My School Dress Codes

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.
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  • I’m a Duck
    I’m a Duck 3 hours ago

    My school dress code: (because I’ve seen people with this and they get it so much easier then me)
    -girls don’t where skinny tank tops
    -scratch that no tank tops
    -no shorts
    -no ripped jeans
    -no sweat pants
    -no sweaters with pockets
    -no pants with pockets in them
    -no belly shirts
    -no hats
    -no glasses (The only reason I sucked at math was because I couldn’t see the board, yes good call staff)
    -no ear rings etc
    -no dresses
    Wanna know what I worn at that school?
    T-shirts and tights
    Wanna know what my guy friends worn?
    Jeans with no pockets and T-shirts
    That’s Jeffery for making this happen

  • CaptainBlitzYT
    CaptainBlitzYT 4 hours ago

    well youre lucky, in england we need to wear THE SAME UNIFORM AND EVEN THE PANTS HAVE A LOGO

  • sari platt
    sari platt 4 hours ago

    Rebecca vid : please come to Australia

  • the mental life yo
    the mental life yo 5 hours ago +1

    Wake up the Matrix has you. I just DIED 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Metalhead 420
    Metalhead 420 5 hours ago +1

    I go to private school so I don't have a dress code I just have uniform, if I could invoke Anarchy then I would

  • Sandra_Scarlett Téllez
    Sandra_Scarlett Téllez 5 hours ago +1

    On my days now we get to wear what ever we want only we can’t wear bad words shirts or big clothes and we can make dying our hair but not that much

  • Wilson Wang
    Wilson Wang 6 hours ago


  • Lim Yu shu
    Lim Yu shu 7 hours ago

    Well that's why uniforms are preferred. U don't needa think bout what to wear :)

  • RogueNote
    RogueNote 7 hours ago

    Once this semester one of my drum majors for college marching band showed up in his PJs

    CAILYN TURNER 8 hours ago +1

    America: just... Don't be naked..

  • The Wolfy Noodle
    The Wolfy Noodle 8 hours ago

    Are clear bags even legal in America?

  • Dendoi
    Dendoi 9 hours ago

    4:07 Guns-

  • Kisai Yuki
    Kisai Yuki 9 hours ago

    The reason to ban Brands or Text has more to do with not alienating the kids by having some wear high fashion brands while others wear hand-me-down t-shirts. I get it, but it doesn't solve the issue they think they're solving. In my high school, they took it a little further though. In my high school, the line was drawn and showing ones navel. So they kinda had a protest about it. Didn't change a thing. I'd learn years later that there was ANOTHER protest over the same dress code from a later year, so I imagine the principals changed again.

    Suffice it to say, I think no good comes from dress code unless it applies to everyone, including the staff. If you want to tell people to not to wear t-shirts and hoodies, then you tell everyone including the PE teachers that.

  • I'm A Starter At YOUTUBE

    It's really weird because for some reason I didn't like shirts with logos on them but I was fine with pattern ones (a.k.a the ones with the logo all over) and I don't know why I didn't like them I just didn't and I could never wear one without immediately taking it off.

  • Hey vsauce, Michael here. where are your fingers?

    This video got more views than subs
    Me: aight

  • Mary / Lauren Lynn / Bald

    Die bully xD

  • Laajsaab Her
    Laajsaab Her 12 hours ago

    I just noticed that the band shirt said band not banned

  • The Sezenians
    The Sezenians 13 hours ago

    I think the Dutch colleges (especially my school) have the chillest dresscode..
    1. Cover up the private parts
    2. Don't hide your eyes (sunglasses / blindfolds)
    3. Don't wear a jacket inside unless it is less than 15*C
    *ANYTHING ELSE* is allowed!
    Miniskirts: Teacher "alsong as we don't see your ass"
    Hoodies: Teacher "Nice hoodie, mate!"
    Swear Word print: Teacher "HAH! I have the same at home!"

  • Prrryourmomma •
    Prrryourmomma • 14 hours ago

    I don't think we have dress codes in Holland.. well atleast not at school

  • f13r7b01
    f13r7b01 14 hours ago


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  • Cowboycomando54
    Cowboycomando54 15 hours ago

    This is why I am glad I went to a high school out in the sticks.

    MAD MADIEE 16 hours ago

    So sue me 😁😂😂😂

  • Keith Stanton
    Keith Stanton 16 hours ago

    In a play I play happy

  • Hallgrimur Aðalsteinsson


  • Jeon Cake
    Jeon Cake 17 hours ago

    I don’t think my school even has a dress code-

  • Alex Johnston
    Alex Johnston 19 hours ago

    British schools dress code what's that?

  • Lovely Lotus
    Lovely Lotus 19 hours ago

    My school dress code: (not original)
    Skirts and shorts cannot be 4 inches above the knee
    No makeup. (Our principal thinks we should be kids while we still can. Foundation is an exception)
    no inappropriate images
    No flip flops or sandals. We are a STEAM school so we need to be safe
    No jackets or sweaters that are not made by the school

  • Hit me with a rock
    Hit me with a rock 20 hours ago +1

    I don’t have a dresscode at my school 😂

  • kristal gorgeos gaming kitty plays

    Im deppresed im in 3rd grade

  • Shanooon the Raccoon
    Shanooon the Raccoon 22 hours ago +1

    At my old Catholic school we could wear leggings under are skirts at all!!!!!! Lucky

  • Neil Bowes
    Neil Bowes 23 hours ago

    I had an imaginary audience too, in secondary.

    Except it wasn't imaginary, it was real. And no one (except me) gave a shit.

  • Cody Izealyo
    Cody Izealyo 23 hours ago

    At my school your not allowed to wear cloths that touch the floor, you can't show your shoulders, you can only pierce your ears, you can't color your hair, your shoes have to have something to keep it on your feet, and undergarments can't be visible

  • Jacob Penilla
    Jacob Penilla Day ago

    I mean in my school the girls wore long skirts below the knee ones and not once have i heard a girl complain so idk what happened in your school

  • Kiddie Gamer Sam

    In my school we just wear uniforms...even the grade 12s wear uniforms...

  • Nora Simmons
    Nora Simmons Day ago

    FOR SOME REASON she says GIRLS. Yeah, defiantly don't have things we have to carry around... AT ALL!

  • Jordan
    Jordan Day ago


  • Powdered Sugar
    Powdered Sugar Day ago

    I people watch, I notice a lot, I love observing human interactions, behavior, etc. I think everyone is watching me because I do, there must be others like me correct? Hah..
    I am your “imaginary audience.”

  • yousrie sanday
    yousrie sanday Day ago

    Same at my school

  • Lordgoompsberry McQuain

    I wear the same thing everyday, sweat pants, a funny t-shirt, and sneakers. I feel no shame.

  • SkiingBunny
    SkiingBunny Day ago +1

    Why don't the people who made the insane dress codes yeet off of a cliff. They deserve it.

  • kody
    kody Day ago

    I want to be a ghost story is similar to saying
    I want to die and haunt someone and have that story passed on to scare others
    But in a funnier way.

  • LittleInfinityFox

    My school dosen't have a dress code and even when we did you were still allowed highlighter hair

  • star killer2133
    star killer2133 Day ago

    My school tried to ban graphics the first year I went to public school I was a freshman at the time. Are whole entire school from pre-k to 12 everyone was breaking the rule so much so that my school made it so you have a hour were it is literally detention. But the bus still takes you home after. It was undered but we are all aloud to wear graphics again but we all have to put up with the detention class.

  • Snowy Frost
    Snowy Frost Day ago +1

    Did anyone else see the mane 6 cutie marks on some shirts?

  • Laura Monje
    Laura Monje Day ago

    Wy is Mae from Night in the woods.

  • Isabella Sherman

    My high school does not give two rats tails about what we wear
    They have a dresscode but the teachers in arizona don't get paid enough to enforce it

  • pikachu love
    pikachu love Day ago

    Im a tomboy

  • Elena benitez
    Elena benitez Day ago +1

    Teachers be like: Oh GOD IS THAT A....(gags)...SHOULDER!!!!! UGH WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!

  • Julia Hoffman
    Julia Hoffman Day ago

    Girls vs boys dress codes are to different. Boys just cant show up naked and girls can’t have more than 1 square inch of skin showing unless it’s above 200 degrees

  • Evan Toth
    Evan Toth Day ago

    Do you know elcartons

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy Day ago

    E TRUE


    I just noticed that this vid was posted on my birthday and for some
    reason that really lifted my spirits

  • Alexis Pedregon
    Alexis Pedregon Day ago

    The Beatles


    Damn we cant even wear plain shirts

  • Mideku Brandio
    Mideku Brandio Day ago

    Hey Rebecca, I have an otaku hoodie I really want to wear to school. But I worry so much about what people think of me and anxiety is not being the greatest. I love the hoodie and it express who I am, but at the last second I always decide not to and I always regret it because I don’t like being judged

    Ps. I’m also a theater kid, a recent one in fact and it’s nice to see another theater person that’s very entertaining.

  • ριχlgυи 1964

    someone had an f#ck on his/hers shirt

  • Micky Leggate
    Micky Leggate Day ago

    T V b

  • Esther Chicchis
    Esther Chicchis Day ago