FORD FOCUS - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    The Ford Focus is one of the coolest rally cars to ever compete in WRC, it's been the star of Ken Block's Gymkhana, and it has been one of Ford's best-selling sedans/ hatchbacks for years ... this is its story.
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Comments • 4 126

  • boyddustin
    boyddustin 9 hours ago

    I so passionately hate the Ford Focus

  • khvidtube1617
    khvidtube1617 2 days ago

    They had a 5 cylinders (5:55)? Should have kept it! That distinctive sound of a 5-pot.....10:44....just like the RS3.

  • manindu sumathipala
    manindu sumathipala 2 days ago

    We never evn got the crossover focused Focus?? Its 2020!

  • FordGT
    FordGT 2 days ago

    0:35 lol

  • Boats_ MK7
    Boats_ MK7 6 days ago

    Brah....."HorsePorks"! ,🐴🐷

  • Alejandro Garza
    Alejandro Garza 7 days ago +1

    The Focus Active has been cancelled for the US

  • kimberly williamson
    kimberly williamson 8 days ago

    I'd. Like to see Kai Stinger plz & thank you! Sending Love from Detroit 🚗🐎

  • Ryne Jackson
    Ryne Jackson 8 days ago

    Dude I stg that's the best sponsor plug EVER!!! LIGHTING LIGHTING

  • Edgar Reyes
    Edgar Reyes 9 days ago

    He forgot to mention The mark 1 Focus ST

  • fishbaitx
    fishbaitx 9 days ago

    I HAVE AN OBJECTION! you never mentioned the 2005 focuses lifetime non-serviceable air filter! >:(

  • Perfectly Balanced
    Perfectly Balanced 9 days ago +6

    I’m starting to think Ford loves Europe more than the United States

  • Pat Carrillo
    Pat Carrillo 10 days ago

    Dawson's Creek I remember it very vaguely I was born in 1999

  • Ben Herrera
    Ben Herrera 12 days ago

    Hahaha it’s funny, you could drive my SVT . 2004 54k miles 80% stock .

  • ATLien
    ATLien 12 days ago

    *i have an 06 fuckest and that thing would turn off while driving and when I took it to ford they wouldn’t fix it because I don’t have the recall paper. And I ceased the car then I get the recall paper the next day in the mail WTF FORD*

  • College Penetration
    College Penetration 13 days ago

    Ford sucks man

  • V M
    V M 13 days ago

    13:04 what kind of paint is that?

  • Eh, An old account
    Eh, An old account 13 days ago

    Chevy Cruze gang

  • Joshua Bryan
    Joshua Bryan 15 days ago

    Im fucking 20 and i have only heard of Dawsons creek, never seen

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 16 days ago

    Everything you get up to SPEEED !!

  • Elaine Lorimer
    Elaine Lorimer 16 days ago

    I love the focus, this is the best history video on it I can find. I watched twice in a row. Thanks Much.

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi 16 days ago

    These NOS ads are getting lit 😂🔥

  • Christopher Katz
    Christopher Katz 16 days ago

    It hurt me to like this video, but the filming and history was just too dang good. Still hate this car though.

  • Leon Palmer
    Leon Palmer 17 days ago

    I brought a focus for 300 pound and was the best no frills car I have ever owned as a ghia as well so had electric seats

  • coffee dood
    coffee dood 17 days ago

    It’s ounces??????

  • Phillip T
    Phillip T 17 days ago

    Just saying, but that elephant song from the focus commercial (3:23) songs like it could get stuck in your head forever. And surprisingly enough, I’m not sure that that is a bad thing

  • Ryan Ruhle
    Ryan Ruhle 17 days ago

    That's what happens when you buy a Kona

  • Hocus Focus ST
    Hocus Focus ST 17 days ago

    The focus st mk3 made 252hp and 275 ft lbs of torque not 250

  • Feb pif
    Feb pif 18 days ago

    in europe now we have focus rs awd 2.3 350 ps

  • Poofter
    Poofter 18 days ago

    Another reason why ford is the best car making brand

  • Alex Mac
    Alex Mac 19 days ago

    Only the youth in the UK. Mitsubishi dropped the evo, and thats what we get. They used the same drivetrain as mitsubishi is using now.

  • Joshua Blume
    Joshua Blume 19 days ago +1

    I had a love/hate relationship with my focus

    CHRIS REITER 19 days ago

    Jest thought I'd tell you you forgot about the ST in 2005-2007 with the Mazda 2.3l

  • Alfathino Fajrian
    Alfathino Fajrian 19 days ago +1

    Hey, By the way, Ken Block has one as one of his rally/hooning machine
    i love you

  • DenizDivine
    DenizDivine 20 days ago

    i think its OZ, not OZ

  • Drinkyoghurt
    Drinkyoghurt 20 days ago

    Eating a pineapple pizza as I'm watching this. I decided to just give my bias another go after many years and I actually like it now.

  • Alex M
    Alex M 20 days ago

    I own a 2017 Focus RS. It failed for the following reasons in the usa:
    1. Engine gasket issue took too long for Ford to acknowledge and address under warranty so the RS got a bad rep
    2. Since it was imported from Germany, it was heavily taxed. $42k for a hot hatch? Meh
    3. Americans blog about "take my money" for awesome cars, but then go buy an SUV cause they can "sit higher and see further". Mhm....
    I was going to buy a big boy car, but one test drive and I was sold. Hey fan boys, try test driving a car before you post.
    Type R: break and heat issue but best high end speed and handling
    VW R: poor reliability and dull looks. However, with an auto transmission (vomit) is crazy fast.
    Subaru STI (had one): dated engine and weak transmission. Otherwise, an excellent car
    Mitsubishi's EVO is no more great analogue vehicle.
    Did I mention the RS has drift mode? Wile E Coyote designed this awesome machine.

  • Brent Neves
    Brent Neves 20 days ago

    Love the NOS advertising, snuck in there.

  • Ingus Podnieks
    Ingus Podnieks 21 day ago

    I believe they sold so many of these, because, they were really really FOCUSED to sell them, oiii and never again talk shit about pineapple pizze, i might unsubscribe then

  • austin wilbert
    austin wilbert 21 day ago

    you for got a nether thang fucking ford had a stock color that was metalick its going on the mufucking list im fina put my fut up som body's ass for real

  • austin wilbert
    austin wilbert 21 day ago

    ford got cali fuckt up i what a stock car with nitrou's especially in the town the fuck

  • Rodrigo Flores
    Rodrigo Flores 21 day ago

    Emo AF I was wondering if their were ever going to bone and stoped watchi Dawson's creek

  • A Nac
    A Nac 22 days ago

    I love my focus svt

  • Wilkkid1
    Wilkkid1 22 days ago

    I believe Mexico got the mk2 st and rs models

  • That1Sir Is Here To Stay
    That1Sir Is Here To Stay 23 days ago +7

    Ford worker: Do you think we should export this to the U.S
    Head of ford: (Loads shotgun) excuse me?

  • DARKNIGHT696969
    DARKNIGHT696969 23 days ago


  • Carl Persinger
    Carl Persinger 24 days ago

    Can you do Trans Ams

  • Trevor Walk
    Trevor Walk 25 days ago

    Raiders fan weak sauce!!! #KCKingdom

  • Philipp P.M.
    Philipp P.M. 27 days ago

    Why are you talking about the UK all the time? Ford of Europe is based in Cologne, Germany. The Focus was developed in Germany and manufactured in Germany. The Brits destroyed their car industry all by themselves 40 years ago. (Some would say that they are doing the same with their whole country right now.)

  • Joe Klarr
    Joe Klarr 28 days ago

    That was a suprisingly decent falsetto

  • trifon jacobs
    trifon jacobs 28 days ago

    Since James has now done an episode on the Ford Focus, he should do an Up To Speed episode on the Focus’s brother: the Ford Fiesta!

  • ThiccDaddy
    ThiccDaddy 28 days ago

    Umm.. all contractors work out of their car

  • Jonas Henrich
    Jonas Henrich 29 days ago +1

    i just wanted to see this awesome wrapped focus in the background :(

    REDNECK HOUR 29 days ago


  • Claude Speed
    Claude Speed Month ago

    U should talk about the cougar, and when talking about the last gen mention the contour, which comes into play with cougar

  • Daniel Velazquez
    Daniel Velazquez Month ago

    Am I the only one who caught that he said 250tq when it has 270?

  • Cameron D.F Chisholm

    Ford sold an ST Sedan tuned by Yamaha in North America for 2005-2006 .. kinda impressed you managed to miss it.. niche af!

  • Frank Silveira
    Frank Silveira Month ago

    Dollar for dollar this was the hatchback i had my ehe (*eye, see previous comment for context) on before using an excel spread sheet to decide on a the tundra which is the very sublty segway I built in to suggest you should to a one of these videos on the tundra!!!

  • JacobPlaysP76
    JacobPlaysP76 Month ago

    Svt? Don’t you mean FPV

  • Andrew Powell
    Andrew Powell Month ago +5

    5:55 the car on Dyno has water in the head light. It's leaking blinker fluid

  • Juilo Rodriguez
    Juilo Rodriguez Month ago

    What about that manifold o keep hearing about