I made a Roblox FLAMINGO HATE GAME... and advertised it

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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    Today I made a Roblox hater game and advertised it for like 20k robux I think and it was fun and people got mad at me
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  • Isla Owen
    Isla Owen Minute ago +1

    Albert is the king of memes 🤣

  • Sub2tomepls
    Sub2tomepls 41 minute ago


    Albert: **Microwave noises**

    Also Albert: **BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP**

  • hallo tschüss
    hallo tschüss Hour ago

    I would say to a hater:you a ugly scp tato

  • Galaxy Wolf4AZ
    Galaxy Wolf4AZ 2 hours ago

    I can’t wait for them to see this

  • Rainy Wolfy
    Rainy Wolfy 5 hours ago +1

    Ad: Felipe says to click NOW!

  • Steve Hillestad
    Steve Hillestad 5 hours ago

    i DiS lYkEd >:(

    ROYAL DOGGO 5 hours ago +1

    I wonder how these people felt when flamingo uploaded the video?

  • Erin Smith
    Erin Smith 6 hours ago

    When the dude said it's like the school he was talking about a movie

  • Piggy Master
    Piggy Master 6 hours ago

    Flamingo I will tell the king and queen in roblox to like give you back your roblux if they can

  • Ahead Xd
    Ahead Xd 7 hours ago

    Roblox Love to hate Himself

  • Sprite -
    Sprite - 17 hours ago +1


  • TTV.as_2009 Kl
    TTV.as_2009 Kl 17 hours ago


  • TTV.as_2009 Kl
    TTV.as_2009 Kl 17 hours ago

    My name in roblox flamencofan2

  • Princess Nevaeh
    Princess Nevaeh 18 hours ago

    Me:I wacth flamingo daily I like him

  • Vanessa Strange
    Vanessa Strange 19 hours ago

    Roblox: This name isnt good enough (idk)
    Me: But I putted a name before and it said ImwatchingAlbert AND I DIDN'T GET IN TROUBLE!?

  • Matthew Madariaga
    Matthew Madariaga 20 hours ago

    5:24 someone called you gay

  • 1k subscribers with maybe videos

    I made the dislikes 1K stop me

  • Dubs J
    Dubs J 23 hours ago

    U dress like him then

  • ciara plays
    ciara plays Day ago

    Do you like Steven universe Albert?

  • Auston Whiting
    Auston Whiting Day ago +1

    Flamingo, it said “Do not upload personal photos on roblox”

  • jennie ash 就摁捏爱上 :3

    I saw haram writed on peppa pig on 0:09

  • Vanessa Fonseca
    Vanessa Fonseca Day ago

    The language was Spanish and it said don't put personal picture of other people but your taking your face idk btw love your vids!

  • Secret finding
    Secret finding Day ago

    I like comedy

  • Emma New
    Emma New Day ago

    No u wre the tallest woman u ever mwt ohhh wait she was a earthworm not a woman lol

  • Dorothy G.
    Dorothy G. Day ago

    He said its like the school cuz ummmm.... they say school is hell..

  • DJ Wick
    DJ Wick Day ago +1

    R.I.P 200 dollars

  • Noahsnoah Craig
    Noahsnoah Craig Day ago

    “ sometimes in life you gotta be your biggest supporter but sometimes you gotta be your biggest hater”
    Albert 2019-2020

  • ct-9898
    ct-9898 Day ago

    The mod said do not upload personal photos to Roblox

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause Day ago

    You are funny

  • Santa Clause
    Santa Clause Day ago

    Ah ah ah

  • the one
    the one Day ago

    Jumpscares: 3:31

  • Krazi Kiki
    Krazi Kiki Day ago +1

    Albert 2020🇺🇸


    we need MERCH

  • ethan Vandenberg

    3:31 HEY SISTERS

  • mrsshrek
    mrsshrek Day ago

    i remember from like a long time ago you posted a video when u were like lowkey buff in like highschool or sum before you did your face reveal. what happened?

  • Mrwoofy 446
    Mrwoofy 446 Day ago

    “No suba fotos personales a Roblox”
    “Do not upload personal photos to Roblox”

  • Geno Palombi
    Geno Palombi Day ago

    Respect the vets

  • Kayson Hendley
    Kayson Hendley Day ago

    I hate it when people play that James Charles video

  • kristie veile
    kristie veile Day ago

    I hate him

  • Felipe
    Felipe Day ago +1

    3:33 HI SISTERS

  • cod roby
    cod roby Day ago

    Pals and cos distal Daisy Halo Dallas ideal also call map Happ

  • Scrubs
    Scrubs Day ago

    5:24 he says flamingo is gay

  • comfypupp
    comfypupp Day ago

    “Flamingo is gay”

  • Waters Way
    Waters Way Day ago

    *spends 20000 robux* "what a waste" *makes 60000 robux in return*

  • Name Me boy
    Name Me boy Day ago

    I liked that you sang

  • Potterwolves
    Potterwolves Day ago

    At 0:27 it says I HATE FLAMGO

  • lacrack hola chavas

    Idea: Make a Roblox Simulator and trolling people

  • Eddies Cola
    Eddies Cola Day ago +16

    “When you hate yourself it’s not bad”
    Me: wait a minute so me hating myself each time I look in the mirror is normal?

    • Akiisstupid
      Akiisstupid 4 hours ago

      Everyone has their moments, and some self-hate can be normal. But each time you look in the mirror? Trust me, you are beautiful! 💜💜💜

    • Owlypups
      Owlypups 22 hours ago

      “Hating yourself is how you end up in a Insane Asylum. Have a nice day, and don’t get insane.”
      -Probably Me ;)

  • The Weird Bruh Of Dumsvile

    Albert, the waste money on roux simulator

  • Pastel Pixie
    Pastel Pixie 2 days ago

    idea: make a game then make it look like island paradise then use admin to make a trap then when then try to get a house it traps them in a serwer then dress like pennywise and make them scared they will prob leave but if they dont then make then float intill they DIE :3 its fine if you dont see this just so you know though love your vids and your good comedy

  • Zarqa Noreen
    Zarqa Noreen 2 days ago

    No kidding when James Charles said "hey sisters" scared me literally like if it scared you

  • Igor Govorkov
    Igor Govorkov 2 days ago +1

    Roblox is real flamingo hater

  • The Yeast Of Thought And Minds

    5:38 "then just leave me alone"
    u join this server bruh :/

  • Sanders DarkSides
    Sanders DarkSides 2 days ago

    I got a girlfriend right after I watched this video...I am now forever greatful

  • Nikki Lynn Gordon
    Nikki Lynn Gordon 2 days ago

    5:52 *you don wan my hart*

  • Void The Umbreon
    Void The Umbreon 2 days ago +2

    Now I feel bad for Alberto :(
    *You people who bullied him back then- look at him now. He's too epic for you peasants.*

  • MandoMotion Studios
    MandoMotion Studios 2 days ago

    flamgo i can make you games for your videos i am good trust me, dont pay me its free, OR i can remove viruses

  • Kyree_PlayzGacha
    Kyree_PlayzGacha 2 days ago +1

    I saw in the background “flamingo is gay” •_• wut

  • Alina Thao
    Alina Thao 2 days ago

    Idea:you should do a video where you pretend to be a cop in Life In paradise and arrest random people but than turn to a monster and kill them and also make a jail cell

  • cutierainbowkitty 12345

    I’m in ur group and my username is cutierainbowkittie