10 Riddles That Will Drive You Insane

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • Here are 10 of the hardest riddles we could find, good luck!
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    10 Riddles That Will Drive You Insane
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Comments • 76

  • Watermelon With butter

    The number 2 is just dumb you can use sign language

  • SuperSenshi
    SuperSenshi 3 months ago

    (11:10) I recognize this one. They featured it in Detective Conan / Case Closed (depending on where you live)

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam 6 months ago

    I'm not going to do them or watch the video as I do not want to go insane.

  • Sybrand van der Walt
    Sybrand van der Walt 6 months ago

    These riddles offer more than one answer (Though not all of them). They should really think about what they ask.

  • Lil Juzi Vert
    Lil Juzi Vert 6 months ago

    I’m high asf.

  • Tyler
    Tyler 6 months ago

    Oh god

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 6 months ago +1

    Wait... WHAT?!?

  • Slimeprideuk
    Slimeprideuk 6 months ago +1

    I got 8 correct

  • Lil Fresco
    Lil Fresco 6 months ago

    Insert “I think I’m retarded” meme

  • You're Such A Novice
    You're Such A Novice 6 months ago

    for the 3rd riddle, I would just say you're all free to go. They would probably leave to the officer thinking they were free and bam. you did it they get out doesn't even take two nights.

  • Chris M
    Chris M 6 months ago

    4.6 mil subs... 15k views in a day, makes sense

  • cheeze meeze
    cheeze meeze 6 months ago

    Echo? Really?

  • Sky Trussing
    Sky Trussing 6 months ago

    It took me 30 minutes to solve the Einstein riddle

  • Raj Kothari
    Raj Kothari 6 months ago +1

    Brilliant editing and presentation 👍🏻

  • Milan Topalovic
    Milan Topalovic 6 months ago

    The Einstein ridlle wasnt actually made by Einstein.

  • Alex Alvarado
    Alex Alvarado 6 months ago

    The three stooges on riddle 7

  • Exodus
    Exodus 6 months ago

    Lol, that title though

  • Andrew Hagadone
    Andrew Hagadone 6 months ago

    Top Trending fell into that annoying trend...

  • Leagueclips
    Leagueclips 6 months ago

    how stupid can you be to include the einstein riddle into this? it doesn't fit at all to this yt-riddle-scheme

  • Joe
    Joe 6 months ago +1


    LEO MATTSSON 6 months ago

    I had right on riddle 1 this is crazy

  • IR's Blue Man Money® Channel

    AHHHH back at it again with GoAnimate!!!! Tho it’s called Vyond now

  • Ronald M
    Ronald M 6 months ago

    1113213211, hah, got it!

  • Nightcore Me Me
    Nightcore Me Me 6 months ago

    Its official...im one of the 2%

  • Sick Intentionz
    Sick Intentionz 6 months ago +4

    I need pen and paper. Too lazy to find either of them at this moment lol

  • Tobi Suffern
    Tobi Suffern 6 months ago +1

    The first one is pretty easy tbh

  • Anthony D’Apruzzo
    Anthony D’Apruzzo 6 months ago +7

    I got the Einstein one right. Only took half an hour

  • Avinava Basu
    Avinava Basu 6 months ago

    1st list of hints comes, am out.

  • Hey Jamie
    Hey Jamie 6 months ago

    4 hours and you still haven't fixed the title? Even more surprising, 4 hours and only 2,600 views and 39 comments - but 4.6 MILLION subs? Lmao, how much did you pay for 4.5 million subs??

  • Chibi Prussia
    Chibi Prussia 6 months ago

    I just guessed the first one and got it right lols

  • Big Wig
    Big Wig 6 months ago

    I knew the ice one

  • Flipndie
    Flipndie 6 months ago

    What annoys me is that the riddle isn’t explained

  • MultiAsssasin
    MultiAsssasin 6 months ago +2

    I’ll come back tomorrow when someone solves it for me

  • stethespaniard2
    stethespaniard2 6 months ago +8

    Do people really struggle with the hanging man one? It's so obvious

  • z damon41
    z damon41 6 months ago

    Number 9 was too easy

  • Plxton
    Plxton 6 months ago +3

    Well I felt good after answering the second one correctly, then I get told I have the same mental ability as someone in kindergarten

  • Casandra Lynn
    Casandra Lynn 6 months ago +2

    Was the title meant to drive me nuts lol

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 6 months ago +28

    After trying to solve these riddles I am ashamed of myself. Suicide , The solution !

    • Shihab Mouiz
      Shihab Mouiz 6 months ago

      Glitzy X4X
      Sorry “nigga” 😂🤣 gonna cry? Avoid child support maybe? Maybe shit and cum??

    • Glitzy X4X
      Glitzy X4X 6 months ago

      Shihab Mouiz mate if you don’t have something nice to say than don’t say it

    • David Ellis
      David Ellis 6 months ago +1

      @Shihab Mouiz I told you not to be stupid , you Moron , shut up , sit down. You are an 🐜 in the afterbirth . You owe me AWE !

    • Shihab Mouiz
      Shihab Mouiz 6 months ago

      David Ellis
      Shut the fuck up

  • vffvx
    vffvx 6 months ago +5

    The guy with the ice was also in an episode of Detective Conan

  • Hair Care Specialist
    Hair Care Specialist 6 months ago +1

    This channel is very creative

    • Shihab Mouiz
      Shihab Mouiz 6 months ago

      Hair Care Specialist
      Shut the fuck up

  • Dora Tiscareno
    Dora Tiscareno 6 months ago +1


  • Spam Konto
    Spam Konto 6 months ago +2

    You That You Will You Drive You Insane You

  • Saltiest Salted Salty Salt

    Hello fellow *_1%_*

  • Saltiest Salted Salty Salt

    Don't mean to be rude, but i'm in the 1%

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl 6 months ago

    What kind of people comes up with this stuff

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee 6 months ago

    These riddles are jokes.

  • Mustafa sultane
    Mustafa sultane 6 months ago +2

    Omg😱😱 4 million subscribers I hope one day I gonna get 4million but I never gonna get 🙁😔

  • Top Trending
    Top Trending  6 months ago +11

    How did you guys do on these riddles, good or bad?

    • Jazmin Ayala
      Jazmin Ayala 6 months ago

      I only got 2 right. Riddles #10 & #5 😬

    • Shihab Mouiz
      Shihab Mouiz 6 months ago +1


    • cavv0667
      cavv0667 6 months ago +2

      10 Riddles That Will You Drive You Insane... just saying!

    • Skidti
      Skidti 6 months ago +2

      Got the first one with my girlfriend just because of all the hints but the rest we were clueless to

    • Jose Moreno
      Jose Moreno 6 months ago

      Got them all

  • iTz Trip bRuHz
    iTz Trip bRuHz 6 months ago

    I Am early on accident

  • Qasim Iqbal
    Qasim Iqbal 6 months ago +1

    I’m lost

  • Brandon Crane
    Brandon Crane 6 months ago

    8th yay..

  • A nigga Boi
    A nigga Boi 6 months ago +31

    Who else noticed the 2 “you” in the title

    • Liam Swan
      Liam Swan 6 months ago

      Game Wolf TM me

    • Dick ick
      Dick ick 6 months ago

      Holy shit, I totally didn't!

    • A nigga Boi
      A nigga Boi 6 months ago +1

      Hey Jamie no need to be toxic buddy

    • Hey Jamie
      Hey Jamie 6 months ago

      Everyone else with the ability to read.

    • Glitzy X4X
      Glitzy X4X 6 months ago

      Game Wolf TM kinda

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  • Eduardo U Gomez
    Eduardo U Gomez 6 months ago


  • Quadrillion aire
    Quadrillion aire 6 months ago

    First! You guys are slow

  • Caden Brady
    Caden Brady 6 months ago


  • Sheik Sahadat
    Sheik Sahadat 6 months ago