God of War 4 - Baldur Son of Odin Boss Fight (God of War 2018) PS4 Pro

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
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  • Desiigner
    Desiigner 4 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like mccgregor vs kratos lol

  • the diamond pros
    the diamond pros 7 days ago

    For god sake one tell me what's the name of the sound track when kratos is entering the temple

  • The Game Store
    The Game Store 19 days ago

    Can I play it without gpu 8 gb ram core i5 laptop h 3.2 Ghz

  • AFL TV
    AFL TV 20 days ago

    hello follow me please

  • Morak Ghazali
    Morak Ghazali 21 day ago

    so buldur is asir god who dont feel pain

  • Zaman Khan
    Zaman Khan 24 days ago


  • Aggressives Etwas
    Aggressives Etwas 27 days ago

    Just imagine the fight against Thor...

  • jeremy snowden
    jeremy snowden Month ago

    Baldur is awesome

  • Osama
    Osama Month ago +1

    I am Your Father And you Boy Are not Yourself, *Kratos hands boy snickers*

  • Youve yeed Your last haw

    How kratos runs is how i run after my friends when they steal something of mine

  • Nazmul Islam
    Nazmul Islam Month ago


  • Pinko
    Pinko Month ago

    I come to watch this instead of listen to the song, deliverance, because hearing Kratos pummeling Baldur really adds to the music.

  • Numba XV
    Numba XV Month ago


  • Anuwar Hussain
    Anuwar Hussain Month ago

    Game name

  • Anuwar Hussain
    Anuwar Hussain Month ago

    Game name

  • Social Media View
    Social Media View Month ago

    Lit Game.. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Mr Avenger 3112
    Mr Avenger 3112 Month ago

    Minor is freaking good

  • SuperBarrym1
    SuperBarrym1 Month ago

    Bauldur was going to take them to Asgard !

  • Ahmed Mustafa
    Ahmed Mustafa Month ago

    This fight in what realm

  • jeryco devera
    jeryco devera Month ago +1

    That shield landing made Captain America's landing a joy ride

  • Hajibhai Deraiya
    Hajibhai Deraiya 2 months ago

    The faq is wrong with him just fucking hundred of punches in face still no fucking response and is able to stand quickly easily
    Real Life-One punch on face Half dead

    FAHRIL GAMING! 2 months ago

    Baldur = Conor Mc Gregor🤣

  • creator Space
    creator Space 2 months ago

    Oh, how wonderful!

  • Ferko Tofalvi
    Ferko Tofalvi 2 months ago

    Even this old and able to use about 40% of his power, Kratos still wipes the floor with a god, two demigods and a fucking dragon to name a few. Dayum

    BOG WAN TV 2 months ago

    I need need the full movie of this version

    GRAMER GRX 2 months ago


  • Pro of PCGame
    Pro of PCGame 2 months ago

    Awesome games,

  • sangchu
    sangchu 2 months ago

    can someone explain like im 5 what exactly happened during the gate? i played the game up to this point but i guess i was just half paying attention. baldur locked in asguard, but then what was kratos thinking and what did he do? what did he pull out and lock in that lead them to hel again?

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    PUKIZOO 2 months ago

    Despite all of this I still like baldur to some extent. Baldur was an asshole but a likeable one unlike Micah who is just a straight up annoying shit from the very moment you insert the disc. Fuck you Micah. Burn in hell you piece of shit

    GOD OF WAR 2 months ago

    Nice video bro

  • Psycho Joe
    Psycho Joe 3 months ago +1

    It's like kratos is talking to his younger self

  • solid snake
    solid snake 3 months ago

    I was excited for asgard damnit

  • Abibatou Diop
    Abibatou Diop 3 months ago

    Mon jeux préférés god of war

  • Salman Halimi
    Salman Halimi 3 months ago

    After watching 3 and half mint realize, its a game😝

  • Smart Kids
    Smart Kids 3 months ago


  • Smart Kids
    Smart Kids 3 months ago


  • Naz Kl
    Naz Kl 3 months ago

    Khabib is the one champion aver..never lost,,,,muslim worrior,islam so beautiful

  • Heng V.C
    Heng V.C 3 months ago


  • Gorilla Gorilla
    Gorilla Gorilla 3 months ago +1

    Atreus.... the only person who can hurt Kratos and not be killed.

  • Joy Oduwa
    Joy Oduwa 3 months ago

    I love God of war very good and strong enough

  • Omar Mangal
    Omar Mangal 3 months ago

    I like god of war gem

    MR ANYTHING 3 months ago

    I still can't find words to describe how amazing this game is.

    • kaka cech
      kaka cech 3 months ago

      What does it mean when Baldur said full weight of asgard crashing down on kratos?

  • nilambur shyamsunder
    nilambur shyamsunder 3 months ago


  • زًَيَٰـہ૭ونٍٰيَٰـہ المنصوري

    والله موتني ما يموت

  • Angelof Awesome
    Angelof Awesome 3 months ago

    Noone talking about Kratos parenting at the end? Seriously he's doing some really good parenting there

  • Tuzeds
    Tuzeds 3 months ago

    2:20 gives me the chills every time

  • Arghyadip Saha
    Arghyadip Saha 4 months ago

    One thing I need to say about Kratos is that he is far better as a father than Zeus who betrayed his very own son.

  • Arghyadip Saha
    Arghyadip Saha 4 months ago

    Why don't Kratos use the blades of chaos to kill baldur??

  • MBC Gamer
    MBC Gamer 4 months ago

    Nice video

  • Suraj Sharma
    Suraj Sharma 4 months ago

    ru-clip.net/video/TCwrrHzjw-o/video.html. See that game play awsm God of war the best game ever made in the world

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 4 months ago

    I actually got goosebumps when Kratos activated spartan rage to kill the fall from the dragon

  • Thomas Klubo
    Thomas Klubo 4 months ago

    Worst a boss fight. Just nonsense.

  • TheHighButWise
    TheHighButWise 4 months ago

    Isn’t Baldur the son of Thor?

  • Zixell
    Zixell 4 months ago


  • yusri sominah
    yusri sominah 4 months ago

    When i reach this point....i thought it was the endgame...then i thought to myself, " so short??"
    When they fell in helheim, i realized it was far from over.. to make it clear, i even checked my progress, it was only 27% completed ..lol..

  • Mat Tramo00
    Mat Tramo00 4 months ago +1

    3:54 how my mom wake me up

  • mkhass 2000
    mkhass 2000 4 months ago


    PANDA SQUADRA 5 months ago

    That mcagregor