This Will End in One Year


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  • Tigerlone wolf
    Tigerlone wolf Day ago


  • Inwar The Ostrich

    Delete Ethan from this channel and make more room for Bob and Wade they are the OG guests of this channel and shall not be forgotten!

  • Derp Fox
    Derp Fox Day ago


  • Slime KING
    Slime KING Day ago

    what is he wearing

  • Jason Hodina
    Jason Hodina 2 days ago

    So is markiplier being deleted or just unis annis

  • Mr.Kabob
    Mr.Kabob 2 days ago

    Are you deleting THIS Markiplier channel?

  • neroloko12
    neroloko12 2 days ago +1

    "You have 1 year"

    COPPA: More like 1 month

  • Andrea Hopkins
    Andrea Hopkins 2 days ago

    I have 1 year to live?!

    Ok, why not waste the rest of it drinking beer

  • vafats
    vafats 2 days ago

    Just so y'all know,he just means the Unus Annus,not their personal channels

  • Skies Noteable
    Skies Noteable 2 days ago

    Please say this is a joke

  • Honey Tabby Little Cat

    The vid is a memento Mori or a warning

  • altec lansing
    altec lansing 3 days ago


  • SYNTRY 9169
    SYNTRY 9169 3 days ago

    Thats a nice suit.

  • Dragon wizard
    Dragon wizard 3 days ago

    Will this channel actually be deleted in one year?

  • Fuzzy Bunny
    Fuzzy Bunny 3 days ago

    Unnus annus in Latino means one year real smart mark

  • Gabe Flagello
    Gabe Flagello 3 days ago

    Is he deleting his channel

  • Llamagamer333 66
    Llamagamer333 66 3 days ago

    *chuckels* I’m in danger

  • Ink Bendy the demon
    Ink Bendy the demon 3 days ago

    Markiplier I've been watching your videos for so unbelievably long and next year you are gonna stop making videos and move on with your life. I wish that this whole mess didn't happen.

  • GalickGunGeets
    GalickGunGeets 3 days ago

    Mark: this will end in one year
    me: ok boomer

  • wolfy boy
    wolfy boy 3 days ago

    what is unus annus? and why will it be deleted in one year?

    • wolfy boy
      wolfy boy 2 days ago

      @ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8 XD it's ok. i'm just happy i got a response. yer doin' the lords work, frien. XP

    • ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8
      ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8 2 days ago

      I’m not sure, I think it’s just a project to see what memories they can make together in a year that can never be accessed again but I think he forgot about downloading videos. Also, sorry for the late response I’m going through the comments section informing people which channel is being deleted.

    • wolfy boy
      wolfy boy 2 days ago

      @ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8 ok, thanks! :) you or anybody know WHY they do something so weird?

    • ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8
      ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8 2 days ago

      Mark and Ethan made a channel called “Unus Annus” (latin for “one year”) and they’re going to delete that channel in one year,not “Markiplier” it’s all just a big misunderstanding because they made it kind of confusing. have a good day/night

  • Adrian Red Red
    Adrian Red Red 3 days ago

    Unus annus more like anus annus

  • camerongaming 101
    camerongaming 101 4 days ago


  • Happy•Dayz
    Happy•Dayz 4 days ago

    My reaction: *mArK wHaT hAvE yOu DoNe*

  • Melaena Campbell
    Melaena Campbell 4 days ago +2

    Mark: Everything will be deleted
    Reuploaders: Hold My Beer

  • Lillypad BunnyÚwÙ
    Lillypad BunnyÚwÙ 4 days ago

    *laughs* no u

  • Katie Jackson
    Katie Jackson 4 days ago

    “in death” wow your fans are so sad but some aren’t.

  • Kristina Draws
    Kristina Draws 4 days ago

    I'm scared... Cause Google translate tells me unnus annus means one year in late and memento mori means remember death in Latin uhhhhhh I may be completely wrong about what language memento mori is in but I'm scared now...

  • Nope Here
    Nope Here 4 days ago

    Can't end if you never had a start

  • TNT Family
    TNT Family 4 days ago

    Yeah game theory said that too so is everyone saying that RU-clip is gonna end? OH OH MEH GAWD WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Målīfīceñt Łumīė

    I bet he had to learn to hold his hands like this for a while.

  • Ms Oliv
    Ms Oliv 5 days ago

    remember the youtuber

  • Devon Hanak
    Devon Hanak 5 days ago

    No mark please

  • Cassidy Frehner
    Cassidy Frehner 5 days ago

    What if Unus Annus is a big suicide pact oh no

  • giorgos paulis
    giorgos paulis 5 days ago

    what is the markiplier chennal going to be gone or unus annus am comfuzd and sad

  • WIP
    WIP 5 days ago

    *Panicked Breathing-*

  • somebody 456
    somebody 456 6 days ago

    Whaaaaaaat?! You haven't tried unus annus?!

  • Sophia Mitchell
    Sophia Mitchell 6 days ago

    Hey mark, that channel and this one may be gone in 2020. Good luck.

  • DeLirIous RIOLU
    DeLirIous RIOLU 6 days ago

    **proceeds to illegally download all the videos and uploads them to my channel**

    DiGe THE MADHOUSE 6 days ago

    I am the only one who thinks it sounds like *big back door*
    unus *annus*

  • Samuel Bloomfield
    Samuel Bloomfield 6 days ago

    Why? Are you deleting it?

  • isaiah jose
    isaiah jose 6 days ago +1

    I am sade

  • Lortis E
    Lortis E 6 days ago +2

    "Unus Annus"
    My brain: un-us anus

    CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE 6 days ago +1

    Just go vacation for 3 month -_-

  • Gavin Erger
    Gavin Erger 6 days ago

    Who else clicked on the link as soon as he said, “this should not be taken lightly.” Before he could even explain anything

    POTATAO Man 6 days ago

    Mark can i record the videos because i LOVE you and dont want to lose them ?

  • جندي الحرية

    1 Year? How about 34 days?

  • Musical Person
    Musical Person 7 days ago

    This video has made me terrified to go to bed now...

  • AtomicArt
    AtomicArt 7 days ago

    For a second I really thought mark was deleting HIS channel

  • Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic

    Biggest rule of the Internet: _"Once it's up on here, it's here _*_Forever."_*
    Mark and Ethan: _"Tee hee~, we can't read."_

  • JBordoli
    JBordoli 7 days ago

    Who else thought he was leaving youtube by reading the title

  • Lill S
    Lill S 7 days ago


  • ʀɪʟᴇʏʀᴜʟᴇs8

    Һ૯’ς ძ૯Ն૯੮ɿՈ૭ ੮Һ૯ Ո૯ω ८ҺคՈՈ૯Ն Ո૦੮ ੮Һɿς ૦Ո૯

  • teratorn3366
    teratorn3366 7 days ago

    One Year? What is this, Netflix's Castlevania's Dracula?

  • 촏단ᄂ벼노ᅭ
    촏단ᄂ벼노ᅭ 7 days ago

    are u actually deleting ur channel:(

  • B0Nn13
    B0Nn13 8 days ago

    oh jesus i thought he was deleting his Markiplier channel

  • julietta leblanc
    julietta leblanc 8 days ago

    omg I thought this was saying he was going to delete his channel in one year omgg

  • Bubblegum Princess
    Bubblegum Princess 8 days ago

    Is this because of Coppa?

  • naruto the boii
    naruto the boii 8 days ago

    Thiswas uploaded on my sosters birthday

  • Lukeisthename
    Lukeisthename 8 days ago +1

    “You have 1 year”

    Coppa: *make that one month*

  • jason vorhees
    jason vorhees 8 days ago

    *momento mori*