The $12,000 Apple Mac Pro Setup

  • Published on Jun 5, 2019
  • The new Apple Mac Pro is finally here. It's the most powerful mac they've ever made but it's crazy expensive.
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  4 months ago +5015

    Apple made this thing for pros. It’s not for “power users”. It’s not for apple enthusiasts.
    It’s for the 0.001% who can’t use a $3000 gaming rig for their workflow.

    • Jonathan Shore
      Jonathan Shore 17 days ago +1

      Using AMD CPUs either the Epyc or Threadripper class would have made this machine *much* less expensive. Xeon prices just don't make sense anymore and the performance is not there.

    • Sultan Aldhabab
      Sultan Aldhabab Month ago

      2 Months later, and you still fooled me with that amazon link.

    • BlueScope819
      BlueScope819 Month ago

      But you know, it will be used as a facebook machine for the ultrarich grannies

    • Zeldagigafan
      Zeldagigafan 2 months ago

      @CarthagoMike All workstation grade stuff has this crazy markup. I looked at an HP workstation that can have a dual CPU setup, and they want like 50% over Intel's MSRP for them.

      SAITAMA 3 months ago

      display stand for 999 thoooo.

  • XxxUnknownXxx 123
    XxxUnknownXxx 123 14 hours ago


    APTECHTV Day ago +1

    0:04 Good Morning~ By Tim Cook...


  • 1920 S2G1 14 LEUNG TSZ HEI

    I thought you have bought all of them...

  • brian wings
    brian wings 5 days ago

    Another crapple oh joy.

  • Dcmk LD
    Dcmk LD 9 days ago

    you and i
    de we really feel each other

  • CmstarOfficial
    CmstarOfficial 10 days ago

    there's welfare apple sheep, apple sheep consumer a.k.a iJustine, The Apple Pro a.k.a Marques Brownlee, then the Expert Elite Movie Producers working for Disney that will drop a cool 70k on this 2019 imac line up

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 13 days ago

    So expensive. I want want and a Valve Index. It's makes one sad but that's life.

  • Jim Gessner
    Jim Gessner 18 days ago +1

    There’s nothing “pro” about the base model. It, I think, is an attempt to keep the base price under $10,000.

    IAN DUCAO 22 days ago

    Apple is mentally challenged.

  • adamstrange supreme
    adamstrange supreme 24 days ago

    Isn't $12.000 just the base price ?
    For music production I would never buy a mac. I have an Hp from 2009 that I produce all my stuff on loaded with 32Gb of vst plugins and I use the same machine to game and do photography on.
    In fact I have several old computers lying around and all work perfectly. For that much money I could buy a really good up to date gaming/music production/art creation rig and still have $9.000

  • Fredrik Carlén
    Fredrik Carlén 26 days ago

    Honestly, charging an insane premium for a "workstation cpu" when the only feature it has over any other cpu is ECC memory is insane in 2019. AMD's whole product line supports ECC, and intel's could too if they just didn't keep disabling it to sell more expensive stuff.

  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 26 days ago

    I just want the case, build my own pc. Ha, Ugly, I love the look.

  • Gaming With The Dabber

    The Mac Pro is a cheese grater and the 999 dollar stand is a money grater

  • oblin
    oblin Month ago

    I thought it was a cheese grater

  • Arghya Saha
    Arghya Saha Month ago +1

    Click on the link on the videos description (mini cheese grater link). You'll love it XD

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. Month ago

    where are you suckers?

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. Month ago


  • jarek916
    jarek916 Month ago

    C mon 12k !!! Apple what ta H is wrong with you in 5 years or so it's going to old system and ugly it is all ready.

  • Abhishek Dhoriyani
    Abhishek Dhoriyani Month ago

    Customers : whats special about it ?
    Tim : you can use it to make a cheese powder 😅😂

  • Lee Hendon
    Lee Hendon Month ago +4

    Don't understand why not Dual CPU if they are Xeon's?

  • Devansh Jangid
    Devansh Jangid Month ago +1

    People like this, who are okay with stupid company prices are the reason why idiots like Apple flourish.

  • Faizanul Islam
    Faizanul Islam Month ago

    Only an autistic or rich kid would buy this...🤣

  • The White Whale
    The White Whale Month ago

    Am I the only person that likes the look of the new Mac Pro?

  • Eric Gagne
    Eric Gagne Month ago +1

    Ugliest thing i ever seen. Way to go Apple!

  • micah
    micah Month ago

    2:05 From companies like Intel??? AMD are the CPU guys pushing the core counts to go up, intel are just tryna catch up

    ツAGENT_VOID Month ago +1

    That doesn't justify the 1000 stand I can build a decent pc with that 1000

    • Martyn Gasson
      Martyn Gasson Month ago

      I think I’ve said this a few times.. the stand is optional. An Ergotron arm will do a better job, at a third of the price. Apple isn’t forcing anyone to buy it.

  • Ahmed E.A Abdalla
    Ahmed E.A Abdalla Month ago

    Hey Dave please talk about who those users that need this type of monster system are

  • pc doctor סוואנשים

    how pc works:

  • Danny Kim
    Danny Kim Month ago

    I want steve jobs to be stay alive...

  • Karazu X
    Karazu X Month ago

    If people keep buying these overpriced products then obviously they'll continue doing these stuff for a steep price.

  • Wakil Ahmed
    Wakil Ahmed 2 months ago +3

    Lol $12k? that's this year's tution fees hahahahhahaa

  • Tim tips
    Tim tips 2 months ago

    the new mac pro look like a grater😜😜

  • Toms Studio
    Toms Studio 2 months ago

    that link took me to a grater

  • An Dre
    An Dre 2 months ago +1

    cheese grater

  • Haris Sensei
    Haris Sensei 2 months ago

    i think you want to say "good morning gamers"

  • bob roger
    bob roger 2 months ago

    Ill buy this just to check my emails and browse facebook in 6k

  • Zukovec
    Zukovec 2 months ago +4

    Well if a company doesnt mind paying 6000$ for 3000$ of hardware to run mac os? Then sure go buy it

  • ken lin
    ken lin 2 months ago

    We can get high end pc with 5000€
    And we can spent for high end PC from Apple that’s cost 5000$ for the materials and 7000$ for a Apple at the case haha nice

  • Ninjelik Dusk
    Ninjelik Dusk 2 months ago

    I can make the ultimate gaming pc for a half of the cost of this, Apple since your thirsty ass down

  • Joy Saha
    Joy Saha 2 months ago

    $75,000 is cheap

    • Joy Saha
      Joy Saha 2 months ago

      @Zearoxaph 14 i am poor my net worth is only 2000 trillions

    • Zearoxaph 14
      Zearoxaph 14 2 months ago +1

      Wannabe rich kid

  • Tim Crook
    Tim Crook 2 months ago

    You can grate the apple logo on the new chassis

  • Javier Treviño
    Javier Treviño 2 months ago

    Good point, I'm a fan of this channel. It's interesting how you said you can now get a Lot of power in the consumer category , you could make a video on the 5 best consumer computers for pro work maybe?

  • Борис Стефанов

    I'll wait 15 years to take it for case mod

  • martin dawe
    martin dawe 2 months ago

    Can you make a vid on how to setup a cheese grater, I don't get it

  • muhammed arif
    muhammed arif 2 months ago

    If north Korea's sold it's people a 1000 quid monitor stand people would kill king Kong un.maybe that's what capitalism does to people

  • オリヴィエ
    オリヴィエ 2 months ago

    I wait your Mac Pro setup tour in 2019

  • Danny Drake
    Danny Drake 2 months ago

    But can it run Crysis ???

  • worth
    worth 2 months ago

    dave lee the polite type youtuber to tell us these products are definately not your game

  • in5omniac
    in5omniac 2 months ago

    Didn't know what to think when I first saw the new Mac pro but now I'm starting to like it. You can't really say it's ugly since beauty is such a subiective thing. The problem with this though is that professionals don't really care about design, or at least not enough to spend a lot of money on a pretty case. So they better nail the price if they want people to buy it.

  • Mannu and Nuam Sen
    Mannu and Nuam Sen 3 months ago +1

    They probably only made ten to see who would buy them or something

  • Boxbird572
    Boxbird572 3 months ago +2

    I have to say though, the display's a pretty good deal when compared to Sony's 4K Resolution $29000 display.

    • Gold 999
      Gold 999 3 months ago

      Yeah, but i still won't and can't afford it...

  • Nhan Nguyen Trong
    Nhan Nguyen Trong 3 months ago

    I'll buy it

    and grate all my mozzarella cheese from my fridge

  • Pizza ON Pineapplez
    Pizza ON Pineapplez 3 months ago

    Just saying but 12 000 dollar cheese graters aren't worth it. Get one at Coles or something

  • Jim Y
    Jim Y 3 months ago

    $12,000 is quite cheap for a workstation, I have a $18,500 workstation and it still takes a long time to finish a run, I would very much like to spend over $20,000 on this Mac Pro. My only concern is GPUs without CUDA, some of my programs unfortunately rely on NVIDIA’s library. That monitor is totally useless to me though, my work requires minimum color accuracy.

  • RedRoscoe61
    RedRoscoe61 3 months ago +1

    It’s an expensive system and it’s an apple system.
    So if I took off the apple logo it would only be $999

  • RedRoscoe61
    RedRoscoe61 3 months ago

    And $1000 for the display stand😂

  • eug3nius
    eug3nius 3 months ago +3

    The AMD 3950x is such a disruptive CPU. I bet it's faster than all but the 28 core mac pro. And it can run ECC RAM, Quadros and PCIE4 SSD's. All that and it's 500$ cheaper than the low end 8 core Xeon in the mac pro.

  • MalarkeyMan
    MalarkeyMan 3 months ago

    Sony offers a similar spec display for $29,000 so you’re saving a lot of money if you go with Apple.

  • scaslx
    scaslx 3 months ago

    Just call it a gaming monitor stand and people will buy it