EPISODE 204: Ed Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations Project // ALBUM REACTION + REVIEW

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Confidence and talent is a dangerous combination. Especially when you’ve got a bunch of friends from all over the world who share the same traits and wanna make a whole lot of music with you!
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Comments • 25

  • The Tune Up
    The Tune Up  2 months ago +4

    5:49 is where the reaction starts if you wanna skip the intro! Also, sorry for the lame ass dissolve transition. I swore I edited that out before I uploaded 🤦🏾‍♂️ More videos over the weekend!! 😊🙏🏾 thank you for the continued love and support!! It means EVERYTHING ❤️

  • XCompelling GamingX

    React to NF! He is insane!

    • The Tune Up
      The Tune Up  Month ago

      I did! Search reaction went up yesterday 😊

  • Brad Monday
    Brad Monday 2 months ago +3

    this album surprised the hell out of me and i’m pretty stoked on it! by the way congratulations on 10 thousand subscribers my guy!!!!!!!

    • The Tune Up
      The Tune Up  Month ago +1

      LOVE YOU BRO!!!! Thank you!!! 😭🙏🏾❤️

  • Pop Fan 4life
    Pop Fan 4life 2 months ago

    Do soneone by nick nittoli

    • The Tune Up
      The Tune Up  Month ago

      I’ll try to get to Nick soon, but it’s definitely gonna be a while

  • Alina C
    Alina C 2 months ago +1

    I really, really like this album, I don't get where all the hate comes from.

    • The Tune Up
      The Tune Up  Month ago +1

      Honestly!! I don’t get it at all, but more for us to enjoy 🤷🏾‍♂️🔥

  • MrSitemaster2
    MrSitemaster2 2 months ago +2

    Great review guys I feel this is a project where Ed's exposing the typical sounds of his favorite artists to his audience in an Ed/Radio friendly way, so don't expect Ed's other albums to sound anything like this.

  • MrSitemaster2
    MrSitemaster2 2 months ago +1

    You guys need to review the video of "Ed Sheeran - Take Me Back To London (Sir Spyro Remix) [feat. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch]":-

  • MrSitemaster2
    MrSitemaster2 2 months ago +1

    You guys need to review the video of "My Mind" by YEBBA
    "She is by far my favourite new artist. Go listen to My Mind and Evergreen if you are new to her stuff, I promise it will give you goosebumps x" - Ed Sheeran
    "YEBBA - My Mind | Sofar NYC":- ru-clip.net/video/RXwE1G7_U9M/video.html

  • Call More
    Call More 2 months ago +1

    You react to Ed sheeran aight bet ima subscribe

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis 2 months ago +1

    I think I’ve watched the Divide video 20+ times... love it!

  • Sara Lyons
    Sara Lyons 2 months ago +4

    I suggest reacting to James Blake - Assume Form And NF - The Search! Both albums are 🔥 Also I’m so glad you’re back! My fave reaction channel, keep up the good work!

  • P.L.H. Two
    P.L.H. Two 2 months ago

    I like you both reaction. Make a great duo once in awhile
    Anyway. Wish I can enjoy most of the songs in this album just like you two. But I find this album disappointed (from Ed Sheeran especially)
    I really like ÷ (Divide) I think that album is great. With some tracks that are lack of inconsistent cliches and few bad inspired lyrics like you would see in a google image with a sub text "Don't worry. Love will set you free" or "Hang in There" (Cat hanging in a tree)
    This album No. 6 Collaborations Project... I like some of the tracks but most have been over over the place. With mediocre, pointless bad lyrics, disappointment, and most definitely the guest feature (Camila Cabello, Justin Bieber, Young Thug, J Hus, Paulo Londra, Skrillex especially, Chris Simpleton and Bruno Mars)
    Also. The I Don't Care song is kind me questioning "Why do people love this song?". Because you two enjoyed so much listen to it (so then reactor or people out there) I just find it the most lame, mediocre, bland, and most "Nothing" Pop song ever made in 2019 (By two very big influential male artist)
    Idk. Maybe I find this album a complete mess at all time. But it has some few tracks I like I would go back to. Beautiful People, Cross Me, Take Me Back to London, Antisocial, Remember the Name, I Don't Want You Money And 1000 Nights
    But this album push back a bit for me by most points of these song just... Being mediocre, bad and disappointed
    Wish I can say things positive. But People gotta being honest about their opinion, not being force to
    You both reaction are enjoyable to watch as a duo (again)
    Welp. I guessed that's a *Like Button* for the reaction video. Not the album itself. This video
    (Here's my rating)
    Ed Sheeran - ÷ [2017]
    Rating 8/10
    Ed Sheeran - No. 6 Collaborations Project [2019]
    Rating 4/10

    • Alina C
      Alina C 2 months ago +1

      You're tripping, divide is a 9 (though I'd be ok with 8)and nr 6 is a solid 7, at least (and I would NOT be ok with 4).

  • Dan Purcell
    Dan Purcell 2 months ago +2

    You GOTTA get on the Yebba train man -- she's actually from Arkansas and she's a straight up SOUL singer. She only has a couple singles out atm but she's been gearing up to release an album that was produced with Mark Ronson!

    • dillowman_8
      dillowman_8 Month ago

      @The Tune Up G, how the hell is it going, man! I hope you remember me....its been too long lol. Happy to see you and Josh do this. As a fellow fanatic of Ed's its cool to see you two come together again and do this. I loved the project too. Let's keep in touch a little better, alright? Lol

    • The Tune Up
      The Tune Up  2 months ago

      Now that’s definitely something I’ll take a look at. Shoutout Mark Ronson!! She impressed the hell outta me on this album so I’m definitely looking forward to her music!

  • JulezTheCreator _
    JulezTheCreator _ 2 months ago +1

    20:44 HOMEGIRL YEBBA!!!! 🥺😭

  • Equals Evan
    Equals Evan 2 months ago +1

    AYEEEE, exciting to see this reaction w Josh!! Dude, this album’s got bops! Btw, I don’t know if you heard, but Bruno produced BLOW in its entirety: He played the drums, piano, guitar and that solo after his verse! Bruno wanted to rock out with the sounds that he was pulling from with Chris and Ed 😎

  • RiskyBi5cuit
    RiskyBi5cuit 2 months ago +3

    1 hour video? You spoil us man, keen to sink my teeth into this

    • The Tune Up
      The Tune Up  2 months ago +1

      Haha!!! Much love!!! It was actually well over an hour so I did my best to chop down as much as I could, but ended up with a full hour vid 😂 first time for everything!!