Karolína Kurková’s Guide to Super Quick Supermodel Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Karolína Kurková shares her guide to a lit-from-within complexion and bright red lip.

    Filmed at Mr. C Seaport
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    Karolína Kurková’s Guide to Super Quick Supermodel Beauty | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Comments • 460

  • Ana Dias
    Ana Dias 21 hour ago

    ...skin doesnt breathe...can we stop saying that?

  • Lauren
    Lauren 22 hours ago

    Really wish we could find out what the products actually are on these videos !!

  • Cara Erna
    Cara Erna Day ago

    Feeling satisfied the way she says "th" sound 😂

  • Kolo Nun
    Kolo Nun 2 days ago +1

    Why don't you list the products? A bit pointless watching it without knowing what exactly she is putting on her face ;pp

    • Lauren
      Lauren 22 hours ago

      Kolo Nun I want to know what the foundation was ! Cx

  • Janice Castillo
    Janice Castillo 2 days ago

    I loved this, she’s silly

  • Carla Estévez
    Carla Estévez 2 days ago

    omg she´s so funny and cute

  • it's Aurora
    it's Aurora 4 days ago +1

    I want Vanessa Hudgens! Who's with me?

  • actual trash
    actual trash 4 days ago

    4:41 lol she’s hilarious

  • Zornaddie Watampall
    Zornaddie Watampall 8 days ago

    Kerolina Kurkouva

  • Monika Ferbyová
    Monika Ferbyová 8 days ago +3

    Yaaaaaay, Finally Vogue!

  • bellabana
    bellabana 9 days ago

    Notice how all the REAL supermodels do NOT put on layers of foundation etc or have heavy thick black overdrawn eyebrows. It’s always less is more unlike the Kartrashians & the so-called RU-clip makeup gurus who apply their makeup with trowels!

  • emily Mcymme
    emily Mcymme 10 days ago

    We love a sample size queen

  • Pamela Kraus
    Pamela Kraus 14 days ago +17

    Was not prepared for that opera, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Vida Non Jaucian
    Vida Non Jaucian 14 days ago

    Love her

  • Jessica C.
    Jessica C. 14 days ago +3

    Making supermodel tutorials without bringing Claudia Schiffer is just not legit

  • Sally Al-Kayyali
    Sally Al-Kayyali 15 days ago

    “Step one: don’t eat for 5 months”

  • vla vla
    vla vla 15 days ago

    Dobrý den,bydlím v Praze a studuju na AMU. Myslím že české ženy jsou krásné. Ráda studuju češtinu .Mlví vaše děti česky?

  • Jillian Lauren Lisitano
    Jillian Lauren Lisitano 15 days ago +1

    Karolina is adorable! Love her tips, would love to see the brands of products your girls are using when doing these Vids... ox

  • L KB
    L KB 16 days ago +4

    I always thought Karolina had one of the best bodies in the business.

  • barbara collins
    barbara collins 17 days ago

    What are they staring at? Why don't you people who do the makeup look into the camera as if they're looking at us why do they always look to the left what is over there?

    • Tuan Vu
      Tuan Vu 16 days ago +1

      A mirror duh

  • Kim Ramos
    Kim Ramos 21 day ago

    she doesn't age 😍

  • Lisa Bailey
    Lisa Bailey 21 day ago

    She’s me in the morning! Singing madly because you have those ‘two kids and a husband, so technically 3 kids!’ Ha ha

  • crimson chronic
    crimson chronic 21 day ago

    I like her lipstick 💄 What is the name of this?

  • Tatanka
    Tatanka 21 day ago

    I would like to see her in dark or darker hair.. I think blonde wash her face off little bit.. darker color would bring it more, expecially her eyes.. .. just my opinion...:)

  • Little Voice
    Little Voice 22 days ago

    Brands of the products she uses please??

  • Morgan Liar
    Morgan Liar 23 days ago

    well concealer didn't hide the undereye bruises, the skin after foundaiton still looks uneven, didn't make up artists teach you to put the make up on properly? and this hair just kills me, who comes out with such dirty messy hair?

  • Free Speech Advocate
    Free Speech Advocate 23 days ago +2

    I would like to see Penelope Cruz makeup tutorial.

  • Isabelle Beresford
    Isabelle Beresford 24 days ago +1

    shalom harlow next please!!

  • jochidellic
    jochidellic 24 days ago

    Hit like when she hit the high notes 😂😂😂

  • Catalina Sofía
    Catalina Sofía 24 days ago

    Gracias por invitar a verdaderas modelos💁

  • Manuel Barrios
    Manuel Barrios 25 days ago

    Stunning Beauty.

  • Lenka Hudecová
    Lenka Hudecová 25 days ago +14

    To je snad poprvé co se česká modelka dostala do vogue. Jsem na tebe moc pyšná

    • Adina Sivokova
      Adina Sivokova 16 days ago

      To není poprvé. I jiné české modelky byly ve Vogue. 😊 Ale je pravda, že Karolína je první, která udělala s Vogue video na jejich RU-clip. Tedy myslím, nejsem si jistá.😊

  • Southern Belle
    Southern Belle 25 days ago

    Nice make up and skin. Thanks!

  • Lucilia Reis
    Lucilia Reis 25 days ago


  • Southern Belle
    Southern Belle 25 days ago


  • Mrs YB
    Mrs YB 26 days ago

    Well i dont think it super quick using 3 kinds of mascara but it was fun to watch

  • Giannina Lilian
    Giannina Lilian 26 days ago

    4:50 Yeah... we heard, you love to be white...

  • Yusra Ilyas
    Yusra Ilyas 27 days ago

    Talks and resembles Ivanka Trump.

  • nika zdarova
    nika zdarova 27 days ago

    Ace ace babyyyyy😂🥰

  • Eva Žemličková
    Eva Žemličková 27 days ago

    Zdravím, netušila jsem, že jste tak vtipná. Mějte se krásně...

  • Runner Phile
    Runner Phile 27 days ago

    Can we see Michelle Pfeiffer and Christie Brinkley do one of these 🙏 please!

    • Zezi Titti
      Zezi Titti 27 days ago

      Runner Phile yeeees christie please 😊

  • Pilar
    Pilar 27 days ago

    lana del rey PLEASE

  • Samantha
    Samantha 27 days ago

    No sunscreen 🧴😢

  • Thuoi Ly
    Thuoi Ly 27 days ago +2

    Did she forget spf? That’s the most important.

  • lazyla27
    lazyla27 27 days ago

    I have found it is better to focus more on skincare then makeup - then you only have to put on a little makeup like Karolina. She basically uses it to give herself some color and highlighting.

  • Eliana Kodsi
    Eliana Kodsi 27 days ago

    I’m having dinner with her right now

  • jamyang seldon
    jamyang seldon 27 days ago

    She's so fun😍

  • Sandra Niraula
    Sandra Niraula 27 days ago +1

    Was her fan before saw this video. She act very weird. No elegance in this woman

  • desert rose78
    desert rose78 27 days ago

    I’m more interested in her necklace and her cuff, couldn’t find any of them online

  • JC
    JC 27 days ago +3

    I loooove her. Finally a TRUE supermodel on Vogue

  • Jane T
    Jane T 27 days ago +13

    Woow, I am really proud to be Czech

  • Kate Kim
    Kate Kim 28 days ago

    That skincare was....shocking😨

  • Madamnesia
    Madamnesia 28 days ago +1

    Wouldn't it be better to tie your hair?

  • Camille B
    Camille B 28 days ago +2

    Czech beauty !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Huỳnh Nhật Duy
    Huỳnh Nhật Duy 28 days ago

    Step 1 : Slay, High Fashion

  • 鹤杯酒
    鹤杯酒 28 days ago

    😘love KK

  • Andrea Garrido
    Andrea Garrido 28 days ago

    Karolina Kurkova is the most beautiful woman/ mom/ model in te world! 😍😍😍😍😍

    FIFII 28 days ago +1

    I don't know how she became a VS model, she isn't a typical beauty

    • J M
      J M 26 days ago

      FIFII Because she was a high fashion supermodel and that's the kind of model VS was casting back then. Now it's all cookie-cutter blondes.

  • idontwannabealoneanymore

    what highlighter was that? i'm sorry i didn't understand her

    • Fine day
      Fine day 26 days ago

      RMS living luminzer highlighter

  • Klaudia Toporowska
    Klaudia Toporowska 28 days ago

    “I want it to not age “... don’t we all