Lil Tjay - Hold On (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Official video for "Hold On" by Lil Tjay.

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  • Adrien Calcese
    Adrien Calcese 13 hours ago

    Goddamm I thought that star ring would never find the bottom of his finger, rawww song doe

  • K1nq
    K1nq 17 hours ago +1

    why are there so many people that beg for likes? its sad af

    like if u agree

  • UpChuck Jr
    UpChuck Jr 17 hours ago +1

    “And they know I'm throwin' bullets, told the opps' to go long”
    Lil Tjay 2019

  • Alighting Fire
    Alighting Fire Day ago

    favorite song

  • Ivann Zavala
    Ivann Zavala Day ago +1

    Who's hearing this in November 2019?

  • RyRy Cordova
    RyRy Cordova Day ago


  • DTB Chris
    DTB Chris Day ago

    Yo lil Tjay I listened to your song and came up with this

  • Junior Ruiz
    Junior Ruiz Day ago +1

    If I don't like this you will be single forever

  • Matthew Burkett
    Matthew Burkett Day ago

    1:16 when all your hw due the next day and you haven’t started a thing

  • Ace
    Ace Day ago

    his voice kinda like a modern day Akon

  • MD_ Estuardo
    MD_ Estuardo Day ago

    Like If Lil Tjay Is Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • suaveericc
    suaveericc Day ago

    I was ducking this song I'm glad my friend pmo

  • Diawara Abdouramen
    Diawara Abdouramen Day ago +1

    Your crush will like you and she will kiss you like to activate

  • Kevin Don't trip

    12 million views in four weeks 🔥🔥

  • js playlist Hood

    Like if lil tj is the bom

  • js playlist Hood


  • Haysp
    Haysp Day ago

  • lazer
    lazer Day ago

    banger brorsan

  • Ruairi FN
    Ruairi FN Day ago +1


  • Giovanni Gjk
    Giovanni Gjk Day ago

    2019 Akon?

  • Schmuck
    Schmuck Day ago

    2:36 that meal comin 🔥

  • Grizzly Edits
    Grizzly Edits Day ago

    if him and roddy ricch haven't done anything yet, they should

  • 420
    420 Day ago go buy right now its our best website we made

  • IlIlIIlIlIlIlIlIlIlI

    he said he need a girl and got got what he wishes

  • Christian Salazar

    shut up Tione Dalyan Merritt

  • Gael Garcia
    Gael Garcia Day ago

    Is that Franklins house form gt5

  • Blu DonJulio
    Blu DonJulio Day ago


  • Julian2 Frosty
    Julian2 Frosty Day ago

    You could tell that bitch finna cheat

  • Anthony Louis
    Anthony Louis Day ago

    100% the best song out right now

  • rojan
    rojan Day ago +1


  • Hanness Njuguna
    Hanness Njuguna Day ago

    This truck...makes me go on...🇰🇪🇰🇪


    "Im just getting some jewellery right now"😅 the way he says just.

  • Jr Acosta
    Jr Acosta 2 days ago

    Bx move

  • Jr Acosta
    Jr Acosta 2 days ago


  • Makayla Jackson
    Makayla Jackson 2 days ago

    im jayden im 8 im like holy shit

  • Viloq yt
    Viloq yt 2 days ago


  • Queen Cardib
    Queen Cardib 2 days ago +1

    If u like.... Like if...( can yall just stop now👋🤦)

  • Wilson Sepulveda
    Wilson Sepulveda 2 days ago

    This is relatable I’m about to blow up

  • Imraan M
    Imraan M 2 days ago +1

    Coldest ❄️

    PURE_GOAT_BTW 2 days ago

    If u like u will have good luck for the rest of ur life

  • J Figueroa
    J Figueroa 2 days ago

    This nigga songs b fye

  • Kitab Jammeh
    Kitab Jammeh 2 days ago


  • Tre Abg
    Tre Abg 2 days ago

    Anyone know the girl in the beggings @ on instagram

  • between sequences
    between sequences 2 days ago

    damn that ass

  • Davidgarciaa
    Davidgarciaa 2 days ago


  • Chipmunks lyrics
    Chipmunks lyrics 2 days ago

    Nice song

  • Grecrip Menlo
    Grecrip Menlo 2 days ago

    wassupk ur song sound good ass hell this dr peper inbox me @nolove jay flexing on fb

  • Manjit Dhaliwal
    Manjit Dhaliwal 2 days ago

    mansion party beat

    THNOBEAT 3 days ago

    Respect from Brasil !

  • Meo Meo Nguyen
    Meo Meo Nguyen 3 days ago +2

    X will come back to life
    👇 lik to activate

  • ugg jr
    ugg jr 3 days ago

    Salute to the homie Tjay 💪... #Motivated dope video btw fam

  • Yana Ruiz
    Yana Ruiz 3 days ago +1

    Your peen will grow 4.0 inches

  • Obelzz
    Obelzz 3 days ago

    0:00●━━━━━━━━━━━ 3:00
    Play it right here, only cost 1 like.

  • Enzo Gattelli
    Enzo Gattelli 3 days ago


  • Atomic-Grain
    Atomic-Grain 3 days ago

    2:15 who is she?

  • Datboydeuce
    Datboydeuce 3 days ago +1

    when bruh dropped that robe i was like "Hold on, Hold on, hold on"

    • ismail
      ismail Day ago

      Datboydeuce gay

  • Saibata Shaw
    Saibata Shaw 3 days ago

    Can’t believe he’s only 18🥺🙌🏾🔥

  • thiery civil
    thiery civil 3 days ago +1

    if u dont want james charles to pop up in ur bed room in morning like

  • ugorji uzoma
    ugorji uzoma 3 days ago

    Done well love that

  • Jackson Philbrick
    Jackson Philbrick 3 days ago

    I got this shit on replay