Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk!

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • Walking and talking through the Tesla factory
    Part 1 Interview: ru-clip.net/video/MevKTPN4ozw/video.html
    Behind-the-scenes with TLD: ru-clip.net/video/Tz9ZuI0PSSI/video.html
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  • Jannis G
    Jannis G Hour ago

    11:00 Supreme :D

  • Mateusza kanał
    Mateusza kanał 3 hours ago +1


  • Android mode
    Android mode 15 hours ago


  • Douglas Reginaldo
    Douglas Reginaldo 16 hours ago

    1 gopro and this video gets 1000% better. Sometimes simple is the way

  • MadFaka Sana
    MadFaka Sana Day ago

    man! Elon's accent really now has changed. Probably coz he spent now his life majority of it in the U.S

  • saiello2061
    saiello2061 2 days ago

    I would have expected far more automation in the factory. The fact that many people are still needed to do the tricky parts of fitting out in spite of the many amazing feats of dexterity from robots in tech labs around the world is very interesting. Elon Musk flinched when he was in front of that dumb robot, even one that he was very familiar with. There was doubt in his mind if only for a split second. That little giveaway right there is very telling, it will sum up mans relationship to future AI.

  • Trevor Brass
    Trevor Brass 2 days ago

    Pity the robot that doesn't stop for Elon! 10:18

  • Jasper
    Jasper 2 days ago

    i really LIKE this video

  • Shashwat Pandey
    Shashwat Pandey 2 days ago

    Its kind of weird that we compare real thing with VFX movies

  • roald dahl
    roald dahl 2 days ago

    it sucks working with your boss standing over you. i know those guys and lady in the back are thinking, fuuuuuuck, as theyre bolting seats in w tony stark standing over them

  • The Xcode programmer

    11:00 Elon Musk : *uhhh.... what now...*

  • Vizer
    Vizer 3 days ago

    The hardhats are fuc**ng amazing

  • Ionian Yasuo
    Ionian Yasuo 4 days ago +1

    Take a shot every time he says "robot".

  • Eddie L Wright II
    Eddie L Wright II 4 days ago

    Hey Marques, FordMustngMache..... Are you going to share your thoughts?.. . Seems like a real alternative ...curious on your opinion. Unveiling happened earlier tonight ..

  • MD Hossain
    MD Hossain 5 days ago

    You lucky son of a gun!

  • Jankesjt
    Jankesjt 5 days ago

    You smell Musk now

  • Kamal Ibrahim
    Kamal Ibrahim 6 days ago

    I feel like Elon is interviewing Marques

  • Christopher Ladwig
    Christopher Ladwig 6 days ago

    Just a couple of African Americans in the wild.

  • C Alex
    C Alex 6 days ago

    What's wrong with your shirt?!

  • X
    X 7 days ago

    11:01 Supreme

  • Xiaxs
    Xiaxs 8 days ago

    TMW we almost watched Elon Musk get killed in his own factory.

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple 9 days ago

    Its cool that he knows everything!

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple 9 days ago

    5:08 is the part where elon Musk says sorry. For the people only wanting to see this part because of the comments. Donate this comment 1 like 👍

  • Skeppy
    Skeppy 9 days ago

    Elon: So like this like is like a like robot like that like works like really slow like very like turtle pause like like like it irks like like like.

  • MPM15
    MPM15 10 days ago

    elon is thicco

  • Rana 75
    Rana 75 10 days ago

    5:07 Elon said sorry for disturbed in working time ❤❤❤

  • Cas.14
    Cas.14 12 days ago

    dude, your videos have great qualitie

  • Ivaylo Dimitrov
    Ivaylo Dimitrov 12 days ago

    How to build a car in 21st century with only hand work so innovative

  • avetik32
    avetik32 13 days ago

    Why are they talking about raw butts?

  • coolsachin2737
    coolsachin2737 14 days ago


  • pro gaming
    pro gaming 14 days ago

    2:54 oh my god elon musk is an assassin

  • fabi r
    fabi r 15 days ago

    Sorry guys but this actually didn´t impress me at all...Greetings from Germany.

  • SerminisTheRuler
    SerminisTheRuler 15 days ago +1

    Markass Brownie Tesla is the best!

  • Phantom
    Phantom 15 days ago

    Supreme sticker at 11:18

  • Gamer BennyTv
    Gamer BennyTv 16 days ago

    Says like alot

  • Kateregga Badru jnr
    Kateregga Badru jnr 16 days ago

    People don't realise how futuristic a robot carrying 2.3 tonnes is precise to a degree of 0.2 mm 😭 ... That's crazy

  • The God Z
    The God Z 17 days ago +1

    I friking love tesla or eny electric car

  • U don't know me
    U don't know me 18 days ago

    I find it amusing how the whole comment section is praising Elon, on how he treats some of the workers.
    But if you have read a book like Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance, you will know, that the genius also has a dark side to him.

    • Miguel Saucedo
      Miguel Saucedo 15 days ago

      Just finished it yesterday, such a good book

  • Skeet
    Skeet 18 days ago

    Mr musk is dummy thiccc

  • fasol dorem
    fasol dorem 19 days ago

    9:03 excellence is not an act, it's a habit

  • FishyMc Bruh
    FishyMc Bruh 20 days ago

    Elon musk really likes the word like

  • Waleed
    Waleed 20 days ago


  • Fujinox
    Fujinox 20 days ago

    As someone commented in part 1, this dude's brain works faster than his mouth

  • Angela Sou
    Angela Sou 21 day ago

    wait their helmets look lit as fuck

  • Coquelicotos
    Coquelicotos 21 day ago

    why elon thicc tho

  • Roebuck Payne
    Roebuck Payne 22 days ago

    This is one of my favorite dumb robots :D

  • DaReal Fatman
    DaReal Fatman 22 days ago +2

    Thanks 3 thousand treelon musk

  • Special agent Hobbs
    Special agent Hobbs 23 days ago

    7:08 , look how happy he is explaining something omigosh

  • ZamWired
    ZamWired 24 days ago

    Can't get my eyes off that shirt. I wanna see it glitch already

  • sherwin
    sherwin 24 days ago

    I can see Mike Myers playing Elon Musk in a Tesla movie. Shhhyeah, and monkeys might fly out my butt 😁

  • Margen Kola
    Margen Kola 25 days ago

    where is this factory located?

  • Novita D
    Novita D 25 days ago

    Talking tour...

  • Nursultan Magauiya
    Nursultan Magauiya 27 days ago +1

    The only noisiest video that i love

  • Tru7blue
    Tru7blue 27 days ago

    Holy shit! Hourly assembly workers at Tesla only make $15.50-$19.00/hr. Is that correct?

  • Tru7blue
    Tru7blue 27 days ago

    Wow for a minute I thought Elon was some regular factory worker showing a guess how things work. Down to earth CEO.
    Wish Detroit was a nice as this guy appears.

  • Ghost227
    Ghost227 28 days ago

    What really struck me was Elon being so damn nice to the workers there. “Sorry don’t mean to interrupt you” as if he’s just anybody else and didn’t wanna be in their way.

  • Hamza Sallam
    Hamza Sallam 28 days ago

    times Elon says "like"

  • Neo King
    Neo King 29 days ago

    The intro just stopped me from watching the whole video.

  • ArcaneRocket _
    ArcaneRocket _ Month ago

    Remember, he started making videos about a HP remote now he makes videos with one of the worlds richest men

  • Anime Hero Gamer Fan

    When RU-clip Rick roll u with a ad for this video I mean seriously 😂🤣😆