Joe Biden’s History of Cringe-Worthy Gaffes | Larry Elder Show

  • Published on Aug 17, 2019
  • As the number of 2020 Democratic Primary candidates thins, Former Vice President Joe Biden still remains the favorite to face off against President Donald Trump in 2020. In his third bid for the presidency, the 76-year-old has been prone to a number of gaffes over the decades that have lead many to wonder about his electability. Larry takes a look at the long history of the former Vice President’s slip-ups as well as the climate of the current Democratic Party, its sharp leftward drift and whether an establishment career politician like Biden is reflective of the party today.
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    LOOTCHII GUNKOMBOGOD 6 hours ago +1

    Who's worst Trump or Biden

  • Sam Harper
    Sam Harper 17 hours ago

    He may be stupid, but I don't think his speaking gaffes are evidence of that.

  • Reality isnt A choice

    Biden doesn't know what the current date is.
    Biden was only ever good at making others look better by only being indirectly involved

  • Lim Lin
    Lim Lin 3 days ago

    This video also speaks of the infantile stupidity of both Barrack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden. Obama does not have any recruitment skills hence he recruited people like Joe Biden, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton. He has no leadership skill, no communication skill, no analytical skill, no economic skill, no business skill, absolutely no competence at all. You just wonder where and what he graduated from. That is why he is such a total failure and has the reputation of the worst US President in history. Obama has a failed legacy. However he and Hillary Clinton have tremendous amount of lying talent and lying skills in manufacturing lies after lies about Pres Trump on crimes that Pres Trump does not commit.
    We know Obama is a Muslim. By the way, Muslims are allowed to lie by their moon god Allah. Islam has a term for lying. It is called taqiyya - Allah allows Muslims to lie to advance the Islamic agenda. It's pretty much how they operate. The Bible says it is not a coincidence that the one they serve comes to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus says in John 10:10 ~ "The thief (=Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (=Jesus) came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."

  • David Renton
    David Renton 4 days ago

    Biden is not presidential yet, but in a few years his dementia will be as bad as Trump's.

  • B. Grim
    B. Grim 5 days ago

    Larry Elder why do you not have > 600,000 subscribers?

  • A A
    A A 5 days ago


  • Phyllis Westbury
    Phyllis Westbury 7 days ago

    I don’t believe in Gaffs. I believe in your mind that it’s your first true belief and anything after is trying to clean up your first thoughts and words , which is a lie against your true beliefs

  • notme 1951
    notme 1951 7 days ago

    Gropen Joe's hair plugs or his face lift has restricted blood flow to his brain!
    Great show Larry!

  • william secor
    william secor 9 days ago

    This is the second video of yours I've watched and man I came to this party too late. You are good!

  • Roxanne Daniel
    Roxanne Daniel 9 days ago

    After the 10th or 12th time, its NOT a GAFFE, you're an idiot! So sick of the excuses bc they don't give Trump the same leniency.

  • WillDit
    WillDit 11 days ago

    This is a great show. I love you, Sage!

  • Patrick Phelan
    Patrick Phelan 11 days ago

    Is Biden's hair magical? ... or store-bought?

  • Logical Lily
    Logical Lily 11 days ago

    Biden's gaff of all gaffes is running for President of the US after publically admitting that Hillary Clinton was more qualified to be Vice-president!
    maybe he forgot he said that....🙄

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 11 days ago

    Biden is going down hill so fast it’s insane.

  • brian keenan
    brian keenan 11 days ago

    a simpleton

  • Tom Caffrey
    Tom Caffrey 12 days ago

    He couldn't be more ready......Ready to retire and no more interviews. He says the dumbest things and so does his wife. I ain't gonna swallow a little bit of anything. And I sure as hell,and people say Trump says embarrassing things? Biden has had brain surgery,maybe he's got a little bit of undiagnosed brain damage? Either way I don't agree with the far left ideology and,I don't like the all...So Trump is getting my vote in 2020.🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Patrick Strauss
    Patrick Strauss 12 days ago

    I love when you laugh at the silliness of the left

  • scotsrfun scotsrfun
    scotsrfun scotsrfun 13 days ago

    Maybe Joe dropped one to many hit's of acid in his hay day?

  • Mark Mays
    Mark Mays 13 days ago

    I subscribed to your RU-clip because you present the facts credibly and soberly. I have never cracked a smile before this Biden article. You should be a comedian. I laughed all the way through. Your facial expressions were so funny. Though I suppose your subject gets some of the credit.

  • kenneth pollard
    kenneth pollard 13 days ago

    He is just one more criminal in a massive line of criminals that is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!

  • David
    David 13 days ago

    President Kennedy chose johnson as running mate...that did not end Goodman advocating that Hillary will enter race at late-stage

  • halas
    halas 14 days ago

    There is evidence that Google shifted 2.6 to 10.5 million votes to Hillary.

  • Josh Bailey
    Josh Bailey 14 days ago

    We have a stupidity epidemic in this country.

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 14 days ago

    Joe was good insurance against odummer getting assassinated. 😂

  • Chris Montes
    Chris Montes 14 days ago

    Biden democratic nominee =Trump 2nd term.

  • aboveitall 47
    aboveitall 47 14 days ago

    Bravo! Brilliant video! I hope every demo hears these videos

  • Suzy Foreman
    Suzy Foreman 14 days ago

    He’s ready all right . For a nursing home!

  • Harry Cranke
    Harry Cranke 15 days ago

    Biden has always kissed up to and leaned on the more talented to keep his political career moving. He's a sorry opportunist and perpetual follower who's never been and never will be ready to be President.

  • Steve Butler
    Steve Butler 15 days ago

    Biden will never be ready. Hes losing what little he had. It'll be Warren with one or the other leading nutcases. Gabbard hopefully, she's kinda cute and a little psycho. The winners know they'll lose, so the smart candidates are staying hidden until 2024. Just like Trump didn't run in 2012 after Obama taunted him at the 2012 WH Press (Roast) Dinner.

  • Anita Urban
    Anita Urban 15 days ago

    CREEPY UNCLE JOEs most cringe worthy moments have nothing to do with his mental has to do with keeping his hands to himself around small children. Theres more than 20 youtube videos of him drooling over small girls and playing with their hair, whispering in their ear, his hand cupping their breast and even grinding himself into a 6yr olds back.
    All while swearing in new officials in a govt facility, funded by taxpayers!!
    What in Gods name is wrong with these officials, knowing what hes doing right in front of them, but seeing the looks on their small childs faces and not pulling their child away from him? Clearly they have no morals or values at all. Jeff sessions was the only one that physcially pushed Bidens hand away from touching his grand daughter and a stern look.
    For this man to have the nerve to even consider to think he is president material after being confronted by a dozen journalists about these videos is highly disturbing.
    Whats more disgusting is the democrats that are clapping and cheering at his rallys that are so dumbed down they support him.

  • Soli Deogloria
    Soli Deogloria 15 days ago

    Christians, pray for this the greatest country the world has ever known.
    Glory to God alone

  • SB SB
    SB SB 15 days ago

    I Personally don't think Obama pick Biden as his VP..I Think the Democratic Party Board pick him to keep an eye on newly elected ''black guy''..Obama had to choose between someone he doesn't like (Biden), and someone he despise (Hillary)

  • Tina Marie  Kelly
    Tina Marie Kelly 15 days ago

    😂🤡🤔😂 perverted moron liberals! Get back Jo Jo and friends🙄🤑🤢👹👺💀👿😵😨😱😭😝😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Johnny Wooten
    Johnny Wooten 16 days ago

    He just sleepy😴

  • Andrew Herman
    Andrew Herman 16 days ago

    Joe's eggs are fried. They'll run Warren & bill it as a Hillary re-match, with similar results.

  • Jammin G
    Jammin G 16 days ago

    Larry... Great stuff! (sub'd) : )

  • larchvomit
    larchvomit 16 days ago

    5:03 I really don't see this one as such a blunder. Politics isn't an exact science so I get what he's trying to say. Trump for instance is certain that illegal immigration will go down if he builds his wall. So what if he does everything right and manages to build his wall, that is still no guarantee that it will have the desired effect. There is always a chance you may get it wrong.

  • Max Barrett
    Max Barrett 16 days ago

    Bye-bye Biden

  • Klaus Zungler
    Klaus Zungler 16 days ago +1

    I will not buy a used car from Biden -- what a conman that has done nothing for no one

  • Sue Sylvester
    Sue Sylvester 16 days ago

    “Joe Biden makes Donald Trump look like Winston Churchill.” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • V. Fisher
    V. Fisher 16 days ago

    Trump is brilliant when it comes to pinning a title on someone...
    SLEEPY JOE.. Says it all

  • joji cherian
    joji cherian 16 days ago

    And sloppy Joe wants to be president.

  • White Wakandan
    White Wakandan 16 days ago

    3:20 Asian & Latino coalition? Who is funding that, the People's Republic of China?

  • r s
    r s 16 days ago

    biden is the poster child for if we maybe . emotion , feelings over FACT

  • Damian Grouse
    Damian Grouse 16 days ago

    Because his ancestors where even dumber than him...

  • William Harvey
    William Harvey 16 days ago

    send him back . quick .

  • William Harvey
    William Harvey 16 days ago

    well , Im gonna vote for him . he will be a great Chief Petty officer . or a Commerce secretary . I mean lt . Governor . and he will be able to get along with Golda Miere . I mean uummm Fidel Castro .

  • William Chapman
    William Chapman 17 days ago

    Yeah hes ready for a senile senior citizens home

  • Joe Pyne
    Joe Pyne 17 days ago

    Larry, God forbid the far-left Dem Party takes over the Presidency. Having said that, I believe Donald Trump will win in 2020. I pray for him and his family, daily.

  • Jerr Scott
    Jerr Scott 17 days ago

    How many gaffes does it take before you are declared not competent for the job you are seeking?

  • Frankie Roberts
    Frankie Roberts 17 days ago

    If biden becomes president socialism will follow just as fast

  • I Am Paul
    I Am Paul 17 days ago

    New subscriber here. Love your content, Mr. Elder! Informative and very entertaining! 😆

  • andrew domenitz
    andrew domenitz 17 days ago

    Biden's hair plugs are just a little too deep.

  • 2112777
    2112777 17 days ago

    Joe Biden is currupt and born of greed

  • Alan x
    Alan x 17 days ago

    Everyone knows FDR used E mail

  • Marley Taylor
    Marley Taylor 17 days ago

    If POTUS TRUMP gets to debate Joe, it will be funny ! POTUS will be kind, but, it will be over, before it starts ! I can see the media, going crazy :: Trump wipes floor with Joey, what happened to be kind to elders ? Trump beats up Joey, with his words, while Joey is trying to get his gloves on...LoL
    Jill still holding her nose, while swallowing hard, votes for Trump ! LoL

  • Linda Bills
    Linda Bills 18 days ago

    Mr Elder, would u do a segment on how corrupt Biden, and his son are? Biden is so stupid that he bragged about it on national tv!!!

  • Linda Bills
    Linda Bills 18 days ago

    Larry been seeing u on Fox News, I’m glad I found u on u tube, love your intelligence and remarks on fox

  • michael bott
    michael bott 18 days ago

    One of the dumbest son of a bitches in politics,flippin and floppin ,groping kids,,,should have never been more that a used car salesman.