I Bought $1,100 Worth of Tech eBay Mystery Boxes

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
  • THIS ONE’S BIG… episode 4 of Tech, Gadget and Gaming Mystery Boxes - BUT this time I spent $1,100!! I’ve NEVER spent this much and I got some crazy products…an iPad Pro, Pokemon, Xbox games, and some more surprises! Let's go hit eBay looking for WILD tech mystery boxes, and did an unboxing and review.
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Comments • 2 989

  • Ryan Mangru
    Ryan Mangru 2 hours ago

    Yo that charizard is vintage meaning it is a million or a couple thousands

  • Kieran Martin
    Kieran Martin Day ago

    No hate but ur hair😂

  • Carlos Jesús
    Carlos Jesús Day ago

    Damnnnnn that Pokémon card could be sold at least per 10000k $😮

  • MrDog
    MrDog 2 days ago

    What’s with the hair

  • Xenon Mystic
    Xenon Mystic 2 days ago +1

    Are you wearing a wig

  • No0bmaster6 9
    No0bmaster6 9 3 days ago

    Wassup logan paul

  • A J
    A J 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks the dogs scary asf.

  • dekutheone 500
    dekutheone 500 7 days ago

    Dude u can sell that charizard pokemon card for lots of money

  • George Scootrz
    George Scootrz 8 days ago

    To much money 💰

  • Matthew Hinz
    Matthew Hinz 8 days ago

    your hair looks good like that

  • Your Boy Walnut
    Your Boy Walnut 9 days ago

    That Pokémon card could sell for a decent chunk of money my dude.

    ZEERS 10 days ago

    Omg that pokemon is worh over 1000 dollars

  • Jay.B
    Jay.B 10 days ago +1

    That Mac Miller record is priceless.. R.I.P Mac♥️

  • David Kemp
    David Kemp 11 days ago

    ‘Don’t drop the soap, don’t drop the soap’ *drops soap on table* 🤦‍♂️

    SANITY_ BRANDON 12 days ago

    It is really rare

  • Player has gone
    Player has gone 13 days ago +1

    Oh yeah yeah

  • TwistyShocks
    TwistyShocks 14 days ago

    Keith: There no going back
    5 seconds later

    Keith: Alright were back

  • Evan
    Evan 15 days ago

    Why do you open boxes like a 4 year old? Completely destroyed the value of that Jeff Gordon piece by ripping the box completely in half, for absolutely no reason

  • kiddadd
    kiddadd 16 days ago +1

    Did you just spank another man on your video?
    I love that!

  • XxDude nothing
    XxDude nothing 20 days ago

    The charizard is really rare

  • Shahweez Mujtaba
    Shahweez Mujtaba 20 days ago

    Charizard is worth more than u paid

  • Dragon Eagle56
    Dragon Eagle56 20 days ago

    it worth a lot

  • Jake H.
    Jake H. 20 days ago

    like your under armour trackpants🙈😉

  • Blake Gamble
    Blake Gamble 20 days ago


  • Djumali Bekiri
    Djumali Bekiri 21 day ago

    You are sou funny

  • Fraser Crook
    Fraser Crook 21 day ago

    it charzard 1st edision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have one :)

  • Nuso Alay
    Nuso Alay 21 day ago

    Change your flippin hair

  • Xanderex
    Xanderex 22 days ago

    It's a monster box fan I don't know what day it is I know it's going to be awesome do it do it

  • C & O productions
    C & O productions Month ago

    THAT CARD IS LIKE 5,000$

  • Pumken Bros
    Pumken Bros Month ago

    that charizard is worth lots of money bruh

  • claireemily costello


  • Marlee
    Marlee Month ago +3

    are we gonna ignore the fact that he slapped the hell out of that dudes butt with that belt 😭!

  • jamison porter
    jamison porter Month ago

    Dude that pokemon card is definitely worth something if it is a first edition holographic card

  • jax boy
    jax boy Month ago

    The carzard is rare dont trow it away its limitid idition

  • Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington Month ago

    0.o........that hair....Goku you are not

  • Ah Ab
    Ah Ab Month ago

    That char Izard is 7000dollars

    YOLO PRO Month ago

    I have that AR game it’s 19.88 in Target

  • Ice Kickx
    Ice Kickx Month ago

    That Charizsrd is the gold of all Pokémon cards

  • 100,000subscriberchallenge with two videos

    Wow you spend that much money on mystery boxes when I could've bought and brand new iPhone x and air pods

  • thegamerguy74
    thegamerguy74 Month ago

    Anyone watching in 2019

  • angel yadiel
    angel yadiel Month ago

    teen version of donald trump

  • Tank Plays
    Tank Plays Month ago

    That card is worth 500 dollars I have the same one

    CAMERON MARDEN Month ago

    Huh why is Trump in this video

  • The CHEERIO Bro
    The CHEERIO Bro Month ago

    Wtf is with the Hair?!?!?!?

  • Stevie Gizinski
    Stevie Gizinski Month ago

    Am I the only one that saw in his ebay history it was pax era supreme renowa red and juul

  • Trey Wenk
    Trey Wenk Month ago

    That charzard tho

  • Analisa Willets
    Analisa Willets Month ago

    The Pokemon card can go up to 200$ on ebay

  • Leah Ajilore
    Leah Ajilore Month ago

    lol anyone know if the iPad works

  • Xxgetrektliltayxx Gggg

    It’s a haolagrapic charazard

    DEMON FREDDY Month ago

    Give him the belt

  • Moulay Hicham EL Mouden

    Hmm you could sur your skin orange so u look like trump

  • Max Gatchell
    Max Gatchell Month ago

    The moment ur hair is the same color as ur Gatorade

    GAMER FAV Month ago

    Hey dude! :-) nice one. pls do more mystery box ! :-) like your content.

  • d1ms1m
    d1ms1m Month ago

    weres the batman knife he was always going to use for these videos

  • Android Technology
    Android Technology Month ago

    Nice blond hair dude

  • Channel GACHA
    Channel GACHA Month ago

    I really want that book

  • Gavin Fint
    Gavin Fint Month ago

    That card is worth 500 dollars your welcome

  • S H A D O W A C C E S S

    It’s good

  • Victor Vanreusel
    Victor Vanreusel 2 months ago

    charizard not good

  • J and Z productions
    J and Z productions 2 months ago

    1:02 in the search bar he previously typed in JUUL I did not know he smoked

  • Patrick Langmead
    Patrick Langmead 2 months ago

    ”there’s no going back”

    5 seconds later

    WE’RE BACK!!!

  • ANic Dude##3
    ANic Dude##3 2 months ago

    I thought I was watching unbox therapy 😂😂

  • Jazyn Hogan
    Jazyn Hogan 2 months ago

    Starts at 4:51 you’ll thank me later

  • skytheboy911
    skytheboy911 2 months ago

    The Pokemon card could be around 2k or more only if it is not from 2016 cause its a remake but if from 1999 im postive its real

  • Samuel Sparks
    Samuel Sparks 2 months ago

    You had close to 600 in that car and the Pokémon card but you ripped the box so you lost that

    DOMINATION GAMING 2 months ago

    If that charizard is from1999 or below its worth like a 1000 or more

  • ben 25
    ben 25 2 months ago


  • linkin ostrander
    linkin ostrander 2 months ago

    I'll pay you a lot of money for that charzard

  • Francisco Contreras
    Francisco Contreras 2 months ago

    I have the phone gun thing

  • Its_ Afi_gameryt
    Its_ Afi_gameryt 2 months ago

    Who else thinks that mystery box sellers should include Himalayan salt lamps/purifiers from joom?

  • itsyourboyGG 13
    itsyourboyGG 13 2 months ago

    If it is OG it can be 300$-500$

  • Jamir Daily
    Jamir Daily 2 months ago

    It’s for the Xbox one

  • Emily Arias
    Emily Arias 2 months ago

    bru u look like Donald Trumps son

  • Amica Schultheis
    Amica Schultheis 2 months ago +2

    Please do more of these videos please! There amazing 😉

  • get a grip skate boards

    Un dye your hair