• Published on Mar 25, 2019
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  • Number1Plymouth
    Number1Plymouth 10 hours ago

    That's a dope set up

  • lazygamer
    lazygamer 11 hours ago

    *UHUH, minimalist. Is that why you have this giant house?*

  • lill RB
    lill RB 2 days ago

    Yo you be living in the hills

  • Anthony
    Anthony 2 days ago

    This is SOOOO COOL!!!

  • D1
    D1 3 days ago

    yo man hope the best for you sad that you don’t see you’re mom birth one bro

  • Dwayne Riedel
    Dwayne Riedel 4 days ago


  • Justin Lopez
    Justin Lopez 4 days ago


  • RawEggsofThunder
    RawEggsofThunder 5 days ago

    88 sour asses disliked this video LOL haters

  • Jet’s world Review’s

    Are you swoozie? His name is adande

  • zuri leflore
    zuri leflore 8 days ago

    Ur house is very nice 🏡

  • ツChase Spams L2
    ツChase Spams L2 8 days ago +1

    Who is his camera man 😂😂

  • Ashton Smith
    Ashton Smith 11 days ago +1

    What's up xpert

  • #Kvvng Drzzy
    #Kvvng Drzzy 11 days ago

    Thank God for xpert and where his at keep doing what you doing💯

  • Thomas Bozzino
    Thomas Bozzino 11 days ago

    You’re so rich you got a Giant house

  • Thalesh B
    Thalesh B 12 days ago +1

    Damn I taught You was white 😅

  • BassKoi ShiftTheory
    BassKoi ShiftTheory 16 days ago

    I've been learning Japanese for 3.5 years and you tone is very "american like" unfortunately (meaning extremely weird). It's ok though, keep at emulate Japanese speakers and it'll disappear.

  • El Padre
    El Padre 16 days ago

    Does he have an Xbox?

  • Shadow Moses
    Shadow Moses 17 days ago

    🙏🏻 respect man! The little message you said at the end nice to see someone who really is so appreciative to his fans i can clearly tell you mean that. Thank you for the great content man been watching your channel for few years now

  • Commander X
    Commander X 17 days ago +1

    Aw omg ur adopted I had no idea :( I love you man

  • Callmebeast -YT
    Callmebeast -YT 18 days ago

    Ayy ur living the life

  • Kian Bob
    Kian Bob 20 days ago

    Do you mean 360

  • CrazyCadwell
    CrazyCadwell 20 days ago +1

    Technology is growing pretty fast and by 2030 we shall end up like the Matrix with big hole plugins in the back of our heads and VR will control us all.

  • Levi Campbell
    Levi Campbell 22 days ago

    Zhou should do a house tour

  • Reuben Jr
    Reuben Jr 22 days ago

    Awe he got adopted?

  • Mathia Bergeron
    Mathia Bergeron 22 days ago

    My dog oreo ate it, oreo publicity kicks in! GJ youtube!

  • Cash Carti
    Cash Carti 23 days ago

    What the hell is 720s this ain’t mclaren babyyyyyy *chris smoove voice*

  • Peter O’Brien
    Peter O’Brien 23 days ago +1

    Man your a good dude and keep up videos I love your videos, I’m only starting RU-clip but need be more into it but keep it up.

  • Christianvlogs
    Christianvlogs 24 days ago

    Kevin I’m also adopted

  • PuzzleGamingYT
    PuzzleGamingYT 24 days ago

    Actively avioded looking at xperts face

  • XpoHyc
    XpoHyc 24 days ago

    I didn't saw that camera, that u film on it...

  • Twofye Bruh
    Twofye Bruh 25 days ago

    It look like a studio

  • Nolan Currier
    Nolan Currier 25 days ago

    Hey I was adopted too and I have 7 siblings keep up the great work

  • grapes
    grapes 25 days ago


  • Thomas Blanks
    Thomas Blanks 25 days ago

    Yeah motivation forreal

  • Blood Zesty
    Blood Zesty 25 days ago

    Go crazy yea go positively bonkers yea go mental yea

    LUNAR xECLISPE 25 days ago

    I do martial arts

  • Jt_ Ballin_23
    Jt_ Ballin_23 25 days ago

    Redo the video. We can barely see

  • Spider Clans Film Production

    No joke, I wanted to see the bathroom

  • Jayren Wynne
    Jayren Wynne 25 days ago

    cant you add me on ps4 my name is IBEEkb

    JL STUDIO 26 days ago +1

    I like that I can use my phone and look around his room

  • WhoIsTheRoach
    WhoIsTheRoach 26 days ago

    Wanikani. Learn that Kanji!!!

  • NerfedSnipes
    NerfedSnipes 26 days ago

    Do you live in a mansion?

    IM4LOSER 26 days ago

    Kevin you make me think I can do anything..... then your video ends and I go back to reality

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 26 days ago

    How much is RU-clip paying you Wtff..

  • Hoodie Ree
    Hoodie Ree 26 days ago +1

    I have that same computer background

  • Sonny
    Sonny 26 days ago

    Sauna is better

  • Theboywhocryedgirl Werewolf curse

    Do a house tour

  • ツMarco
    ツMarco 27 days ago

    You lowkey look like franklin

  • bleachyYT
    bleachyYT 27 days ago +2

    Im able to move my screen and take a better look around

    I don thave vr its just my phone screen

  • Limp WaR1or
    Limp WaR1or 27 days ago

    XpertThief Vs Logan Paul

  • thomas jarvis
    thomas jarvis 27 days ago +1

    Is funny how gta cargo greifers and trollers are rich in real life while gta grinders are poor

  • barty boy
    barty boy 27 days ago +1

    Cool u could look wherever u want whith your finger

  • Fernando Serpas
    Fernando Serpas 27 days ago

    I was like he is the woest recorder wver untill i nottice its vr

  • Jordon Bear it
    Jordon Bear it 27 days ago

    Damn, this RU-clip money? Holy smokes

  • kodak white
    kodak white 27 days ago

    You can move the screen I was wiping a pop tart crumb off my phone

  • Benjamin Vilppula
    Benjamin Vilppula 27 days ago

    Do you have finnish SAUNA

  • My mum died in My bed
    My mum died in My bed 27 days ago


  • Vinnie Fabian
    Vinnie Fabian 28 days ago

    i've been here since 400k subs. so proud of how far you've come in life kevin.

  • xxxtentacion
    xxxtentacion 28 days ago

    man i remember the iSekC days 🥺😂

  • Tim Harjo
    Tim Harjo 28 days ago

    Loved this!

  • Martay Mccalla
    Martay Mccalla 28 days ago

    I'm i the only one who watched this on their Vrheadset?


    Woah man sick

  • Tiffany Ulloa
    Tiffany Ulloa 28 days ago +1

    how are you affording the mansion ?

  • Xander Wild
    Xander Wild 28 days ago

    Kevin:I’m a minimalist
    Nobody:Then why do you have such a big house
    Kevin: we will get to that at the end
    Weird flex but ok?

  • Crane Max
    Crane Max 28 days ago

    Clickbait its a 180 vr

  • emerson cerda
    emerson cerda 28 days ago

    Come to toronto! You can do the edge walk on CN tower!! Look it up if you dont know what im talking about!

  • Xperant Official
    Xperant Official 28 days ago +1

    You steel my nickname

  • Mungur Nikhil
    Mungur Nikhil 28 days ago

    nice man

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 28 days ago

    Xpert thief where is your hundred times died horse Charles

  • epic mike 1324
    epic mike 1324 28 days ago

    In gta can u put sticky bombs on a building and pick up people in the deluxo and drop them off on the building and blow them up.

  • Daniel Palisano
    Daniel Palisano 28 days ago

    Did an one else notice it was 360 degrees in the middle of the video

  • Wendys roasting Session


  • Anti Wanted
    Anti Wanted 29 days ago

    Nice !

  • Shehryar Shehryar
    Shehryar Shehryar 29 days ago

    Khoyi nyaa

  • Aaron Quinn
    Aaron Quinn 29 days ago +1

    12 years💜👍👍💙

  • WesmeTheWeezle
    WesmeTheWeezle 29 days ago

    Kevin no disrespect, I love your videos there SOOOOO funny! But I thought since your a guy who trolls on video games I thought you lived in an apartment or something 😂 (not a bad thing though)

  • El Hurón Judío
    El Hurón Judío 29 days ago

    Your house is very big, how can I have a house like yours?

  • Eli Garcia
    Eli Garcia 29 days ago

    My guy living life in luxury

  • Angel Alejo
    Angel Alejo 29 days ago

    Yooo i was on my side and i was wondering why ur camera was sideways and shaky little did i know it was vr

  • Ridhampreet Saini
    Ridhampreet Saini 29 days ago

    You need to try this in GTA .open trunk of car and then open roof of a convertible.😄please guve it a try

  • Corduroyx
    Corduroyx 29 days ago

    Xpert is such a humble guy

  • Gauge S
    Gauge S 29 days ago

    Show us some of your pics in one of you videos that would be really cool

  • R Willis
    R Willis 29 days ago +1

    I gotta stop buying sharkcards🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Devonte
    Devonte 29 days ago

    I love you xpert

  • Cringey God
    Cringey God 29 days ago +2

    U know he cleaned up before this

  • Yanuel Moya
    Yanuel Moya 29 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what he said in Japanese

  • Super_Nova
    Super_Nova 29 days ago

    Who else remembers the first ever GTA Thug Life video

  • David Aguilar
    David Aguilar 29 days ago

    Yo this is sick do more video like this

  • Relly Rell
    Relly Rell 29 days ago

    Nice crib man 💯

  • Cj Tyler
    Cj Tyler 29 days ago

    Why is the screen like this

  • Jonothesquid
    Jonothesquid 29 days ago


  • Triple Meme
    Triple Meme 29 days ago

    That’s my work out problem too 😂

  • turboearl
    turboearl 29 days ago

    guess he is not doing to good... kinda of a shitty house and set up.

  • Itz Kaomac
    Itz Kaomac 29 days ago

    I was moving my phone like crazy lmao

  • John Scott
    John Scott 29 days ago

    I do not care if your religious I Love your vids they make me laugh I liked the 1 when you did the car meet then blow everything up ♥️♥️

    NUAGHTYZ PANDA YuH 29 days ago


  • FTVSPOONY gaming
    FTVSPOONY gaming 29 days ago +1

    This is ali a
    He has 100 health can we kill him

  • D Alex
    D Alex 29 days ago

    is your youtube dieing

  • DanyONeal
    DanyONeal 29 days ago

    Kevin LaSean 2019:
    "I am a minmalist. I don't need a ton of extra stuff .... but look under my desk. A PC with two Titan X and 64 Gigabyte RAM!"
    Dany O'Neal 2019:
    "Uhuh, minimalist. Shoot! Why the heck do you have a PC with 64 Gigabyte RAM!? Do you compile 3D animations, videos and rap music at the same time, bro?!"

  • Fury Lord
    Fury Lord 29 days ago

    this is so trippy wen I move my phone it seems like ur camera moves😨