Offset - Clout ft. Cardi B (Official Video)

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Watch the official Music Video for “Clout" featuring Cardi B by Offset.
    A FREENJOY Production
    Directed by Daniel Russell
    Creative Directed by Offset & Joseph Desrosiers Jr.
    Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
    Producer: Jeff Kopchia
    Director of Photography: Corey Jennings
    Production Designer: Alex Delgado
    Editing Advisor: Joseph Desrosiers Jr.
    Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company3
    VFX: MOD
    Video Commissioner: Kevin Kloecker & Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop
    Stream/Download "FATHER OF 4" Album feat. "Clout":
    Follow Offset:
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    #Offset #Clout #CardiB
    Music video by Offset performing Clout. © 2019 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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  • NoScary4U
    NoScary4U 7 hours ago


  • Mattie Jones
    Mattie Jones 8 hours ago

    Do anything for clout 😎😎

  • Kalisha Trott
    Kalisha Trott 9 hours ago

    Kind ATTN Mr Rahul Gandhi Nagar New Delhi India the night of

  • Kalisha Trott
    Kalisha Trott 9 hours ago

    Cheers Wade Lola now baby boy love you too baby boy in touch soon yes now

  • Gianimaris Croes
    Gianimaris Croes 9 hours ago

    this is the most trash diss track ever made. go get some tutoring by Eminem

  • Is sa
    Is sa 9 hours ago +1

    Wiz Khalifa Black and Yellow REMASTERED 2020 .

  • Carla Enriquez
    Carla Enriquez 9 hours ago

    Bitch watch ya mouth ☺️

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  • Fahluv
    Fahluv 16 hours ago

    This female rapper really put cardi b to shame. Raw talent see for yourself.

  • . Marci
    . Marci 20 hours ago

    Ez a csengohangom majdnem baszadekok

  • Flamingo Pooop
    Flamingo Pooop 20 hours ago

    any one else reminded of Busta Rhymes with this video?

  • isiak Balikis
    isiak Balikis 21 hour ago +1

    Listening in 2020 God bless u all 🙏🙏

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  • Steven Anthony
    Steven Anthony 22 hours ago

    Looks like a sprint commercial

  • Marty Mo
    Marty Mo 22 hours ago

    Honestly feel like cardi ruined the sound and video ...

  • Zack Is back
    Zack Is back 23 hours ago

    2:44 woah woah woah she said suck my dick is she a man

  • Lean Bra
    Lean Bra Day ago +3


  • Melissa Ramos
    Melissa Ramos Day ago


  • Markenn Wiz
    Markenn Wiz Day ago



    Everyone: singing

    Me: waiting for cardi b's part

  • Dance Tributes
    Dance Tributes Day ago +1

    THE hip hop couple of this period
    much love!

  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy Day ago

    Care to share your gay hiv positive story tony

  • zakaria alami
    zakaria alami Day ago

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  • Ronnell Rogers jr


  • Mahli Buzh
    Mahli Buzh Day ago

    Wrong song

  • Kristy Chiquet
    Kristy Chiquet Day ago +1

    *When Offset look like Wendy from Wendy's*

  • crxcya reis
    crxcya reis Day ago +2

    Director: how citric do you want this video to be?
    Offset: YES

  • Marcos Sánchez
    Marcos Sánchez Day ago +18

    Haters: 100% porn.
    Me: yeah! But with a Grammy nomination.

  • Mateo Martinez
    Mateo Martinez Day ago

    Offset is rich and cardi

  • I'm me
    I'm me Day ago

    Cardi such a dirty slut lol no class at all in that beast!!

  • GaytoHassemKader
    GaytoHassemKader Day ago +13

    And this is how he became gay ^^

  • fany Agustine
    fany Agustine Day ago

    Damn this cool

  • Jose Amaro
    Jose Amaro Day ago


  • shannen Sinclair
    shannen Sinclair Day ago +2

    Cardi b:" ahh Ecklert i seld more lemonade than u"
    Beyonce:"im back b-"

  • LS Lexus
    LS Lexus Day ago +1

    WTF AMERICA ?!?!?!?

  • Soti T. Boy
    Soti T. Boy Day ago

    i just dont know why i keep watching this video everyday. i love offset voice prh prh

  • Jon V
    Jon V Day ago

    Lol😂😁 funny. Weirdos 🎶🎵🎼🇺🇸

  • Candace Chanel
    Candace Chanel Day ago

    seems like blacks will never learn

  • Vicious Tech Music Official

    Nice beat

  • Dallas And Friends

    Other Songs: 0% Nudity 1% Swearing
    Clout:100% Nudity 99% Swearing 10000% Stupidity

  • Riaheza
    Riaheza Day ago

    2:25 what the fuck is this!

  • Iam Keemonroe
    Iam Keemonroe 2 days ago +1

    I love how set and Cardi got dark skin women headlining their video

  • Tanika Long
    Tanika Long 2 days ago

    Clout. 😍😍😍

  • 13 ms13
    13 ms13 2 days ago

    les animaux

  • J Simon
    J Simon 2 days ago

    Tupac is rolling in his grave

  • Wander Morillo suarez

    Thi snoop hairdo is lit 😎😆

  • jWON
    jWON 2 days ago

    1:36-37 dance move stiff

  • Fairyn Burris
    Fairyn Burris 2 days ago

    I like outfit

  • beastcos
    beastcos 2 days ago

    Trash cardi fucked it up

  • CraZGuy Kwan
    CraZGuy Kwan 2 days ago

    Brought to you by Sprint

  • ZaLaiya
    ZaLaiya 2 days ago

    Offset: My kids have to have money Not just me that’s selfish
    My Mom: Tells My Sister That she’s Got To Have A Job Over The Summer
    Me: HAPPY THAT SOMETIMES MY MOM SAYS THAT TO MY SISTER that she got to have a job over the summer Happy dace 🤗🤗💃🏽💃🏽

  • Betzaida olmeda
    Betzaida olmeda 2 days ago

    @Cardi b@

  • 666
    666 2 days ago

    They do anything for clout

  • G88 RoM
    G88 RoM 2 days ago

    😂 this beat make me smile every time I listen/watch it...!!!:)

  • Charity Psycho
    Charity Psycho 2 days ago

    Kulture must be having a boyfriend by now..damn..baddest couple😯👌👌

  • Day Be Trippin
    Day Be Trippin 2 days ago +2

    This song is aging like fine wine 😂😂😂

  • Krystal Lee
    Krystal Lee 2 days ago


  • r f
    r f 2 days ago

    Got damn furies

  • Margar Ohanyan
    Margar Ohanyan 2 days ago

    do anithing for clout