China Mac: The Gangster I Shot was In a Wheelchair, He Took the Stand on Me (Part 8)

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
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    In this clip, China Mac explained why he's not ready to have a face-to-face conversation with the man he shot in the same way he just did with Jin. For China Mac, the fact that blood was spilled means the circumstances are entirely different. He said although he's not harboring any bad blood, the fact that the shooting left the man temporarily paralyzed is enough to make him second guess putting himself in a situation where someone can easily seek retribution.
    Nevertheless, China Mac said that he apologized to the man during his interview with Jin and didn't shut the door on them linking up in the future.
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  • Jacob Galloway
    Jacob Galloway 3 days ago

    "Yella Beezy" is a moron who can barely speak English, and the personification of what's wrong with the hood in general. Sad to know there are some kids out there that listen to him and praise him as "gangster". SMH.

  • Celestia Ruiz
    Celestia Ruiz 4 days ago

    Who's the chinaman they keep showing in between the interview with that black guy that kept changing shirts?

  • Ski Mask
    Ski Mask 4 days ago

    That’s fucked 💀 “ guy in wheelchair takes “stand” 😂😂

  • Ya Daddy Heaux
    Ya Daddy Heaux 7 days ago +3

    Vlad the type to ask a girl, “What would you do if I was next to you right now?”

  • Jo Boo
    Jo Boo 7 days ago +1

    Know what I'm sayin...
    Know what I'm sayin...
    Know what I'm sayin...
    Know what I'm sayin...
    Know what I'm sayin...
    Know what I'm sayin...

  • milk yo
    milk yo 11 days ago

    LMAO it so funny he's paralyzed or was shot but its to funny when he talked he looked mad the whole time.

  • allstarme3000
    allstarme3000 12 days ago

    oh course you'd be mad vlad you were salty you're whole life cause someone socked you in high school

    KING REFF 12 days ago

    Vlad gonna get that first SNITCH9 interview

  • Aumi Gangland
    Aumi Gangland 13 days ago

    STFU VLAD. Let the nigga talk

  • Uno Ayson
    Uno Ayson 13 days ago

    Nam sayang

  • Darkreapah psn
    Darkreapah psn 14 days ago

    Younger nigga mentally vs old

  • Jay Boogie
    Jay Boogie 15 days ago

    Yellow beezy is fake as fuck

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  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 21 day ago +1

    “Theres a lot of people out there who hate me...” I meannnnnnn

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 21 day ago

    Clickbait title....

  • Small Axe
    Small Axe 21 day ago


  • mi apa nogalitos ua
    mi apa nogalitos ua 22 days ago

    Vlad shut the fuck up and let the man finish a sentence!!

  • Gabriel Marquez
    Gabriel Marquez 22 days ago

    Fucking vlad I would wanna hurt u any way i can 😂

  • trevbot
    trevbot 23 days ago +1

    he dodged death so many times, 2 stab wounds to the neck, 3 stab wound near his heart, and buck shot to the chest. this man is already a legend.

  • Kid Tuber
    Kid Tuber 23 days ago

    Is this an interview or interrogation?

  • Joseph Colunga
    Joseph Colunga 24 days ago

    Anybody else ask who the fuck is this dude?

  • TheGreatZacksby
    TheGreatZacksby 25 days ago +1

    "And then he exercised"😭😭😭😭atleast he walked again😂

  • They killed pookie
    They killed pookie 26 days ago

    That's like a blind man in the I.C.U just sound funny - Klass Murda ...#T.C.F ..#TrustGang B.S.F 585-716

  • JuiceOTB
    JuiceOTB 26 days ago

    I feel you should make peace before you leave this world

  • edwin santana blocc
    edwin santana blocc 28 days ago

    This nigha china got balls he mad at the nigga he paralized😂😂😂

  • brian jackson
    brian jackson 29 days ago

    Mac a real one I fux wit dis nigga

  • theARK designs
    theARK designs 29 days ago +2

    "Gangster I Shot Was In A Wheelchair..." infers that China Mic shot a man in a wheelchair. Lame click bait line

  • D Mendoza
    D Mendoza 29 days ago

    The title of this video is the most ironic shit ever fse

  • Amon Dickerson
    Amon Dickerson 29 days ago +1

    yella beezy a real one tho “ima get my lick back”

  • Amon Dickerson
    Amon Dickerson 29 days ago

    Lmao vlad be havibg ne dying with these

  • Smoove 100
    Smoove 100 29 days ago +1

    I gave mac the gun he used to that guy - tk kirkland

  • Xavier Pacay
    Xavier Pacay 29 days ago

    Vlad shut the fuck up and let the man talk.

  • Kill-Logic
    Kill-Logic 29 days ago

    He naming completely diffrent situations acting like its the same! For 1 G vs G its expected isnt no one stupid in that game they know what the outcome usually is and Vlad noone Gives a left nut what you learned ! people dont like you cause your a fucking clown leaching off a Culture that is on verge of cancelling your dumb ass! If your hit by chance and not that dude thats not the same if a blood shoot a crip or crip shoots blood (just comparison i know Mac isnt either!) The real question is why these artist even waste there time with your dumbass when all you do is cause problems and leach off a culture that doesnt want your dumbass!

  • MalcBreezy
    MalcBreezy Month ago


  • ForrealForreal
    ForrealForreal Month ago

    Tray Deee only said that because that guy is gone already and he’s playing innocent

    • Sean Cagney
      Sean Cagney Month ago

      IDK he changed up a lot and is older now and past that lifestyle (Probably in to some religion as well from Jail) so I doubt he is lying when he said that. China Mac even said he is older now when talking on it.

    OCTOBER DUSK Month ago

    Sum things Wong
    T.K. Kirkland

    OCTOBER DUSK Month ago

    Mac a good dude...
    Mr. I bet you ain't gon smack me

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee Month ago

    Tray Deee an OG. Plus, west coast gangstas learn respect for their "enemies" cuz they know it ain't personal n there's really real respectables on both sides n psses on both sides n real ones reasoect real. That's what they truly love n respect n despise pussy n fake, no matter who they are. Anybody killa

  • E Money Bags
    E Money Bags Month ago

    Cause Yella aint no real gangster. Period. Niggas cut from a different cloth

  • Oceans808
    Oceans808 Month ago

    Vlad: Yo China, so I heard you and Jin have some beef. Tell us about that.

  • Yee ItsTanGo
    Yee ItsTanGo Month ago

    1:45 "I'd snitch too nigga"

  • Chase Honeycutt
    Chase Honeycutt Month ago

    What happened with Rick Ross and Vlad????

  • Dill Rogerz
    Dill Rogerz Month ago

    China Mac is the real deal

  • Zachary Patterson
    Zachary Patterson Month ago

    P.s. lol u wild for that title u made haha

  • Zachary Patterson
    Zachary Patterson Month ago

    Haha the way he said it "yellow" beezy - @ 5:56

  • Emiliano Castillo
    Emiliano Castillo Month ago


  • Masta Cheef
    Masta Cheef Month ago

    I feel like Vlad been trolling thru this whole sit down with China Mac

  • torilanier
    torilanier Month ago

    Ricky Rozay...say it Vlad!

  • Bruce Jenner
    Bruce Jenner Month ago +2

    More flashbacks than 'family guy'.

  • Sankofa NYC
    Sankofa NYC Month ago

    How you gonna be hounding Jin and blowing his shit up to have a sit down with him (OBVIOUSLY TO GET VIEWS) and talk about how its to set a good example 🙄, but be unwilling to confront the man you put in a wheelchair for fucking nothing... You willing to squash shit with Jin, when there is nothing to squash, but won't speak to the man you should end shit with... IM SORRY THATS CORNY AS FUCK

  • goodgreen20
    goodgreen20 Month ago


  • PureGosu
    PureGosu Month ago

    lol he only talked with jin cus jin still got clout. he dont give a crap about the the unknown jin snitched too

  • Warren Chanel
    Warren Chanel Month ago

    Who be letting Vlad pick the fuccing titles cuhz, I’m 💀 lmao

    • Peter B.
      Peter B. Month ago

      Warren Chanel I think it’s the boss, his name is vlad.

  • Huncho Hendrix
    Huncho Hendrix Month ago


    DRE CRAY Month ago

    I'm sorry Jim just don't,comepare to this cat,he straight street💯💯💯

  • DM94JAK
    DM94JAK Month ago

    Im with Tray deee... if u really a active gangster u can't b surprised or get mad when u gotta deal with the consequences of gangster shit

    DEADLINECYNTHIA8182 Month ago +1

    still a difference on regular life and street involvement ,and when you young a thought is as fast as it happen.

  • Lizz Marie
    Lizz Marie Month ago +8

    vlad never asks china mac about his music... that's so disrespectful 👎

  • hotlanta35
    hotlanta35 Month ago

    Was it a accident that he shot the other guy ? Did he miss Jim and hit his buddy? They really make it vague as hell

  • joe winkler
    joe winkler Month ago

    You shot a dude in a wheelchair jesus Christ WTF kind of shit is that