NBA MVP race 2009 mix (Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James)

  • Published on Apr 17, 2009
  • The biggest award of the season with the top 3 candiates of this years season dwyane wade, kobe bryant, leBron james. highlights of the 2009 season and moves,dunks,shots,blocks,steals of the top 3 candiates. who will be this years mvp?
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  • jfrbroadcast
    jfrbroadcast Month ago

    I wish wade won

  • Wade Silva
    Wade Silva 2 years ago +1

    michael jordan pick dwade for MVP

  • fresh prince
    fresh prince 3 years ago +1

    where the hell is Dwayne wade u barely showed him

  • Cyrill TreyGod
    Cyrill TreyGod 4 years ago +2

    2008-2009 has the greatest MVP race ever. 67 wins and 68 wins, just wow.

  • KLWeezy1
    KLWeezy1 7 years ago +8

    Dwayne Wade was completely robbed of the MVP award in 2009. Wade has always been overlooked because of all the attention Kobe and LeBron obtain all the time.

  • Gonzo
    Gonzo 8 years ago +3

    D-Wade was robbed for mvp that season

  • NEG305
    NEG305 8 years ago

    Not enough Wade in this video. Wade was robbed of the MVP in 2009.

  • mirko bartolozzi
    mirko bartolozzi 8 years ago

    will deserve D WADEEEEE but fuck the jornalist that take to lebron the joker d wade the greatest the capitan

  • Amadeus Finrodius
    Amadeus Finrodius 9 years ago

    @HelenHendr How many times do we have to listen to this stupid workout program?Don't post text comments for your fucking adds

  • Andrew Huey
    Andrew Huey 9 years ago

    @Maxlempouras13 yeah well maybe thats ur opinion

  • Andrew Huey
    Andrew Huey 9 years ago

    kobe and lebron are way overrated

  • a healy
    a healy 9 years ago

    if beasley could ever learn how play some D

  • a healy
    a healy 9 years ago +2

    wade had an aging shaq and another bunch of old farts like payton and walker and j-will's knees were not what they used to be when he went to them. wade took over the finals like no one i have ever seen (besides jordan) and i do think he is the best player to play since jordan

  • Ghost Hoot
    Ghost Hoot 10 years ago

    did anybody see WADE at :30 his handle has no regard for peoples ankels !! best crossover in the league NOW is d wade i love his style of play

  • CyannureMAGIk
    CyannureMAGIk 10 years ago

    what's the second song btw ?
    nice mix ( tho too much lebron , not enough wade )

  • aqshadowlord
    aqshadowlord 10 years ago

    nobody can win a ring alone not michael not kobe and not wade. lakers would make the playoffs for sure and not as a crappy 8th seed more like 4th or 5th and the cavs if theyre lucky since the east is pretty weak but wade as u can see in the 07-08

  • Keenan Kitajima
    Keenan Kitajima 10 years ago

    lol at :35 D-WADE squeezed some orange juice.
    Na im just playing OJ is my boy but he got crossed

  • nikola zelenovic
    nikola zelenovic 10 years ago

    i never said he cant ass hole

  • Aldo Nolasco
    Aldo Nolasco 10 years ago

    Kobe has 4 rings.

  • Aldo Nolasco
    Aldo Nolasco 10 years ago

    Its all James the Magic just let James score n get his teamates out of there funk.They played great D against his role players.Lebron cant even handle cramps during the games.He may have won MVP but he has no sportmanship.He doesnt even bother shaking hands to the Magic for winning the series.They played better than them and played as a team not like Lebron ball hoggin.yes ball hogin n dat caused his teamates out of ther funk!!James be a pro n show respect to a team that beat you.Have some class

  • Aldo Nolasco
    Aldo Nolasco 10 years ago

    Are you serious mediocre team!!!There is no way a mediocre team can have the best record in the NBA no way.You have Williams hekping you out with 20 ppg and an allstar.Z at the center who gives pts n reb.West spreads the floor with his three.Varego hustle pts n rebs.Gibson 3pt shooter spreads the floor.Everyone improved in 09 for the Cavs.If they were mediocre how did they sweep the first two rounds?You know why they lost to the Magic cause their offense is so predictable its all Lebron.

  • nikola zelenovic
    nikola zelenovic 10 years ago

    kobe MVP 5 reasons
    1. kobe is older then both of them so he cant do the things they can
    2. wade and lebrons shots are all in the paint
    3. kobe has more championships then both of them.
    4. kobe can do everything lebron and wade can do.
    5. kobe bryant is naturaly the best

  • dannymade2142
    dannymade2142 10 years ago

    Wade is the best.He just needs 1 or 2 more good players.

  • Anto Tomic
    Anto Tomic 10 years ago

    what is the name of the second song???

  • thepr1de
    thepr1de 10 years ago

    Second Coming - Juelz Santana

  • Aman Mangalore
    Aman Mangalore 10 years ago

    but MVP means Most Valuable Player and Lebron was the most valuable to his team. Dwyane Wade had really good random stats but wasn't valuable enough. Lebron had the most points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots on his team.

  • deltronzero08
    deltronzero08 10 years ago

    its "Dwyane" just so ya know homie. not Dwayne the typical way of spellin it................i know weird aint it?

  • Slard Bowers
    Slard Bowers 10 years ago

    so did LeBron 2 straight years

  • Antwon Carroll
    Antwon Carroll 10 years ago

    What was their record, see you don't get it. Its not just about individual stats its how your best player on your team can make your team better.Lebron Clearly did that by leading the Cavs to a 66-16 record while the heat are at 41-41. So i think their is no way the wade should have won because of the heats team record.When it comes down to it, it doesn't matter how many point you score all that matters is winning the game. And thats how Lebron shows he's MVP cause he wins games FLAT THE FUCKOUT

  • Joel Fernandez
    Joel Fernandez 10 years ago

    dude hahha are you kidding me the lakers without kobe is a talented team while as the cavs or the heat or nothing without lebron or wade.

  • jon manes
    jon manes 10 years ago

    why dnt they just give all 3 of em MVP Trophies
    lol even though tht wont haapn would be cool cuz all three of em deserved it

  • TeMon50
    TeMon50 10 years ago +1

    wade is in da playoffs with rookies and lebron and kobe has a gud squad so give it 2 wade. especially after his throwdown last nite with 41 points. wade 4 mvp

  • tlg40
    tlg40 10 years ago

    give king james his crown

  • Zack Billman
    Zack Billman 10 years ago

    LBJ deserves it and u wade and Bryant fans know it.Hey last year when they said kobe deserved i agreed he did.Even tho lebron is my favorite player.Okay Lebron has the leagues best record and home record.His defense is amazing this year.His field goal percentage,3 point percentage and free throw percentage went up.Hes just an unstopable force.Hes the chosen one and he deserves it this year

  • southernPRESTIGE89
    southernPRESTIGE89 10 years ago

    great job

  • kitty huang
    kitty huang 10 years ago

    這首配樂超棒 可以分享一下嗎?

  • NFL360
    NFL360 10 years ago

    awesome video, one of my favorites

    R4PTORSDYNASTY 10 years ago