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  • Published on Jul 2, 2019
  • Castle once has become one of the most popular TV shows thanks to the "Caskett". Detective Kate Beckett and Richard Castle gave the viewers one of the best tv couples for solving crimes. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic became superstars but after seven seasons Castle mysteriously got cancelled. What has happened to the show and the cast ever since? Where are they now? We will give you the answers in our video.
    ⭐ What problems does the actor of Javier Esposito, Jon Huertas, face in his new role on This is Us?
    ⭐ What plans does Seamus Dever has after he left his character Kevin Ryan?
    ⭐How is Molly Quinn connected with the Bachelor producer and will we ever meet Alexis Castle again?
    ⭐What similarities does the actress Susan Sullivan has with her Castle character Martha Rodgers?
    ⭐And what is going on in lives of the biggest Castle TV show stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic?
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Comments • 295

  • Maria Eddy Cesario

    A friend of mine says Castle should end when they kissed for the first time. After that, it was only ... BS!!

  • Analyze This
    Analyze This 5 days ago

    Both their boy friend and girlfriend are to blame also.. They were too jealous of them and made rules to what they can't and can do and that effected the show. It made it difficult for Nathan and Stana to work together. Heck their partners were so jealous that they restricted them from even doing interviews together.

  • Dave Gray
    Dave Gray 8 days ago

    Not fair. It wasn't true when Nathan said it, and it's still not true. When Marlowe and Miller, the heart and soul of the story, left, Hawley, Amann, and company weren't good enough to hold up the storyline to the standards set by Marlowe and wife. Go look at Molly's darker hair and non-college shenanigans. They didn't know how to write the couple, so PI, Toks, and the LockSat garbage. The show died of terminal bad writing....

  • annette Muzquiz
    annette Muzquiz 8 days ago

    Sorry Nathan blames the two being together being the end. You need to ask the audience. Try blaming the bad writing which brought on the end. I think Nathan didn't like that Stana became the star of the show. Every year he made it evident with his attitude on the show.

  • James Clark
    James Clark 8 days ago

    I want to find out about the supposed conflict between Fillion and Katic... He still gets tagged with the line "He was a bully to Stana and no one really liked him on set..." Knowing that so many costars speak well of him, and overlap on his various projects, that just doesn't ring true for me. I thought Katic was fantastic, but I notice people aren't knocking the door down to get to her... Absentia was... OK... But far from engrossing... So who was the problem?

    • Analyze This
      Analyze This 5 days ago

      Both their boy friend and girlfriend. They were too jealous of them and made rules to what they can't and can do and that effected the show.

  • Stjepan Benković
    Stjepan Benković 12 days ago

    srbian-croatian don't exist, it was invented from Jugoslavian politican to reconcile and draw closer Srbian and Croatian people, that we are same people, it is like some politican say Ireland and UK are one country and that they are same people. Srbian, Croatian and Bosnian language is very similar but not same.

  • Barbara Eden
    Barbara Eden 14 days ago


  • Kat Schrodinger
    Kat Schrodinger 15 days ago

    What about the awesome Lanie Parish??

  • VRIceblast
    VRIceblast 15 days ago +6

    I say BS on that. The show died, when they separated the characters. Didn't matter if they were married or not. The show wasn't about what they did at home after work. Beckett and Castle were already protective with each other, being married, that wasn't going to change anything. So, blaming them for getting married as the reason, is just bs in my book.
    Something happened between Nathan and Stana, and that was what killed the show. The chemistry between the two of them was to good, I think they tried to be a real couple, and it failed badly. There is no way they could have had chemistry that good, and hate each other. They had to have crossed the line in real life, and everything went to hell after that. I feel Nathan was the problem, and the reason the 2 characters suddenly were spending less time on screen together, eventually trying to remove Stana from the show all together.

    Hard to write good storylines, when you have 2 characters that are suppose to be happily married, played by 2 actors that can't stand each other anymore.
    I feel it was incredibly unprofessional, and very ego driven. They really let down the fans, that relationship, and show, will forever be stained by their relationship in real life.

  • Ajith Kumar Nair
    Ajith Kumar Nair 15 days ago

    Castle can resume show sd his daughter is also castle and runs a detective agency so story can chanelised to that direction father daughter duo

  • Jedi Revan
    Jedi Revan 15 days ago

    There is no Serbian-Croatian language. Croatian and Serbian languages are two separate languages. There are very similar. For the word flower on Croatian is "cvijet" and on Serbian is "cvet". Stana Katic is from Canada, but her parents are Serbs from Croatia.

  • ilma Muminovic
    ilma Muminovic 17 days ago +2

    it's not pronounced KatiC, it's pronounced KatiTSCH like in CHeese, she's from the Balkans that's how you pronounce it there

  • Bebo May
    Bebo May 19 days ago

    Peter, you are in left field with this one! The writers screwed up the plot formula, that had been proven in previous years and ruined the show! Then the writers didn't have the guts to admit it, so they threw it in Stana and Nathan's lap and said they didn't play well together, total B.S.!

    MxM MANGA 22 days ago +3

    Doesn't even mention him being a voice actor for Destiny.....

  • lorilucena
    lorilucena 23 days ago +2

    castle is my favorite show. i was just rewatching seasons 1-4 and it's crazy how good it was in comparison to what it became afterwards (especially after mid s5 onwards, in my opinion). i think most fans noticed the change in tone after that, and after marlowe left for good. it just didn't seem like the same show, and it only continued to spiral downwards after that. this coupled with the implication that it was continuing without stana? that was ridiculous, i have no idea how they thought that'd ever stick lol. that's why it ended - writing became poor and stana and tamala's firing was a slap to us fans' faces. i know it's a business and i get it, but being treated as brainless idiots who'd continue to watch the show after its heart had been ripped out was infuriating.
    i wish it had ended on s6 or 7. again, i get that it's a business, but that would have allowed a more thought through ending without the whole fiasco that led to cancellation.

  • Wojciech Liszka
    Wojciech Liszka 24 days ago


  • phillipnamy
    phillipnamy 27 days ago

    Wrong, there are lots of reasons it girls cancelled but getting them together wasn't it

  • Jikko
    Jikko 28 days ago

    U forgot Beckett's best friend

  • Diana Marcum
    Diana Marcum 28 days ago +15

    Ryan and Esposito have guest appearances on The Rookie in the newest episode. :)

  • Andrea lee
    Andrea lee 28 days ago

    All jus rumors Wtf i thought Nathan n her got togather, i heard they married

  • Tjampa
    Tjampa Month ago

    So we not gonna mention Cayde-6?
    Oh ok

    • xyr3s
      xyr3s 15 days ago

      No one is gonna know that unless they are a gamer lol. I mean they didn't even mention he voices the green lantern hal jordan in the dc animated universe xD

  • George
    George Month ago

    I'm glad this show got cancelled. This show was the entire reason my mom would kick me off the TV

  • Jasonslittlesister1

    I read better fanfiction ideas for the storyline of Castles disappearing than what they'd made of it! That was the downfall... and Fillions believe in what a beloved character he is just because the shows name was Castle... :( the fans didn't want a Castle without Beckett... and there wasn't!

  • TheCat4991
    TheCat4991 Month ago +2

    The show didn't end because Castle and Beckett got together.
    It ended because the writing was horrible after that.
    Bad storylines that felt forced and unnatural to the characters,
    that then got dragged out for way to long.

  • Twice_Born23
    Twice_Born23 Month ago

    Because of the “real reason”, I’m glad that (spoiler alert) the captain was killed off and Chen and Nolan broke up in the rookie. It was just a rehashing of him with a pretty tan woman.

  • Honoka Killer
    Honoka Killer Month ago +2

    castle is my favorite childhood tv show

  • maxmavrick7
    maxmavrick7 Month ago

    They was lot said about the cancellation of the show. But what ever is the reason I think the chemistry between these two as Kate Becket and Richard Castle was unbelievable. Still watch it again and again. Wish they come together for another project.

  • Allison Barry
    Allison Barry Month ago

    The reason Castle was cancelled is because right after they got together they ripped them apart. That is the real reason it sank. And then as to be so bold as to fire Stana! That's what led to us faithful fans demanding it not go on. That is the real reason it was cancelled

  • Jane Hartsock
    Jane Hartsock Month ago


  • AJ 1978
    AJ 1978 Month ago

    if this is true, Filion had a point. Once they got together, the question becomes 'Now what?' In most series, you get this 'on-again, off-again' situation that's just plain annoying. Sure, you can just have them be happily married, but that creates new problems. Without conflict to drive the character interaction and with most plotlines resolved, they'd have to go back to being a procedural or try to come up with a completely new direction. And the latter would probably not have pleased the fans. The sad truth is that Castle outstayed its welcome. they could have ended on a high note, but instead tried to drag it out, which benefited nobody.

    • Sam On YouTube
      Sam On YouTube Month ago

      There are shows out there which prove you can have characters in relationships without needing any giant conflict every season. That it can’t be done or won’t be interesting is a myth

  • Abhiman
    Abhiman Month ago

    How i miss this

  • Walandra Davis
    Walandra Davis Month ago +28

    Lies! Ratings didnt drop because of Beckett and Castle being together, their separation is what ruined it!

    • Sam On YouTube
      Sam On YouTube 23 days ago

      Wraith1959 its position vs all other broadcast shows each season is irrelevant. In the 18-49 demographic, the only relevant stat to a show’s continuation, Castle fell almost every season as I stated, just like nearly all shows do. The season averages to prove that:
      S1: 2.4 (midseason)
      S2: 2.8 (fall)
      S3: 2.7 (fall)
      S4: 2.33 (fall)
      S5: 2.04 (fall)
      S6: 1.94 (fall)
      S7: 1.57 (fall)
      S8: 1.08 (fall)

    • Wraith1959
      Wraith1959 23 days ago

      @Sam On RU-clip You need to look at the season by season rankings again.
      Season 1 (41st)
      Season 2 (30th)
      Season 3 (30th)
      Season 4 (22nd)
      Season 5 (19th) (Caskett get together and ratings go up dramatically for 2 seasons)
      Season 6 (13th)
      (Marlowe left as showrunner)
      Season 7 (37th)
      Season 8 (44th)
      So, it looks like you weren't really paying attention, Sam.

    • Sam On YouTube
      Sam On YouTube Month ago

      Lies! Ratings dropped nearly every season, as happens with most shows. And after season 8 a lengthy show + new, expensive cast contracts + being in the lower half of ABC shows by rating = cancellation.

  • spuwho
    spuwho Month ago

    This video is too kind. Stana was about to get married in real life and was getting frustrated with the shooting schedule and rewrites. It also made her a bit difficult to be around at times as she clearly wanted to be somewhere else. Nathan started to get a bit short of patience with the change of pace and the scheduling problems with many of the shoots. This is why many scenes near the end were solo shots with Stana shot separately. There was a plan to continue Castle as a solo gig for Nathan but it was dropped and the show cancelled. Telling is Nathan is getting his own show as the lead. Stana plays secondary roles even though she proved she could carry a show. It was unfortunate for the secondary character actors to lose their roles like that, but that is the world of acting.

  • JohnWinchester3567
    JohnWinchester3567 Month ago

    The reason was ABC execs. Someone had a pissy fit about someone in charge of Castle and sabotaged it to crash and burn the person they had a fit on.

  • Simon Wilshire
    Simon Wilshire 2 months ago +3

    I disagree about the putting of the two stars together was the cause of the failure, there were a lot of avenues to take the show - just think Hart to Hart, but with an entire detective team and let that concept percolate for a while ... The issue was some of the insane story arcs of the last few seasons. A lot of real talent and a show that could have gone on for years and so many fresh concepts.

  • 420 soulja
    420 soulja 2 months ago

    Every thing Ossa ever lists is wrong, and seeing as stana katic is of Serb/Slovak descent I find it hard to believe her surname is pronounced how this annoying turd says it, I'm sure it must be said katitch rather than with the hard c as on here

  • Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas 2 months ago

    They need to do a TV movie get them all together again. And use new writers because the old ones went stupid I mean a show where she’s a senator and someone she knows dies and she puts the gang together to solve the murder would be awesome

  • 789pokey
    789pokey 2 months ago +3

    Just wrong. They were still very good as a married couple. The dumb plot twists and the ignorance of the show runners were the main cause. And "Castle" without
    Beckett was absolutely a NO GO. It was the interaction between the two that made the show. Wth was Haley doing there?

  • Dwayne Dorkenstein
    Dwayne Dorkenstein 2 months ago +1

    Stana Katic is a pretty cool person and a highly talented actress whilst Stan Laurel could have played Nathan Fillion's role of Castle. The show was dog turds anyway. 💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Mel Perry
    Mel Perry 2 months ago

    what a dumb @$$, the reason
    castle died was because of
    "fat head fillion"

  • Kenny Roche
    Kenny Roche 2 months ago +1


  • Sue Healey
    Sue Healey 2 months ago +8

    Loved the show but series 8 killed it. Stana is doing great with Absentia very talented actress.

  • Veronica Guidry
    Veronica Guidry 2 months ago +4

    Yeah,,,,,right it ended cause they got together,,,,it’s a shame to find out that Nathan Fillion’s acting ability couldn’t go past the hot stage of a relationship, I’m not a writer but even I was spinning different scenarios that would have been happening and that was before they even got together. And FYI that is not the reason Castle was canceled. Castle was canceled because the fans of Caskett were not going to watch without Kate Beckett, no matter what Alex Hawsly or Nathan Fillion says.

  • Veronica Guidry
    Veronica Guidry 2 months ago +2

    What really happened, it’s the last sentence in King Kong, “Twis beauty that killed the beast” No matter what ABC wanted no matter what Nathan Fillion wanted , Caslte would not made it out of the gate for season 9 without Stana, Fillion thought he had the fans and all he proved was Stana had the hearts of the fans. Stana never forgot how she got there and never treated a signing of an autograph as if it was a business transaction.. There would have been no reason to go on considering the love story was the whole point of the series. Obviously, Stana Katie was the only one paying attention. Whether it was ego , or whatever the powers that be backed the wrong horse, they let a thoroughbred go for a gelding. I don’t know why these feelers are put out now and again, it would have to be something spectacular and Stana’s full approval but I like where she is right now, but it’s Stana so I would more then likely follow.

    • Analyze This
      Analyze This 5 days ago

      Both their boy friend and girlfriend are to blame also,not Nathan... They were too jealous of them and made rules to what they can't and can do and that effected the show. It made it difficult for Nathan and Stana to work together. Heck their partners were so jealous that they restricted them from even doing interviews together.

  • B747guy
    B747guy 3 months ago +1

    If the two of them didn't really hate each other then they would have denied it long ago but since neither of them has ever mentioned it screams to me that the rumors of hate probably had some truth to them.

    • Sven Moede
      Sven Moede 14 days ago

      Adding to that is that they stopped having much scenes together. If it is written in a contract that the actor only has to have few scenes with the lead actress them being a couple might be a problem.

  • Sam S
    Sam S 3 months ago +1

    ABC executives were surprised by the backlash they got when Stana Katic was let go. Then to compound the issue they determined to cancel the show as they knew they could not continue without her. Essentially after 8 years the ratings were too low to support the two lead actors, and ABC wanting to keep it kept the slightly bigger star - which just backfired massively. Fortunately they are both successfully acting (Fillion on ABC's The Rookie (season 2), and Katic on Amazon's Absentia (season 2)). Irony - they are both cop based shows.

  • Neil Alan
    Neil Alan 3 months ago

    Ok. I couldn't get into Castle. I tried watching it but didn't start the series from the beginning. Maybe it was Beckett I couldn't get into... Apparently u r wrong about the reason it was cancelled. I was wondering when did Nathan Fillion do Halo. It helped his sci-fy gaming fans.

  • Crystal Carnes
    Crystal Carnes 3 months ago +7

    Calling bs....they Ruin the show in season eight when they tried to make it look like they separated after they got married and made fans upset the writing was terrible!

  • Reapersmovies
    Reapersmovies 3 months ago +3

    Greed(Like for Most well loved series) was the reason Castle was cancelled, Not ratings! Greed from the cast wanting(and probably deserving) a little too much more money, but more importantly the Pathetic Greedy studio not wanting to give any more to All of them!!

    Sorry Nathan but FINALLY getting Castle and Beckett together was the Very Best part of the show!!! Breaking them up, Especially for such a Bullshit and STUPID reason, is what Actually drove me personally away from the series(on the weekly bases that is)!!! The ratings first started dropping because of how Horrible(and Rushed) Beckett's mother's death was Finally and weakly handled/written, and then the next big drop was with the Complete change in the story/characters after Castle's disappearance(right before their wedding)! Where it became Painfully obvious that the current writers, and others in charge, were Far out of their league, and simply unable to give the series any further/Proper storylines, much less a worthy ending!! :(

    • Melissa Kern
      Melissa Kern 3 months ago +1

      The whole disappearance really was the beginning of the end for the show. It made no sense, it wasn't even hardly mentioned. They acted like he forgot the milk at the store. And Esposito & Ryan thinking he did it to himself, was just so out-of-character. And beyond annoyed me. If they would've went Marlowe's route, I think it could've been one of the best seasons and finally gave Castle a much deserved backstory. Sadly S7 was Emmy award winning compared to S8, with the "splitting up for his protection" that made no sense. They went out of their way to make sure Beckett was cruel, cold and unlikable. All it did for me , was hate the terrible writers. Then they had Vikram & Hayley in it. For What !?!? Then his snotty, uppity daughter now being a P.I. She's just so great & grown-up she doesn't even need a license for that. She should've stayed with Pi. It worked when it was all 4 of them on a case. With some drama, some lighthearted jabs, and the romance between the two. I think putting them together was the best thing for the show. The seasons where they were together and happy were actually the highest rated for them. To bad the "great" writers didn't see it that way.

  • Johan G
    Johan G 3 months ago +2


  • Julie Elise
    Julie Elise 3 months ago +30

    I still really miss Castle 😢 it was such a good show.

  • Stephen Roberts
    Stephen Roberts 3 months ago

    They didn’t talk about halo ODST and halo 5

  • nikki greaves
    nikki greaves 3 months ago

    Bullshit. The show got canceled because Nathan Fillion and Stanna katic stopped getting along and Fillion demanded Katic be kicked off the show. Fans were outraged and as a result the show got canceled.

  • RickeGnool
    RickeGnool 3 months ago +9

    Cancelling the show was the right call and nothing anyone says can convince me otherwise. I think it is beyond stupid that they even thought about continuing without Stana.

  • Ksenija Woof
    Ksenija Woof 3 months ago +7

    Heck... as a huge Castle fan, Caskett fan and Stanatic... this still hurts!

    • Analyze This
      Analyze This 5 days ago

      Both their boy friend and girlfriend are to blame also.. They were too jealous of them and made rules to what they can't and can do and that effected the show.

  • liat amarbuzaglofillion

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  • Randall McNair
    Randall McNair 3 months ago +8

    What about Lanie Parish, played by Tamala Jones???

    • s miller
      s miller 3 months ago +2

      She wasn't coming back (s9) either, so they were getting rid of three women, what does that tell you about the "writer/showrunners"?

    • Julia House
      Julia House 3 months ago +3

      She was a regular cast member and should have been included

  • Cliven Longsight
    Cliven Longsight 3 months ago +7

    It was Beckett's world; everyone else was jus' livin' innit.
    Despite a lot of attention on him, and the show being named after him, Castle was basically just a MacGuffin: a plot element that drove the story forward but was really just a random detail. They eventually did start to give him an actual backstory with his own plots but, for the most part, he was only there as a quirky catalyst to drive Beckett's story.

    • Cliven Longsight
      Cliven Longsight 3 months ago +1

      @A Moron
      My thoughts exactly, M!

    • A Moron
      A Moron 3 months ago +2

      Exactly. It was Beckett's world and the idiots tried to push the show without her!!

  • Richard Mattingly
    Richard Mattingly 3 months ago +1

    The series had expected to be renewed for a 9th season but when word got out that Katic's Beckett was to be killed and many other characters would get the boot as well all hell broke loose. Its cancellation occurred just the week before the 8th season cliffhanger and it showed after both lead characters were scene bleeding out after being shot as Beckett reached for Castle then went motionless. Fillion gave a hint in a Tweet that the show was being rebooted and he expected to return when his tepid reaction to Katic's departure strongly suggested that the series wasn't over. Indeed the actress who played Becketts BFF coroner also thanked fans for their support weeks before the cancellation was announced was proof that mischief was afoot. Series that kill off a spouse or lead character so a show can keep going don't last long, as TV is littered with shows that tried like the disastrous Edith free follow on to All in the Family Archie Bunkers Place. Castle saved face by adding a quick scene of the characters having breakfast in the future with their children before the credits rolled and fortunately the cancellation happened in time instead after a season ends when there usually announced. Fillion did reprise the role of sorts in the cop show the Rookie in 2018 as a man who joins the force long after his youth is behind him and Katic too stayed in the same kind of action genre with her next series as well.

  • DngnRdr
    DngnRdr 3 months ago +4

    Putting them together and changing the dynamic so much was certainly the beginning of the end but I reckon the nail in the coffin was the suggestion Castle would come back without Kanic... the backlash over that idea killed any chance of it happening - which is probably a good thing IMO.

    • Analyze This
      Analyze This 5 days ago

      Both their boy friend and girlfriend are to blame also.. They were too jealous of them and made rules to what they can't and can do and that effected the show. It made it difficult for Nathan and Stana to work together. Heck their partners were so jealous that they restricted them from even doing interviews together.