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  • Published on Jun 11, 2019
  • Brand new series coming to Disney Channel!
    Luz, a self-assured teenage human girl, accidentally stumbles upon a portal to a magical new world where she befriends a rebellious witch, Eda, and an adorably tiny warrior, King. Despite not having magical abilities, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda's apprentice at the Owl House and ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting.
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  • ItzSpuffy
    ItzSpuffy 3 months ago +4725

    Wow. I can't wait for this and Amphibia.

  • justin dixon
    justin dixon 7 hours ago

    At the point there should be a show about the families of people who go to another dimension

  • Fanny Torres
    Fanny Torres 2 days ago

    Can't wait:3

  • Lord Adorable
    Lord Adorable 6 days ago

    Eda reminds of Ryoko, anyone else getting those vibes?

  • CartoonFan 34
    CartoonFan 34 7 days ago

    This show like it's different than the 10's cartoon, because the 20's is coming and we will have to respect that cartoon creator. First villainous, the owl house, the curse of a molly mcgee, and now glitch techs are coming in the 20's. But the fungies and tig n' seek will be premering in 2020 from the 10's cartoons, and i love the 10's cartoons and hope it never ended, but i dont know if the 10's cartoons would return or continues, but thus, i just try to deal with it.

  • Arthur Mezitis
    Arthur Mezitis 7 days ago +1

    The Owl house = Star vs Force of Evil.

    MAX POPOLIZIO 12 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who read the news about the voice Cast? Alex Hirch( mr Gravity Falls himself) is voicing the black Cubone

  • 陳kai
    陳kai 13 days ago

    Good!Namo Amitabha!

  • OX0K3N
    OX0K3N 14 days ago

    cant wait

  • Shaun M
    Shaun M 16 days ago +1

    I can't wait for this show! It's like if Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, were merged into one TV show. 😁😝😏

  • ReMird
    ReMird 17 days ago

    Main character looks like Luna from Loud House.

  • Renato Cahuana
    Renato Cahuana 19 days ago

    Starco daughter

  • TrollingxGaming
    TrollingxGaming 20 days ago +2

    I hope Gravity Falls references are going to be in this show, that would make my day.

  • Alessandro Marzorati

    This series will be magical

  • Alessandro Marzorati

    This show would be magical

  • Corujinha Branca
    Corujinha Branca 22 days ago

    Ela usa meia calça 😰😨

  • William’s Amazing Trains

    Luz I Can’t Wait To See On Disney Channel!

  • Vanessa Goodwin
    Vanessa Goodwin 24 days ago

    Stop comparing every new show to gravity falls
    Let's just appreciate that disney channel is making something good for once

  • SophLoaf
    SophLoaf 28 days ago

    I came here because I heard that this show was connected to my favorite show Gravity Falls (luv u

  • Daniel Guzman
    Daniel Guzman Month ago +2

    I'm telling my mom that this show is DuckTales spiritual successor because the Creator was a former director on that show even though it's more Gravity Falls vibes I hope this show isn't as scary as the latter.

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge Month ago


  • TheBladeOfYoutube
    TheBladeOfYoutube Month ago

    Gravity Falls 2.

  • eliza spote
    eliza spote Month ago

    This looks amazing!! The characters look amazing!!!!! Everything about this seems amazing!!!

  • Aman Smith-martin
    Aman Smith-martin Month ago

    Look like we got another gravity falls on our hands. Let's hope this last longer than 2 seasons.

  • deaN eaN toG tsuJ uoY
    deaN eaN toG tsuJ uoY Month ago +1

    I can’t wait to see them fight main villain The Owl (father) and his stand

  • Randumbo
    Randumbo Month ago

    Oh no bro. Theres *Cubone.*

  • Софи -сан
    Софи -сан Month ago +1

    Мне трейлер очень понравился , я бы очень хотела чтобы вышел мультсериал)

  • Nerea Chan3456
    Nerea Chan3456 Month ago

    Why does the lady with yellow eyes reminds me of adult Meteora?

  • Alex Ignacio Espinosa Castorena

    Who else is thinking of a crossover between anphibia and this show?
    Pls Disney

  • Diargaming tv
    Diargaming tv Month ago +2

    The music kinda sounds like gravity falls

  • tea gem
    tea gem Month ago

    I know that this is on the Disney Channel's youtube channel, but does anyone know if they're just going to stick in on Disney XD once it's out, our has that not been revealed yet? I think it would be a real shame if they did.

  • NoobLovesWaffle
    NoobLovesWaffle Month ago

    Is this Harry potter???

    FRISHR Month ago +2

    Star vs. The Forces of Gravity Falls

  • Anton Issa
    Anton Issa Month ago

    Why was it delayed to 2020!?!! WHY

  • Sean Keuroghlian-Eaton

    yeah i'll definitely be checking this out

  • Creative Mark :D
    Creative Mark :D Month ago

    I just finished watching amphibia and now am really hyped for the Owl House that cute demon fox cubone thing looks adorable I just want to draw it and the animation looks amazing i think I might actually like the new upcoming animated shows they look amazing especially since they both were created with someone who was involved with gravity falls I guess you make greatness out of greatness

  • Amy Paint's
    Amy Paint's Month ago +1

    The Pamoon by The Pals | Disney Channel Mini

  • ptnkatan
    ptnkatan Month ago

    I don't know what that little skull dog thing was... but I want it.

  • Ginka Stoynova
    Ginka Stoynova Month ago +1

    Aphibia is great and now I am waiting for this and Infinity Train.

  • Crazy Animated Stories

    We have to watch it live on cable to get it more views and get it renewed.

  • Charlize Larbi
    Charlize Larbi Month ago +1

    Gravity Falls, Star vs the forces of evil, Ducktales, Amphibia, and now this

    I think this is a Disney cartoons renaissance here

  • Yøkai
    Yøkai Month ago


  • Jibanyan 641
    Jibanyan 641 Month ago

    This and Amphibia look like they can appeal to Gravity Falls and Star vs the Forces of Evil fans.

  • Elrick King
    Elrick King Month ago

    The witch looks too much like Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!, the way the hair is designed, the color, the yellow eyes, the expressions... It kinda bothers me...

  • Dougie S.
    Dougie S. Month ago

    Is it just me or does King give off some Cubone vibes??

  • Emperor Majorian
    Emperor Majorian Month ago +1

    Hopefully no SJWing

  • Eli Angel
    Eli Angel Month ago

    Disney's Isekai looks great

  • Le Dedo
    Le Dedo Month ago +1

    How come we haven't heard any voice acting yet for this show?

    • The Best
      The Best Month ago +1

      coming out 2020 maybe still some work being done

  • Michigo Sinister
    Michigo Sinister Month ago +1

    Can't wait for this series. It looks really good. Probably will be another one of my favorites.

  • doodleferp
    doodleferp Month ago

    I really hope Luz doesn’t end up in the Human Collectibles table.

  • Kim Lance
    Kim Lance Month ago +1

    Very super nice 👍🏻 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew Stacy
    Matthew Stacy Month ago

    That Girl looks really adorable

  • Agent-Dino [Vut]-[Dut]

    Weird shows 4ever

  • Kusanagikaiser999
    Kusanagikaiser999 Month ago +1

    I keep watching this over and over....I cant wait for this show.

    • bubblattess
      bubblattess Month ago

      Kusanagikaiser999 I keep listening to the theme song over and over

  • RandomDragon.EXE
    RandomDragon.EXE Month ago +1

    Ducktales, Amphibia, Villainous, Hazbin Hotel, MetaRunner, this is the year!!!

  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake Month ago +1

    The great Horrid Show famine is over...r e j o i c e!

  • Jacob Causey
    Jacob Causey Month ago

    So this is basically an isekai

  • Jellbeany Boi
    Jellbeany Boi Month ago

    Oof- My heart ❤️ I love it already

  • Jamerhio Tricsa
    Jamerhio Tricsa Month ago

    Just like gravity falls

  • Theodore Moxie
    Theodore Moxie Month ago

    The female looks like Ryoko Hakubi in tenchi muyo....and thought this was a disney version of tenshi muyo but with magic and cartoon version