• Published on Dec 10, 2018
  • David Dobrik's Vlogs are the best, here is a 1 hour compilation of try not to laugh about the best funny moments of the vlog squad! Try not to laugh!
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Comments • 437


    jason in the first clip looks like a 40 yr old man but he’s actually a 6 year old girl. especially when he started jumping because his new car started to honk. “shut the fuck up!!” desperately and frustratedly

  • sophia smith
    sophia smith Day ago

    99.999 percent of David’s videos are about zeekgeak

  • Maik Dreijer
    Maik Dreijer 2 days ago

    Man david is the nicest asshole on this planet lol, you can't hate this guy for whatever reason

  • Singing Liv
    Singing Liv 8 days ago

    I hate children so why do I love Vardan so much?

  • Luke McInnis
    Luke McInnis 11 days ago

    Anyone really think like what happened to Chris

  • illusionist
    illusionist 12 days ago


  • illusionist
    illusionist 12 days ago

    2:57 we just told on chris

  • CD, DVD, Vinyl, and Cassette Collector

    24:04 Jonah sat so elegantly in the pool

  • Vihhzz
    Vihhzz 12 days ago

    Holly fuck is that average American citizen?

  • Brian Junghaenel
    Brian Junghaenel 13 days ago

    why does everyone hate snakes

  • HITORMISS Gabriella
    HITORMISS Gabriella 14 days ago +1

    The raptor goes:

  • Cosplay and Drawing Freak

    Lucy i know you watched this

  • Ez Vlogs
    Ez Vlogs 19 days ago

    Everyone at target:.......

  • Ben Blandford
    Ben Blandford 21 day ago


  • Elilizards
    Elilizards 21 day ago


  • I don't Know
    I don't Know 22 days ago +1

    50:28 and this is why we love heath 🥵😂

  • Julio Sanchez
    Julio Sanchez 23 days ago

    Vardon: A Chris fuck you
    David: Vardon you know we’re not coming back again tomorrow
    Vardon: I don’t give a shit
    David: ok then come to school the next day and get beat the shit out of 😂

  • joshua Gilchrist
    joshua Gilchrist 24 days ago

    1 hour it’s not an hour that’s illegal

  • Angelica's Cooking Show

    I thought Trisha was one of them 😂

  • Isabella Nguy
    Isabella Nguy 26 days ago

    Matt was so adorable at 5:11 when she said yes

  • cheesecake_man
    cheesecake_man 26 days ago +1

    10:20 he looks like humpty dumpty

  • lil pipe-topic
    lil pipe-topic 28 days ago


  • lil pipe-topic
    lil pipe-topic 28 days ago


  • lil pipe-topic
    lil pipe-topic 28 days ago


  • Dottie Hatter
    Dottie Hatter 29 days ago +1

    Joana always sticks his tongue out when he's laughing so does his sister and I'm living for it 😂😂

  • KaydenceLP .335
    KaydenceLP .335 Month ago

    The strippers boobs are so small

  • Maggzzz_ 22
    Maggzzz_ 22 Month ago +3

    When he screamed in the mirror with no eyebrows i died

  • Eli Mendoza
    Eli Mendoza Month ago

    Why does dom have pepperoni nipples 😂💀🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Kaelin Leiby
    Kaelin Leiby Month ago +1


  • andie
    andie Month ago +1

    Jason's mom is my favourite member of the vlog squad

  • NEk minute
    NEk minute Month ago

    who was in the box

  • eliyanna ramirez
    eliyanna ramirez Month ago

    why the principal just say "if u want?"

  • eliyanna ramirez
    eliyanna ramirez Month ago +4

    "did u recently rub a genie lamp?"

  • eliyanna ramirez
    eliyanna ramirez Month ago

    so no head?just asking...

  • Em
    Em Month ago


  • Gurl_Scoutz
    Gurl_Scoutz Month ago

    What’s wrong with me? I don’t think this is funny at all. I really want to like Liza and David but it’s just not working. 😭

  • Carter Ellis
    Carter Ellis Month ago

    I died at 1:15

  • jab 1
    jab 1 Month ago

    Yay a 1 hour vlog

  • Daniel Kilgore124
    Daniel Kilgore124 Month ago

    Liza comedy is next generation

  • PewDieWoto
    PewDieWoto Month ago

    does the family work for david or something? like in his house or something maybe? and he literally takes them in, gives them a great place to live where they can be private as well, and he always goes overboard with the gifts to this family, and I can see why. They've been in his journey as well, without pompous or taking advantage of it and i love how david spoils them

  • Georgia Twumasi
    Georgia Twumasi Month ago

    I laughed at 1:08

  • DaBrotato Person
    DaBrotato Person Month ago

    Why does it sound like emma Chamberlain is a prepubescent middle schooler

  • Shay Flawless
    Shay Flawless Month ago

    39:00 BEST VLOG EVER

  • sublime doll
    sublime doll Month ago

    I love the in and out bit lol 😂 he made alot of people happy

  • Awesome Sauce
    Awesome Sauce Month ago

    Subscribe to meeee pls!!!!!!


    23:37 :/ they were so cute

  • Charles :
    Charles : Month ago

    The second video sent me 😂😂😂

  • Dacia Williams
    Dacia Williams Month ago +15

    Jason's mom's wheeze laugh got me laughing so hard!!!

  • Twizzler
    Twizzler Month ago

    I’m watching this video while eating breakfast and at exactly 47:34 my dad walks over to see what I’m watching what bad timing

  • Pastel Sketches
    Pastel Sketches Month ago

    Man I wish I was part of the vlog squad

  • Pastel Sketches
    Pastel Sketches Month ago +10

    I’m suprised Jason didn’t do better in comedy he genuinely makes me laugh

  • Moriah Roberts
    Moriah Roberts Month ago +12

    David: " It's a couple thousand dollars."
    Me: Right..................

  • Yesenia Fabian
    Yesenia Fabian Month ago

    Laughed less than a minute 😂😂

  • Emilia Piro
    Emilia Piro Month ago

    Jonah is a really good actor 8f he was in a movie or whatever .

  • jazmin reyna
    jazmin reyna Month ago

    Me to my mom:Hey mom want to watch a movie

  • rob Mart
    rob Mart Month ago

    I think I have an addiction. This is the 5th time I watch this compilation completely

  • Dizzyangel123 Dizzy

    Like if David needs a haircut

  • Marilyn Cristobal
    Marilyn Cristobal Month ago +1

    27:00 my baby sister when we go to the doctor to get her shots 27:04 me trying to comfort her

  • Yay Peralta
    Yay Peralta Month ago

    David dobrik is such a nice guy

  • Nikolina Minkov
    Nikolina Minkov Month ago

    You're so funny 😂😒😂