Rain & Thunder Sounds in the Foggy Forest | Thunderstorm Sounds for Sleep, Insomnia & Relaxing

  • Published on Jun 3, 2018
  • Rain and thunder sounds in the foggy forest. Relaxing thunderstorm sounds for sleep, meditation, ASMR sleep, insomnia. Fall asleep to relaxing rain sounds and rumbling thunder. These soothing sleep sounds will create a calming ambience for relaxation. The relaxing video features the sounds of falling rain through the forest trees, fog, mist and gentle thunder. If you have insomnia or a sleeping disorder then this rain video may be the answer. Nature sounds are known to help reduce stress and anxiety. They can help you relax faster at night so that you can fall into a deep and restful sleep. The sounds of thunder and rain can also create natural white noise which can help calm your mind. We hope you enjoy this relaxing rain and thunderstorm video for ASMR sleep, insomnia or study. Please share with family and friends if they have trouble sleeping at night.
    Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds 😊 Sean, Elita, & Charlotte
    We are a mental health based channel, we cannot add commentary throughout our relaxing music/nature videos as it would likely annoy people, but we do have affirmations & guided meditations available. Our channel helps provide relief from stress & anxiety.
    🎥 Our videos are currently filmed with a GoPro Hero7 & iPhoneX. We edit, mix, and master the audio in Protools & create the video in Premiere Pro. In the past, we sometimes collaborated with other video creators (with legal permission), which we would significantly transform into something new and add our own unique music and sounds.
    🎶 We create all our own music with our own instruments. My Mother (Elita) and I are both musicians and have played for many years.
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  • Stardust Vibes - Relaxing Sounds

    Hi everyone! Please say hello and tell us where you're listening from! 😊

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    Ok gd nit. Swt dreams 😊

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    There's something in the mist!

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    طفلتي ذات الشهرين تهداء وتنام عند سماع هذا الصوت

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    Peace in mind, body, and spirit to each and every one of you. Thank you for renewing my faith in human KIND thru this comment section...it's the little things that keep us going. Good night from Denver ✌🏾🏔️

  • Sara Cristina Zapata Lujan

    Solo la lluvia consuela mi corazón me da mas calma y paz q una canción :)

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    Hi! I'm from Cordoba, Argentina. Your video is useful but many comments are so cheesy... aghh

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    cool !!!

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    شيء عظيم وعجيب في نفس الوقت، أن يجمعنا كلنا من بقاع العالم صوت واحد وهو صوت المطر.
    وكأني اشتم رائحة الأرض المبلله⛈🌿

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    Hello from Russia Rostov on Don city

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    Amazingly Peaceful sound for sleeping

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    Che umidità! Però tanto bello

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    thet are a preety good sound

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    Listen and imagine raining in Australia!

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    Lol who is disliking this 😂

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      MiningBagsOfGoldProspecting O'Reedy
      أوه صحيح، أمر ممكن.
      نسيت أن هناك أُناس يكرهون الأجواء الممطره، مثل أن البعض الآخر يكره الجو المشمس، أو الرياح.

    • MiningBagsOfGoldProspecting O'Reedy
      MiningBagsOfGoldProspecting O'Reedy Day ago

      I used to watch over a lad with asperger's. He hated the wind. He would just start yelling and throwing punches at the invisible wind. He couldn't talk at all, but he sure could yell and beat the snot out of wind. I could see him disliking this video.

    • Mara Albshri
      Mara Albshri Day ago +1

      Ayman Abousalem
      أُناس فارغه بلا عمل، عملها الوحيد إبداء عدم إعجابها بالفيديوات.

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    14/01/2020 peaceful

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    Very relaxing indeed. A big thank you from Germany!

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    Goodnight to everyone from My baby girl and I . I hope you sleep in peace and dream only beautiful dreams . I hope you go to sleep knowing you are loved ❤️ I hope you go to sleep knowing you’re worthy . I hope you go to sleep knowing that you are a beautiful soul ! Goodnight 🥰

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    العيد عصنوني رحمك الله يا حبيبي الغالي ونور عيوني وعشقي الخالد
    كم كنت تهوى وتعشق هذآ الجو..ممممم
    كم أحبك كثيرا كثيرا وسأظل أعشقك حتى ألقاك في العالم الآخر نتلاقوا

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      بسمة العيد
      رحم الله غاليك، وجمعكِ به في الفردوس.

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    Maxine Simpson 7 days ago

    I listen to this rain sounds every night i have such hard time fallin asleep but this help so much thanx and good night everyone sweet dream peace and blessing..

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    10 hours! Thank you. Wishing everyone a restful, deep sleep that rejuvenates you upon awakening. 😴❤️

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    dormir de conchinha com minha mulher meu Amor e ainda faltá luz numa noite fria de sabádo 😴😴

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    한국어 없니...?

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    beautiful but if it had crickets it would be perfect!

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    For Everyone Who Read My Comment in 2020?
    .Have a great and peacefull Night!
    I am From Portugal!🇵🇹❤️

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    Love is the power that can save us. There are those who don’t want us to sleep well so that we are dazed & confused when we’re awake. Those who share love, such as those who share the sounds of peace and love, are angels sent by God to give us peace so that we are able to spread His love. Dream peaceful & happy dreams, brothers & sisters. Shalom

  • Leo Zampelli
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    I did not come to the comments and expect such nice and thoughtful things. Thanks everyone, made my night. Hope everyone reading has a deep relaxing sleep that you sweet cinnamon rolls deserve!

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    Me encanta... simplemente quisiera seguir y seguir oyéndolo...

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    Listening from South Africa... :)

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    Who's still listening to Rain in 2020 ???

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      سأظل استمع له وابحث عنه، ولايهم في أي عام كان الوقت؛ لأني من الذين تعلقت أرواحهم بالمطر والغيم إينما حلوا وارتحلوا⛈🌿✨

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    Goodnight all...looking up at the stars falling asleep to sounds of this beautiful music here in Jamaica 🇯🇲 greetings all...goodnight sleep and sweet dreams 💕

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    When you have a 2 week break and your sleep schedule is wake up at 3:30 pm and go to bed at 5:30 am and school happened and you go to bed at 11:30 and wake up at 6:05 and i can sleep

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    I woke up and the dislike button was blue, now we know why this video has over 5K dislikes, people sleep and roll around the bed and accidentaly press it or sm. I already re-liked the video xD.

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    Recovering from surgery with my cats lovingly taking care of me. Windy night in MT this makes the after surgery recovery better. Peace and love to all.

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    Good night from England 😘

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