Populate and Click on Internet Explorer Windows Already Open Using Excel VBA

  • Published on Nov 18, 2013
  • Part 2 of our Internet Explorer manipulation with Excel. In this lesson, we follow up on Chris's question about finding and controlling his specific popup window in internet explorer. We learn to loop through each window until we find the right one, then how to control and manipulate the one we found. Check it out!
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Comments • 25

  • Brandon Redmond
    Brandon Redmond Month ago

    I have been looking for this kind of automation content with excel. I have just signed up for your udemy course on Web Automation. Thank you very much.

  • James McLain
    James McLain 5 months ago

    I have a web page that creates a QR code at runtime, and it creates a random number seed after loading but have the user wiggle the mouse around for a few seconds. Can VBA send random mouse clicks? And can I get it to harvest an image stream from a web page? Thanks.

  • Richard Buckley
    Richard Buckley 7 months ago

    works instead of "btnI"

  • Bharat Gambhir
    Bharat Gambhir Year ago

    First simplify what you want to explain so that beginner understands

  • Jesse Balindres
    Jesse Balindres Year ago

    I had a run time error "object required"on the wd.navigate part. Somehow it is connected to createobject (shell.application").windows which does not recognize the windows internet explorer.

    • av187
      av187 4 months ago

      Any luck fixing this? I am suffering the same

    • Patrick610
      Patrick610 Year ago

      Please tell me you found a way to fix this. I have the same problem.

  • Prabir Sarkar
    Prabir Sarkar Year ago

    Hi, this is really nice. Thanks. However, I have a question. How can I control SAP Web GUI using VBA. Is it possible?

  • Danzong Gaiten
    Danzong Gaiten 2 years ago

    This video is a real help but I cannot get a certain window to get my work done.
    what I want is to be able to input data in a pop up tab. this tab has a few text box , few click buttons and a few radio buttons. it's kind of data entry. I want few data to be automatically filled and then me doing the radio button thing and then repeat the same process. what I am not being able to do is getting the right popup window where I need the data to be filled. how will I know the name of wd of the window?
    can you please consider making a video for this issue?
    Thanking you

  • Amit Bodhwani
    Amit Bodhwani 2 years ago

    There is a text box on my webpage which on clicking will pop up a calendar the properties of that text box is

    I tried clicking that button using IE.document.getelementbyid("datepicker") and IE.document.getelementsbyclassname("hasDatepicker") and also IE.document.getelementsbyname("date") but i failed everytime and i am not able to click text box because of which the calendar on my webpage is not appearing.
    I tried using Selenium Java code and it is working fine with it but i want to code with VBA scripting.
    Please help me with this issue as while running i am not getting any errors also.
    Thank You

  • Aerial
    Aerial 2 years ago +1

    Now how to do this without having to open the browser? So we can use it to make account creators.

  • Arif Uddin
    Arif Uddin 2 years ago

    it says compiler error. variable wd not fount.

  • Arif Uddin
    Arif Uddin 2 years ago

    very nicely explained.
    what does this ALL property do?

  • MrRossss1
    MrRossss1 2 years ago

    Hi. Thanks for the great vids. Is there a way to grab the active window ie that is on top/ in focus instead of doing it by title please? Im not sure what property to look ofr in the loop. Thanks

  • Xeroidian World
    Xeroidian World 3 years ago

    Just a thought... how about you debug on your own time and record once you've done everything right?

  • Nick Brooks
    Nick Brooks 3 years ago

    Just a question. What if the titles have the same title. Is there anything else you can use. Also, does ANYBODY know how to read the IE object local window. If there is an online resource or if you can just explain that to me. That would help a lot!

  • Richard Liu
    Richard Liu 4 years ago

    Hi Sir. I have a question. after searching data in a time range, how to click NEXT page on a website, and keep doing it to the End page. Thank you very much.

  • Siva Krishna
    Siva Krishna 4 years ago

    is there any code to click ok on IE message windows.

  • Nino Tarata
    Nino Tarata 4 years ago

    Hi i have excel 2003...macro don't work can you help me to resolve this incompatibility?

  • Tempus est surgere
    Tempus est surgere 5 years ago +2

    Hi and thanks for this tutorial as it is exactly what I'm trying to do, but I can't get this code to function for me.
    The problem occurs right off the bat. When you hovered over "wd" in debug mode, your code immediately identified the open Internet explorer at 5:07.
    Even if I type mine the exact same way wd always says = Empty, even though I have Internet Explorer up. What could be the cause of this? I have Internet Controls and Object Library checked. I am using Excel 2010 on Windows 8.

  • yamuson08
    yamuson08 5 years ago +1

    Amazing! I really didn't expect the second part of this to come out for a while. I see that you experienced much of the same frustration that I did, but I really like the way you talk through your thoughts while doing this. That adds an extra element of usefulness for someone who is struggling with getting a piece of code to work. I am very grateful for you taking your own time to do this. ..... On the downside, I am just seeing this video, and just this morning, I was termed from my job :(. However, I do believe that when one door closes, another one opens, and this information will be extremely helpful going forward in all of my future endeavors. Thanks again for taking your personal time to help people out. For anyone who is a visual learner like me, your videos are excellent, and it just amazes me how much can actually done use ExcelVBA. God Bless.

    • Let's Code
      Let's Code Year ago

      how to loop through IE tabs using VBA?

    • ExcelVbaIsFun
      ExcelVbaIsFun  5 years ago +2

      You too man! Yes, you'll get a much better job in the IT/Tech world with this stuff under your belt. You have the power to save other people and yourself hundreds of thousands of hours with the coding you experiment with. Zig Ziglar says "you can have anything you want in life if you can help enough other people get what they want." I've never heard a better description of a programmer yet! Dan

  • ExcelIsFun
    ExcelIsFun 5 years ago +1

    Thanks for part 2!

    • ExcelVbaIsFun
      ExcelVbaIsFun  5 years ago

      Always a pleasure, sir! Thanks, ExcelIsFun!! Dan