The Easiest Way to Break Car Windows?

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
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    In today's video we're testing a myth that pieces of ceramic will instantly shatter a car window, even if thrown with very little force. Are they better than throwing a rock?
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Comments • 2 136

  • Lenni Leem
    Lenni Leem 2 hours ago

    Tungsten carbide works even better. Also, you can reuse it.

  • Super Sammy
    Super Sammy 4 hours ago

    All I can think about now is in the walking dead when the Asian guy ask lee “let me see the spark plug”🤣🤣

  • Brandon Schuler (Student)

    Granite could break glass because on the mohs hardness scale granite can more than scratch glass

  • Christian Stainbrook
    Christian Stainbrook 6 hours ago

    Knowing me if I heard the ceramic on a spark plug could break glass, I would’ve just chucked the whole thing and pray it hits the white part like a dummy😂

  • Rhys Goodacre
    Rhys Goodacre 15 hours ago

    nord more like nerd vpn

  • Bhaskar Hurkat
    Bhaskar Hurkat Day ago

    Use the seat head to break the glass

  • Thanos
    Thanos Day ago

    Just look into the mirror pretty sure your ugly face will just break it.

    JAIRUS_PLAYS 2 days ago

    Dude u helping criminals how to brake glass....

  • Yuvraj Jeryal
    Yuvraj Jeryal 3 days ago +1

    Soak a smartphone in water and then put it in the deyhydarator and see if the phone will work
    Like👍👍if you want to see this video happen

  • standard mail
    standard mail 3 days ago

    You do realize that Nord is ownerd and operated by a CIA funded group....just saying...EVERYTHING you do on Nord is CIA recorded.

  • GamerPunk TV
    GamerPunk TV 5 days ago

    I love tkor and their content but this video only showed that rocks can break glass. Not whether if ceramic breaks glass easier or better than a rock. I wish they were a little more scientific with their testing.

    ALLY WaAY 6 days ago

    Robber: 👌👌

  • Benski05
    Benski05 6 days ago

    Glass is glass and glass can break - JerryRigEverything

  • Joseph Wright
    Joseph Wright 9 days ago

    It that a flight test hoodie!?!?

  • Yuris Abrori
    Yuris Abrori 11 days ago

    Using coin or penny would break the glass

  • Josh
    Josh 11 days ago

    the spark plug will shatter glass easily, but it will alot easier when the window is lose, try it with the window in a door frame

  • Dan Păscut
    Dan Păscut 12 days ago

    If I have a hammer , why I need that cermaic..?

  • Raf Tsiber
    Raf Tsiber 14 days ago

    Don’t u guys know breaking a miror breings 7 year of bad luck

    • MSSGNO
      MSSGNO 12 days ago

      today marks my 6th year

  • Maddox outdoors
    Maddox outdoors 16 days ago

    Been doing this for years.... very fun on junk cars....

  • Timmy Gunz
    Timmy Gunz 16 days ago

    12 gauge is still quicker

  • Ag Mg
    Ag Mg 17 days ago

    My friend: i saw on the internet you could break car glass with sparkplug
    Me: throws whole toilet sink on the car window

  • HeadshotGaming
    HeadshotGaming 18 days ago

    It's actually the REALLY small pieces that work best

  • Jan Stankiewicz
    Jan Stankiewicz 18 days ago

    How. How it is possible this was uploaded a week before Cybertruck event, and there are no top comments pointing out the coincidence.

  • Tiger Bois
    Tiger Bois 18 days ago

    Btw the glass is 10x stonger in car frame instead of on its own

  • Mason Pitner
    Mason Pitner 18 days ago

    Hey king of random can y’all do this in the car

  • deepcat999
    deepcat999 19 days ago

    You're supposed to use the whole ceramic tip of the spark plug not just the shard

  • Jordin Dettlinger
    Jordin Dettlinger 19 days ago

    Y’all got like 100 years of bad luck now

  • Devin Melendez
    Devin Melendez 22 days ago +2

    I already saw the modern rogue do this

  • Samuel Lynch
    Samuel Lynch 22 days ago

    Ready for the next one?

  • s.s.savage skwad
    s.s.savage skwad 22 days ago +6

    Y’all shouldn’t have posted this! This is literally Grand Theft Auto 101😂😂😂

  • TheSmartanator
    TheSmartanator 24 days ago +1

    Use the Metal legs of a headrest

  • chasecarewchannel
    chasecarewchannel 26 days ago

    Glass breaking in slow mo reminds me of an program getting deresed (from Tron uprising )

  • JuicedRed Memes
    JuicedRed Memes 26 days ago

    Best way is to tie a spark plug to string and swing it into the window

  • Janell Davis
    Janell Davis 26 days ago

    in the bahamas we dose use them so i can tell you what you are doing wrong you post to wet it and put a lot of force and i love your videos

  • Hazrat UlHaq Ul deen
    Hazrat UlHaq Ul deen 26 days ago

    I’m Muslim and we don’t break stuff we build

  • Simon Diabolic
    Simon Diabolic 27 days ago

    3:8 probably the Cybertruck glass 😂

  • Braidon Ward
    Braidon Ward 28 days ago

    7 years of bad luck

  • bangers high
    bangers high 28 days ago

    Having the glad outside the car window will weaken the window as it’s not held by nothing it’s just laying up against a wall

  • Elvin Salim
    Elvin Salim 29 days ago

    You have to use your saliva first to make it easy to break the glass

    THE WHALEGISTER 29 days ago

    Why did I need this

  • Ard's Teams
    Ard's Teams Month ago

    In my country they mix it with spit to break the windshield

  • Bobby Ward
    Bobby Ward Month ago +5

    Aww man that was top secret knowledge in the Hood bro ! Yall giving up all the game !

  • Hamdy Salameh
    Hamdy Salameh Month ago +1

    When a robber needs a easy way to get inside a car🤣

  • Darkside Loneliness

    From what i see.. it look like only got thin single layer glass. Because there some of car has double layer glass and even it has single layer. It come with thick glass. Idk so much with windshield in any factory cars. But it happen to see every time when i bought a windshield for market needs.

  • Leah Bebin
    Leah Bebin Month ago +1

    Are y'all criminal's or something

    • Patricia Cisneros
      Patricia Cisneros 29 days ago

      I knew about this many years ago Nothing new about it 😉😉

  • Vhnr Dgvh
    Vhnr Dgvh Month ago

    I tried it and I had 2 pay for it

  • Kyle's_world oof
    Kyle's_world oof Month ago

    The walking dead the game first episode glen broke the car window

  • Sic Sexxx
    Sic Sexxx Month ago

    Works great on department store windows too.

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G Month ago

    too much blabla
    get the to the point

  • Zeebo 152
    Zeebo 152 Month ago

    If you use multiple pieces is alot better rather than one

  • BOT Driftwood
    BOT Driftwood Month ago

    How does anyone not know about the spark plug trick?

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina Month ago

    Everybody should know a way or two to break open car window. Even if you don't drive like me it can still be needed to save someone else. Or if you're a passenger.

  • Hayden Cook
    Hayden Cook Month ago

    Hmmmm...pretty suspect way to test this theory. Entertaining and interesting, but this didn't really test the myth. However, I have...and it took a slight toss to shatter my brothers driver side window.

  • theflyingnite 19
    theflyingnite 19 Month ago

    If you look near the begining you can see calli has a flite test jacket

  • Loner Yee
    Loner Yee Month ago +1

    *Peace & Love*

  • Daniel sagita
    Daniel sagita Month ago

    Indonesian burglar standard tool, nothing new

  • Everyday Ok
    Everyday Ok Month ago

    Next time use your fist

  • Everyday Ok
    Everyday Ok Month ago

    Now i know where to throw that ceramic.

    Break Beighbor Window

  • somebody0214
    somebody0214 Month ago

    I feel like you aren't supposed to throw it but instead just smash it

  • Jonathan Luhmann
    Jonathan Luhmann Month ago +1

    You should try to break a window with the metal prong of the headrest!