• Published on Jan 20, 2012
    Ian finds a REAL Death Note, will he use his newfound powers for good or evil?
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  • unlimited X
    unlimited X 11 hours ago

    6:13 i agree

  • BeastGaming
    BeastGaming 13 hours ago

    My name is damien dusek

  • Modded Gamer
    Modded Gamer 14 hours ago

    i died

  • Modded Gamer
    Modded Gamer 14 hours ago


  • Modded Gamer
    Modded Gamer 14 hours ago

    Jann Roen Esguerra Balbastro

  • Rey Playz
    Rey Playz 15 hours ago +1

    Peter Peter
    Yes papa
    Eating ass
    No papa
    Open ur mouth

  • Idraki Rafdi
    Idraki Rafdi 17 hours ago

    Idraki rafdi

  • Isaiah Ybarra
    Isaiah Ybarra 18 hours ago


  • FrenchHatPal
    FrenchHatPal 19 hours ago

    8 years old celebration anyone?

  • Golden Egg
    Golden Egg 22 hours ago

    Ian: So, decides who lives and dies?
    God: Um, yea.

  • LokiitzFine MSB
    LokiitzFine MSB 22 hours ago

    Anime life

  • Oliver Flowers
    Oliver Flowers 22 hours ago +1

    Hey, this was exactly 8 years ago

  • Aisyah H
    Aisyah H Day ago


  • Third Daus
    Third Daus Day ago

    Instead of writing Hansel Thepedo over and over again, why not write Peter Peter First

  • braxton Allen
    braxton Allen Day ago

    Braxton levi allen

  • nadiralee
    nadiralee Day ago


  • nadiralee
    nadiralee Day ago


  • Anthony Pabon
    Anthony Pabon Day ago

    My full name is Tony Tony. Yes my parents are crack addicted.

  • King of Rascals
    King of Rascals Day ago

    This is why you have a friXion pen

  • frunia2674
    frunia2674 Day ago

    smosh=the best

  • Benz Cool
    Benz Cool Day ago

    Holy shit

  • Chloe Pearson
    Chloe Pearson Day ago +1

    Which one do u like more
    Like smosh
    Like slogo

  • Ollieboy12341 12341

    I love PETER PETER

    My parents are crack addicts

  • Guggy pro games
    Guggy pro games Day ago

    I was born in 2010 January 24 4 more days I would of been 3 because this video came out in 20 January 2012

  • Dawn Mellott
    Dawn Mellott Day ago

    Wait at the end when they put down their names wouldn’t that be a infinite loop?

  • Pavol Kazimír
    Pavol Kazimír Day ago

    today is it 8 years of this video lol

  • creepypasta
    creepypasta Day ago

    Happy 8 Year Anniversary to this video xd

  • Ion Quntin
    Ion Quntin Day ago +1

    Yo Ian went zamazu on them

  • GD OneGamerRuns
    GD OneGamerRuns Day ago

    As long as you have an Immortal Note, Here's my name.
    Ayden Cutris Coutlee.
    **dies of suffocation**
    *Minecraft Hardcore: You Died! - Spectate world or delete world?*

  • Chantelle Ridd
    Chantelle Ridd Day ago

    kaiden Ridd

  • kate nøva
    kate nøva Day ago

    is it real?

  • QQ Meister
    QQ Meister Day ago

    How is this video 8 years old


    I have a death note too
    1st on my note

    Is T series

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson Day ago

    Somebody wrote smosh in that book when the others joined

  • 【Un honguito de regalo】

    I was watching this video with my dad and what it says at the end of : the books are bad best plays vidio games
    Well he got up came out, came back with a video game and I
    From now on you'll follow that advice :v

  • KaidoOf1000Beasts
    KaidoOf1000Beasts 2 days ago

    Why not in german?

  • Fareyzi Maksum
    Fareyzi Maksum 2 days ago

    i miss this smosh

  • Zoel Amp
    Zoel Amp 2 days ago

    Why does it have more views than the subscribers

    • the Miythac
      the Miythac 2 days ago

      Because you can watch it multiple times and it will count as another person and not everyone subs to them for viewing it.

  • TheSain’t YT
    TheSain’t YT 2 days ago +1

    Yeah if I had a death note I’d be dead if five seconds

  • Kool Guy
    Kool Guy 2 days ago +1

    Reminds me of my friend Ryan Ryan just like Peter Peter.

  • Davin Lariviere
    Davin Lariviere 2 days ago

    Write my nameleland

  • Michael Pelletier
    Michael Pelletier 2 days ago


  • asinis03
    asinis03 2 days ago

    this is cool

  • Depp R
    Depp R 2 days ago

    Here my name Ian

  • DragonDunut4421 Dunut
    DragonDunut4421 Dunut 2 days ago +7

    I remember watching this as a kid back in the early 2010, and now after a decade of reading the manga I can really appreciate this skit

  • Link Loves
    Link Loves 2 days ago

    Do draw on ridiculous they're on right now

  • oofio dude
    oofio dude 2 days ago

    Why didn’t Anthony revive Peter?

  • Dallas Lakey
    Dallas Lakey 2 days ago

    This is so nostalgic :(

  • Blade of Despair
    Blade of Despair 2 days ago

    This better then netflix

  • Sayok Sayok
    Sayok Sayok 2 days ago

    My full name Sayok Rai Kulung Boko

  • Vicente Gonzalez
    Vicente Gonzalez 2 days ago +1


  • Angel Molina
    Angel Molina 3 days ago

    The old switcheroo

  • Andrew Nehme
    Andrew Nehme 3 days ago +1

    Voldemort is from Harry Potter
    He isn't real

  • Andrew Nehme
    Andrew Nehme 3 days ago

    Voldemort is from Harry Potter
    He isn't real

  • Bishnu Rai
    Bishnu Rai 3 days ago +1

    I love anime like death note and I know the characters like light and Matsudda and L and his DAD

  • N O S T A L G I C
    N O S T A L G I C 3 days ago

    Imagine being Hansel Thepedo

  • Natiq Nader
    Natiq Nader 3 days ago


  • Cley
    Cley 3 days ago +2

    4:31 Voldemort ^^ 😅😂

  • EpicYolovlogs
    EpicYolovlogs 3 days ago +1

    Ian could’ve killed his mom if he wrote *Ians mom*

  • Nusrat Jahan
    Nusrat Jahan 3 days ago

    RU-clip recommendation 😂