iOS 11.2.5 Released! Everything You Need To Know!

  • Published on Jan 23, 2018
  • iOS 11.2.5 Is Finally Released! 5+ Features & Changes You Need To Know Before Updating! HomePod Is Also Here, Release Date Info.
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  • Monjur Alahi
    Monjur Alahi Year ago


  • Shawn Murphy
    Shawn Murphy Year ago

    My iPod came pre-installed with this. I should've stayed, I regret updating to 11.3

  • Jane Blake
    Jane Blake Year ago

  • H a T eDeadshot
    H a T eDeadshot Year ago


  • I dontgive2fucks• 4you.

    My iPhone 6plus has this

  • Jiyad Ahmed
    Jiyad Ahmed Year ago

    Could u give a iphone x?

  • Jordan Gonmarting

    Very usefull, thanks

  • Samantha Villegas

    Why can’t I update? 😩😩

  • Jason Simon
    Jason Simon Year ago

    Do you have a spigen screen protector on your phone?

  • Randolf Pugong
    Randolf Pugong Year ago


  • Randolf Pugong
    Randolf Pugong Year ago


  • Yg._ oh
    Yg._ oh Year ago


  • JkKookie
    JkKookie Year ago +1

    Is it me or this update has fucked my phone up. I can’t record videos and my headphones aren’t working.

  • Полина Шандюк

    Тут кто нибудь русский есть?

  • Estoyyyyy
    Estoyyyyy Year ago

    This is update sucks u can’t delete apps from the home screen anymore

  • Jason Andujar
    Jason Andujar Year ago

    If I update my Phone to 11.2.5 will my apps update also?

  • Jason Andujar
    Jason Andujar Year ago

    If I update my Phone to 11.2.5 will my apps update also?

  • Denis Tusca
    Denis Tusca Year ago


  • Lily Ray
    Lily Ray Year ago

    My screen and keyboard have been glitching out like crazy awful update

  • Dana Khoshnaw
    Dana Khoshnaw Year ago

    im on ios 10.3.3 on an iphone 7 plus.. should i update ?

  • Bethany Diaz
    Bethany Diaz Year ago

    Idk if it’s my iPad or the update but videos I downloaded to my gallery now say download error and cannot watch my videos I. My gallery without WiFi does anyone know how to fix this ?

  • Lmao
    Lmao Year ago

    How many iPhone Xs do u need bro

  • JTundra
    JTundra Year ago

    I love how many iphone x devices i see out there after the whole rage movement on the $1000 price tag lol i knew the ragers would buy the phone regardless. Mindless sheep

  • ExpressTheNoise
    ExpressTheNoise Year ago


  • r991x
    r991x Year ago

    Please I don’t know why it’s happening all time when I watch movies on google why they repeat the part 2 , 3 times ?

  • Rainbow Derp
    Rainbow Derp Year ago

    when is there going to be a cydia for ios 11.2.5???

  • TJ Jackson
    TJ Jackson Year ago

    I have an iPhone 6s and the imessage jumble situation did not get fixed, what should I do?

  • Kompjuter JNC
    Kompjuter JNC Year ago

    Can you help because my iphone 6 ios 11.2.5 is with problems.The problem of iphone is that he restart him self .I turn on and i don't have any problem after 5 minutes when it is on lock screen and I unlock from the lock screen he restart him self.I change the battery but still the same problem.
    Please help me master of iphone.

    AFGTHUGZ Year ago

    Still on 10.2 iPhone 6 should I update?

  • dylan berry
    dylan berry Year ago

    Great freezes even more while watching videos another stealer update from Apple that actually makes bugs worse.

  • TheLifeOnHigh
    TheLifeOnHigh Year ago

    Still no fix for the Bluetooth randomly playing music once connected to your car 😒. Fuk yew Apple!

  • Kamala Krishnan
    Kamala Krishnan Year ago

    I have the 6s plus. Should i update? Will it better the battery life because THAT IS ALL I CARE.

  • Timothy Walden
    Timothy Walden Year ago


  • Rui Pratz
    Rui Pratz Year ago

    I love you screen protector

  • Kurt Jensen
    Kurt Jensen Year ago

    I’m still getting freeze screen and having to reboot and sometimes my screen just shakes then stabilizes but annoying

  • B.Y. Low
    B.Y. Low Year ago

    I have been getting camera freeze on my iphone 8 plus since the update. I've tried rebooting, cleared the RAM, restored my phone completely, and reset the setting... even removed all privacy/camera such as Facebook, Instagram, etc... and it's still freezes as and when!

  • Axder Jr
    Axder Jr Year ago

    should i update my iphone 8 to ios 11.2.5 ??

  • Youneedhelpifi
    Youneedhelpifi Year ago

    What iPhone is that?

  • Beatz Boii
    Beatz Boii Year ago

    Do it on the iPhone 7+ or 8+

  • ii funnyninja
    ii funnyninja Year ago

    So after IOS 11.2.5 was released I downloaded it, hoping it would fix the messages being out of order, but after the update it is still not fixed. I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue as well after the update. Not sure what Apple is doing...

  • Elazify
    Elazify Year ago

    should I update my iphone 6S? I'm still on 11.0.1

  • UnknownSpam
    UnknownSpam Year ago

    damn by feb 20 if i don’t get 1,000 subs my videos wouldn’t be able to monetize anymore;( if you can help out feel free to sub. Great video by the way.

  • Nicholas Eliasin
    Nicholas Eliasin Year ago

    Am I the only person having issues with this update?

    • Nicholas Eliasin
      Nicholas Eliasin Year ago

      I can’t see what time it is unless on the lock screen or if im in a app or how bars I have or even the name of my service and my phones been dying a lot faster. I have the iPhone X. Is anyone else having this issue and why can’t I add I home to my personal control center?

  • maya q
    maya q Year ago

    It’s not a great update for iPhone 6 users, a software delay is implemented in the OS so when swiping between screens you have to drag finger 2-3 mm before anything takes place

    • maya q
      maya q Year ago

      ... and this channel tricked me into do it

  • Sapien
    Sapien Year ago

    Question to all my apple community, I am still using an Iphone 6 running ios 11.1.2. I didnt update to ios 11.2 because I here It slows the phone down a bunch. Will It still slow it down If I update to 11.2.5? Or does It fix that? I here that apple slowed it down to deal with older batteries but this is a brand new iphone 6.

  • Richard Bystrzycki

    Nope, my iMessage messages still jumble up

  • Hugo Wolf Black
    Hugo Wolf Black Year ago

    It fix the keyboard lag? 🙃

  • Sm3dqvist
    Sm3dqvist Year ago

    Hmm How to fix the headphone is like stuck and you cant hear the speaker

  • Take no prisoners

    You never mentioned about messing up the touch screen

  • Md Zilani Haque Nafi

    I am updating now in my Ipad. And watching on my android phone.

  • Joe Apice
    Joe Apice Year ago

    Don't know why you can't bring up Spotlight when you swipe down, it works fine on my iPhone X

  • explorrerp
    explorrerp Year ago

    I'm stil in 10.3.1

  • Thinkagain6
    Thinkagain6 Year ago

    This update has slowed down my charging time

  • Agent_Plug
    Agent_Plug Year ago +1

    Normal iPhone 6s plus
    Single core:2376
    Normal Iphone 6s plus multi core:4030
    As you can see ios updates truly make your phone trashier does anyone know how I can make my phone better would buying a new battery fix this issue on the low stats?

  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. Mayhem Year ago


  • Danilo Saveta
    Danilo Saveta Year ago

    Please can anyone tell me does it want icloud password to update??

  • Leena
    Leena Year ago

    Should I update? I'm still on ios 10😂

  • Rory Gray
    Rory Gray Year ago

    peer campus invasion less unknown comfortable therefore cry drive ocean advise.

  • Krichel Aleiah
    Krichel Aleiah Year ago

    Ima just wait for more updates

  • Ernesto Catalan
    Ernesto Catalan Year ago

    You can´t see the lyrics on your mp3 or AAC files! What kind of shit is this new update?!?!