The Amazing ALL-EBAY Gaming PC

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Visit and use offer code LTT for 10% off.
    Grab the G.Skill Trident Royal Z DDR4 Ram here
    If you’re building or upgrading a PC on a budget, chances are you’re looking into the used market. But just how much cheaper is a PC built entirely on eBay?
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Comments • 4 625

  • LookingGlassProject
    LookingGlassProject 3 hours ago

    Only one month? I have to wait from 3 to 6 moths for stuff to arrive from ebay.

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson 4 hours ago

    Christ I still have a 6th gen i5 and a GTX 960

  • TylertheGeek28
    TylertheGeek28 7 hours ago

    1:58 >Vegandeals

  • Orion Myers
    Orion Myers 10 hours ago

    4:32 *drops* *eyeroll* *carries on*

  • Orion Myers
    Orion Myers 10 hours ago

    got a 1060 3gb for 104 dollars with free shipping

  • sorrok2
    sorrok2 11 hours ago

    Lol my entire set up is bought from eBay 😂 even my chair 💀

  • Kie
    Kie 14 hours ago

    LTT should build a PC while Linus hangs upside down like Spiderman.

  • OMGItsGutless
    OMGItsGutless 15 hours ago

    Psu cost 25 and I noticed it had 22.25 shipping 😂

  • Jade McDermott
    Jade McDermott Day ago

    he's as white as the cupboards

  • Mummafiedthunderbirds

    Fuck yeah Anthony!

  • Jeff
    Jeff Day ago

    anyone else get scared at those words 8:14

  • Kollache
    Kollache Day ago

    I wouldn’t trust those ram sticks though

  • RyadMax
    RyadMax 2 days ago +1

    Just a 1000$...

  • Crushed Luminary
    Crushed Luminary 2 days ago

    Highly depends on the seller's price. I've seen a 1080Ti go for $150.

  • Mr. Moseby
    Mr. Moseby 2 days ago

    tfw can do this in half with a 980ti for 200. Xeon workstation 6 core with 16gb or more ram, 1tb, get a cheapo pc case, a cheap psu, and a 980ti and it can be under 400, around 320-350 depending on the day

  • can we get this channel to 10,000 subscribers

    Are you telling ne that we have ebay in uk and us but not canada

  • Mark
    Mark 2 days ago

    just fire the camera man

  • Michael Crider
    Michael Crider 2 days ago

    Really the only sketchy thing in this build is that no name ram. The 1600, and the 1070 should carry any crappy ddr4 you throw at it. I mean this video could have been "We built a gaming computer with parts from, Mecari, Facebook marketplace, etc... (Insert reliable reseller website) Over all you stand to save around $200-300 over new retail. Bout the same amount youd save if bought from Amazon/new egg vs. BestBuy/any big box store.

  • Entroxity
    Entroxity 2 days ago +2

    how much do you cinebench bro?

  • Aeon Mazer
    Aeon Mazer 2 days ago

    Ebay sucks lol

    • Fresco L
      Fresco L 2 days ago

      You gotta know what you're buying.

  • OkMrMaN
    OkMrMaN 2 days ago +2

    I just sat down at my desk, looked at my Rosewill Nautilus, and thought; "damn, that's actually a pretty good looking case".
    And then I opened this video. Ouchie.

  • Wesley Jones
    Wesley Jones 3 days ago +1

    They buy used pc parts off of Ebay and spend the next 12 months fixing it because things keep dying. I've built close to 100 pcs for myself/friends/family and I don't do used parts any longer. If they don't want to buy it retail they can build it and maintain it themselves. Nobody is selling 100% new retail parts on ebay.
    You guys buy all the openbox/refurb/used crap off of Ebay that you want with no warranty or possibility of manufacturer RMA. I'll spend 10% more and have the peace of mind that when something goes wrong I have somewhere to turn.
    Maybe quit being cheap and saving for another month or two so you can buy retail parts that have never been used and have a full warranty from the manufacturer and good store return policies. It's worth the extra money more than twice over to me.

    • Nick Lane
      Nick Lane 3 days ago

      Wesley Jones well said sir

  • Waffle Man
    Waffle Man 3 days ago

    My first case was a Rosewill Sealth
    It’s a great roomy case
    You guys should review more cases like that one

  • Frank V
    Frank V 3 days ago

    I see that Linus is still pirating Win10, since there was no price for it included with his config.

  • Code 3 Gaming
    Code 3 Gaming 4 days ago

    What Thermal Compound Do You Recommend Me Using?

  • the gamer 2.0
    the gamer 2.0 4 days ago

    just use honey

  • Angrage Macmuffins
    Angrage Macmuffins 4 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like The Donald grabbed 'em by the pussy.

  • Yt_V11
    Yt_V11 4 days ago

    Maybe you can stop saying maybe

  • Code 3 Gaming
    Code 3 Gaming 4 days ago

    Which One Do You Prefer/Recommend? The Intel Core i5-9400F Or The Intel Core i5-9600K

    • Fresco L
      Fresco L 2 days ago

      Depends what you're using for

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH 5 days ago +1

    I've never gotten an eBay motherboard with the wrong I/O shield. When it comes to motherboards, that's all I care about. You could ship it in a chopped-up cardboard box so long as you include the proper I/O shield and I'm good.

  • SolidSonicTH
    SolidSonicTH 5 days ago

    Gonna get me some of that Royal RAM...on eBay.

  • GrimReaperHD
    GrimReaperHD 5 days ago

    How the hell is this damn near better than my build 😂

  • james Band111
    james Band111 5 days ago

    Kijiji gaming pc build?

  • Bushido Brown
    Bushido Brown 6 days ago


  • MindTroll The Great
    MindTroll The Great 6 days ago +1

    i alway had a bad experience qith amazon so i stay with ebay

  • rudy issa
    rudy issa 6 days ago

    "Not bad at all"... Thats what I said with the cheap hooker I picked up, had STD couple weeks

  • Marius Hansen
    Marius Hansen 6 days ago

    That damn wallet Linus. It's seen better days :)

  • Corristo89
    Corristo89 6 days ago

    4:33 Linus' face was like "Laugh and you're fired!"

  • king_cryptic
    king_cryptic 6 days ago

    6:04 regular $22 and you guys paid $24 what a deal!!!😂😂😂

  • Ziko Pastoft
    Ziko Pastoft 6 days ago

    Yeah well. You get higher FPS without Vsync. But it looks better with Vsync on..

  • Henry Edge
    Henry Edge 6 days ago


  • Nikolas Pleyer
    Nikolas Pleyer 6 days ago

    i got an gaming pc from ebay for 520€ and its a good deal!

  • Patrick D
    Patrick D 6 days ago +1

    Took me 3 months to buy a pc only buy browsing through ebay.
    I got a PC with 8GB RAM, 980ti 6bg (founders edition), xeon e3 1230, a 600W power supply and 60GB Ssd for windows.
    It all cost me 250€

  • John Gilbody
    John Gilbody 7 days ago +1

    I got my 1080 for 225 on craigslist

  • Jemilo II
    Jemilo II 7 days ago

    Linus needs a new wallet. If I was a Canadian dollar, I'd want a nicer wallet to be in~ lol :P

  • Lightning
    Lightning 7 days ago +1

    I've got two of the same sticks but they are like Samsung ripoffs at 2400mhz cl15. The funny thing was they were both 4 gb sticks and I paired them together on my AsRock B350M mobo and it failed to initiate them in dual channel.pretty weird stuff. *I also tempered with voltage settings, didn't help.

  • Raul Toro
    Raul Toro 7 days ago

    85 for ddr4 2400 damn what were ram prices back in March

  • IN5T1NK3D
    IN5T1NK3D 7 days ago

    Wait... no sponsor?

  • Gaming Simulator Simulator

    dont sprint with your freakin gun!

  • jesse schmidt
    jesse schmidt 8 days ago

    I built an ebay pc for $545 specs are i5 7600k, rx 580, z170a gaming m5, 16gb corsair vengeance ddr4 2400mhz ram, 120gb ssd, 1tb wd blue hdd, hyper 212 evo, evga 850w gq gold rated psu. Not bad in my opinion. I'm surprised he can't find cheap ram though. I've picked up a few 16gb sets of ram for $50 or less.

  • aldosv73
    aldosv73 8 days ago

    Nope I've been fudge on ebay more then once, not letting it to third time's the charm.

  • Alex
    Alex 8 days ago

    a month? any time i order anything i wait atleast 3 months you spoiled amazon prime fuck

  • Emil Nykvist
    Emil Nykvist 8 days ago

    Hey! You forgot about us Europeans! You stoopid North American

  • Edvards Krastiņš
    Edvards Krastiņš 8 days ago

    6:25 what a deal

  • Sof
    Sof 9 days ago

    I really just don't understand what's exciting about this. Almost every part imagineable is on ebay. And they're almost always new or the same condition as somewhere like amazon.

  • Jack Forbes
    Jack Forbes 9 days ago +2

    I've actually built my last 3 PCs this way, everything besides the storage and case was from eBay.
    About £675 for a;
    i7 8700
    GTX 1070 Armour 8GB
    Z370-A MotherBoard
    16gb Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz
    240Gb M.2 SSD
    1Tb HDD
    EVGA 80+ 600W PSU
    All packed into a CiT case
    Considering I absolutely thrash ARMA 3 with about 30-45Gb of MODS at any one time, it holds up bloody well at max settings

  • BOOMHeadshot1006
    BOOMHeadshot1006 9 days ago +1

    Literally limiting yourself to "Buy it now" removes all the good deals from ebay. lol.

  • KingHeifer
    KingHeifer 10 days ago

    I mean i got my 1080ti on Ebay for 100$ usd off so...

  • oceann ™
    oceann ™ 10 days ago

    All Wish PC. I doubt that would work.

  • Trainablec Memes
    Trainablec Memes 10 days ago

    Keep in mind this is Canadian dollars

  • Jooze Mane
    Jooze Mane 10 days ago +3

    Who in their right mind, would pay 85$ for some Totally random unknown/unbranded DDR4-2400 ram, when you could buy RipJaws or Vengeance LSX for 65$ with the same specs literally everywhere ?

    • Osama Reda
      Osama Reda 10 days ago +1

      This video was back when memory prices were over 100 usd for normal 16 gigs

  • Lunr1982
    Lunr1982 10 days ago +5

    4:32 Because it wouldn't be a Linus Tech Tips video without Linus dropping something 😂

  • Young Geezers
    Young Geezers 10 days ago +16

    so now the rysen 5and gtx 1070 ti with an ssd and some rgb is a ghetto pc

    • MindTroll The Great
      MindTroll The Great 6 days ago

      oh yeah and the mother board is a simp^le M5 A95 R2.0

    • MindTroll The Great
      MindTroll The Great 6 days ago

      well its a good ghetto pc i have a gtx 1070 to oc from with an amd fx 8320E OC thats pretty ghetto but pretty good for gaming and recording But i want more power i need a better cpu ... it never end .

  • iWin Rar
    iWin Rar 11 days ago +1

    I did use a few tweezers. Oh what a lovely verge knock.

  • pleappleappleap
    pleappleappleap 11 days ago

    You should start saying ABOOT like East Coast people.

  • Travision
    Travision 11 days ago

    + a monitor and a mouse ehit a keyboard getsbup to $1000

  • Supernova gt
    Supernova gt 12 days ago

    You got a horrible deal on the CPU

  • King Sorra
    King Sorra 12 days ago

    Micro center 1,100$ rig for 610$

  • Matthew Coffy
    Matthew Coffy 12 days ago

    idk i like to save money on pc parts and i was buying from ebay got 2 dead mother boards 8 dead sticks of ram and 4 dead cpu's and on newegg i got a 8gb gpu working for kinda cheap and uncomfirmed still shipping 80+ gold 850 watt power supply 16gb ram i paid nearly 300$ for and paid 30$ for next day air saver and it took 3 days so i think ups is the worst part of it all XD

  • Andrew Nied
    Andrew Nied 12 days ago +4

    I/somebody need(s) to make a compilation of every moment that Linus drops something

  • Kzero
    Kzero 13 days ago

    Dang, I was super conflicted about whether I should get the 3rd gen Ryzen or just stick with a 2600X with price drops. Even this build would be fine for me, thanks for making me realize I've been overthinking way too much lol. Prob will just drop it down to a 2600.

  • CrazyLittlebrother Gaming

    Can you do a vid on a all amazon pc?

  • Colin Java
    Colin Java 13 days ago

    LOL at tweezers!

  • Jay Maverick
    Jay Maverick 13 days ago

    Got the same setup plus a WQHD monitor from Amazon for the same price, using brand parts, everything new or almost new... What gives?

  • ThePunslinger93
    ThePunslinger93 14 days ago

    I was looking for something to buy for my new pc with my gift card... and Ebay was doing me no favors.

  • Dogma
    Dogma 14 days ago

    I have that same 2TB HDD and its amazing! :D

    wait.. feelsbadman, I have a titanX Maxwell...

  • EitanZoi
    EitanZoi 14 days ago

    the io shield is not correct for the motherboard because you tried to put it from the outside

  • Naru Zumaki
    Naru Zumaki 14 days ago +1

    Why don't you use the xeon x5675 paired with x58 motherboard

  • irregular mana
    irregular mana 14 days ago

    Got my ryzen CPU for $16 less than newegg or Amazon and my ddr4 for $14 less too, I'm happy with Ebay you just have to be patient and be willing to bid on more than one listing

  • daylightriot
    daylightriot 15 days ago

    so you went to ebay and bought everything new? wtf?! The idea is to buy all your parts second hand ol' long john linus. i could make an x58 or x79 based pc that would just absolutely ruin your build on price to performance. And perform better at 1440p. for between 300-400 bucks.

  • HeyNighTYT
    HeyNighTYT 15 days ago +1

    Linus:"we got the deepcool gammaxx 300
    For 21$ the real price 24$
    What the Fuck
    Me:"got the deepcool gammaxx 300 for 17,99$ on eBay"

  • HeyNighTYT
    HeyNighTYT 15 days ago +1

    You get for what your pay man

  • Skystrike
    Skystrike 16 days ago

    I had that exact Case AND i currently have that same cooler

  • random stranger
    random stranger 16 days ago

    MAYBE I won't watch this video

  • Mick Loving
    Mick Loving 17 days ago +1

    Did prices really plummet this much in two months? I got a 1080 for 300 and 16 gigs of ram is half that atm.

  • Tsrif Tsal
    Tsrif Tsal 17 days ago

    For the money he spent on this, he could go 4-way SLI GTX970, drop a previous generation CPU that supports 16 pipes, and shit all over that 1070 build.

  • Undertow 82
    Undertow 82 17 days ago

    This gives me hope.

  • Car Audio Inc
    Car Audio Inc 17 days ago

    my issue with all these videos.. but I'm being a picky prick.. I never see (and you guys aren't the only ones) action intense scenes in the games you demo. Just for example like Doom, you may get 60fps on boot but by 1/2 way into the game, shit's so intense you could be lookin at a steady 20-30fps. but I'm just being picky.. I'm sure that's more trouble to go through than it's worth.

  • Donald Henke
    Donald Henke 17 days ago

    need to tell him to get------!!!!!!

  • Midknight0122
    Midknight0122 17 days ago

    This video is basically Linus: hold my beer ay

  • AzzenWazHere
    AzzenWazHere 18 days ago

    saved 250$? id rather spend the extra 250$ for peace of mind... not even that much saved to go 2nd hand

  • Frost Worx
    Frost Worx 18 days ago

    LMAO to dumb Canadian F*ck! The funny part is Linus is not dumb.... O and I built a all eBay PC. Wish I could post pictures but visit my FrosTWorX page on FB and let me know what you think..

  • Eoghan_20
    Eoghan_20 18 days ago +1

    Ebay is the opposite for me gtx 1070 ti is €800 like wtf

  • Papa Jessepy
    Papa Jessepy 18 days ago

    Haha I got a pc whit the same specs for $500 au pr $350 us

  • BeachTurkey
    BeachTurkey 19 days ago

    YOU IGNORED *facebook market* YOU DUMB CANADIAN *bad word*

  • Lee Chamberland
    Lee Chamberland 19 days ago

    my gaming pc is all ebay parts and it is a kick ass computer

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 19 days ago

    Talks about all eBay PC, advertises some of the most expensive pro-sumer RAM there is.

  • Loop Koop
    Loop Koop 19 days ago

    that face he made when he dropped the power supply...

  • Mike Oh
    Mike Oh 19 days ago
    Garten Services is an awesome seller to find parts or cheap computers. Always free shipping, , really awesome at honoring Best Offers. I've purchased a few complete computers as well as a few motherboard setups. Ships fast and everything arrived in working order. They are also a non-profit that supports people with disabilities. I highly recommend this seller.
    techredosurplus sells A LOT of random PC parts with a broad spectrum on what you can find. Check them out too.

  • NerfProductions
    NerfProductions 19 days ago

    Just maybe