Interior Design Shopping for CloeCouture's Glam Room Makeover on a Budget!

  • Published on Dec 28, 2016
    Even though CloeCouture's living room makeover was major, we were able to do it on a college girl's budget! This meant getting creative with thrift store finds and DIY-ing things to be absolutely perfect (and, as Cloe requested, all silver and gray!)
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    DIYs from Cloe's Place:
    DIY Twinkle Light Branch:
    DIY Dragged Paint Wall Art:
    DIY Silver Wood Stump Side Table:
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    Gray lounge chairs:
    Desk chair:
    Dining chairs:
    Floor lamp:
    Coffee table:
    Console table:
    Curtains (similar):
    Light gray rug (similar):
    Dark gray rug (similar):
    Round side table (similar):
    Square side table (similar):
    Tiered cake stand (similar):
    Marble orb (similar):
    Cage ball (similar):
    Sheepskin throw (similar):
    Potted orchid (similar):
    Antler candle holder (similar):
    Glass sphere:
    Tall silver vase (similar):
    Silver pitcher (similar):
    Black, white, and gold print (similar):
    Silver alarm clock (similar):
    Silver tree lamp (similar):
    Trash can (similar):
    Wall mirror (similar):
    Decorative metallic balls (similar):
    Silver lamp (similar):
    White beaded pillow (similar):
    Gray geometric pillows (similar):
    White fluffy pillows:
    Table runner:
    Charger plates:
    White plates:
    Cloth napkins (similar):
    Napkin rings (similar):
    Taper candles (similar):
    Taper candle holders (similar):
    Ball candles:
    Silver tray (similar):
    Flow vase (similar):
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    Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
    Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
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  • Gilda Olsen
    Gilda Olsen 6 months ago

    I love your tutorials. Thank you for postings them. One thing that concerns me is that you do not wear the appropriate gloves and masks per project, and you end up with cuts, broken nails, smelling fumes, etc. It might sound ridiculous, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Please protect yourself from chemicals and injuries! :-)

  • Ankad5
    Ankad5 8 months ago

    Great video! LOve your style!
    Love your makeup in the hat outfit :) It suits you so well! xx

  • Haley Hine
    Haley Hine 10 months ago

    That ball thing was actually $599 not $399

  • Hanna & Beaudine Hepi
    Hanna & Beaudine Hepi 10 months ago

    I can’t wait to see this makeover , I’m watching it straight after this. I’m about to move into a house with the same greatroomness and I’m freaking out since I have no clue how to style such a big awkward room into two rooms .

  • Linda Paring
    Linda Paring 11 months ago

    I love your channel Mr.Kate..soo obsessed following your video 😍😍 love it so much..

  • Cat Sirrah
    Cat Sirrah Year ago

    OMG I have those curtains. I bought them at ross tho :D I wish I could find more.

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  • Proud Gryffindor
    Proud Gryffindor Year ago

    I would REALLY love if you made a kids bedroom makeover series

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    HanaitsRetro1 Year ago

    $300 for 1 rug ?! That's a big college budget.

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    TheVet Summer Year ago

    Thank you for helping me understand the power of spray paint ❤❤

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  • Delighted Mommy
    Delighted Mommy Year ago

    I love these videos more than the staged ones that make it look easy, like you guys just bring in a couch, hang curtains, lay a rug, and craft all day.
    Love ❤️

  • nerizza darmayo
    nerizza darmayo Year ago

    I LOOOOOVVVEEEE YOUR SHOPPING VLOG. So much fun to see how you come up with ideas and how you put together all the items. Please make one for each projectt :(

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    lost for good Year ago

    I wish you could help me do a country modern makeover for my first house ever with my about to be married army husband you would do amazing I love thrift stores

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    Her messy hair at the mine, looks exactly like mine when i wake up in the morning... XD

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    Mitzy Pineda Year ago

    Your videos have helped me shopped for me and my boyfriends apartment on a budget. Thank you! 💛✨

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    Could you do a thrift finds video of cleaning/prepping them? Like polishing silver /cleaning baskets Thanks! Love these shopping videos 8)

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    bouquetofllamas Year ago

    I don't like how this limited Kate's creativity and how she usually styles things but it turned out pretty good

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