Kevin Gates - Walls Talking [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Kevin Gates - Walls Talking
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  • kevingatesTV
    kevingatesTV  Month ago +1692

    I'M HIM out now:
    On tour now:

  • Sheena Hayes
    Sheena Hayes 3 hours ago

  • Online Come Up
    Online Come Up 3 hours ago

    Shit hits the feels :'(

  • Ryan Bradford
    Ryan Bradford 4 hours ago

    HOLDIT DOWN! G1💜!!!!!!!

  • Eryn Vee
    Eryn Vee 4 hours ago

    Sooooo addicted to this 😍😍😍 #thefeels

  • Thomas Moweryjr
    Thomas Moweryjr 5 hours ago

    Every day these walls talkin to me. I'm a great friend, but after all I been through I'm no longer friendly

    STEPHANIE WACHMAN 5 hours ago

    Talking to the walls no its what it what its it's about getting the wall to talk back

  • bene bmg
    bene bmg 5 hours ago


  • MHKMbwanguHeavyK
    MHKMbwanguHeavyK 6 hours ago

    Why am I only finding this now🔥🔥

  • Ryan Bradford
    Ryan Bradford 6 hours ago


  • Ryan Bradford
    Ryan Bradford 6 hours ago


  • Tiffany Johnson
    Tiffany Johnson 7 hours ago

    Good video

  • Kylee Tutorials
    Kylee Tutorials 7 hours ago

    "I'll admit it, bein young I made some bad decisions. Heart to big, that's when my loyalty got used against me" I felt that

  • Josh Layne
    Josh Layne 8 hours ago

    This shit sucks new rap is ALL shit

  • Kenyata Brown
    Kenyata Brown 9 hours ago

    Wallls talking to me

  • Richard Morquecho
    Richard Morquecho 9 hours ago

    No one is mentioning he murdered his best friend, it was business not personal ....great song song tho besides the fact he KILLED HIS BEST FRIEND!!!

  • charbowers23
    charbowers23 10 hours ago

    Pay attention to lyrics ..( I'm human) they ain't never lived the way I lived.. mad mistakes .. love you Kevin ✌️

  • Crystal K
    Crystal K 11 hours ago

    Love your music. Get some pants that fit with all that money tho

  • thame willy
    thame willy 14 hours ago

    hello nigga

  • Maxwell Williams
    Maxwell Williams 15 hours ago


  • Clicky
    Clicky 18 hours ago

    This does tell alot, love it all the way!

  • Boomer Boomer
    Boomer Boomer 18 hours ago

    "I was young when my mama had me" no shit

  • Troy Owens
    Troy Owens 19 hours ago

    Need a collab with upchurch. Shit could be deep with how fucking lyrically talented y'all are

  • Cierra Mayfield
    Cierra Mayfield 20 hours ago

    I literally have lived with everything he rapped...

  • Tiyanna Steele
    Tiyanna Steele 20 hours ago


  • Marquivious Pinkney
    Marquivious Pinkney 20 hours ago

    One of my favorites yet from KG keep droppin that heat bruh bruh 🔥💯🔥💯

  • time line
    time line 21 hour ago

    broo his a crack baby stop taking him personal lol

  • Nell
    Nell 21 hour ago

    I felt this spiritually * 🧘‍♂️ 🙌🏾

  • Dennis Winston
    Dennis Winston 22 hours ago +1

    Whole song real as fukk!! butThat first verse was epic!!

  • Amanda Prendergast
    Amanda Prendergast 23 hours ago

    your vidios are lit

  • Leshartey Robertson
    Leshartey Robertson 23 hours ago

    Super Factz and💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday 23 hours ago

    Not even go lie I cried by the 3rd time listening to this. That's when shit really started to hit home then...

  • Shavonna Wilder
    Shavonna Wilder Day ago


  • Mirage GoldenForm

    You did it... another 💯💯

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Day ago

    Instead of I was young when my momma had me he should have said left instead of had

    • Joseph Alvarado
      Joseph Alvarado 5 hours ago

      Yeah I feel you but he did not lie his mom had possession of him until he was 15 so technically SHE DID HAVE HIM..(i heard worser lyrics from other rappers)

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson Day ago

    I feel like them walls talking to me

  • Zevy Alien
    Zevy Alien Day ago +5

    I'm a prisoner in my own mind

  • Blonde Bunny
    Blonde Bunny Day ago

    I felt that so hard. 💪🏼🙇🏼‍♀️

  • Rothana Yin
    Rothana Yin Day ago

    Fuck you Kevin gates i had to subscribe this song was hard

  • bigem8241
    bigem8241 Day ago

    I murdered my own best friend

  • Allen Mitchell Gardner

    Before my brother went back to prison...he listened to your music. I remember.

  • Paul Crank
    Paul Crank Day ago

    I was young when my mama had me! You was a baby what you think she gonna have a15 year old baby

  • Shroom Masta
    Shroom Masta Day ago

    This makes me murple durpple sad and badass

  • enplumy so2&codm


  • RespectMy Cripping

    Being in the same position as Kevin Gates hits different with the lyrics

  • Karheim Sanders
    Karheim Sanders Day ago +1

    Did this nigga just admit to a body????

  • Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy Day ago

    This hits home bro keep doing your thing.

  • JaQorien Bullard
    JaQorien Bullard Day ago +1

    I'm keying

  • JaQorien Bullard
    JaQorien Bullard Day ago +1

    If you love hem give me a like

  • Corey Green
    Corey Green Day ago


  • Ant Adopteuntrip


  • WhiteGurl LovingMyBabies


  • NeFeru Ra
    NeFeru Ra Day ago

    This song Dope asf i can relate i cried after hearing this🖤😪👑

  • Dillon Kivinen
    Dillon Kivinen Day ago +1

    I'm a prisoner in my home mane. I feel like these walls talking to me.

  • 2MuchOnMyMindRn
    2MuchOnMyMindRn Day ago +1

    Just got out jail yday and all this catching up got me overjoyed

  • Billy Jack Rogers

    That song hit the note

  • Queen B
    Queen B Day ago


  • Antonio Bennett
    Antonio Bennett Day ago

    i was young when my mother had me. hmmm I think everyones a new born when theyre born.hahaha

    • D4 Fitness Martyr
      D4 Fitness Martyr 14 hours ago

      But you were also a teen when your mum was around.
      He means when his mom had him in her custody but i guess your not from a broken home.

  • Ms Ashley L Harris

    I see you papa

  • America Banks
    America Banks Day ago