Meet Bunny Our Rescue Greyhound

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
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  • Britney E
    Britney E 5 hours ago


  • mirrbot
    mirrbot 9 hours ago +1

    Never EVER apologize for “becoming a dogs channel.” You’re saving angels, whoever opposes that can F off

  • Abigail Bell Helm


  • butlerkitties
    butlerkitties Day ago

    9:56-10:08 distant marbles barking

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez 2 days ago

    omg 14:58 😭

  • ExpiredGoyaBeans
    ExpiredGoyaBeans 2 days ago

    I love the way that jenna and juli treat all of their doggos

  • GeneralVeebus
    GeneralVeebus 3 days ago +1

    I’m rained in at home and I have nothing to do so I got baked and now I’m watching this and crying my eyes out at what amazing dog parents these two are and knowing how much progress bunny has made already and AHHHHH IM EMOTIONAL

  • Bonnie Hundley
    Bonnie Hundley 4 days ago +1

    Ooooh, the stairs., she's a newbie........she'll do fine because she's in an experienced good home.

  • Shan
    Shan 4 days ago

    honestly this video made me so emotional i had a rescue dog for ten years who was exactly like bunny and she recently passed in april. just how similar they were and how similar they acted just made me so overwhelmed with missing my girl. hoping you guys enjoy bunny to the fullest it is so worth it

  • Alicya Later
    Alicya Later 4 days ago

    The game room used to be the scariest thing for her

    Now she never wants to leave
    So sweet and so glad she got adopted into the best family 💗💗

  • Kitty05
    Kitty05 4 days ago

    "This is the last time we'll have a three dog pack." Um... I hate to break it to you but uh... soon to be rip Marbles

  • Emily Keys
    Emily Keys 5 days ago +2

    Bunny looking at the other dogs in the house like “uh I think you guys have a rat problem.”

  • Courtney M
    Courtney M 6 days ago

    18:40 lmao Kermit’s tongue in the background

  • Taylor Mulhall
    Taylor Mulhall 6 days ago +1

    the fact that every time you got a dog you said "ready to go on a long long life journey together?" makes me so emotional LOL

  • A Name
    A Name 6 days ago +2

    Chicken breast

  • Alicia Shculler
    Alicia Shculler 6 days ago

    I’m fucking shook bc they got peach 5 YEARS AGO LIKE WHAT?? I literally thought it was last year

  • Ellie Locke
    Ellie Locke 7 days ago

    shes SO skinny

  • TheThirdTime
    TheThirdTime 7 days ago

    I think this is the most heartwarming video I've seen in years.... You are so sensitive and aware of your animals, it gives me hope for humanity

  • Lucy Newman
    Lucy Newman 7 days ago

    I think you guys are doing great! As an owner of 2 rescue greyhounds (1 from puppy, 1 from 6 yo) I understand how hard it can be but you guys are doing extremely well

  • Creo
    Creo 8 days ago

    Good dog owners

  • irene belserion
    irene belserion 8 days ago

    it’s so great you’re taking the time to teach a pretty-much grown dog training because i’m sure you know teaching dogs that aren’t puppies anymore isn’t really easy as it is when they’re puppies

  • mand mand
    mand mand 8 days ago

    What the fuck happened to Cement?!?!

  • sheri
    sheri 8 days ago +12

    Bunny used to be a blood donor dog? That breaks my heart to think about, they are kenneled and used for blood donations. You are the best dog parents ever.

  • Hayleigh Ruonavaara
    Hayleigh Ruonavaara 9 days ago

    In the thumbnail bunny looks like a deer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

  • Fab4Sunrises
    Fab4Sunrises 9 days ago +3

    good on jenna for being conscious of when its appropriate to film we stan a tasteful queen!!!!!

  • brianna g.
    brianna g. 9 days ago +1

    When bunny zoomed in on the camera and it looks like she’s right in your face 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 >>

  • brianna g.
    brianna g. 9 days ago +2

    I just wanna love their life with 4 dogs, no kids, in a nice house with my significant other doing what i love everyday. goals.

  • yup
    yup 10 days ago

    Awwww you are the best parents

  • Jade Legault-trudeau
    Jade Legault-trudeau 10 days ago +1

    I love your mentality about this. It IS your pack, your rules. When I need it, I will ask for advice, or if it is offered politely (''may I offer some advice?'' and let me reply with yes or no).. but other than that? People can get so absolutely anal when you own a pet, especially a dog in my personal experience. Especially when you have a new dog... puppy or not.. you gotta focus on your thing without letting people get all up in your stuff. Otherwise it gets stressful and real bad.

  • Tori Tortuga
    Tori Tortuga 11 days ago

    I forgot her name used to be Clary!!!! Bunny seems so seamless in the family now.

  • ha' az mat
    ha' az mat 11 days ago

    I can't wait for the first song about Bunny, like if Cermet and Paesh show her how to dog :D

  • Dean O.
    Dean O. 12 days ago

    I just hope that Bunny doesn't suffer a premature death like poor Marbles did. :-I

    • Dean O.
      Dean O. 7 days ago

      @Lily Easterly --- Who would joke about such a thing? :-I

    • Lily Easterly
      Lily Easterly 8 days ago

      They dont like jokes about marbles being dead anymore

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner 13 days ago

    15:52 how all my videos go

  • Mia McKinley
    Mia McKinley 13 days ago

    why didnt you name her cement

  • Thistle&Thimble Reborn Nursery

    I have never seen a better dog integration in to an established pack. The dedication and care you took in to making sure Bunny was comfortable and the other small babies were safe with her is commendable. Congratulations on your newest addition. She is truly in the best home.

  • Nick Johnson
    Nick Johnson 14 days ago

    Who the hell are the people that disliked this video?!?

  • Kpop sucks fight me
    Kpop sucks fight me 14 days ago +1

    Bunny has a mark on her nose just like Jenna does,is was meant to be.

  • alysa villalobos
    alysa villalobos 14 days ago

    You should call her mango

  • Abbyya lm
    Abbyya lm 14 days ago +1

    I have a 3 year old terrier chihuahua mix, and this video made me realize that I need to respect HER boundaries more. I’m 13 right now, my family got her when I was 10. At that time we didn’t really think as far into adopting her as you guys have. We took her to training, but we didn’t really introduce her into the world in a way that helps her in the long run. She still scared of people, still barks, can’t stand other people in our home. When she growls my family doesn’t listen and continues until she can’t growl anymore. This inspired me to start being a better owner to her. Thank you.

  • -alyssa who?
    -alyssa who? 14 days ago

    jenna and julian praising bunny and helping her up the stairs was a heartwarming moment that made me tear up :’)

  • Neryn -
    Neryn - 14 days ago

    Greyhounds are amazingly intelligent dogs, they're also known for their obedience, considering the biggest issue is how she isn't trained I'm sure she'll be responding to your commands in no time ❤️❤️

  • Arianna Valenzuela
    Arianna Valenzuela 15 days ago

    Weres ad at??

  • Cerys
    Cerys 15 days ago +2

    Y’all’re such good dog parents, and you explained everything so well. You can really tell how much you love and care for bunny, and you clearly put her well being first. I hope the adjustment period goes well for all ❤️

  • Em
    Em 15 days ago +12

    when Julien and Jenna 100% are more prepared and mindful than most people that are getting human kids
    also I'm so proud of her. she's come such a long way!

  • horse rider Passion
    horse rider Passion 15 days ago

    CUTES DOGS EVER!! I LOVVEE greyhounds ,whippets and lurchers!!! LOVE THEM SOO CUTE!!
    I rlly hope I'm getting a whippet pup RLLY Hope!🙏🙏FINGERS CROSSED!!

  • Delicateflower
    Delicateflower 15 days ago

    In Omaha NE you don’t need to wait there is literally always multiple greyhounds at the local shelter not to mention the rescues.

  • Scummy Smith
    Scummy Smith 16 days ago

    God this is giving me flashbacks to when I got my precious Eddie boy. Eddie's my profile picture. He is a foxhound greyhound. When we first got him he was super timid, now it's kind of swan in the other direction haha. I can't believe it's been 6 years since I got him 😭. Bunny is so beautiful

  • Tove Pettersen
    Tove Pettersen 16 days ago


  • Allison Castle
    Allison Castle 16 days ago +1

    You guys should take that abusive youtubers’ dog haha

  • Allison Castle
    Allison Castle 16 days ago

    Why the muzzle:(

  • Unicorn squad
    Unicorn squad 17 days ago

    I have seven fashioned

  • Jade Peak-Farmer
    Jade Peak-Farmer 17 days ago


  • abercrombie & fish
    abercrombie & fish 17 days ago +11

    My dog is a rescue from an abusive home and I cannot possibly stress enough how amazing this video is. The pure compassion and consideration for every pup individually is honestly a blessing and completely on brand for Jenna. Major props to both Jenna and Julien for truly taking the time to make their home feel safe for that scared lil girl ♥️

  • :D
    :D 17 days ago

    I have the same crocs as Jenna and that's iconic

  • Zombie
    Zombie 17 days ago

    19m subs w t f

  • esme
    esme 18 days ago +10

    when we got our greyhound she ate my brothers baked beans earning my trust and respect

  • hawke
    hawke 18 days ago

    watching this made me cry so much, Bunny is so sweet and reminds so so much of my rescue greyhound who passed away recently. greyhounds are such loving, sweet dogs, I miss mine every day

  • Bitches broken hearts
    Bitches broken hearts 19 days ago

    I really want to be bunny right now.

  • aalia elfaki
    aalia elfaki 19 days ago

    what happened to “I’m down with naming our next dog cement”

  • Reagan Supancic
    Reagan Supancic 19 days ago

    She is so cute another name you could of jammed her tara