Calzone-Garlic Knot Pizza: Pizza or Calzone? || Really Dough?

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • After a lengthy conversation with the mechanic about pizza, the tire is back on Scott’s pizza-mobile and now, Mark is really ready to get back on the road. And who could blame him? He’s only had pizza to eat for the last 24 hours and he has to get back to his restaurant! But that doesn’t stop Scott from suggesting they try to hit one more pizzeria on his list before going back to Lucali. The pair stop at Joe’s Rotisseria in New Jersey to try Chef Joe Brignoni’s calzone-garlic knot pizza hybrid. Will Mark deem this franken-pizza a pizza? Will Mark and Scott ever make it back to Brooklyn?
    What makes a pizza, a pizza? Lucali owner and old-school Brooklyn pizzaiolo Mark Iacono has a strict pizza formula: sauce, cheese, and dough. That’s it. But renowned pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener believes that the beauty of the slice comes from its creative customizability; even if it’s topped with cheeseburgers or constructed with paella. Scott travels all over America to spotlight the country’s most unique pies and make a case for whether these new customizations can, in fact, still be considered a pizza. This time, he’s taking Mark along for the ride on an East Coast road trip to try the craziest concoctions claiming to be pizza... but are they really dough?
    Scott Wiener
    Mark Iacono
    Joe Brignoni
    Keith Cecere
    Senior Producer
    Chas Truslow
    Phoebe Melnick
    Director of Photography
    Gunsel Pehlivan
    Camera Operator
    Carrie Stalk
    Corey Stein
    Assistant Camera
    Lucas Young
    Production Audio
    Nathan Bonetto
    Senior Editor
    Chris Murphy
    Gunsel Pehlivan
    Associate Editor
    Ede Bell Crowder
    Thomas McKenna
    Fredy Delgado
    Megan Chong
    Jason Hoffman
    Cole Saladino
    Photo Director
    Drew Swantak
    Production Coordinator
    Myra Rivera
    Production Assistants
    Chanel Baker
    Jennifer Fullante
    Programming Coordinator
    Madeline Concannon
    Line Producer
    Emily Tufaro
    Director of Development
    Leo Fernandez
    Post-Production Supervisor
    Daniel Byrne
    Supervising Producer
    Stasia Jones
    Design Director
    Ted McGrath
    Executive Producer
    Justin Lundstrom
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Comments • 841

  • Thrillist
    Thrillist  2 months ago +68

    Catch our last pizza debate here:

    • Paul Escalona
      Paul Escalona 2 months ago

      What a rule of thumb for a pizza show or show in general guys?

    • Chromwell A
      Chromwell A 2 months ago

      You have pizza debate??

    • Skeptic Fucker
      Skeptic Fucker 2 months ago

      @Hugo Vinicius yeah, I wouldn't give it a thumbs down because it's changing in a direction I dilike. Most people feel the same I figured.
      The real question is how many views compared to thumbs up? What percent actually liked the video enough to push an icon?

    • Skeptic Fucker
      Skeptic Fucker 2 months ago

      @Hugo Vinicius maybe, I started watching cause it was about pizza. If I want some fake drama I'll go watch an actual drama show.

  • Leaving Blank
    Leaving Blank 4 days ago


  • beardown2489
    beardown2489 5 days ago

    My guess... neither of them like this food, or the owner.

  • Joey mp4
    Joey mp4 6 days ago

    Pizza guy:

  • Joey mp4
    Joey mp4 6 days ago

    Pizza guy:

  • Harry Sachs
    Harry Sachs 7 days ago

    This is turning into a fucking horror series. LOL

  • Clickbaitisreal 2
    Clickbaitisreal 2 8 days ago

    Its like a bigger stuffed crust

  • MrKookie79
    MrKookie79 9 days ago

    What a bitch. Thats what counters are for...

  • djekna N
    djekna N 9 days ago

    Ruining the name. It’s pronounced Kal-tsoneh.

  • Tomas Tylecek
    Tomas Tylecek 13 days ago

    this is hillarios. its like hbo comedy

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins 14 days ago

    Mark is Vegeta and Scott is Napa from TeamFourStar's DBZ Abridged

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 15 days ago

    "You don't have to tell him what Brooklyn style is... he got stabbed!"
    Oh my god

  • Marcus D
    Marcus D 18 days ago

    Take your hands off the counter?! That woman needs to go to charm school.

  • Alex Kong
    Alex Kong 18 days ago

    The skit is so annoying. Ended video right there

  • tohoz
    tohoz 18 days ago

    the staging and script of this show is so odd and kind of silly but im binge watching it anyway LOL

  • FatGuyGoesNutzoid
    FatGuyGoesNutzoid 19 days ago

    Hands off the counter girl get fired?

  • Takara Hayashi
    Takara Hayashi 20 days ago

    scott got some daddy issues, lol

  • Nassir
    Nassir 21 day ago

    When that woman asked him to take his hands off of the counter...

  • Pichpanharith Dara
    Pichpanharith Dara 22 days ago

    What a sweet couple

  • jimbizzzale67123
    jimbizzzale67123 22 days ago

    The way he said that"s nice to the grease dripping was so genuine I loved it.

  • JaRW7
    JaRW7 22 days ago

    Oof, the heartburn

  • cause&effect
    cause&effect 23 days ago

    Proprietary my ass, you can copyright the process of putting the pizza and calzone but you can’t copyright the design cause anything different to an ingredient wont be enforceable

  • Samir Ufo
    Samir Ufo 24 days ago

    It so geant. This is the reason why 60% is obese !!

  • creepyguy
    creepyguy 24 days ago

    I’m so upset that I don’t get to eat pizza with these guys🤘!!

  • Rob Goodheart
    Rob Goodheart 24 days ago

    Every time you hear "Patent Pending" take a shot.

  • floofytown
    floofytown 28 days ago

    This show is so unique in its actual-food-series-but-also-scripted-reality-show-but-also-just-a-comedy thing, using real people who are apparently incredibly good actors and a naively absurd plot that's really totally unnecessary but just adds to the total goofness of it all. There's actual food discovery and review-type stuff, and Scott and Mark are really who they are, and are really funny. None of it feels tacked on, somehow, and that's just a credit to the show's writers...AND editors. Good lord, this is edited well. It's all so natural, and naturally funny. It could easily slip into corny and unwatchable, but it never even comes close. A lot of that is just how naturally charismatic Scott and Mark are on their own, and how well they odd-couple when they're together. I love this show. It's simple, unassuming, and so seamlessly well done that I feel privileged to be watching it!

  • Ryan R
    Ryan R 28 days ago

    Mark's great, so knowledgeable and insightful. It's clear he knows pizza as a true artisan should. Scott's useless though. Mark needs his own show.

  • Amy Splitt
    Amy Splitt Month ago

    Pizza Dad can get it tho

  • Sally R
    Sally R Month ago

    These shorts are so entertaining. The two of you are great together. Love it. Keep doing more videos! Mark has to be nicer though

  • Golempire
    Golempire Month ago +1

    I'm going to take a trip to this place

  • kekerino bandito
    kekerino bandito Month ago

    Drink every time you hear patent pending

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia Month ago +1

    Fucking Scot... He's too much!!!

  • TheMCProPlayer Plays

    Rumor has it that they never made it back to Brooklyn

  • Marcuss February
    Marcuss February Month ago

    03:53 The hell.

  • Marcuss February
    Marcuss February Month ago

    So John Wick eats pizza now?

    I HATE YOU DIE Month ago

    was never an iphone 9 in the same way the place should never been in buisness

  • Siang C
    Siang C Month ago

    That sunglasses made me moist

  • Reall
    Reall Month ago


  • Steph Lee
    Steph Lee Month ago

    Scott needs to get the message. Thank goodness Mark keeps it interesting and real or Scott’s blabbering would be enough to keep me from this series.

  • Judie T Walpole
    Judie T Walpole Month ago

    It's pronounced with ' calzoné ' not 'cal zone'. ;) It's Italian. Obviusly no accent on the 'e' but you pronounce the 'e'.

  • Ricky Tran
    Ricky Tran Month ago

    I wonder if this guy is serious on the patent pending. I've seen numerous places that have done this with a whole pizza. 1/3 is a calzone and the rest is a pizza.

  • Dylan Parramore-Stedman

    would be nice if it was a little less staged. the best parts are when they are just talking real.

  • Tuhin Das
    Tuhin Das Month ago

    Why are so many Joe's into making pizzas? 3rd Joe this season

  • Will Lees
    Will Lees Month ago

    Just cut the bad acting, why even bother the show would be just as entertaining if you dont fake all the interactions

  • -Festive-
    -Festive- Month ago

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time they say "Patent Pending"

  • Hamza Haytham
    Hamza Haytham Month ago

    It’s a pizza
    It’s a calzone

    It’s a _Mario_

  • T.L B
    T.L B Month ago +1

    Take your hands off the counter when he’s giving their pizza place so much free publicity? Rude biatch!

  • Salman Malek
    Salman Malek Month ago

    Marks is like John wick he looks like him too

  • Kp Kp
    Kp Kp Month ago

    chef joe sounds like Jackie Jr Aprile

  • Ranger _
    Ranger _ Month ago

    Does this mean a mezzaluna isn't a pizza anymore?

  • Goldjade14
    Goldjade14 Month ago +1

    This guy really loves to empathize the name Triple Threat OG patent pending

  • Michael Phipps
    Michael Phipps Month ago +1


  • reviewfor thetube
    reviewfor thetube Month ago +1


  • francis bwalya
    francis bwalya Month ago +1

    IPhone 9s lol 😂 😁

  • Christopher A.
    Christopher A. Month ago +2

    Funniest episode

  • Sully The Man
    Sully The Man Month ago +2

    "This is a proprietary box" 🤣🤣🤣

  • K K
    K K Month ago +1

    I wonder if that pizzas patent pending?

  • Jeremiah Echols
    Jeremiah Echols Month ago +1

    Pizza Mahomes needs his own show

  • Light
    Light Month ago +1

    surprised they talked about mark getting stabbed lol

  • seoul588
    seoul588 Month ago +1

    Golf on tv? Now that's unexpected.