RAM Mount Install - Motorcycle Phone Mount Review

  • Published on Dec 26, 2013
    All-in-One Kit - amzn.to/2UTlyiK
    Fork Stem Base Mount - amzn.to/K7LZwX
    Double Socket Arm - amzn.to/1bshlnu
    X-Grip Phone Holder - amzn.to/1fJSeki
    Got a RAM Mount kit for Christmas! Come along, let me show you how it works! This is hands down the best motorcycle phone mount that you can buy for your bike. RAM Mounts makes a lot of different parts for mounting various things, and their phone mounts for a motorcycle are top notch. I've crashed with my RAM Mount and my phone didn't move at all. Everyone needs this motorcycle phone mount for their bike!
    Part links below, or click amzn.to/1X0nl2x to check out the whole kit.
    All-in-One Kit - amzn.to/2UTlyiK
    Fork Stem Base Mount - amzn.to/K7LZwX
    Double Socket Arm - amzn.to/1bshlnu
    X-Grip Phone Holder - amzn.to/1fJSeki
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Comments • 405

  • #1 madapak3r
    #1 madapak3r 5 months ago

    Universal no it’s not waste my money didn’t. Work on my 2015 cbr

  • Ricardo Reis
    Ricardo Reis 5 months ago

    my suzuki gsxr don't have that hole to instal the mount :(

    • Ricardo Reis
      Ricardo Reis 4 months ago

      @Fjones1914 I have a gsxr 600 2010
      I have that hole to

    • Fjones1914
      Fjones1914 5 months ago

      What year is your GSX-R? I have an '08 750 and it has the hole in the handlebars.

  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke 5 months ago

    I was wondering that hole is the only access to mount the phone on sport bikes, and that if there is a device that customized for it.

  • E Galindo
    E Galindo 6 months ago

    Thank you. Very good video

  • Ron Potts
    Ron Potts 6 months ago +5

    Used one of these on a honda GL1800, hit a bump and phone flew off and hit the ground, Bye Bye $1,000 phone. JUNK!!!!

    • No Flex Needed
      No Flex Needed 5 months ago

      I use one of these for extra security...never have had a problem!

  • Unknown Caller
    Unknown Caller 8 months ago

    Is it just me or is this video a lot better than the official RAM mount video??? Thanks for the upload.

    PYRO ADDICTS DETROIT 8 months ago

    Mine came with super glue what's that glue for??

    • SuperEugene41
      SuperEugene41 8 months ago

      to glue the rubber grippers on the x stem thing...

  • ziny82
    ziny82 8 months ago

    Hey can you video your rides using this mount?
    My iPhone 8 might save me buying a go pro.

  • NY
    NY 10 months ago

    My experience is like the phone is still moving clockwise or counterclockwise when everything is locked up, is that normal?

  • tedtheturbot
    tedtheturbot 10 months ago

    dont the phone holder fingers get in the way of the volume on/off buttons?

    • Jazmine Tesch
      Jazmine Tesch 8 months ago

      Occasionally. I use one for my moped and the vibrations will sometimes adjust the volume up all the way or all the way down. You just have to adjust it a bit and find the sweet spot.

  • becky superlative
    becky superlative 11 months ago

    The Rs on the X-Grips are upside down!! Not sure if oversight or anarchist :/

  • Brian McGuire
    Brian McGuire Year ago

    Yup, same issue. No hole in my fork stand.

  • Ra Lan Hoàng
    Ra Lan Hoàng Year ago

    What up guy

  • marc G
    marc G Year ago

    I need on that will save the phone if and when you go down.

  • Charles Degener
    Charles Degener Year ago

    A hole in your forks them? What the heck are you talking about?

  • Jawn23
    Jawn23 Year ago

    I don’t have a hole in my fork stem

  • Afbartender
    Afbartender Year ago

    I have it... not too happy with it. I have the iPhoneX and the rubber keeps silencing my and/or shutting my phone off.

  • Carlton Davis
    Carlton Davis Year ago

    can u turn the phone side ways land scape position ?

  • danstewart42
    danstewart42 Year ago

    ok you've got a message on that phone, please address

  • Daniel Brady
    Daniel Brady Year ago

    Got something for 2018 honda cbr1000 sp ?

  • Rephund
    Rephund Year ago

    Where can I buy one for a 2008 r6

  • John Avina
    John Avina Year ago

    put a scratch on my bike wen installing

  • Paul Murray
    Paul Murray Year ago

    I own the Moto Guzzi California Touring SE, I have a lot of room up front on the bars , I have two Ram mount cup holders ( rider and pillion ) along with Universal X-Grip IV Large holder.

  • GSA
    GSA Year ago

    You are responsible, you showed us how to do it, this makes you responsible !!!! If something happens to my phone or me, i will sue you !!!!!

  • David Bergeron
    David Bergeron Year ago

    So the ball installed in the forks still twist and moves after install?

  • Ray Terry
    Ray Terry 2 years ago

    You skipped the part I wanted see, the fucc

  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson 2 years ago

    Mine spins around and will not secure. I have selected the latest size given that would fit into the stem. When I spin the ball mount in the stem it just spins round and round.

    • Justin Watson
      Justin Watson Year ago

      Enoch Bryant nope. At high speeds it moves and that’s it. Too expensive for this type of result.

    • Enoch Bryant
      Enoch Bryant Year ago

      Justin Watson just bought one for my 04 R1. It's doing the same for me...just spinning. Did you find a solution?

  • Jon Phillips
    Jon Phillips 2 years ago

    Does this negatively interact with a steering damp on an r6 if I do one down the road?

  • Jason N
    Jason N 2 years ago

    So is the price tag $100+usd

  • H2o
    H2o 2 years ago +2

    So complicated 😥

  • خالد الغانم
    خالد الغانم 2 years ago


  • Serge Foster
    Serge Foster 2 years ago

    i had a question about this ram mount. would you still be able to use a stearing damper with the mount?

  • Braadkuiken
    Braadkuiken 2 years ago

    is that a custom rom I see there?

    • Amogh S
      Amogh S 2 years ago

      Braadkuiken yeah.. Probably cyanogenmod

  • HollowBasher360
    HollowBasher360 2 years ago

    will a Samsung galaxy s7 fit in the large?

  • Rick Williams
    Rick Williams 2 years ago

    you can now get the same mount with a USB power plug for 15.00 on Amazon... don't waste 65.00 on the RAM mount!

  • MrWalterv
    MrWalterv 2 years ago

    Do you think I could fit my iPhone 7+ in this mount ???

    • troublingsmile 87
      troublingsmile 87 2 years ago

      MrWalterv they make a second larger xgrip. From what I've found they work great for phones as big as the note 4 which is just as big as the 7+

  • Kymei Shepherd
    Kymei Shepherd 2 years ago

    Your video is helpful but your camera needs to be angled higher. I can't see what you're showing on the table.

  • Lars Nilsson
    Lars Nilsson 2 years ago

    give me light!!!

  • Addicted2baseball rgd
    Addicted2baseball rgd 2 years ago

    Does anyone know if these are easily removable, as in you get a new motorcycle, and you want to transfer over. Or is it once you stick in your stem, it's there forever?

  • 69adrummer
    69adrummer 2 years ago

    Can I ask a dumb question?
    Why would I WANT to mount to my bike? I have plenty of pockets and I keep it my breast pocket of riding coat!
    Just asking a serious question.

    TERRAVENTA 2 years ago +1

    this is not even very helpful. it didnt even show it when you put the whole set with your xgrip. you just showed to the video when its ready to tighten. i bet you been strungling when you put into the stem hole huh?

    TERRAVENTA 2 years ago

    does it fit samsung galaxy s6 edge?

  • MarkyMark
    MarkyMark 2 years ago

    "Stick it in the hole nice and... Secure!"

  • David Yeo
    David Yeo 2 years ago

    What about vibration?

  • Jack
    Jack 2 years ago

    Looool I just noticed Motonosity had a rooted phone. nice dude

  • JuS4PLeaSuRe 808
    JuS4PLeaSuRe 808 2 years ago

    I just got this for my 2016 ZX6R and it is good to hold the phone but take videos with your phone.. it shakes like a mother fawka hopefully it doesn't shake my much with a gopro

  • RanPan
    RanPan 2 years ago

    Hell! How quite he was! Lol

  • ZR_ZOE
    ZR_ZOE 2 years ago

    brody thanks a million bro I got one yesterday and didn't know to install it

  • 09civsi
    09civsi 2 years ago

    Just ordered mine yesterday thanks for the video

  • wendell watkins
    wendell watkins 2 years ago

    how much did all of it cost

  • Nick Rodriguez
    Nick Rodriguez 2 years ago +3

    Just purchased this mount for my bike. Wanted to find a quick tutorial, found your video. just what i needed, thanks alot.

  • awakepatriot
    awakepatriot 2 years ago

    do you know why the x mount is able to rotate side to side, once the phone is in?

  • JVAN
    JVAN 3 years ago

    the hole on my f4i is too wide, it just wen right through.. the skinny part not the fat one..


    Great video. ..liked. ..But how can we pierce a screw as base in the case of a cbr 150? In cbr 150 the base part (centre screw in bike )is not like this, its fully covered. .. :(

  • Phillip Dirr
    Phillip Dirr 3 years ago +2

    I got no hole in my handlebar
    what to do?

    • Jacob Shepherd
      Jacob Shepherd 9 months ago

      Take a power drill with a 3/4” bit and drill a hole through your tank. Make sure to have plenty of fuel in the tank when you do this. Trust me I’m a professional 😉

    • Matt Siegel
      Matt Siegel 2 years ago

      Phillip Dirr call him!!!! lol

    • Phillip Dirr
      Phillip Dirr 2 years ago

      amazon lol

    • Waseem ahmad
      Waseem ahmad 2 years ago

      Phillip Dirr
      hi..i need this item ..am here in dubai how i can get this ?
      00971552500548 my watsap

    • Phillip Dirr
      Phillip Dirr 3 years ago +1

      no that won't fit, because I got rhis supersport handlebar too...
      but there is no hole in the middle xD

  • Moto Addiction
    Moto Addiction 3 years ago

    does this fit on a tzr 50?

  • rodrigo strob
    rodrigo strob 3 years ago +12

    my bike doesnt have a hole on the stem. Is there a way to adapt it? I have a ninja 300, and would really like it to be on the fork stem..

    • J
      J Year ago

      The have different models, I have one that u can attach to handle.

    • Jason N
      Jason N 2 years ago

      Fuuuckkkeddd OVEEEER

  • Khairul Azman Aziz
    Khairul Azman Aziz 3 years ago

    I recently installed a different type of phone mount on my bike and it holds my phone well. However later on I faced a different issue. I?found difficulty using my phone for navigation while riding in bright daylight. I had to frequently stop under a shaded area to make sure I'm going the right direction. Any thoughts how to overcome this?

  • StormRider2
    StormRider2 3 years ago

    I need a mount like this for now until I can afford a good sat nav. Seems to do the job need check my MT07 can take the stem mount.

  • Mr2fast4uall
    Mr2fast4uall 3 years ago +1

    I bought one at cycle gear and put it on my DR650, the biggest issue I have is the usb port that will hold up to the riggers of off pavement riding.
    also have one on my naked sport bike and works awesome.