How to Change Screen Resolution in Virtualbox

  • Published on Jun 26, 2010
  • The easy way to install the guest additions necessary to alter Virtualbox's default resolution.
    Commands needed after Guest Additions ISO has been downloaded, mounted and the appropriate file copied to desktop.
    cd /home/usr/Desktop
    chmod +x
    chmod +x
    sudo ./
    sudo ./
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  • Tanner Winkelman
    Tanner Winkelman 2 days ago

    All I had to do was change the settings of the guest OS. In my Lubuntu guest, it was Preferences > LXQT Settings > Monitor Settings. Then I could use scaled mode to make it fill my host screen. It took me so much time to figure this out. I had been severely limited by the default res, since applications used larger window sizes than the screen res. This video really didn't help.

  • Dallas Dal
    Dallas Dal 13 days ago

    You don't say what the command is to change the resolution or provide it in the description

  • Frank Semilla
    Frank Semilla 2 months ago

    Works like charm.
    For Windows 10 hosts, no need to execute the last command. Just restart the VM.

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago

    The last command was not recognized for me, I went desperate until I realized my resolution is fixed already lmao.

  • gahane
    gahane 5 months ago

    Thanks for this. Got me sorted nice and quick

  • Kyezie131
    Kyezie131 7 months ago +1

    Whenever I run this on my Windows 10 is destroys my whole machine and I need to restore from a snapshot. Amazing.

    • Kyezie131
      Kyezie131 6 months ago

      Ouss Rip

    • Ouss
      Ouss 6 months ago

      Destroyed my shit too.. And I Didn't have a snapshot :(

  • Amri Reza
    Amri Reza 10 months ago

    Thanks man. Really work for me

  • Ryebread095
    Ryebread095 10 months ago

    holy hell dude, fix your mic

  • Belén Portela
    Belén Portela 10 months ago

    thank you so much for the help!!

  • Grobbekee
    Grobbekee Year ago

    Doesn't work. Still only 1024x768. Other virtual machines work fine

  • AYBIN. V. K
    AYBIN. V. K Year ago


  • Derek Hubbell
    Derek Hubbell Year ago

    Thank you very helpful!

  • Claire P
    Claire P Year ago

    It works very good, thanks :-)


    btw, google suggested your videos when I searched in google for how to do it. Good job on those tags

  • golong son
    golong son Year ago

    Just go to setting and look for display and change the scale. It will change the guest. No need to go thru this elaborate procedure

  • Soetdjuret
    Soetdjuret Year ago

    Your voice is raping my ears and make my eyes water. Jesus I can't bare it!

  • Chris Jantzen
    Chris Jantzen Year ago

    When i try to do the sudo ./VBox... it is saying "cannot execute binary file" on Mac Sierra. Any reason why this doesn't work?

    • Tripuma Vinokourov
      Tripuma Vinokourov 9 months ago

      you dont copy de dot exe file instead of the dot run file

  • Wasan Khunnadiloksawet

    It work !!!! Thanks.

  • jaydeep patidar
    jaydeep patidar 2 years ago

    thank you so much for helping me out

  • UnMask3d
    UnMask3d 2 years ago

    What desktop environment are you using?

    • Matt Fellenz
      Matt Fellenz 2 years ago

      linux mint default, probably custom, or gnome

  • Blake Dollive
    Blake Dollive 2 years ago

    Thank you!!!!

  • The Lucas Higgins
    The Lucas Higgins 2 years ago


  • xactidemi
    xactidemi 2 years ago


  • Arjun Misra
    Arjun Misra 2 years ago

    Thank you

  • thebossofbox
    thebossofbox 3 years ago

    GG WP

  • Spyder Webb
    Spyder Webb 3 years ago

    Thank you! This solved the problem!

  • Jim999AGC
    Jim999AGC 3 years ago


  • anonymous091290
    anonymous091290 3 years ago

    What if i want to expand the screen into 2 monitors?

    • Mixaa
      Mixaa 2 years ago

      you have option in virtual box for it...

  • Kenny Nham
    Kenny Nham 3 years ago

    I looked for hours on how to change the resolution. This was the only one that worked. Thank you!

  • Ron Malouin
    Ron Malouin 4 years ago

    very helpful... thank you

  • Skanda Kaashyap
    Skanda Kaashyap 4 years ago

    Hey thanks a lot, it worked! Liked!

  • Fiber Silkington
    Fiber Silkington 4 years ago +1

    What about on Windows 3.1 and Windows Chicago Build 189?

  • Evrim Altay K
    Evrim Altay K 4 years ago

    Thank you dude!
    It worked with XP without doing nothing (not any Terminal Command, just installing the thing that opens with autorun after the adding the CD)
    Thanks again...

  • Dim Dob
    Dim Dob 4 years ago +1

    NOT always work!

  • Krithika Raghavendran
    Krithika Raghavendran 4 years ago +8

    Thanks a lot for this video! Really helpful, works without a hitch!
    For those who are using Windows 8/8.1 as host machine, there is no need to enter that last command anywhere. Just shutdown your guest OS machine and start it up again... it automatically switches to a proper resolution!

    • Vinsmoke
      Vinsmoke 6 months ago +1

      @Ek Bhartiya not happy to see boys trying to hook up in youtube comments

    • Ek Bhartiya
      Ek Bhartiya Year ago

      happy to see girls are intrested in linux too

  • cornholio223
    cornholio223 4 years ago +9

    what to do if host os is windows 8? no idea what i'm doing.

    • Axel Dezittere
      Axel Dezittere Year ago

      use cmd just pres windows+r and type cmd

    • Louis Richard
      Louis Richard 3 years ago

      My host is Windows 10 and I got the guest additions CD installed, but I can't seem to make anything work in MS-DOS. Do I still need to do that part or does copying the file to the desktop finish it up?

    • idontknooo
      idontknooo 3 years ago +4

      +cornholio223 You just do the first part of this tutorial. No need to back to host OS and type the rest. I am using a win10, it works on mine. When you restarted, ubuntu will go full screen

    • Stung In Da But
      Stung In Da But 3 years ago +1

      +cornholio22 I am having the same problem, but my host os is Windows 10

  • Philip Ganchev
    Philip Ganchev 4 years ago +7

    After installing Guest Additions and quitting VirtualBox, the command to enter into the host computer's terminal is:
    VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution 1272,920
    or some other resolution instead of 1272,920

    • Beatriz Tercero Martinez
      Beatriz Tercero Martinez Year ago

      Go to the folder of virtualbox Ej: C:\ProgramFiles\Oracle\VirtualBox

    • ReptilleGaming
      ReptilleGaming 3 years ago +1

      help im running kali and get "bash: VBoxManage : command not found"

    • D Daniel
      D Daniel 3 years ago

      +Philip Ganchev I made it all the way until the last command line (which you have posed in the comment I'm replying to), but when I enter it I receive the error " 'VBoxManage' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file'". My host computer is running on Windows7. Can you offer any solutions to this?

    • Higgins_123
      Higgins_123 4 years ago

      @Philip Ganchev cheers!

  • Hedi Aloui
    Hedi Aloui 4 years ago

    Thanks, this made my life easier !

  • ddiva1973
    ddiva1973 4 years ago

    This video is still relevant!
    works for me.

  • Yadhunandana R K
    Yadhunandana R K 4 years ago

    Thanks it worked for me ... In Ubuntu

  • Vegard Fjeldberg
    Vegard Fjeldberg 5 years ago

    What is the url for the terminal? I cannot use the hotkey ctrl+alt+t, also it doesn't appear when im searching for it in the Computer map. I can also not navigate through a menu, which I would blame the low resolution.

  • James Myk
    James Myk 5 years ago +3

    just right click or double click for mac users and then you change the screen resolution according to your will. Simple and fast!

    • Feverr
      Feverr Year ago +7

      right click what??

  • Windex Glass Cleaner
    Windex Glass Cleaner 5 years ago

    i just did install guest editions, asked me where to save it on the virtual machine, and let it "install" (like a standard install.) lots of thx for this ^^

  • Black Knife Media Productions

    When I try to do this, it simply gives me .exe files no .run file. What am I doing wrong?

  • 1pigslayer
    1pigslayer 5 years ago

    wow way easier now!

  • Scottie Padgett
    Scottie Padgett 5 years ago +2

    OSX -> For those that are experiencing "Insert Guest Additions CD/DVD" (and nothing happens). You can locate the Guest Additions ISO from here -> Right click on the VirtualBox icon in OSX Finder and choose Show Package Contents. There it is located in the Contents/MacOS folder. Your looking for the VBGuestAdditions.ISO' - Copy it to your VB machine (desktop for ease), then mount it, run it. This will fix the restraint resolution issues.

  • Erlend Langseth
    Erlend Langseth 5 years ago


  • Devon Franklin
    Devon Franklin 5 years ago

    I used virtual box setup a windows 7 vm on my linux computer and actually after I clicked on mount, it took me through a wizard. After the wizard was done all I had to do was hit the resize button and I was done.

  • InterlinkKnight
    InterlinkKnight 5 years ago

    Thanks for info, but why it has to be so complicated? Is like linux stay in the 80s, like when we use MS-DOS. Make a simple mouse-click way. I suppose is not the fault of the person that make the video. Maybe is the only way. In that case I blame linux developers. They think everybody must type commands to do stuffs.

    • InterlinkKnight
      InterlinkKnight 5 years ago

      @Andrés Schwartz nevertheless, linux is only for geeks. Nothing wrong about that, but that exclude the majority of users to use linux.
      By the way, installing a program or plugin don't seem as advanced task to be force use commands

    • Andrés Schwartz
      Andrés Schwartz 5 years ago

      Eso es porque hacer aplicaciones visuales sale 'caro'. Y como esto es voluntario, no a todos les gusta hacerlas.
      Igualmente empresas como Canonical sí lo hacen.
      Pero para un usuario desarrollador de linux es muy fácil, cómodo y rápido usar comandos. Es como hablar con alguien diciéndole qué hacer, en cambio hacer clics es lento y limitado, si lo anterior es como decirle a alguien qué hacer, esto último sería como hacerlo tu mismo (obviamente hay menos ganas jaja, mejor que lo haga otro). Depende el caso, pero muchas cosas se pueden hacer con comandos flexiblemente pero pocas se pueden hacer visualmente con clics, excepto si es para diseño, videojuegos, mover elementos gráficos, representación o simulación gráfica, pero para configurar y programar es más práctico y cómodo escribir con un teclado órdenes.

  • Raqemo
    Raqemo 5 years ago +1

    When I go to DEVICES > drop down menu I do not have the option to "Install Guest Additions"
    The only option I have at the bottom is to "Insert Guest Additions CD Image…"
    Did I install it wrong or something? Im running Mac OSX and the Guest VM is Windows Vista. This entire process has just been frustrating beyond belief!

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones 5 years ago

    The magic command typed at the host O/S at 2:21 was
    VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/MaxGuestResolution 1272,920
    It looks like it is even simpler now. The installer autoran when I mounted the ISO.
    When I followed the instructions to chmod and run the installer it just uninistalled and reinstalled itself.
    Thanks - very useful.

  • Paul Mateescu
    Paul Mateescu 5 years ago +1

    It did not occur to you to put that universal command in the description of this video as well...

  • Bishal Karma
    Bishal Karma 5 years ago

    thanks buddy it works for mee.........:)

  • ethan wot
    ethan wot 6 years ago

    It cant because it does not come with your os.

  • T
    T 6 years ago

    Thank you for this video excellent work! Really saved my bacon.

  • Bjarki Gunnarsson
    Bjarki Gunnarsson 6 years ago

    I had this error on Lubunt:
    Unable to mount the CD/DVD image /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso and
    Could not mount the media/drive /usr/share/virtualbox/VBoxGuestAdditions.iso
    It asked if I wanted to force mount, but the only buttons available were 'Force Unmount' and 'Cancel'.
    The solution to this was to do
    sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-x11
    After that I rebooted my machine.

  • Guitar42697
    Guitar42697 6 years ago

    I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium as Host, and Fedora 18 as my Guest. I am able to install Guest additions, but nothing happens at all, whereas, when i installed Windows 8 beta, and did the same thing, it installed, and I restarted with 1920x1080 without having to make any changes.

  • Elliott
    Elliott 6 years ago

    then I restarted and I have it back at the smaller resolution, with guest additions still installed : /

  • 최효석
    최효석 6 years ago

    Thank you very much. I can't install guest additions using devices menu. I succeeded!. I'm so happy

  • xalamon
    xalamon 6 years ago

    That helped. Thanks.

  • bobsaysftw
    bobsaysftw 6 years ago

    Say aye. AYE.

  • erikpoephoofd
    erikpoephoofd 6 years ago

    im running windows 8 inside windows 7, and am having the same problem :/

  • Leon Hunter
    Leon Hunter 6 years ago

    I'm running a Windows7 OS inside my Windows 8 host OS.
    After clicking "install guest additions" from "devices" on the VirtualBox toolbar menu, no dialogue box appears. Assistance anyone?

  • pancakehiatt
    pancakehiatt 6 years ago

    Chmod, seriously? Just run it as root.

  • Dj Quaresma
    Dj Quaresma 6 years ago

    Simple and perfect. Thank you.

  • Imre Csoka
    Imre Csoka 6 years ago

    Hi, mine does not ask me to download and install an image.
    Mine says something about do you want to dismount an image
    man this is crap, i cant understand why the hell oracle dont supply all that stuff in the install.

  • Justin Teate
    Justin Teate 6 years ago

    could someone either make or direct me to a video that shows how to install the guest additions when you have Mac OS X in virtualbox lol i cant seem to find one yet so im not sure if one has been made

  • Sullz
    Sullz 6 years ago

    Goddamn guest additions, should come preinstalled.

  • 00meat Plays
    00meat Plays 6 years ago

    Soooooo... if you go into the virtualbox.xml with a text editor, I used notepad++ and REMOVE the line that spesifies max resolution, turns out it will dynamically adjust to whatever window size you set it to. What moron at Oracle set this as a default? You shouldn't have to go in and remove code to magically make it better.

  • 00meat Plays
    00meat Plays 6 years ago

    Thanks for the help breaking it. "The value '800,600?' of the key 'GUI/MaxGuestResolution' doesn't match the regexp constraint '\d*[1-9]\d*,\d*[1-9]\d*|any|auto'."

  • Sara Steinbraker
    Sara Steinbraker 6 years ago

    The command needed to be entered in host os is not in the description but we need it badly! Please send us the command that we must enter into the host's os terminal so that we may change our screen resolution! REPLY ASAP !

  • amit kakkar
    amit kakkar 6 years ago

    thanks for tutorial......its very useful

  • Gustavo Castillo R
    Gustavo Castillo R 6 years ago

    You linuxdistroreview = Hero =)

  • Hax Triickz
    Hax Triickz 6 years ago

    what is the command line to change the resolution, its not in the description :(

  • MDSJudicator
    MDSJudicator 7 years ago

    Thankyou! :)