a message and promoting and supporting values like tolerance, open-mindedness and inclusivity for everyone, from all races, genders and sexual orientations. We did it, guys! It was a close fight, few expected it, but the gays won again! We are strong and, as Conchita said in her winning speech, *We are unstoppable!*
    And for Laura Bretan, please think about this: When you throw hatred against somebdoy, don't be surprised when you get back the same from them! It's called karma. Peace to everyone! Good luck to Ester in Tel Aviv! She deserves the victory!

    • Sirbu Vio
      Sirbu Vio Month ago

      @Lee Emberson Lee, thanks. I hope you understand that for straights is not easy to understand or accept gay. But you probably know and noticed that tolerance and understanding exists, for all kind of (still) minorities, genre, sex, religious, political.... Romania IS a very tolerant country, if not the most.... But sorry, for such "we did it guys" I end my tolerance today. Poor idiot... he should have said "we did it girls!" if it is to be politically correct.

    • Pappysshoes
      Pappysshoes 3 months ago

      I have been scraping smelly shit like you off my boots to get a days work done all my life, you are the same chickenshit people who over here in the US whined about Hillary winning the popular vote and Trump winning the Electoral College, most of you LGBTQ types have been screaming it day and night for some 2.5 years now, you are a two faced bunch of chickenshits.
      She won and you lost anyway, unstoppable?, yea you had your fame, the length of time it took you to write the garbage above, she has more dignity than your kind ever will.
      Oh and she won, Romania said so.

    • Summus Saer
      Summus Saer 3 months ago

      @Eric Krüger, a deepest, sincerest, fuck you

    • Summus Saer
      Summus Saer 3 months ago

      Fuck you

    • Radu Cer
      Radu Cer 6 months ago


  • Sirbu Vio
    Sirbu Vio Month ago

    @George Daniel: #metoo. I wasn't antigay. Now I am rethinking. Dear Mr. Kruger, you've just gained a new active militant for "family" as it was originally meant.

  • Ident Dis
    Ident Dis Month ago


  • Nikola Barbić
    Nikola Barbić 2 months ago

    I mean, Eurovision is an event that celebrates diversity and also, lots of gay couples were there (you can see it in the beginning). If she really wanted to win, she should’ve kept her mouth shut. I bet some other Eurovision performers were homophobic, but they didn’t say anything so they wouldn’t sabotage their careers.

  • Woren II
    Woren II 2 months ago

    This kid for sure was put to say this things by her sick parents, telling a child to promote your ideas.
    She's too young to understand what a familly means.

  • Vince Bray
    Vince Bray 2 months ago +1

    This is ridiculous saying she is homophobic because of her views. You may as well call Jesus Christ homophobic, that's how ridiculous that word is in this context. You speak the truth Laura and you'll be hated for it, just as Christ said you would be, the truth does hurt some people, but it's still the truth nonetheless. God bless you.

  • hello its me
    hello its me 4 months ago +3

    What the fuck? Why do I see homophobic videos everywhere? Why do we hate each other so much? Racism, homophobia, just why? Romania is just a little country which believe more in God rather than doctors or any successful person in the whole world.
    But if God left a man and a woman, why do we also have to choose someone with the opposite gender? Why do we have to follow every single thing God tells us to do? Who _is_ god, exactly? And why is he telling us what to do? He was supposed to be the most loving one out of them all! Why doesn't he accept gay people, too? Why doesn't he accept EVERYBODY and "love" EVERYBODY the same? Look what we've come to! I'm so frustrated. I just can't stand homophobic people.
    I truly do not care, not even a single bit about people that disagree. If you agree, it's okay. I appreciate. If you don't, it's okay too. Thank you for consuming your time reading this.

  • MrRomaniaUSA
    MrRomaniaUSA 4 months ago

    Looks like the Russian style manipulation worked perfectly! Very nice inside job.

    • Sweet Angel
      Sweet Angel 3 months ago

      Majoritatea romanilor sunt homofobi, și in același timp, anti ruși. Ce treaba are homofobia noastră cu Rusia? P

    • MrRomaniaUSA
      MrRomaniaUSA 4 months ago

      Yeap! rousa.blogspot.com/2019/02/scandalul-laura-bretan-homofobia.html

  • Covrigelu
    Covrigelu 6 months ago

    Song contest.... Say that to LGBT

  • lucian zamfirescu
    lucian zamfirescu 6 months ago +1

    Ce legatura are acest filmulet cu muzica? Cu ce te-a ajutat sa faci rau unei copile? De cand ceea ce sustineti voi trebuie sa fie litera de lege pentru noi, cei heterosexuali? Dintr-o minoritate vreti sa deveniti majoritate? Nu cumva dintr-o pereche hetero (deci femeie si barbat) ati venit si voi pe lume? Ce e rau in a sustine familia, asa cum a fost ea lasata de Dumnezeu pe pamant (da, si o buna parte dintre voi credeti in Dumnezeu)? In concursul asta e vorba doar de MUZICA. Nu are nicio legatura ce ai facut tu si o parte a comunitatii LGBT. Adica voi aveti voie sa va exprimati liber parerile (nu cred ca vi s-a interzis sa faceti vreo piesa despre gay, ba chiar ati avut 2 castigatoare din comunitatea voastra), dar cand e vorba sa trimitem la Tel Aviv o reprezentanta care sustine crestinismul, nu mai e voie. Imi pare rau dar aici ai gandit exact cu ce ai tu mai de pret, ca sa ma exprim elegant. Cereti respect, dar la randul vostru nu oferiti respect. Eu ii respect si pe cei care au alte opinii decat ale mele, voi de ce nu puteti? Eu nu sunt vreun crestin, nu am fost la acel referendum pentru ca mi s-a parut o aberatie, dar ceea ce faci tu si alte specimene este de neacceptat. Mai aveti putin si o sa ne impuneti sa nu ne mai inmultim, in halul asta ati ajuns. Buboiul asta o sa se sparga candva. Nu inseamna ca daca va acceptam trebuie sa faceti doar voi regulile.

  • MMM
    MMM 6 months ago

    Bravo Laura!

  • Mountainn Deww
    Mountainn Deww 6 months ago

    I am homofobic now, thanks. If i see a gay on streets i m gonna beat him. Thanks of you :D.

    • Woren II
      Woren II 2 months ago

      And you'll get to jail!
      Hope you love 0.2$ food and a disgusting bed.

  • Mantzabinoy Marina
    Mantzabinoy Marina 6 months ago +2

    Eric Krüger -You speak of hatred but you should look in the mirror and will see your faces wrought with hatred just like your hearts and souls. You have cut the wings of an angel like Laura, which is a miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ which you run away from and you have sold your souls to Satan. ... The Lord Jesus to have mercy on you. Laura is loved by all those who are important, and you know something you did good she does not have to go to Eurovision ... along with such people like you. The Lord Jesus will renew his wings to fly as much as possible, but you will remain in the street demanding the tolerance you have not shown to others. However you have made a positive advertisement for her, but I'm afraid it's negative for you, thank you!

  • MrLydius
    MrLydius 6 months ago +1

    thank you for pointing out she's a Christian and because of that the 2 gay members of the jury - William Lee Adams and Deban - disqualified her. This is LGBTQWERTY's real tolerance!

  • Aggeliki Pap
    Aggeliki Pap 6 months ago

    This is about music and performance. And Laura is way better than all the contesters. Besides she only expressed her opinion. So that makes you two Laurophobic. You are sooooooo full of jealousy and hatred. Laura was is and will be The Best.

  • Bogdan Popa
    Bogdan Popa 6 months ago +1

    What a piece of shit you are !

  • D.T.R
    D.T.R 6 months ago +1

    You have the Image on your youtube channel with "no hate" but what you have done is not hate?? I think it is. Shame on you.

  • Miriam R
    Miriam R 6 months ago +2

    This is Eurovision Song Contest, not Gay Contest. What a shame!

  • Alexandra Diremia
    Alexandra Diremia 6 months ago

    You are so pathetic that the only thing you can inspire me is mercy. You shouldn't have the right even to look at her. Disgusting...

  • Emil Saracutu
    Emil Saracutu 6 months ago

    This account is fresh made. I'm not sure what actually was its purpose...

  • Max
    Max 6 months ago +2

    Isn’t it a bit pathetic and hypocrite that you say “no hate” but you did all you could to sabotage a 17 year child for something she said few months ago...where is the tolllerance you ask for? For this if I ever thought for a second accepting gay people as they are...not anymore.they don’t deserve respect and tollerance.
    Also congratulations for 31k views...probably your biggest achievement in your pathetic miserable life.

  • Cosmyn S_G_W
    Cosmyn S_G_W 6 months ago


  • Ioana Lucaciu
    Ioana Lucaciu 6 months ago +2

    The Lgbt comunity is worst than Isis. Isis uses bombs but these abominations of nature use hate against straight people to kill their values and shut them.

  • Sevezar
    Sevezar 6 months ago +2

    Sorry for this hard words, but once with Laura's elimination I started hating LGBTQ, community even more, and I'm not the only one. Congratulations, you earned thousands of haters, even you were trying to do the opposite.

  • lucian teodoriu
    lucian teodoriu 6 months ago +2

    You are a madman.What she spread is not hate,it's love.And she's not homophobic,you say this because you are a stupid kid,an adult with 10 years old kid mind.If she's homophobe, then you must be heterophobe and christophobe,but we don't call you like that,because we are not kids that don't know what's a phobia. Anyway,let's say she made a hate speech-she's bad?Then forgive her,or you will be a bad man too.

    ESC ROMANIA 6 months ago +2

    Oh please. If that voting had been fair (50/50 as it was intended to be in the first place) Laura would have whooped everyone else. “No hate” sure and you’re the ones spreading hate.

  • George Hazazup
    George Hazazup 6 months ago +1

    You say that we are full of hatred of lgbt, but in reality you are hating us Christians. Laura Bretan is the best of the best. Eurovision is a bullshit.

  • Daiocred
    Daiocred 6 months ago

    Wtf you find beautiful at a mental disorder. Those 2 ill guys act as if they belong to a mental institute

  • Nicu Nicu
    Nicu Nicu 6 months ago +1


  • xreaL
    xreaL 6 months ago

    From what I understood, she is 14 y/o and her parents are some religious penticostal extremists or something like that, so the way I see things she is a victim of religious indoctrination, because it's hard to believe a 14 y/o kid can deny the authority of her parents or have her own mind and opinions about stuff like lgbt.
    PS: Your imaginary friends and enemies do not exist. :)

  • Gigi Love
    Gigi Love 6 months ago

    We are picking on little kids now!?

  • calin puscas
    calin puscas 6 months ago +1

    Eric Krüger, fuck off our country you stupid cock!!!

  • Constantin Ungureanu
    Constantin Ungureanu 6 months ago +1

    Mihai Alexandru, compozitorul piesei cântată de Laura Bretan: Mi-aș dori sa se menționeze clar în regulamentul acestui concurs, că participanții creștini nu au dreptul sa concureze la Eurovision, măcar să știm o treabă de la început

  • la5 s
    la5 s 6 months ago +3

    Romanian people need to be massively murdered. That's the only way to get rid of bigotry! :) By the way, don't come at me. I can say what I want. Freedom of speech blah blah or something, right?

    • Sarah Williams
      Sarah Williams 6 months ago

      @la5 s Oh, you're also funny! The whole package😚

    • la5 s
      la5 s 6 months ago

      @Sarah Williams ru-clip.net/video/1aA_ahUweyw/video.html

    • Sarah Williams
      Sarah Williams 6 months ago +1

      Good! Life is overrated anyway. Meet you in Hell! We'll have fun there!😉

  • Paun Andreas
    Paun Andreas 6 months ago

    Shame on all of you who understand to behave like idiologised animals with no judgment at all. Firstly, The jury need consisting of romanians, no of foreign people. Secondly, I need to thank you because you have shown to romanian people that your behaviour, your ideology is dangerous and dictatorial. Who think you are to act like this? You need to know that Romania is not like UK! We still understand simple truths, we still love our traditions, we still stronglly advice our children to have a normal behave without propaganda and hate speech like you in UK.

  • Ambrus Bela
    Ambrus Bela 6 months ago +3

    Kruger, you are just a heterophobic arse hall. OK?

  • Nelu Lucut
    Nelu Lucut 6 months ago +2

    you ar rasist

  • Daniel Ut
    Daniel Ut 6 months ago

    Eric Kruger , esti un gunoi la fel ca toti ceilalti care va-ti bucurat de raul facut acestei fete , dar ma bucur ca va aratati ce ascundeti in spatele masti cu toleranta si iubirea , asta-i inceputul sfarsitului vostru . De azi inainte am sa semnez petiti si ce-o mai fi sa oprim propagarea dezaxatilor in ROMANIA .
    ps. 88

  • xry
    xry 6 months ago +2

    All of these people in the comments praising her for being homophobic prove romanian people are trash, sorry not sorry!

    • filmeseverin
      filmeseverin 6 months ago

      @xry You, like any other human, will acknowledge sooner or later the fact that we all will be judged 100% correctly by God/Jesus. _Therefore, strive always to be perfect, as your Heavenly Father is perfect._

    • Sarah Williams
      Sarah Williams 6 months ago +2

      @xry Good for you, honey! You're a hypocrite, congrats!🤗

    • xry
      xry 6 months ago +1

      @Sarah Williams Yep, I'm racist.

    • xry
      xry 6 months ago +1

      @filmeseverin God doesn't exist, sweetie.

    • Sarah Williams
      Sarah Williams 6 months ago +3

      Your comment proves you are racist, sorry not sorry! You finally show your true face. Also, the fact that Kruger liked your post proves that he promotes hate speech too. You're not that "open-minded" now, are You?

  • Valahul Vlad
    Valahul Vlad 6 months ago

    Who the hell are you? Clearly this is a fake account first. Secondly, I did not have anything against gay people. But now that gay people see something against the heterosexual people, I'm starting to doubt them ...

  • rini tini
    rini tini 6 months ago +1

    So The gay jurors are not just unprofessional but they also violate the Human Rights art 18. & art 19.

  • rini tini
    rini tini 6 months ago +5

    Eric Kruger thank you for recongnize public that the gay jurors were unprofesionnal and that was just a personal Vendetta. U know that my country didn;t vote for that law as Poland did? Well is the same country that voted Laura, because we voted the music not somebody' s belifes as you did. So You think our vote is not right ! U know that you have done actually? U made a lot of people voting against gay law, not because they belifes are true but because is a personal vendetta. So is it karma?

  • Silviu Butunoi
    Silviu Butunoi 6 months ago

    So tell me that once again: the motto of the lgbtq community is to spread love not hate, right? Yet here you are bashing a singer (regardless of her age) for having a different view on life? That's some twisted shit you're doing right now...

  • oneplatin
    oneplatin 6 months ago +2

    You ingrate snowflake can't handle that there are other people with different opinions. So now you have to play the offended ass. That child has much more backbone and integrity than you will even have in your pathetic life.

    • Nikola Barbić
      Nikola Barbić 2 months ago

      oneplatin I think you meant “ignorant”.

  • Mihaela Stroe
    Mihaela Stroe 6 months ago +1

    How did Laura so upset you? It's just against gays. And so? If it bothered you so much, it means you're just as gay as the two jurors. You have a locked thought. Many people are against gays. HOMOSEXUALITY IS A MENTAL DISEASE! In Romania the family consists of a man and a woman. Why did God first create a man and a woman? To be born other people. Only one man and woman can be born another human being, not two men. The family of a man and a woman is absolutely normal.

  • Nannunbgd
    Nannunbgd 6 months ago +1


  • Tudor Cotirla
    Tudor Cotirla 6 months ago

    Oh, so now you judge people by their believes. HMM...

  • deni mmd
    deni mmd 6 months ago +5

    Excuse me, homophobic? you bunch of mad people

  • Stickman
    Stickman 6 months ago +1

    LBGT community wants to spread love, but they don't give a shit about others opinions just like Stalin and Hitler. She said that we should keep the traditional family like God said. So no this is not rude and homophobic. She never said that gays and lesbians are stupid or they suck. So for everyone who is from LBGT community just accept others opinions. A lot of people think that marriage between 2 boys or 2 girls is strange. (Sorry for bad grammar.)

  • Roxana
    Roxana 6 months ago +1

    And you (as a gay person/pro-gay) don't spread any hate through this...LOL!!! 🤢⛔

  • Dan Retegan
    Dan Retegan 6 months ago +4

    eşti idiot, amice!

  • QuarkDeftones
    QuarkDeftones 6 months ago +1

    Eric, before being a gay man, you're a complete moron, usually, gay persons have a decent IQ. Don't have to explain the reasons...btw I am not a hater of your community, the excesses may come from both sides, this time it comes from yours.

  • Kromeknight
    Kromeknight 6 months ago +2

    Phobia implies an unreasonable fear of something, I’m not afraid of homosexuals in the least. I don’t even hate homosexuals. What I am afraid of, is watching people like you attacking anyone who doesn’t agree with you or your lifestyle choices. What I am afraid of, is the silencing of an opposition and calling it justice. Do you have a fear of Christians and their beliefs? Are you a christiphobe? No you’re just angry that they don’t agree with you. Guess what, Christians say homosexuality is wrong and leave it at that. Muslims that you’re so “inclusive” of will kill you for being gay. But of course, Christians are safe to attack and target because they don’t blow up when you make fun of them do they? You’re acting like a spoiled child who tries to take their toys back after the other kids don’t want to do exactly what you tell them to do.

  • Apologeticum
    Apologeticum 6 months ago

    Go and shot yourself, scam!

    • xry
      xry 6 months ago


  • third july
    third july 6 months ago +3

    Thank you ERIC! All of the romanians below that are saying that they were not homophobic until you posted this video are lying - they were homophobic before you posted the video and we all know it. I am a romanian and I know that Romania is a homophobic country. After Laura's elimination we are now a little bit more civilized, but the sad part is that we needed to bring two men from UK for that. Again, thank you for making this possible

    • Diana Music Smule
      Diana Music Smule 6 months ago

      We have faith in God and that’ s the only thing that matters! 🙏❤️

    • Senior Adrian
      Senior Adrian 6 months ago +2

      Fucking liar. Im a romanian and ive been living in spain for 6 years where homosexuality is accepted. I accepted them didnt have any problems with them. But now after seeing their ideological agenda in all pop culture media im officially homophobic as fuck.

    • Sandu Supa
      Sandu Supa 6 months ago +1

      Civilizati pe dracu, ce să-ți povestesc. Ce au făcut cei doi "jurați" că sa zic așa, a fost o totală măgărie. Daca tu numești asta "civilizatie" poți să mă lipsești de ea.

    • sp80ro
      sp80ro 6 months ago

      I can love people that I do not agree with. I love you regardless your sexuality, but I am not happy for you neither I believe you will ever be fulfilled and trully happy with your choices. For the simple fact that your Father knows best what you were made for.

  • spring
    spring 6 months ago

    There's nothing beautiful about sabotage and hate. Although I support the gay community and equal rights, I'm ashamed people like you exist in the gay community and they should be expelled from the jury. People like should not be encouraged, they should answer for this hateful crime.
    Shame! Shame on you!

  • Casian Muresan
    Casian Muresan 6 months ago

    At some point it would be good to live the Hittler. For you gayy!

  • comabi4
    comabi4 6 months ago

    Eric Kruger, your comment is very harmful for LGBT community. If is true that William and Deban done that, shame on them. This is a cruel, pitiful thing they done. You can't talk about tolerance and do such shitty things.

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 6 months ago +5

    To protect the values of normality doesn't mean one is homophobic! YOU ARE DISGUSTING!

    • zamzam11
      zamzam11 6 months ago

      @dan23ani probably more than you think and then again ofcourse the risk it involves in reactinary countries Will heavily affect how many that are publicly gay. And of course being gay is mostly genetical so that its the same in all countries. the 10% is from the famous Kinsey report, it might not be precise, but its quite likely close to that

    • dan23ani
      dan23ani 6 months ago

      You are repeating a lie. You will fiind very few romanians to put the muzzle.@zamzam11

    • zamzam11
      zamzam11 6 months ago

      @dan23ani the number is the same in nonprogessive countries, as it is genetical, they may just not live it out or does it well hidden there due to fear

    • dan23ani
      dan23ani 6 months ago

      Maybe 10% in an few progresist countries in the west. Delusional much?@zamzam11

    • zamzam11
      zamzam11 6 months ago

      Around 10% of the worlds populaion are homosexual so being gay is quite normal. And those trying to freeze out those 10% are those that fights agaisnt the "values of normality"

  • alina suzana
    alina suzana 6 months ago

    Yes, you did it! You sucked it, like you always do. But now it's official!