God of War 4 - Baldur Son of Odin Boss Fight (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
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  • Psycho Joe
    Psycho Joe 2 days ago

    It's like kratos is talking to his younger self

  • solid snake
    solid snake 2 days ago

    I was excited for asgard damnit

  • Abibatou Diop
    Abibatou Diop 2 days ago

    Mon jeux préférés god of war

  • Salman Halimi
    Salman Halimi 4 days ago

    After watching 3 and half mint realize, its a game😝

  • azid aziz
    azid aziz 5 days ago


  • azid aziz
    azid aziz 5 days ago


  • Naz Kl
    Naz Kl 8 days ago

    Khabib is the one champion aver..never lost,,,,muslim worrior,islam so beautiful

  • Heng V.C
    Heng V.C 17 days ago


  • Gorilla Gorilla
    Gorilla Gorilla 19 days ago

    Atreus.... the only person who can hurt Kratos and not be killed.

  • Joy Oduwa
    Joy Oduwa 20 days ago

    I love God of war very good and strong enough

  • Omar Mangal
    Omar Mangal 21 day ago

    I like god of war gem

    MR ANYTHING 21 day ago

    I still can't find words to describe how amazing this game is.

    • kaka cech
      kaka cech 20 days ago

      What does it mean when Baldur said full weight of asgard crashing down on kratos?

  • nilambur shyamsunder
    nilambur shyamsunder 27 days ago


  • the king
    the king 27 days ago

    والله موتني ما يموت

  • Angelof Awesome
    Angelof Awesome 28 days ago

    Noone talking about Kratos parenting at the end? Seriously he's doing some really good parenting there

  • Tuzeds
    Tuzeds Month ago

    2:20 gives me the chills every time

  • Arghyadip Saha
    Arghyadip Saha Month ago

    One thing I need to say about Kratos is that he is far better as a father than Zeus who betrayed his very own son.

  • Arghyadip Saha
    Arghyadip Saha Month ago

    Why don't Kratos use the blades of chaos to kill baldur??

  • MBC Gamer
    MBC Gamer Month ago

    Nice video

  • Suraj Sharma
    Suraj Sharma Month ago

    ru-clip.net/video/TCwrrHzjw-o/video.html. See that game play awsm God of war the best game ever made in the world

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown Month ago

    I actually got goosebumps when Kratos activated spartan rage to kill the fall from the dragon

  • Thomas Klubo
    Thomas Klubo Month ago

    Worst a boss fight. Just nonsense.

  • TheHighButWise
    TheHighButWise Month ago

    Isn’t Baldur the son of Thor?

  • Zixell
    Zixell Month ago


  • yusri sominah
    yusri sominah Month ago

    When i reach this point....i thought it was the endgame...then i thought to myself, " so short??"
    When they fell in helheim, i realized it was far from over.. to make it clear, i even checked my progress, it was only 27% completed ..lol..

  • Mat Tramo00
    Mat Tramo00 Month ago +1

    3:54 how my mom wake me up

  • الجيش الغزاوي.


    PANDA SQUADRA 2 months ago

    That mcagregor

  • James Chisholm
    James Chisholm 2 months ago

    Easily one of the top 5 games I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

  • I Love her
    I Love her 2 months ago

    ايش هذا من لعبه

  • KingRayque
    KingRayque 2 months ago


  • Gamers k Best
    Gamers k Best 2 months ago

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  • Gamers k Best
    Gamers k Best 2 months ago


  • Ankaj kumar Chandrawanshi

    Koun sa game hai

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  • Dogout
    Dogout 2 months ago +1

    This is far best game of 2018

  • Copy Cat
    Copy Cat 2 months ago


  • ThunderGaming 12
    ThunderGaming 12 2 months ago

    Out of temper? LOOK WHOS SPEAKING

  • Another Human
    Another Human 2 months ago

    Kratos Vs Conor McGregor

  • aziz mernissi
    aziz mernissi 2 months ago


  • Matrix Virtuals
    Matrix Virtuals 2 months ago

    The most adventurous game ever. Far cry primal. Watch and subscribe our channel

  • Jeremiah Burgess
    Jeremiah Burgess 2 months ago

    I hope Days Gone will become this years GOAT just like this game this game did last year

  • jameel x
    jameel x 2 months ago

    I’m still love with this game so much lol I got goosebumps when I first played this mission and kratos jumps off onto the dragon

  • Sk singh
    Sk singh 2 months ago +1

    Mc marte kyu nahi lawda itna pelne ke baad bhi.

  • PsychoSlim Gaming
    PsychoSlim Gaming 2 months ago

    Subscribe to me for no reason 🤣

  • Jr. March 99
    Jr. March 99 2 months ago

    I hope God of War 4 can play on PC

  • Jampolo
    Jampolo 2 months ago

    Seriously, there's nothing that can break or stop Kratos, only slow him down

  • Paiwand Murat
    Paiwand Murat 2 months ago

    0:53 shut up 😂

  • Old RedBrad
    Old RedBrad 2 months ago


  • oliveira da cdd
    oliveira da cdd 2 months ago

    Entao baldur é irmao de thor

  • Bisu wayne
    Bisu wayne 2 months ago

    This is .....god of war.....😱

  • Murad Khan
    Murad Khan 2 months ago +1

    One of the most amazing game

  • jolly swagman
    jolly swagman 2 months ago +1

    I love how he was ready to fight all of the asgarians when he slams the bifrost

  • xanny.1211
    xanny.1211 2 months ago

    it's McGregor !!

  • NoW PLAY
    NoW PLAY 2 months ago


  • MrTheDarkKnightFan
    MrTheDarkKnightFan 2 months ago

    That run at 4:49 is so much heroic with the music in the background

  • Porn Star
    Porn Star 3 months ago

    nice game 'Fantastica'

  • Radestu Aditragandi
    Radestu Aditragandi 3 months ago

    Baldur like McGregor

  • Diego TM
    Diego TM 3 months ago

    best part of the game

  • Daichi Fukuda
    Daichi Fukuda 3 months ago +1

    Baldur : why wont you die??
    Said everyone who played any god of war game

  • OneGameskh
    OneGameskh 3 months ago

    i love this movies games

  • Classic Sonic
    Classic Sonic 3 months ago


  • TOPV Trending
    TOPV Trending 3 months ago


  • Rohit Mahare
    Rohit Mahare 3 months ago

    Goda 4 kese apne pohan Me mhele

  • Neebs Methy
    Neebs Methy 3 months ago +1

    I like how Atreus never really witnesses the moments where Kratos shows he really loves him.
    - His sickness comes back and goes unconscious, Kratos gets worried sick and goes to hell just to heal him.
    - Atreus gets knocked out and kidnapped by Baldur, Kratos jumps off a mountain, screams "STAY AWAY FROM MY SON!" at Baldur and falls again from the back of a dragon, only to get up and run back after him.

  • hemangi sonawane
    hemangi sonawane 3 months ago

    I'm buying this game in 2019 April 5

  • World Most Gaming
    World Most Gaming 3 months ago


  • فهد المعماري

    اسم العبه شباب

  • هانى الفنان
    هانى الفنان 3 months ago

    Design ax and shield of the game god of war.
    Designed by Artist / Hani Sayed

  • Iqbal mu
    Iqbal mu 3 months ago

    Conor mcgregor vs god of war 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan 3 months ago

    I kinda felt bad for kratos when baldur was punching him

  • Chica Gravana fnafhs
    Chica Gravana fnafhs 3 months ago +2

    Stupid son of a Bitch!

  • Мага Богатырев


  • Мага Богатырев


  • Mc lukeste
    Mc lukeste 3 months ago

    Já joguei muito ru-clip.net/video/fBfFe9AWvwY/video.html🔞✌ não lembro desse garoto

  • No Loyalty, No Respect
    No Loyalty, No Respect 3 months ago

    1:21 and when mimir say "you are one vicious s.o.b" are my favorite lines in the game.

  • cold glass of coke zero

    I’d love to see the mcu thor vs kratos!!

  • Football Penalty
    Football Penalty 3 months ago

    How amazing this game are..!

  • Nate Moreno
    Nate Moreno 4 months ago

    Also you know baldur can fly right 😂

  • Nate Moreno
    Nate Moreno 4 months ago

    He broke the gate so baldur couldn’t get to the land of the giants

  • The Flame On Fire!!!
    The Flame On Fire!!! 4 months ago

    For Kratos fans! ru-clip.net/video/hHWRikDNkh4/video.html

  • Sione Vaiaku
    Sione Vaiaku 4 months ago

    Woder if Bulder use some weapons instead of bare hand. Then Cratos should be dead

  • Karoui Nassereddine
    Karoui Nassereddine 4 months ago

    comment telecharger god of war 4 pc .......quel site

  • 0786RICARDO
    0786RICARDO 4 months ago

    I've learned so much about parenting watching this videos

    EDDY KAY 4 months ago +1

    Those punches during the free fall in helhiem

  • Ninja Wanna Be
    Ninja Wanna Be 4 months ago

    All the dislikes are people that can’t beat this fight

  • Demarcus Swagger
    Demarcus Swagger 4 months ago

    We get it Kratos
    Your the overprotective father
    That’s why we call you *Dad Of War*

  • Hama Spa Care
    Hama Spa Care 4 months ago

    Did that pedophile baldur run with atreus in his arms

  • Darryl Draven
    Darryl Draven 4 months ago

    Who punches harder kratos or Baldur

  • abdullah02016
    abdullah02016 4 months ago

    Since When do Characters in God of war games curse or swear ?

  • Hector Valdes
    Hector Valdes 4 months ago

    0:49, well damn Baldur

  • A person that stands for right and justice

    Son of Zeus vs son of odin epic.

  • Ferenc Orosz
    Ferenc Orosz 4 months ago

    The stupidest fight of the game

    SILVΞRDЯΛGØИ 4 months ago +1

    *Kratos getting booted to the face!*

    • kaka cech
      kaka cech 20 days ago

      Look man I know it's non of your business but can you explain to me what the hell Baldur meant when he said full weight of asgard falling on kratos??

  • alien safari
    alien safari 5 months ago

    Thor : who are you ?
    Kratos : i'm the ragnarok

  • Şervan Temel
    Şervan Temel 5 months ago

    Amina kodumun bi olmedi

    SILVΞRDЯΛGØИ 5 months ago

    *When you get a virus on your pc and someone asks!*

  • Elfuelte
    Elfuelte 5 months ago

    And here I thought my family was fucked up jajaja

  • Brian J Malmsteen
    Brian J Malmsteen 5 months ago

    Ragnar Lothbrok.

  • Phoo Yeah
    Phoo Yeah 5 months ago

    I wonder what it would be like to go through that bridge to Jotunheim’s peak. Must be one hell of a scenery huh...