Joey Talks About Rachel On "The Joey Show"

  • Published on May 28, 2009
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Nikolas Addante
    Nikolas Addante 5 days ago +1

    What was the point of the Joey room if he would just move to Hollywood anyways. A selfless act end out being useless cuz a selfish guy.

  • Alessandra Cardenas
    Alessandra Cardenas 6 days ago

    You can't have a joey show without chandler, and you can't have chandler without monica, monica without ross, ross without rachel, and phoebe as well, it just makes no sense

  • Alessandra Cardenas
    Alessandra Cardenas 6 days ago

    Honestly a phoebe spin off would've make more sense and even then the six of them together were the show

  • Liam O'Neill
    Liam O'Neill 11 days ago +1

    I love when he mentions of Rachel

  • The AJ
    The AJ 12 days ago

    Could this comment section BE more depressing

  • Izzy H
    Izzy H 12 days ago

    Omg Hugsy is there

  • Jade Baldwin 101
    Jade Baldwin 101 13 days ago

    You know I actually like the Joey show its not that bad when you actually watch it

  • Kondi Maphasha
    Kondi Maphasha 17 days ago

    It’s so heartbreaking that He didn’t age well

  • Rohaan Jha
    Rohaan Jha 20 days ago

    Hey, how u doin

  • J 'eH
    J 'eH 24 days ago

    This show was pretty decent, and a logical move for Joey, they only reason it got cancelled was because of the beast that was The OC, they were in the same time slot. and The OC crushed Joey.

  • Athena Theodore
    Athena Theodore 24 days ago

    What’s more annoying about this show is we saw all of joeys sisters who all looked the same. Now she’s a tall blonde??

  • Keira Conn
    Keira Conn 26 days ago

    honestly the reason why this show sucked is because that Joey had the least going on in friends, Monica and Chandler with the twins, Rachel and Ross back together, phoebe happy and married, and Joey just flopped tbh. he got too dumb for humor, it was just a disgrace

  • greenguy 358
    greenguy 358 26 days ago

    Who else misses the joey spin off

  • Guard Passer
    Guard Passer 28 days ago +1

    So this is where sylvio sent adrianna

  • Ms Chanandler Bong
    Ms Chanandler Bong Month ago

    This just shows that the friends stopped hanging out Monica and Chandler are in their new house with the twins Ross and Rachel with emma And Phoebe being married to mike thats why i refuse to watch this show

    • Lockout
      Lockout 27 days ago

      it's even more depressing to think that joey is kind of on his own now. all his true friends are gone.

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle Month ago

    It's not the same without the others, Joey is awesome but not by himself or with other people besides the og gang.

  • Satvik Panchal
    Satvik Panchal Month ago +1


  • Steven Baker
    Steven Baker Month ago

    Love the fact that hugseys on the bed in this scene

  • Princess Po
    Princess Po Month ago +1

    Unpopular opinion, but I liked Joey for Rachel. Ross was too controlling and jealous.

  • MM_23
    MM_23 Month ago

    Is that Adrianna from the sopranos?

  • bt
    bt Month ago

    For 9 1/2 seasons i believed ross and rachel would be married by s10, monica and chandler would be married (happened), and joey and phoebe. Smh

  • Michael R. Gover
    Michael R. Gover 2 months ago

    I would've thought that Rachel would still be with Joey during Friends. Yes t aucks things changed. It'd be good to have her on this show. Something I wouldn't expect

  • Amy Selfridge
    Amy Selfridge 2 months ago

    i didnt know about this show n its ruined my night knowing joey left nyc and his friends fuck u youtube recommendations

  • Layek_Entertainment
    Layek_Entertainment 2 months ago

    If only the members made a guest appearance...

  • Regina Phalange
    Regina Phalange 2 months ago

    I was wondering why this episode wasn't familiar and now I realise why

  • vsco sksk xoxo
    vsco sksk xoxo 2 months ago

    it would be perfect if its Phoebe and Joey

  • Michelle Hellen
    Michelle Hellen 2 months ago

    The comments section is sick

  • AD Status'
    AD Status' 2 months ago +1

    Wow . didn't realise

  • Ali Demiroğlu
    Ali Demiroğlu 2 months ago

    isn't that adrianne at sopranos ?

  • Will Baldwin
    Will Baldwin 2 months ago

    I didn’t even know joey had a spin off show, it’s garbage in my opinion, It shouldn’t have happened

  • MIS315
    MIS315 2 months ago

    The only reason joey didn't end up with phoebe is because they wanted to make the spinoff work

    SIDDHARTH DESHPANDE 2 months ago

    I wanted Adriana to share her love-story as well with Joey. That how much she loved Christopher and how he ended up killing her instead.

  • eliaswolf77
    eliaswolf77 3 months ago

    Wait Ross was his "best friend" what about Chandler?

    • Fiction is real
      Fiction is real 3 months ago

      Well, he could have more than one best friend

  • Kaeli Ann Marie
    Kaeli Ann Marie 3 months ago

    Is that the chick from Soa lmao

  • Dave in the box
    Dave in the box 3 months ago

    It's truly a miracle! Rosita is still with him.

  • repsandgrooves
    repsandgrooves 3 months ago

    To create a spin-off of friends was a huge risk to take. It was one of the biggest shows in television history. The writing along with character selection was a jackpot. This show felt rushed. The network quickly needed something to fill the spot friends had, they should have taken more time. Matt tried to be Joey as much as possible in this show but the writing wasn't good, he didn't have great material to work with like he did on friends. Plus it would have been very difficult to play a character without being able to work off the people he's worked with for 10 years. The other 5 on friends helped shape the Joey character. Plus they all would have busy to make appearances in this show anyways.
    It's a shame that this show didn't work. I wish it has for Joey's sake. Now we're left with the thoughts "I wonder how Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey are doing? Where are they now? What are they up to?"

  • saimcheeda93
    saimcheeda93 3 months ago +2

    I thought Chandler was his best friend

  • David Wallerstein
    David Wallerstein 3 months ago

    well goddamn when you hear joey describe it like that

  • Dylan Foster
    Dylan Foster 3 months ago

    I think a big reason why this show didn’t work was because we were introduced to a totally different Joey that the audience doesn’t know. He’s a totally different character. On FRIENDS with the gang, he had an incredible 10 year long adventure in New York that was full of laughter, sadness, craziness, goofiness and most importantly, Love and Family. On this show, we don’t get that feeling. This just seems like a regular tv show with a regular main character with a flat plot, not so great supporting characters and that contains okay jokes. That’s a huge step back for a main character on a tremendous sitcom. The fans wanted the Joey we know and love. The one who's living in the garage at Chandler and Monica’s new house as they all grow old together. Not the one where he goes to LA. (At least Matt Le Blanc made $30 million from this show. So it’s not a total failure. Lol)

  • Mona Khan
    Mona Khan 3 months ago

    Oh .....did anyone notice hugsy,😚

  • Matt Engle
    Matt Engle 3 months ago

    I would like to point out that he still has Huggsy right there on his bed.

  • Pixsmagic
    Pixsmagic 3 months ago

    Hate me but I love this show

  • bb my
    bb my 3 months ago

    Use to love watching this

  • Animalyze71
    Animalyze71 3 months ago

    Judging by the comments below there's a few hundred people who have no clue what life is all about. Show wasn't great but it had it's moments, just wait till you grow up and see how different you are from your younger self and how much has changed even in most cases geography.

  • Rafael V
    Rafael V 3 months ago

    Am I the only person who likes this show wtf why so many people hating

  • secret squirrel
    secret squirrel 3 months ago

    Why have they made Joey crap with women?

  • DocNintendo
    DocNintendo 3 months ago

    Who is rachel havent seen matts previous sit coms

    • DocNintendo
      DocNintendo 3 months ago

      saimcheeda93 ok kool to know

    • saimcheeda93
      saimcheeda93 3 months ago

      @DocNintendo You were born in 95 but you're talking like you were born in 05

    • DocNintendo
      DocNintendo 3 months ago

      saimcheeda93 friends? What a stupid made up word for fake tv show. No one would watch a show called like that.

    • saimcheeda93
      saimcheeda93 3 months ago

      @DocNintendo He's talking about Rachel from Friends, the show Joey was on before this one

    • DocNintendo
      DocNintendo 3 months ago

      @mallory dickey only seen episodes but he was not joey there? I was born in 95 and this is the first non cartoon show I remember

  • Harry McMullen
    Harry McMullen 3 months ago

    A Joey spinoff in L.A. with his family really could have worked. But look at Joey in this scene: moping over a woman, pouring his heart out to his sister and being the butt of the joke for it. That's not Joey from Friends. If the show had stayed true to who he was even by the end of Friends when he was older and slightly more mature, it could have been successful.

  • Smoke Phatt
    Smoke Phatt 4 months ago


  • Alvin P.
    Alvin P. 4 months ago

    "You think you could just go just buying people's babies???" 😁

  • CoffeeSpiller
    CoffeeSpiller 4 months ago +1

    Quagmire's so bitter to not have his own show when he called Cleveland Brown "Joey"

  • Akkuroxx11 iz me
    Akkuroxx11 iz me 4 months ago +6

    Friends never ended.

    They were on a break...

    please tell me you get it.

  • idontknow
    idontknow 4 months ago


  • Kyle Ashcroft
    Kyle Ashcroft 4 months ago

    Huggsy making the cameo

  • artilugiax
    artilugiax 4 months ago +1

    Hugsy was the only good thing about this show what (the hell) are you doing Joey !!!with out your friends??

  • Andrea14
    Andrea14 4 months ago +1

    Okay fuck off, this never happened. They all keep hanging out together till the day they die. Period.

  • cafemartini
    cafemartini 4 months ago

    The last spinoff that worked was "Laverne and Shirley". They should have known better.

  • exposed
    exposed 5 months ago

    im happy that Joey got his own show, but it doesn’t seem right without the gang. it just doesn’t seem right.

  • K K K
    K K K 5 months ago +1

    Wtf is this show?
    Can someone please explain?

  • Paige Jasmine
    Paige Jasmine 5 months ago

    It’s very difficult to consider this canon.