Embiid Absence Unlocks Ben Simmons In Game 3

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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    Brett Brown added some new wrinkles to the Sixers offense that finally got Ben Simmons aggressive in the halfcourt. Find out how as Coach Nick breaks down the footage.
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Comments • 352

  • Rachel Eisele
    Rachel Eisele 4 months ago

    Love you guys

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson 5 months ago

    Does anyone else find it clever that the sixers used simmons's lack of a jumpshot to open up open shots

  • HOF PressBadge
    HOF PressBadge 5 months ago

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  • Ka Mo
    Ka Mo 5 months ago

    It’s said by many but why doesn’t Simmons shoot his jumper with his right? He definitely have better touch seeing him making hooks, florets and finger rolls with his right.

  • kino suton
    kino suton 5 months ago

    so they started using him similarly to how the bucks utilize giannis

  • SWG Turtle
    SWG Turtle 5 months ago

    Love these sixers vids, there offense is so unique with Simmons running screener or ball handler in the pick and roll and the off ball screens/ movement of Reddick, keep it up coach

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White 5 months ago

    why is every shot ben simmons take "awkward" bruh its just a hook shot nothing awkward about it

  • Darryl Wallace
    Darryl Wallace 5 months ago +1

    The Brooklyn Nets should be ashamed of themselves for playing such piss poor defense like that. They made Simmons(a layup or buss) type player look like Magic Johnson.

  • Yosrick Alvarez Avalos
    Yosrick Alvarez Avalos 5 months ago +1

    Than gets exposed the next game, proving why he needs a jumper.

  • Jesse King
    Jesse King 5 months ago

    Good stuff !

  • JC Music
    JC Music 5 months ago

    This guy is better in transitioning into his video sponsors than Ben Simmons is on the fastbreak

  • Specialidios
    Specialidios 5 months ago

    the advertise 3:00 lol xD

  • Aaron Chan
    Aaron Chan 5 months ago +1

    But can Wix shoot a 3?

  • Jayreeno
    Jayreeno 5 months ago

    2:36 smoooooth segway, I like that.

  • joe caa
    joe caa 5 months ago

    This just shows that simmons is a righty not a lefty.

  • Med Money
    Med Money 5 months ago +2

    @BBALLBREAKDOWN once again below average analysis. Simmons has a triple double with Embiid on the floor and had a great game 4 with Embiid on the floor. Again you are a FRAUD!!

    • Med Money
      Med Money 5 months ago

      Wondercat 100% agree

    • Wondercat
      Wondercat 5 months ago

      His 76ers coverage has been lazy at best

  • Lucas Harris_1223075
    Lucas Harris_1223075 5 months ago

    Can you talk about the Celtics vs pacers series?

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 5 months ago

    Ben Simmons needs MORE SPOTLIGHT with the 2nd Unit. 😀😀😀
    Embid would be resting on the bench.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 5 months ago

    Never go to your weakness when you want to shut a FANBASE DOWN. 😀😀😀😀😀
    Stay in Your Lane !!!
    Force the ball down their throats like a 6'10 point guard should do.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 5 months ago

    Landry Shamet trade was disappointing. 😞😞😞
    You need that type of rookie SHARPSHOOTER in 2019-style NBA.
    Could use a lineup with Simmons at the 3-spot, featuring Landry Shamet as POINT GUARD along with J.J. Redick.

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 5 months ago

    Not having Joel Embid on the court makes Ben Simmons a BETTER PLAYER. 😀😀😀

  • Daniel Morin
    Daniel Morin 5 months ago

    Are all Ben Simmons shots awkward?

  • srikanth sri
    srikanth sri 5 months ago


  • Jason Cross
    Jason Cross 5 months ago

    Still can’t shoot and will be exploited next round.

  • Wild Focus
    Wild Focus 5 months ago

    good to see Simmons getting credit when it's due. Your vids are a level up from everyone else btw.

  • Big White
    Big White 5 months ago +3

    Why people forget that he averaged a triple double at the end of last season 14 game win streak without Embiid.

  • Matthew Reichenberger
    Matthew Reichenberger 5 months ago

    What about the Tobias Harris scoring explosion

  • Arslan RagdoLL
    Arslan RagdoLL 5 months ago

    Simmon is a right hander come on simmons change us shooting to right hand.. All ur drive lay up u shoot it most on ur right not ur left

  • rattlehead54321
    rattlehead54321 5 months ago

    Easy, unless you have a good set for Redick, Harris, and Butler, Ben Simmons should be playing point guard. Put Ben on the block to utilize his strength.

  • That Guy
    That Guy 5 months ago +1

    He should be used like Boris Diaw at PF a post playmaker

  • Miguel Ramos
    Miguel Ramos 5 months ago

    Finally a ideo showing that Simmons is not a PG. What kind of PG performs better setting screens and rolling hard to the basket?

  • Tyler Gallagher
    Tyler Gallagher 5 months ago

    Complimenting Greg Monroe on a game in which he was truly terrible is weird.

  • Eduardo Medina
    Eduardo Medina 5 months ago

    Nice video

  • sam flynn
    sam flynn 5 months ago +1

    Ayyy when coach nick says embiid is the best Center in the league 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Infinitah
    Infinitah 5 months ago

    Name a big man that hasn't had chronic knee problems and missed a bunch of games?

  • Gavin King
    Gavin King 5 months ago

    Damn he is sneaky with those advertisements

  • Sanjaa E
    Sanjaa E 5 months ago +1

    Ben Simmons stepped up his game after watching BBALLBREAKDOWN

  • Agamjyot Singh
    Agamjyot Singh 5 months ago

    i thought jokic was the best center?

  • Arvin Jaylo
    Arvin Jaylo 5 months ago +1


  • MAd HAttEr
    MAd HAttEr 5 months ago


  • Pedro C M
    Pedro C M 5 months ago

    Nets have to play small. Embiid is out. Why don't play Russell and Spencer together more minutes?

  • HoopZ
    HoopZ 5 months ago

    Floating twisting righty flip over Jared Allen wtf

  • Stewart Bowers
    Stewart Bowers 5 months ago

    3:38 I see the ref gesturing for a foul call, but where's the foul?

  • Umar Badarsyah
    Umar Badarsyah 5 months ago

    Great video, better Add!!!

  • Jay Chen
    Jay Chen 5 months ago

    I didn't watch the game so I dont know the rotation that happened. But Embiid not in the game is probably worse for floor spacing but better for Simmons touches number. Simmons just needs the ball,, you know cause he can't shoot.

  • MickeyBaby
    MickeyBaby 5 months ago

    What a shame the main media can’t breakdown a game or an athlete like this, instead they all keep talking about what Ben “CAN’T” do. Great vid, thank you.

  • C C.
    C C. 5 months ago

    i have been telling people that Simmons and Embiid are not very compatible and man all those disses i got

  • Boo Taylor
    Boo Taylor 5 months ago

    Ben been trash asf.....

  • rold oloj
    rold oloj 5 months ago

    nice info

  • rod jude
    rod jude 5 months ago

    Amazing video. Well observed.

  • Matthew Chiam
    Matthew Chiam 5 months ago


  • Riccardo Ferrazzo
    Riccardo Ferrazzo 5 months ago

    I have this theory, that Phila should hire a coach with a clear basket style and, according to that, they make a brave choice: keep Simmons or Embiid, trade the other one for a superstar + a role player who fit the system of the new coach (e.g. you hire Phil Jackson, you keep Embiid and trade Simmons for a smart point guard and shooters. You hire D´Antoni, you keep Simmons and you trade Embiid for a stretch 4/5 and a secondary ball-handler who can score and shoot, like a Middleton/Beal). I think that until Simmons and Embiid will be in the same team, we will see a slowed down version of both. What do you think @coachNick?

  • i Lai
    i Lai 5 months ago

    With his PG hands and vision I wonder what heights he could get to in his career if Ben watched some tape of what Jokic is doing. He can't hit the 3 obviously but like this video shows Ben is dangerous from the post and paint. With cutters and some 3s from Redick and Harris, Ben barreling down the middle could probably leads to kick outs and easy buckets like they do in Denver.

  • NBA Nicky
    NBA Nicky 5 months ago

    Great vid.

  • JeffieChannel
    JeffieChannel 5 months ago

    So to unlock Ben Simmons is using him like a big man to set screen and roll in. He is a roll man with good handle, so he can do some nice crossover and score in the paint. However, this is just hiding his weakness. I think Simmons really need to develop his jumper to be an All-star.

  • Ismail Murad
    Ismail Murad 5 months ago

    The East is looking scary right now! Sixers, Bucks, Raptors, and Celtics are playing at a high level rn, and it's so great to watch! I wouldn't put it past one of them to dethrone the GSW this season..

  • mikatteba225
    mikatteba225 5 months ago

    Simmons is right handed, but he is stubborn enough to try to shoot with his left hand this is why he doesn't have a jumpshot.

  • Daniel Ahrenholtz
    Daniel Ahrenholtz 5 months ago

    My opinion but Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid can’t coexist.

  • Escapable Entropy
    Escapable Entropy 5 months ago

    More like Atkinson's defensive game plan (or lack of a good one) unlocked Simmons. I know HS coaches who would keep this clown under wraps with CYO strategies. Please.

  • Solidus Sly
    Solidus Sly 5 months ago

    Ben Simmons would be better with KAT