Get on my level. - The 147" Surround Monitor Experience

  • Published on Apr 6, 2019
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    49" 32:9 super ultrawide monitors are meant to replace two or even three monitors...but when if you have 3 of them?
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Comments • 3 641

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen Hour ago

    3:23 that is nuclear plant monitoring and 4 people sit over it.silly?

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen Hour ago

    ..and you sit too close monitor. you need be same distance from every monitor to have surround.side monitors more angled or sit more far. silly? 1 that kind monitor is designed for gaming. not enought? well buy 6 flat monitor its cheaper and better each monitor can setup angle you want and game settings you say each monitor is this much angle and you SIT between them?!?!? that is surround

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen Hour ago

    11:59 forget curves. 9 monitor with angled is better.if your monitor is 10 degree curve then your 3 monitor setup is just 30 on 1 monitor is allready 60. silly?
    you need setup your game for 30 degree FOV. that is hell zoomed in picture. you need top of it to get height. use 9 of these monitors LOL. silly? 1 curved screen is allready what you are supposed to use. why need more? 3 100 inch monitor is same thing when you put black letter box top and bottom. silly? but if you not. YOU See MORE. silly now?

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen 2 hours ago

    10:53 2 ways do it. very long flat monitor setup or curved around. they are different things. and people mix them. why strech picture. it is becouse monitors are wrong. when its stech you are supposed look that monitor very low angle(not strech anymore?) bit silly now.
    in surround mode. game need render for all your monitor with correct FOV and angle(where you sit and angle of monitors) they cant be just wing it! they need be correct LOL

  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen 2 hours ago

    6:26. yes you made long flat screen. game do exactly that. you have curved screen and they are curved around you. they should ne big flat screen(wall) and you need be sit very close center monitor.when you look edge monitor its so deep angle that streched image look normal. well thats how it work. silly? now.
    if you want surround you need be sit centre of everything and tell game this screen is 50 degree this way or something and put your monitoors 40 degree or something.
    sit in center so you are equal distance from everything. silly? one monitor is enought? its designed for that lol. it would be 10feet one monitor if it for desing for that.
    but why? why not 3 70 inch monitor you get same lengh and HUGE height lol and you can sit on couch 6 meter away.silly now?

  • GrizzlyTV
    GrizzlyTV 10 hours ago

    Was totally expecting that segway to go more like "Speaking of big dicks, here's Linus!"

  • Rayman
    Rayman 17 hours ago

    I'm actually interested in seeing these monitors stacked on top of each other as they are ultra wide

  • pato491
    pato491 17 hours ago

    It's not high enough, should be a 3 by 2 matrix.

  • Alex1911
    Alex1911 Day ago

    3 4K 42”-55” TVs might be cool for a window that’s tall and wide. Do 4K TVs not work well with PCs, why even bother with a monitor when everyone has 4K TVs in their house?

  • TIB1973
    TIB1973 Day ago

    "If its all about dick measuring, then this gives you a bigger dick"..,.... I wish I could double sub!!

  • Klay Moon
    Klay Moon Day ago

    James, you are cool. I can see that you are not a true techie person. I think that's why you are so normal and more entertaining to watch. :)

  • Simeon Lazaris
    Simeon Lazaris Day ago

    You win the stupidest shirt award. You SHEEPLE batch.

  • 3footninja65
    3footninja65 Day ago

    How would I make a chair and keyboard holder like that

  • TP2 SniperDog
    TP2 SniperDog Day ago

    Twelve year old : get on my level.
    Me : spoiled sh*t

    MAXOOSH Day ago

    What if you put two more layers of monitors on top of this one two make one huge monitor

  • b0neme
    b0neme 2 days ago

    James, I respect your dick!

  • Broke Gaming
    Broke Gaming 2 days ago

    James tries stuff for the first time PART 2 coming WHEN?

  • JAY Dee
    JAY Dee 2 days ago

    Speaking of huge dicks here's Linus I though he was gonna say that

  • Amfibios
    Amfibios 2 days ago

    i could do this... the real challenge would be to get a house big enough to fit that desk

  • Venom2238
    Venom2238 2 days ago

    first of all, good test of the monitors, the second thing, what kind of keyboard did you use and settings to make it blink like nightrider and the gamingchair was used to make the keyboard tray ?

  • DavidVercettiMovies
    DavidVercettiMovies 2 days ago

    If only it wasn't 15 inch height....

  • Jason
    Jason 3 days ago

    i thought he was gonna say, speaking of a huge dick............heres linus!!!

  • wallemoi 55
    wallemoi 55 3 days ago

    Anyone know where I can get that mouse and keyboard?

  • Josh Tetzlaff
    Josh Tetzlaff 4 days ago

    Next up:

    Making a 360 set up!

  • Arigatou Gozaimashita

    Lol getting the Linus Honey ad while watching this

    • Arigatou Gozaimashita
      Arigatou Gozaimashita 4 days ago

      Also you could always just drag the taskbar to one side or the other and click and drag windows to mitigate the issue with standard desktop use.

  • titanium1228
    titanium1228 4 days ago

    I was wondering about this. 3 super ultra wide. I imagine u get a 360 degree view. Lol.

  • Razzreal
    Razzreal 5 days ago

    Fire this guy, he seriously doesn't even understand FOV?

  • AleXiz Luna
    AleXiz Luna 5 days ago

    If you have over 2 computers, why?😂

  • PlaguedGamer
    PlaguedGamer 5 days ago

    6:08 That's what happens with Feild of View

  • Tibeau Van Hekken
    Tibeau Van Hekken 5 days ago

    this is what I call: damn this is fancy, but utterly useless asf ;)

  • David
    David 6 days ago

    Massive waste of time and money. You can’t see all the real estate of three 16:9 monitors as is.
    I can see one possible advantage. In Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround, the two side monitors tend to have the far 1/3-1/2 of the screen stretched. You’d still have that, but it might be less noticeable.
    Can anyone who has experienced both of these types of setups comment on that?
    I used to game in 3D Surround, but once 4K became available even two cards can barely handle 4K, let alone 4K x 3

  • Stanislav Gizdov
    Stanislav Gizdov 6 days ago

    Very good video, 99% of people can't afford that expensive monitors to be even 3 of them, but at least we can see even if we can it sucks to have them, good educational video for this type of people who can't afford them to understand that.

  • Egert-Siim Punga
    Egert-Siim Punga 6 days ago +2

    11:30 James starts turning into Kermit the frog but catches himself😂

  • ChopStickGaming
    ChopStickGaming 7 days ago

    Maybe build a 360 surround monitor

  • MastaMilitia
    MastaMilitia 7 days ago

    I wouldn't buy 1 of those monitors they have no height!

  • J.R. Murdock
    J.R. Murdock 7 days ago +1

    We need more James Tries Stupid Stuff. :)

  • TH3O sl
    TH3O sl 7 days ago

    I want more of these

  • Pigglypog
    Pigglypog 8 days ago

    Yeah it just normal to have 3 ultra wide monitor just laying around

    GINGA 8 days ago

    Not even good, sucks for every single competitive game lmfao

    SOUNDWAVE 360 9 days ago

    I feel like it would work better if you had them on top of each other n_n

  • Julius Bhuiyan
    Julius Bhuiyan 9 days ago

    StREtched ResOluTion

  • Michael Fox
    Michael Fox 10 days ago

    is there a way to take the samsung monitor off of its stand and wall mount it? perhaps maybe you could take like three of those and place them on top of eachother ? i feel like that is more practical and as it doesnt really complete the purpose of the video it would be more practical

  • Seal
    Seal 11 days ago

    360 degree monitor?

  • Mystical Apple
    Mystical Apple 11 days ago

    Does this work with Minecraft?

  • Daniel Bauhaus
    Daniel Bauhaus 11 days ago

    Make more videos!!!! U are awesome!!!

  • Jurel
    Jurel 13 days ago +3

    6:17 that boy turned that pistol into a sniper rifle damn

  • Hyato
    Hyato 14 days ago

    I wana throw a pie in his face. Idk why

  • Hyato
    Hyato 14 days ago

    Keep clicking 0:00

  • Chokee
    Chokee 14 days ago

    they have different stands

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger 14 days ago +1

    how is that lap pad attached to the chair?

  • Bevar Fristaden
    Bevar Fristaden 14 days ago +2

    Does anyone know the name of the little table he has on his chair for his mouse and keyboard?
    I need that.

  • LX Mad Panda
    LX Mad Panda 15 days ago

    My ears are burning the cringe

  • Jim Emmonstein
    Jim Emmonstein 15 days ago +2

    Objects in side monitors may appear closer than they are.

  • Colter Slikkers
    Colter Slikkers 15 days ago +1

    More of "James tries stuff for the first time"!!!

  • Prince_7557
    Prince_7557 16 days ago

    10 feet is bigger than my bedroom!

  • Kessler Magat
    Kessler Magat 16 days ago

    Can u go 360 degrees of monitors?

  • jesse morell
    jesse morell 17 days ago +1

    Damn I got a 49” super ultra wide I hope it don’t stretch and ruin games for me

  • Brent Arnold
    Brent Arnold 17 days ago

    That would be great for flight sims.

  • Greg Frohwein
    Greg Frohwein 17 days ago

    Itd probably look cooler if they were all vertically stacked on top of each other

  • chumbo2
    chumbo2 18 days ago

    I didn’t realize this was a Linus video 😂