Cara Taylor's Guide to Model Makeup-And Fighting Fashion Month Fatigue | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Cara Taylor shares the backstage lessons she’s learned from makeup pros as she gets ready for Milan Fashion Week.

    Directed by Rebecca Fourteau
    Filmed at The Refinery Hotel
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    Cara Taylor's Guide to Model Makeup-And Fighting Fashion Month Fatigue | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • Ishant Jawali
    Ishant Jawali Day ago

    bruh i love her

  • Sara Allali
    Sara Allali 3 days ago


  • Angie Nolasco
    Angie Nolasco 6 days ago

    I saw her in a video with Alexander Wang, and She's always so happy, like literally everyone's friend.
    She's so natural and cool!

  • Oksana Sivaya
    Oksana Sivaya 6 days ago

    There's smth in the way she talks

  • Lucinda Koulaouzos
    Lucinda Koulaouzos 7 days ago

    Noow I'M gonna RiNsE this OfF

  • Dimitroula K.
    Dimitroula K. 7 days ago

    She is a breathe of fresh air.... BIG breathe

  • Cheyenne Bryant
    Cheyenne Bryant 8 days ago

    When i see these models i always say to myself, anyone can be a model. Wtf am i doing with my life?

  • Cheyenne Bryant
    Cheyenne Bryant 8 days ago

    She looks like the one direction guy. LITERALLY in the flesh lol

  • Adinda Karisya
    Adinda Karisya 9 days ago

    what caudalie spray is that

  • Adinda Karisya
    Adinda Karisya 9 days ago

    what caudalie spray is that

  • Mar H
    Mar H 9 days ago

    Cara is so dang cute ... personality, looks, and tall ... I see why they hire her!!!

  • flower child
    flower child 10 days ago

    She kinda talks annoying

  • b021c
    b021c 13 days ago


  • mista
    mista 13 days ago

    she sounds........

  • Josh Snobby
    Josh Snobby 13 days ago

    literally the coolest and cutest

  • Ne. Re
    Ne. Re 13 days ago

    I dont want to be meaan or anything...i dont think se is childish. but i think se may be mentally challanged. I have klients that talk like her. And they all have an IQ around 70...its a mild retardation, i dont know whats its called in english.

  • Axne Cee
    Axne Cee 13 days ago

    She’s so cute lol

  • KSJ
    KSJ 13 days ago

    Her personality reminds me of Anna Nicole.

  • kim
    kim 14 days ago

    She looks so young

  • Uh Mygod
    Uh Mygod 14 days ago +1

    She’s so gorgeous! Ugh her bone structure especially around the eyes and cheeks

  • Cesar A Vargas
    Cesar A Vargas 14 days ago

    this is low key addicting, im not even into make up or anything relate to fashio lol

  • H Kristin
    H Kristin 14 days ago

    How is she so cute all the time??

  • purple ninja3
    purple ninja3 14 days ago

    i absolutely love her

  • small love
    small love 15 days ago

    i love her shes so adorable

  • vqxowq2
    vqxowq2 15 days ago

    What in the corn farm Oklahoma front of the short bus did I just watch?!?!?

  • Sophie Gale
    Sophie Gale 15 days ago +1

    She acts and sounds like that one friend who is just so fuckin dumb nd says the stupidest things... but obvs u know she’s not cause she’s was a successful supermodel at 15.

  • Madona Laker
    Madona Laker 15 days ago +1

    Awwww her accent is too cute 😍😍 Love it! So cute 💕

  • Amisha Suresh
    Amisha Suresh 16 days ago

    Wow. I feel in love within 11.43 minutes.

  • Ia D. S.
    Ia D. S. 16 days ago

    Please make more videos with Cara !! 😍

  • Paula  Aquino
    Paula Aquino 17 days ago

    models > celebrities

  • Paula  Aquino
    Paula Aquino 17 days ago

    been on a roll since Birgit Kos diaries! yaasss Vogue more model content!!

  • zehra syed
    zehra syed 17 days ago +1

    Shezz soo cute.. She has a youtube channel too

  • ainanor
    ainanor 17 days ago

    Why does he speak like a 3 year old?

  • Coline Faucoeur
    Coline Faucoeur 18 days ago

    This girl is my new favorite human.

  • Change Color Eye
    Change Color Eye 19 days ago


  • Femi Queen
    Femi Queen 19 days ago

    How old is she?

  • quents
    quents 19 days ago

    in the philippines, we would call her bungo.

  • tiMe LoRd
    tiMe LoRd 19 days ago

    she so cuuuuuute 😭

  • stfn88
    stfn88 19 days ago

    she s so cute and adorable

  • Casey Cooper
    Casey Cooper 19 days ago +4

    I love the way she says, "Bam!" it's so adorable!

  • Mouna M
    Mouna M 20 days ago

    too much products for absolutely nothing

  • Summer Love
    Summer Love 20 days ago

    She looks like a scarecrow

  • Awaken VIBING
    Awaken VIBING 20 days ago +2

    I love her honesty !!! She’ll be icon one day

  • Rin
    Rin 20 days ago

    She is so cute. Hahaha

  • Nur Jannah Farhanna Suhaimi

    She is so cute!!!

  • Madison Ramsey
    Madison Ramsey 20 days ago

    She looks like Peyton Kennedy!

  • -gallifreyan
    -gallifreyan 20 days ago +1

    angel energy

  • Emily Spofford
    Emily Spofford 20 days ago +3

    She’s such a cutie love her!

  • Agnes Kraiss
    Agnes Kraiss 20 days ago

    She's so sweet!

  • Annie Woo
    Annie Woo 20 days ago +3

    "i dun messed up"her accent is so cute

  • Royal é
    Royal é 21 day ago

    i hope she gets more successful

  • Titli Chatterjee
    Titli Chatterjee 21 day ago +2

    She's so sweet . She talks genuinely .

  • inette de vos
    inette de vos 21 day ago

    obsessed with her

  • Smrity Sen
    Smrity Sen 21 day ago +7

    "it's by this brand"
    Me: *literally couldn't see anything* 3:43

  • maryam almohammed
    maryam almohammed 21 day ago


  • p t
    p t 21 day ago

    Hair : Harry Styles
    Face: Josephine Skriver
    Personality : Jojo Siwa but better

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 21 day ago

    I thought it was harry styles in the thumbnail😭

  • TheKeybladeKitty
    TheKeybladeKitty 21 day ago

    she is just the most wholesome and adorable lady

  • M H
    M H 21 day ago

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  • クラゲを操る魚
    クラゲを操る魚 22 days ago

    your skin is beautiful...💗