An Open Source Motherboard?!

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
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Comments • 1 973

  • mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta

    at last , anything that is not fuckin X86

  • mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta

    Power Arquitecture the finnest CPU Design in the las 3 decades

  • Clifford W Crawford
    Clifford W Crawford 28 days ago

    I really do need 64 core 128 threads at 3.2 ghz, 200 watt cpu 128GB 4000mhz EEC ram 40Tb storage, 2 coprocessors and 2 GPUs.(some connetivity) Packed into proper desktop case.. If I had a dream; multiples, clustered in oil submerged into a deep freezer CAPABLE of hitting subzero temps.-30 degree temps. Hedt madness is me..

  • Clifford W Crawford
    Clifford W Crawford 28 days ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • Gjermund Gusland Thorsen


  • Eddie O'Connor
    Eddie O'Connor 29 days ago

    Where do I sign up to purchase one of these MoBo's?.....and that processor!!?? (I'm a fledging C++ / Python programmer!) and THAT machine?...would work WONDERS in my life!! I NEED THAT SYSTEM!!!!

  • saulo sobral
    saulo sobral Month ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  • Alexandru Topor
    Alexandru Topor Month ago

    Apple: we're gonna fucking charge 5 dollars for every single dongle someone else makes
    IBM: hold my generosity

  • Crux161
    Crux161 2 months ago +1

    *Raptor Blackbird!!* 😂

  • The 19th Fighter
    The 19th Fighter 2 months ago

    Yeah.... Open-Source only for IBM partners that you only get to be if you're already completely inside the hardware manufacturer business.
    Doesn't look like there's any way for mere mortals to get the sweet reference designs.
    I'd love to take a look at the reference designs to improve my knowledge about design,
    and to understand what's needed to incorporate it.

    I appreciate it that certain parts are NEARLY open-source.
    Like various VHDL files, documentation and much more.
    However certain things said are simply not true.
    This motherboard is *not open-source*.
    Many of it's elements are, what strongly resembles open-source,
    plus it's an effort to cooperate on hardware design.

    EDIT: I noticed Power 8 reference designs on their site. However there aren't any Power 9 reference design, freely available to my knowledge.
    So you probably could not just "build" the mainboard yourself, without designing a custom motherboard from scratch.

  • The 19th Fighter
    The 19th Fighter 2 months ago

    5:10 Why is Xonotic running?

  • Democrab
    Democrab 2 months ago

    Linus, you should get one of your editors who has an interest in the more historical side of computing to do a series on the history of computing, going right back to the first computers, the first OS' and birth of Unix, the start of CP/M and its eventual evolution into DOS, the various important processors before x86 was even a thing yet such as the Z-80 and PDP (Along with other post-x86 ones such as PPC or Alpha) along with the first 3D graphics workstations from SGI to the first PC GPUs and the like right up until now.

    Mainly because when you consider it with all of that stuff in mind, this is one of the most exciting things to happen to computing for a long time, along with RISC-V if they both continue to grow and become more usable over time. I'd love to see things go back to having varied CPU architectures and not just x86 again because that's when the true innovation really came from...I mean, a large portion of the things that caused x86 performance to leap forward (eg. High operating frequencies, L2 caches, OOE, on-die memory controllers, SMT and Vector processing units ala AVX/AVX2/AVX512) basically came from what the DEC Alpha's roadmap was in the 90s and early 2000s. Hell, AMDs original 32bit Athlons used the Alpha EV6 motherboard bus as an alternative to the Intel FSB before going to Hypertransport...which was designed with a bunch of the alternative CPU makers/users as a universal CPU bus and even saw use outside of x86, such as in the Power Mac G5 and the Loongson-3 MIPS CPU.

  • Zack Mollusc
    Zack Mollusc 2 months ago

    "Data coherencey" about 4:35

  • KangoV
    KangoV 2 months ago +1

    Just looked up POWER10. Wow, it's nuts!

  • IraQ Nid
    IraQ Nid 2 months ago +1

    "Ooh Linus!"
    "Its the dead one right?"
    Classic drop of another high end CPU :)

  • woohoo2491
    woohoo2491 2 months ago

    thanks for reminding me to play xonotic again

  • Philalethes
    Philalethes 2 months ago

    A lack of schematics has never stopped the Chinese

  • Dorisvaldo Paiva
    Dorisvaldo Paiva 2 months ago

    About prices?

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley 2 months ago

    3:30 reminds me of the time I crashed my brother's dual-Pentium Pro Windows NT workstation playing Doom95. Fun times.

  • Ivan Bryan
    Ivan Bryan 2 months ago +1

    A Power9 laptop would be cake 😍

  • scudsturm1
    scudsturm1 2 months ago

    how many pins does this chip has?

  • gdm413229
    gdm413229 2 months ago

    The best use for a dual socket POWER9 system is building your code with `make -j 176`.

  • Collier Farnell
    Collier Farnell 2 months ago +1

    I really hope LTT does a follow-up on this in the future, I am seriously considering trading in some of my hobbies and projects to get this as a daily driver.

  • Tony Vivaldi
    Tony Vivaldi 4 months ago

    I want AmigaOS 4.1FE on that shit !

  • Faiz Kazi
    Faiz Kazi 4 months ago

    Can we run windows on this, costs?

  • Señor Poodles
    Señor Poodles 4 months ago

    English please.

  • Dovahheimiik
    Dovahheimiik 4 months ago

    XD I know exactly what solar flare you're talking about, the Carrington Event, it sent so much power coursing through everything on earth that telegraph operators reported being able to send and recieve messages despite their machines being disconnected from any power supply. It caused all kinds of crazy damage even back then, and with today's reliance on technology? Yeah, we'd be flubbernucked! Cars, planes, trains, ships, all powered forms of transportation would cease to function correctly, aside from like, ancient cars from the 60's and stuff. Hospitals, emergency services, government systems, all would be damaged or destroyed. Cellphones and pretty much all other forms of modern communication would be gone in moments. Power grids would be overloaded, destroying any equipment connected to them, including the power grid equipment itself. Refrigerators and other appliances would be fried, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost foodstuffs alone, especially when you consider the refrigerated foodstuffs in warehouses and transportation systems, any and all electronically operated security systems would be compromised at best, destroyed at worst, banks would suffer massive losses, the list goes on and on. And that doesn't even touch on the damage done by the inevitable flash mobs of people panicking as pretty much their whole world blows up in their faces. And if you look up the Carrington Event, you'll see that the wiki page for it mentions a similar event that passed by us in 2012, missing us by about nine days. Nine days. That close to society blowing up in our faces. XDXD

  • Meteor Media
    Meteor Media 5 months ago +1

    This is like one of the most important developments and general milestone things thats going on in the computer and tech world right now. And all Linus does is asking if he can play video games on it...

  • Meteor Media
    Meteor Media 5 months ago

    I really hope Raptor Engineering scores a commercial break through with this

  • Subdistinction
    Subdistinction 5 months ago

    He just can't help but drop something

  • Brett Bates
    Brett Bates 5 months ago

    PowerPC =/= POWER, no matter whatever IBM seems to have told you here.

    • commodore256
      commodore256 4 months ago

      And modern CPUs made by Intel, AMD and Via aren't x86, they're AMD64. But everybody just calls it "x86" and 64-bit is implied these days.

  • LowJack187
    LowJack187 5 months ago

    $12.50 for a hex driver! GTFO!

  • Jim O'Hagan
    Jim O'Hagan 5 months ago

    International Business Machines made $500 million estimated last year which they paid nothing on, and they got $342 million back from the government as per Who cares about their god-damned hardware when the man is fucking us all?

  • SheLovesItWhenYouPullOutThatPhenomenalDissertation

    you have to do a review on one of these ibm power9 systems bro cmon

  • hoss7
    hoss7 6 months ago

    Not even rgb smh

  • Mad Uzi
    Mad Uzi 6 months ago

    When building a pc is brought to the next level..
    Imagine!!, the best value

  • Daniel Thyringer
    Daniel Thyringer 6 months ago

    Totally boring pro card....

  • Daniel Thyringer
    Daniel Thyringer 6 months ago

    A magnetic socket that straightens the magnetic tipped, given number of connectors removing the double connections that don’t reach optimal force.

    SHROMP 6 months ago +1

    So you're saying I could build my own board designed for exactly my configuration?
    *PCMR would like to know your location*

  • Alexander Amelkin
    Alexander Amelkin 6 months ago

    Cool. It's a pity that you haven't said a word about Yadro Vesnin that can have up to 8 TiB of memory driven by up to 4 POWER8 CPUs (up to 48 real cores) in a 2U form-factor.

  • Warlord StarCraft
    Warlord StarCraft 6 months ago

    can we please get a review of the huawei matebook x pro 2019

  • Dmitriy Dja
    Dmitriy Dja 6 months ago

    О чем тут?

  • Modest Mewtwo
    Modest Mewtwo 6 months ago

    what is IBM even selling anymore

    TheAKBUDDHA1 6 months ago

    So this is technically a Mac G9 then?

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 6 months ago

    Where do i get that FreeBDSM OS Linus mentioned.

  • Hackers
    Hackers 6 months ago

    Wish you guys would do something specific lyrics with this.. to show its true open potential! Gaming and computation wise... like open a black midi file on it to see how long it takes to murder

  • ReganMarcelis
    ReganMarcelis 6 months ago +1

    Show us #QNX then the future as in SnapDragon which will be at the TOP and replace X86 / X64 because of efficiency, they will re write it ALL... Its happening already.....

  • ReganMarcelis
    ReganMarcelis 6 months ago +1

    0:06 to 0:07 Linus looks like he wants to Kill his Cameraman, LOL......

  • dp vn03
    dp vn03 6 months ago

    Always loved PowerPC. Still do.

  • Axel Garcia
    Axel Garcia 6 months ago

    soo can it play Minecraft?

  • liam hillier
    liam hillier 6 months ago

    At 00:58 when Linus says "let me explain that" reminds me quite a bit of Gary explains from android authority 😀😀

  • Steve Talon
    Steve Talon 6 months ago +1

    The PS3 and Xbox 360 also used the IBM Power processors.

  • Reilly Woods-Murphy
    Reilly Woods-Murphy 6 months ago +1

    I'm going to be purchasing one of those eventually

  • a4e69636b
    a4e69636b 6 months ago

    As much as I like the idea of open source hardware, a cheap Core i5 system would still do a lot more than this computer could.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 6 months ago

    Imma go print me a motherboard

  • Zte Axon 7
    Zte Axon 7 6 months ago

    Why don't you crack enthousiasts review the ZTE Axon 10? I want to see it trashed for not living up to my username.

  • Kieran H
    Kieran H 6 months ago

    You're awesome for making a video on this! I really wanna buy one of these, its cool to see a video on them..

  • booger king
    booger king 6 months ago +1

    Does microsh!t support it?

  • Tefen Ca
    Tefen Ca 6 months ago

    IMB still exists? lol

  • P.
    P. 6 months ago

    wow cool, kudos to IBM