Girlgroups are different! Somi learns the dance in just 5 minutes [Sister's SlamDunk2 / 2017.03.31]

  • Published on Apr 3, 2017
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Comments • 1 828

  • kukai siton
    kukai siton 16 hours ago

    miss them

  • stacy k
    stacy k 4 days ago

    I feel like somi has no soul

  • onelove for music
    onelove for music 5 days ago

    Im just watching this series because of minzy, this is my recommended video after doing a 2ne1 marathon. But now, im loving everyone in this show. They're so funny! Im laughing really hard in the middle of the night. Haha

    • onelove for music
      onelove for music 5 days ago

      I finished all the eps and im just coming back coz ive seen this recommended vid on dara tv. Now im having a good laugh again. Lol

  • Loriejoy Gabriola
    Loriejoy Gabriola 6 days ago

    lisa can memorize in just one watch ..its amazing too

  • Rey Mel Bacero
    Rey Mel Bacero 7 days ago

    I love this video. I can't help myself from laughing .. 😂😂😂 that girl in green.. 😂😂

  • Thian Sui
    Thian Sui 8 days ago

    I wish Song Jihyo (RM) also 1day will be on this show...😍😍

  • tbhreem
    tbhreem 11 days ago

    i just can’t help not sing top down by 5h ahhhhhh

  • Mien Pornasdoro
    Mien Pornasdoro 12 days ago +1

    That girl Chaeyeoung is beautiful!! Is she part of a GG??

    • Ar BAND
      Ar BAND 10 days ago

      No. She's an actress.

  • Dream 5H
    Dream 5H 16 days ago

    1:08 Harmonizers, anyone??

  • Rian Mari Francisco Enriquez

    I wish they can all be together again for Unnies but with the concept of Season 1 where they fulfill their wishes. That is an amazing concept. I miss Season 1 too.

  • M이은하
    M이은하 18 days ago +1

    6:12-6:28 hand in hand even came out

  • Kookie Chan
    Kookie Chan 20 days ago +2

    I think they forgot that Minzy is 2NE1’s Main Dancer 😂

  • HAVE A Good Day
    HAVE A Good Day 21 day ago +1

    Did anyone notices that the video for their example dance, the one girl that wore strips she looks like a girl in produce 101 season 1. The girl that looked like she lifted up her shirt, in one of her performances.

  • Bts Jimin should Be my best friend

    That was FUNNY I laughed in my head because I didn’t want my head to hurt lol❤️

  • Justin Put
    Justin Put 24 days ago

    *learns in 5 mins*
    *video is 18 mins long*

  • Dadan Sugiri
    Dadan Sugiri 24 days ago

    0.21 title song please

  • Lalisa manoban
    Lalisa manoban 29 days ago

    Qwhat song are they even practicing on?-

  • Malaysian Man
    Malaysian Man Month ago +1

    Somi is sooo pretty 😍

  • MZ
    MZ Month ago

    chaeyoung looks a little like leeteuk like girl version

  • Tae’s spoch-kah
    Tae’s spoch-kah Month ago

    The first time I saw Chaeyong was when she acted in IU's drama Bel Ami. I remember being so mesmerized by her beauty.😍 Couldn't believe she was already married.❣

  • Becky Ray
    Becky Ray Month ago

    I miss seeing Minzy on tv.....can we have a 2ne1 reunion and then more 2ne1 tv?!

  • J.Rylei
    J.Rylei Month ago

    What’s the name of the song dominos dancing to pls?

  • Aditi Bhagat
    Aditi Bhagat Month ago

    12:56 I love this woman

  • Kelvin Saputra
    Kelvin Saputra Month ago

    Hi kbs please subtitle indonesia:(

  • Stan 182
    Stan 182 Month ago

    Female version of lee kwang soo lol

  • akatsuki no yona
    akatsuki no yona Month ago

    To be honest because they make mistakes, they redo it and make it easier for me to learn too. Also it's funny. I like this program

  • Maghfiroh Nofani
    Maghfiroh Nofani Month ago

    Always laugh everytime i watched it..🤣🤣 funny, entertaining yet you can feel they hard work

  • Hnn
    Hnn Month ago

    9:34 omg isn’t that a fifth harmony song?

    • Hnn
      Hnn Month ago

      Top down ?

  • Chloe Marie Ureña
    Chloe Marie Ureña Month ago +1

    Minzy is still the best

  • I'm킴벌리
    I'm킴벌리 Month ago

    12:55 😂

  • Bernadeth Versoza
    Bernadeth Versoza Month ago

    14:05 that girl is the female lead in the drama only you and my daddy girl chun-yang??? Right?

  • Angiela ·ᴗ·
    Angiela ·ᴗ· Month ago

    Somi sound Lisa with her speaking voice

  • Tur Sino
    Tur Sino Month ago

    0:55 What is his name.....?

  • Roselle Louise Loculan

    can someone please tell what is that song and girl group on 0:37 . thank you

  • Somi Jeon
    Somi Jeon Month ago +1

    I'm funny , I don't want to laugh because I hate Somi, I don't go in and say this to the Unnies . Stop being a keyboard hero

  • Somi Jeon
    Somi Jeon Month ago +1

    Jeon Somi is Idol I

  • Daisi Pa
    Daisi Pa Month ago

    2:43 They are an amazing dancers 4real. And the man in the middle is too. I just wish to dance as great as they do

  • sweet
    sweet Month ago

    who's the one with glasses, she's kinda pretty

  • sweet
    sweet Month ago

    jangmi in the dance guide 💗

  • Frank Lawrence C. Lapuz

    YG power baby

  • Missangelblanco
    Missangelblanco Month ago

    Poor jinkyun, even the teacher is making jokes of her

  • theorange Lady
    theorange Lady Month ago

    these group docus more on these type of rehearsal vs singing,writing music and making real art.haha

  • PCM Azuma Navas
    PCM Azuma Navas 2 months ago

    Who's the choreographer?

  • Funny Cat
    Funny Cat 2 months ago

    Ang mga taga puhat
    Ang mga pabuhat
    Ang okay lng

  • flower petal
    flower petal 2 months ago

    I think the camera man/woman likes somi a lot

  • Talent recap
    Talent recap 2 months ago

    i really wish they didn't put jinkyung in the centre.....its really annoying hmmm

  • kpop addict taetaelover

    I feel like the haters sometimes take a bit too far like imagine someone saying stuff about u how would u feel

  • Nurul Amalina Ramadhanti

    Can we pls take a moment to appreciate chaeyoung eonnie timeless beauty?

  • j dinh
    j dinh 2 months ago

    I’m confused, what’s in Somis ear

  • Maddie19
    Maddie19 2 months ago +1

    Love Somi❤

  • Zephora Micah Alimpoos
    Zephora Micah Alimpoos 2 months ago

    Season 1 is better

  • asif ehsan
    asif ehsan 2 months ago

    Somi is looking like a model 👍

  • Vs Earlie
    Vs Earlie 2 months ago

    12:39 how's no one gonna talking about this Omg Minzy and Somi slayed they look like a goddess that there gonna plan to snatch you're wigs everyone next time put some glue on your wigs before they will snatch it.......
    Edit:and i died off😂

  • Chaeyoung Min
    Chaeyoung Min 2 months ago

    Nbcllllllkplkki n

  • Mecal Werede
    Mecal Werede 2 months ago

    0:55 why does she look like Rosè from blackpink when she is annoyed even her name is the same

  • Athera Avery
    Athera Avery 2 months ago

    Is the girl with the fancy outfit the artist mother in the girl next door?

  • Anjel [DEV]
    Anjel [DEV] 2 months ago

    Why most of kpops done plastic surgery?

  • Kaa Marine
    Kaa Marine 2 months ago

    Somi's too cute and smart!!

  • バグイノセンス
    バグイノセンス 2 months ago

    I'm kind of confused. Isn't everyone here completely older than Somi?

  • Jess Ervin Avila
    Jess Ervin Avila 2 months ago

    Is Minzy a joke to you? Lol she's been the main dancer of 2ne1