Best iPhone Keyboards

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • Gboard by Google, Inc.
    TransKey by Aleksander Skjoelsvik
    Chroma Keyboard by Nicholas Martin
  • Science & TechnologyScience & Technology

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  • Salsaz [GD]
    Salsaz [GD] Month ago

    Is that only in iPhone X?

  • Phoenix G
    Phoenix G 2 months ago

    dude google keyboard has translate

  • Gacha Ari
    Gacha Ari 2 months ago


  • Lion HD
    Lion HD 2 months ago

    iOS 13 keyboard is now better than all the keyboards

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I 3 months ago

    ( ・∇・)mine makes faces ha that’s useless

  • Kimberly D
    Kimberly D 3 months ago

    Hi SwiftKey stopped working pls help

  • Not normal YT
    Not normal YT 4 months ago


  • Doodle Crafts
    Doodle Crafts 4 months ago

    Your name should be *I help device*

  • ツBrazy
    ツBrazy 4 months ago

    iuse fancey keyboardpro

  • mel johns
    mel johns 4 months ago

    Do one of these videos for android

  • None
    None 4 months ago

    Don’t buy chroma it sucks the autocorrect is trash you type wayyyyyy slower and you lose your recently used emojis but don’t get me wrong it looks cool asl but it’s not worth it

  • bilal alhalboosi
    bilal alhalboosi 5 months ago

    I can't put more than two languages

  • Say
    Say 5 months ago


  • Anthony Matthew
    Anthony Matthew 5 months ago

    How you find transkey

  • Alex Ave
    Alex Ave 5 months ago

    Is there any way to get rid of the bottom globe and speaker on the bottom left and right?

  • Neel Odedra
    Neel Odedra 6 months ago +1

    How to us this keyboard in Android phones?

  • Michael Moran
    Michael Moran 6 months ago

    i wish you could get more themes

  • Luhjoeupnext
    Luhjoeupnext 6 months ago

    Great video

  • Roblox Noob
    Roblox Noob 6 months ago

    Hello how are you 😂😂😂
    ❤ Get well soon!❤
    💗U neeeed 💉💊💗
    +☀TAKE CARE☀+

  • editsbyhuan
    editsbyhuan 6 months ago

    Yo wtf. I didn't know razer made a key board feature for iphone. Wtff that's sick

  • Elijah Hooks
    Elijah Hooks 7 months ago +1

    Update: Gboard now has haptic feedback when pressing on the keys.
    And I will say, for some reason with the feature on it makes typing a little more easier.

  • Naman Soni
    Naman Soni 8 months ago


  • Takerru
    Takerru 9 months ago

    I downloaded chroma and im using it right now 😂

  • QuadRiderHonda
    QuadRiderHonda 9 months ago

    Apple dictation needs to be improved badly lol

  • Silviu T
    Silviu T 10 months ago

    Thank u, this keyboards are 🔥

  • Jamir Hudson
    Jamir Hudson 11 months ago

    What the hell... When I use Gboard voice diction it take me out my app then brings me back

  • Albert Camaya
    Albert Camaya 11 months ago

    Love this and love ur voice 😍

  • Jan Dolejší
    Jan Dolejší 11 months ago

    You have the dictation symbol right there in the bottom right corner. What do you mean Google is clever to implement it into the spacebar XD

  • Ashokumar Haorongbam
    Ashokumar Haorongbam 11 months ago

    Could you please tell me how to uninstall chroma

  • Samurai B
    Samurai B Year ago

    He doesn't show the notch

  • Kev F
    Kev F Year ago +2

    Transkey I thought it's was free🤨.. I went to download it turns out you have to pay a monthly fee to access... I ain't got time for that...😑

  • Herry 187
    Herry 187 Year ago

    hello please can you help me download this chroma apps

  • Herry 187
    Herry 187 Year ago

    can you help me download chroma kebord

  • Tracy Whitt
    Tracy Whitt Year ago

    Chrome keyboard not available in the U.S 😞

  • Noah McGill
    Noah McGill Year ago

    chroma doesnt work

  • keepwatch nPray98

    I see Swiftkey alot here in comments. Is that one pretty private?

  • Yousheng Woo
    Yousheng Woo Year ago


  • Yousheng Woo
    Yousheng Woo Year ago

    I like chroma very much.Thx

  • Yousheng Woo
    Yousheng Woo Year ago

    I am not happy

  • InfiniteLove
    InfiniteLove Year ago

    You forgot the SwiftKey keyboard

  • Having Tea With the Devil

    Would i be able to use different keyboards and still have my Snapchat keyboard enabled, or am i out of luck with that?

  • Tyler Tremallose
    Tyler Tremallose Year ago +3

    Chroma was slow and laggy for me, if i misspell something or miss a letter, it was difficult for me to go back, vs the force touch and drag option on the standard keyboard..sadly deleted cuz i liked the moving colors
    transkey..i dont really see a need to use often, but very cool concept, however deleted it due to me prob not going to use it often.
    gboard..didnt download to try, so cant comment on that one.

  • HlddenTalent
    HlddenTalent Year ago

    " I wish Apple would implement something like that with their keyboard".. The microphone is literally at the bottom when he said that 😂😂😂

  • HlddenTalent
    HlddenTalent Year ago

    SwiftKey is the best one, Grammly is next... I don't choice Gboard privacy

    ALI SAMIR Year ago

    Thanks bro

    ALI SAMIR Year ago

    Thanks bro

  • Мой господин, разрешите обратиться!

    TouchPal has the best swipe recognition. Best keyboard!

  • Heidi Talley
    Heidi Talley Year ago +2

    Love the Chroma keyboard thanks for sharing :)

    • None
      None 4 months ago

      Heidi Talley how do you get autocorrect on it

  • Sievpao Bun
    Sievpao Bun Year ago

    Wow it is very incredible

  • Matthew Lemmers
    Matthew Lemmers Year ago +3

    Still can't believe how ugly Apple allowed the notch at the bottom to make even their own keyboard. Fleksy is still by far the best third-party keyboard. It does not have slide to type but it offers search as well as all other features keyboards offer while being 100% private. The themes are awesome as well.

    • Matthew Lemmers
      Matthew Lemmers Year ago +2

      keepwatch nPray98 Another keyboard which is awesome is called EasyType and it does everything the stock keyboard does while not needing full access. The cursor movement is better than the stock offering in my opinion.

    • keepwatch nPray98
      keepwatch nPray98 Year ago

      Matthew Lemmers Really?? Thanks for that! Was looking for something more private.

  • Pankaj Punia Jatt

    This keyboard available for iPhone 6

  • Jeffrey Zai
    Jeffrey Zai Year ago

    This chroma app is amazing

  • Jun Gleno
    Jun Gleno Year ago

    Sure...use the Google keyboard if you want every character you typed to be accessed by google. Not me.

  • Apacaveli Tha Don

    Cool keyboards bruh

  • Alexis Vargas M.
    Alexis Vargas M. Year ago

    Swiftkey saved me during the first weeks I spent with iOS 11.0 and the keyboard was a nightmare. I haven't returned to iOS keyboard since then.

  • Israel Casasola
    Israel Casasola Year ago +2

    G board is the best only if they had a number row. On top

    • Elijah Hooks
      Elijah Hooks 7 months ago

      Israel Casasola they also have haptic feedback when typing on the keys now.

  • GalaxyShard
    GalaxyShard Year ago +1

    Is there any with a tab key and arrow keys? (Like a PC keyboard)

  • Cluster ROVEST
    Cluster ROVEST Year ago

    Awesome !

  • Abhishek Anandakrishnan

    Chroma is somewhat slow in my 5S