IEM Kiev League of Legends - Grand Final: Team SoloMid vs. Moscow Five

  • Published on Jan 23, 2012
    Team SoloMid vs. Moscow Five at the Intel Extreme Masters in Kiev, Ukraine
    January 19th - 22nd 2012 CyberSport Arena
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  • cyphol
    cyphol 19 hours ago

    Still watch this. Nothing ever comes as close as the variation that M5 brought to the table. It saddens me that that era is over.

  • Gasgano
    Gasgano 13 days ago

    That intel extreme masters intro tho

  • Alexandre Cristo
    Alexandre Cristo 7 months ago +8


  • Kaw Davis
    Kaw Davis 7 months ago

    when this game was tolerable but already on the downhill..

    fuck time is a bitch boys

  • Sonnenhut
    Sonnenhut 11 months ago

    Greetings from 2019. Coming from one of Gbay99's videos. Those where amazing times back then, gg!

  • Suhspekt
    Suhspekt 11 months ago +2

    Still watching 2019

  • Superbaum
    Superbaum 11 months ago +1

    these casters were so bad. mssing all kills

  • kurjaga1
    kurjaga1 Year ago

    What a time...

  • Shaco Gank
    Shaco Gank Year ago

    Shit began to go down hill start of season 3 when the casters started to wear suits

  • Перезагрузка


  • Bruce Twarze
    Bruce Twarze Year ago

    Best Time ...

  • A Dancing Doggo
    A Dancing Doggo 2 years ago

    Genja play ad kennen since2012, he can see future?

  • Leonardo Fonseca
    Leonardo Fonseca 2 years ago

    My favorite team Moscow 5.

  • Bravely Forward
    Bravely Forward 2 years ago

    I remember now who I really am :) M5 were my heroes haha loved these times.

  • Dorimi Prism
    Dorimi Prism 2 years ago

    Nothing has changed. I mean, everything has changed but nothing really has changed.

  • Thelissa OFC
    Thelissa OFC 3 years ago

    the days when they wore t-shirts instead of suits,hell yea

  • Julio Cesar
    Julio Cesar 3 years ago +1


  • Jure
    Jure 4 years ago +36

    This was the best era for League

    • Connor Ackerley
      Connor Ackerley 3 years ago +1

      where competitive is just a glorified solo queue? yeah, totally the best

  • Louis Pearson
    Louis Pearson 4 years ago

    er.. so wtf is up with genja's crit chance..
    the boi's running fucking full Crit runes or some shit LOL

    DOUBLE LINE 4 years ago +4

    Regi is so unlikeable, shit.

  • Фаик Тагиев
    Фаик Тагиев 4 years ago

    Wow days when there was no Aatrox.

  • Full Camp Nate
    Full Camp Nate 4 years ago +8

    It's insane how far League has come

  • Snake
    Snake 4 years ago

    Yung Deman and Joe Miller

  • Unknown Desert
    Unknown Desert 4 years ago +4

    Хорошие дни, все тогда жили мирно :c

  • Xzbot Wrnkls
    Xzbot Wrnkls 4 years ago

    Where is Alex Ich???

    • Micheal Parker
      Micheal Parker 3 years ago

      +MrMorloz No, it was him that requested them to change the nickname it meant "nyasha I am carrying" I cannot translate nyasha but it was him trying to adress himself to his wife!

    • MrMorloz
      MrMorloz 4 years ago +2

      @MrGentleman08 no, he is M5 nyashayatasahu. If my memory doesnt fail me, that account was lent to him to play.

    • MrGentleman08
      MrGentleman08 4 years ago

      @Patryk Barylski Team Dragon Knights

  • FireStormBaller
    FireStormBaller 4 years ago

    Ah, the good old days when they actually show the entire bans. Not showing the last bans like now, sigh.

    • FireStormBaller
      FireStormBaller 4 years ago

      No, they don't show the full bans now, at the start of the ban, it always shows it after the first ban already happened.

    • 1313e
      1313e 4 years ago

      +FireStormBaller They are banning the exact same way back then as they are now.

  • Ie Gumball
    Ie Gumball 4 years ago +62

    The good old days when people started with boots.

    • mabCx
      mabCx 4 years ago +1

      @Ie Gumball boots used to give 50 move speed (as opposed to 25 now) and base movespeed was lower. you had to go boots or you'd move like a snail.

    • Bacon Toothpaste
      Bacon Toothpaste 4 years ago +4

      @Ie Gumball It went- In the beginning people got Doran's items. Then they started boots. Now they start with whatever. Also back in the day we started with red and blue elixirs.

  • GenuineJokes
    GenuineJokes 4 years ago

    for those that think all these games are landslides, they weren't.
    season 1 and 2 snowballed out of control extremely fast and it was relatively easy to push the nexus once you were a few thousand gold ahead. meaning that there were drastically less throws/comebacks back then.
    these were actually pretty close games. you have to judge s1/2 games mostly on the mid game.

  • ERKEK2000
    ERKEK2000 5 years ago +13

    still watching in 2016

    • OfficialROB
      OfficialROB Year ago

      2019 now and this never gets old

    • Meowizard
      Meowizard Year ago

      Maybe you should come back and watch in 2018 as well.

  • Diego Mejia
    Diego Mejia 5 years ago +1

    I didn't play in season 2, can anyone tell me what that item they all start with is?

    • GenuineJokes
      GenuineJokes 4 years ago

      everyone started boots/3 health potions or cloth/5 back then. those are "pheonix buns" that they're holding. they temporarily replaced the health potions for a seasonal event.
      but it wasn't as good as the 12 potion start that developed later.

    • krangite bacon
      krangite bacon 5 years ago +3

      if your talking about that little puff ball looking thing, it was a special skin for potions in celebration of the Chinese new year if i remember correctly, i think they also did a similar thing for either Halloween or Christmas as well, cant remember which.

  • LeagueOfM0zezz
    LeagueOfM0zezz 5 years ago +96

    The days of M5 when they were the best team in the world

  • valentino xr
    valentino xr 5 years ago

    the name of this song at start?

  • Lars Boddington
    Lars Boddington 5 years ago

    1:16:40 arsenal offside trap!

  • holy moly
    holy moly 5 years ago +2

    i remember how TSM talked trasah @ M5 kappa

  • Sing
    Sing 5 years ago +6

    R.I.P M5 & GMB

  • MrBlackhawk49
    MrBlackhawk49 5 years ago +34

    Two good reasons to still watch this today:
    1.) It was an awesome game and was played when M5 (Today GMB) where at their strongest point imo
    2.) The LCS games these days are BORING!

    • Holybashez
      Holybashez 4 years ago +1

      Hah I am watching it now because it is much better than today's games, this is the real stuff!

    • Denis Yugov
      Denis Yugov 5 years ago

      Couldn't agree more...

    • Nathan Toothaker
      Nathan Toothaker 5 years ago

      @nesfan8 I know, me too.

    • nesfan8
      nesfan8 5 years ago

      @Nathan Toothaker
      I really miss the late game teamfighting with late game mages like anivia and karthus

    • Nathan Toothaker
      Nathan Toothaker 5 years ago +1

      the LCS games this year are based around this years' more pick-favoured meta, where champinons who excel at picking off 1 member of the team (elise, morgana, thresh) are more prominent.

  • MrBlackhawk49
    MrBlackhawk49 5 years ago +6

    I love this intro theme ^^

  • GrandBenja
    GrandBenja 5 years ago +38

    The good old days, when LoL was a decent game...

  • Edmundo Mundo PhD
    Edmundo Mundo PhD 5 years ago +6

    I really miss some of those old items. Heart of gold, Force of nature and when Warmogs used to build over time.

  • Phaze
    Phaze 5 years ago +35

    Miss the old moscow 5 .. forever in my heart :(

  • Belamri Ahmed
    Belamri Ahmed 5 years ago +2

    Wriggle on adc #Genja

  • Nacho Jube
    Nacho Jube 5 years ago +24

    Good old times! :)
    They have always been my favourite team...

  • Virus
    Virus 5 years ago

    alex leaves gambit !!!:((((((((

  • Craita Constantin-Catalin

    I've seen this live. Omg I'm old !

  • Kris Doyle
    Kris Doyle 5 years ago +12

    This year, Kiev has a completely different riot... Okay, but seriously, the shit happening in Kiev now is seriously bad.

    • Micheal Parker
      Micheal Parker 3 years ago

      @Kris Doyle Yeah, Kiev has never had any problems and won't have any problems! it is a very nice city with some beautiful landmarks.

    • Kris Doyle
      Kris Doyle 3 years ago

      @Micheal Parker European, sorta. I've lived in Norway for a decade soon, but born American. I just wasn't really too aware of the details, honestly.

    • Micheal Parker
      Micheal Parker 3 years ago

      +Kris Doyle (One Trick) it was okay, the news tells random bullshit to your western countries, are you american or european? cause there was stuff happening there but not that bad the problems are in Donbass, don't get it confused with Kiev, two totally different cities!

    • Kris Doyle
      Kris Doyle 4 years ago

      @Роман Соколов Really? Cause I was hearing that it was bad at that time. Hence my comment.

    • Роман Соколов
      Роман Соколов 4 years ago

      @Gamer Luna in 6 of april was ok too.

  • Katarina Resets
    Katarina Resets 5 years ago

    44:07 dafuq was that? xD

  • Davie Jones
    Davie Jones 5 years ago

    o.O What the hell happend to Zenon , the Caster that made interview with Regi and Alex ?

  • Drag Oon
    Drag Oon 6 years ago

    xD , even then Darian has the swag , SEE HERO, KILL HERO
    and i was wondering where did this sentence come from since everybody saying it nowadays ... huh who knew its the Genius Genja xD

  • Villim Prpic
    Villim Prpic 6 years ago +6

    Every time i have sex with my girlfriend i play this for the background noise. Tribute to M5

  • Yung lowlife
    Yung lowlife 6 years ago

    Epic *_*

  • Lazaro Carrillo
    Lazaro Carrillo 6 years ago

    That's the same chaquet sueter that Alex Ich used agasint EG to qualify Season III Worlds

  • Raindropz
    Raindropz 6 years ago

    indeed good times mang. Old TSM bros

  • Zed theMasterOfShadows
    Zed theMasterOfShadows 6 years ago +8

    and a group of Legends was born.

  • grogro gregre
    grogro gregre 6 years ago +9

    M5 is the best for sure go M5:D

  • Joni
    Joni 6 years ago +4

    Good times...

  • ImABoostedAnimal
    ImABoostedAnimal 6 years ago

    @blackroselala gambit gaming :D

  • Nego C
    Nego C 6 years ago +1


  • Leonid Galatsan
    Leonid Galatsan 6 years ago +1

    Deman talks non stop :X

  • mathon
    mathon 6 years ago

    mis m5 so much

    • mathon
      mathon 6 years ago

      haha true true do you play in UEW?

    • TheSaifear
      TheSaifear 6 years ago +1

      im watching these games to celebrate Edward is back, thats enough m5-like as I need it. :D

  • Gustav Berg
    Gustav Berg 6 years ago

    turtle is a new member from spring split when chaox got kicked