Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop Rocks | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Witness the crackling confection taking the world by storm! They're carbonation made solid. That's right folks, they're a modern marvel made to modify your mouth, a sensational symphony of splendid snaps and sparkles soothing your senses and sent straight to your stomach. And now for the first time ever, we present gourmet Pop Rocks, the product of a perfect marriage of scientific ingenuity and culinary craft, made by the clever and creative Claire Saffitz!

    Check out Claire's Instagram: csaffitz

    And check out Applied Science's "Making Pop Rocks candy at home":
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pop Rocks | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • nightshade
    nightshade 13 hours ago

    You should of tried the coffee test, If you Put popping candy in your coffee it still pops on the way down when you drink it.

  • Marley Dees
    Marley Dees 13 hours ago


  • No other Like my own skin

    Jolly Ranchers Candy Gourmet

  • juji-fruit964
    juji-fruit964 Day ago

    Really hard video to watch.

  • juji-fruit964
    juji-fruit964 Day ago

    Watching her being unhappy during this was really hard to watch. Didn't even finish it cause it felt ~bad~

  • Rush Galutza
    Rush Galutza 2 days ago

    Butter fingers yesssss

  • Nguyen Thao Truong
    Nguyen Thao Truong 2 days ago

    You’re such an inspiration Claire!

  • Paper Bag
    Paper Bag 2 days ago +2

    Gourmet Cosmic Brownies

  • Greg Araujo
    Greg Araujo 2 days ago

    She has a crush on chris

  • Fiona Sullivan
    Fiona Sullivan 2 days ago

    The caramel one looks like hokey pokey :)

  • Tucci
    Tucci 2 days ago

    Prolly the most adorable episodes of Gormet Makes

  • i i
    i i 2 days ago

    man she looks like she cried 🙁🙁🙁🙁

  • K B
    K B 2 days ago

    Hey, Bon Appetite, this is really easy, and you might have already done it, but could you make a gourmet version of those wax candies with the fruit juice inside?

  • SunsetGlow21
    SunsetGlow21 2 days ago +2

    Love how Chris keeps saying "cased closed" or "lets move on" so claire doesn't have to do it any more hahhaa

  • Mouse
    Mouse 3 days ago

    Crack rocks, they're addicting

  • Aub Bates
    Aub Bates 3 days ago

    I’m watching this on 9/11 and they keep talking about bombs and the World Trade Center

  • Teighlor Davis
    Teighlor Davis 3 days ago

    Watching this on 9/11 so the comment at 9:55 was... 👀

    • Ruby Black
      Ruby Black 2 days ago

      They work in the new WTC that was kinda the whole point of making those comments

  • Kenzie E.
    Kenzie E. 3 days ago

    I really like watching Claire and her work, but the only criticism I have is that yes we know you really didn’t want to make pop rocks, but you also have the dream job and how a job goes is that you have a boss that wants you to do something, so you do it. Normal jobs you have to do what your bosses want and you can’t really complain about it. Sometimes you just need to comply without being upset about it the whole time. Just food for thought. Claire, you are a wonderful person and you are very entertaining but a tip, just try to make the best of it. I’m not just saying that. It comes from someone that is only 25 and would give anything to have a job like yours. Scratch that, I would give anything to even be able to work. Just keep your head up. You do an amazing job at whatever you try.

  • the complexion
    the complexion 4 days ago

    22:00 scratches ear then touches food

  • AnaAlicia Alvarez
    AnaAlicia Alvarez 4 days ago

    Oh my... Carla came in with some wise words foreal

  • MsMrFz
    MsMrFz 4 days ago +2

    the biggest shock I got from the BA kitchen is finding out Chris Morocco has a WIFE

  • Gacha Saucer
    Gacha Saucer 5 days ago

    The rumor of when you eat pop rocks and soda your stomach will explode is COMPLETELY untrue. All it will do is give a really bad stomach ache. The reason why this is untrue is because first, the science behind this would make absolutely no sense. The second reason is because, the only soda that would do any damage is Sprite. The third reason is because, your stomach skin is stronger than the acid in your body and the pop rocks and soda. So if you were wondering why and you’re to lazy to google it up, here’s your answer.

  • Daniel Astbury
    Daniel Astbury 5 days ago

    Applied Science has a good video on how to make pop rocks at home.

    ALISON TOWRY 5 days ago

    This video was hard to watch 😬

  • Stephanie Sui
    Stephanie Sui 6 days ago

    why is that guy wearing a coat and beanie in the middle of the summer

  • kevin johnson
    kevin johnson 6 days ago


  • Donna Dong
    Donna Dong 6 days ago


  • John Steyn
    John Steyn 6 days ago

    “Are you suggesting I make a bomb in the World Trade Center?” - Claire 2k19

  • your opinion doesent matter


  • Jasmine Martinez
    Jasmine Martinez 7 days ago

    I’ve been on a ‘Gourmet Makes’ marathon lately & i’m not mad at it

  • Heywood Richards
    Heywood Richards 7 days ago

    Is the bon appetit test kitchen in the world trade center??

  • Danielle !
    Danielle ! 8 days ago

    Claire isn't having fun, so we arent having fun. Stop pissing her off.

  • Danielle !
    Danielle ! 8 days ago

    Chris is so clearly claire's favorite. She's always so mean to Brad.

  • Max Leong
    Max Leong 8 days ago

    i remember having pop rocks only for a brief moment in childhood before they stop production; was feeling sad that they discontinued the entire franchise then. but when i learn that people have been using these in food especially baking and i was surprised but ultimately missing it. tried to see if anywhere locally sold it, but it seems there is no trace anywhere sold. guess when they discontinued it back then, so did my country's import of such snacks. maybe it's due to that rumor of mixing soda/pop rocks = death type of scare that halted any chance of me acquiring it in any stores. i know it is possible to get it online or shipped. but i am never an online shopping person to begin with. so if Claire is frustrated and said this is hopeless to homemade, plus the guy she watches tutorial with scientific equipment to make it fails, i feels pretty sad to not have a taste of this snack i have missed a long time ago. but i would prefer Claire to do gourmet makes that are definitely successful and an improved version like how she revamp Pocky.

  • Becca C
    Becca C 8 days ago +1

    Do pastry chefs make ice cream? What about a Ben and Jerry’s episode or carvel ice cream cake

  • Chantha Nop
    Chantha Nop 8 days ago

    I have to say that I am pleased to watch videos that has great lighting in the kitchen and demonstration of the cooking skills as well. Definitely fun to follow and watch.

  • wigglyfiggle13
    wigglyfiggle13 9 days ago

    This would have been a great collaboration with the king of random channel! But you did great!

  • Daniel Wartman
    Daniel Wartman 9 days ago

    I wonder how it would have worked if you maid two of the rock substances one more basic and one more acidic then after they were crystallized and crumbled mix them into equal proportions and serve so the reaction happens as it dissolves and mixes in the mouth. Would have to make sure the basic one didnt taste bad though

  • William Vouk
    William Vouk 9 days ago

    I would love it if Claire was allowed to team up with one of the other chefs for each of these and they could take turns enduring her pain alongside her

  • Bethany James
    Bethany James 9 days ago +3

    For those who care, How to make Pop Rocks:
    1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper and place in the freezer on top of a container full of dry ice
    2. Combine 4 tbsp baking soda, 4 tbsp citric acid, 2 tbsp powdered freeze-dried raspberries, and 1 tsp powdered freeze-dried blueberries.
    3. Sift the mixture into a medium bowl.
    4. Grind the mixture in a spice grinder and add to the medium bowl. Set aside.
    5. In a medium saucepan, combine 100 grams sugar, 50 grams light corn syrup, and 50 grams water.
    6. Stir over medium-high heat until the sugar dissolves.
    7. Clip a candy thermometer to the side of the pot and cook without stirring, swirling the pot occasionally until the mixture reaches 290 degrees Fahrenheit.
    8. Immediately pour the mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients and whisk rapidly to combine.
    9. Immediately pour mixture onto a frozen baking sheet in a single layer and let harden.
    10. Then, break slab into small bits.

  • Camilla Liu
    Camilla Liu 9 days ago

    Omg Claire is so Sweet and i just cant 🥺🥺🍡👑❣️💛❣️💚💖❤️💟❤️💟💝💞❤️💟💜🐢💓👑💞💓💖💘💟

  • Dooge
    Dooge 9 days ago

    Foam stones

  • Addison Wilkins
    Addison Wilkins 9 days ago


    Claire: You are a badass!

  • Amanda
    Amanda 9 days ago

    it would have been amazing if you could break the dry ice into tiny bits and add it to the candy mixture before it completely sublimated so when the candy hardened some dry ice would sublimate within and create those little co2 pockets

  • Kelly Dolan
    Kelly Dolan 9 days ago

    It is so nice to see everyone so supportive of Clare with her efforts to make a sweet chemistry experiment.

  • El Librero de Alex
    El Librero de Alex 10 days ago

    next episode "Pastry Chef has vacation away from the kitchen cause she deserves it."

  • Ashley Rolf
    Ashley Rolf 10 days ago

    Claire, thank you for doing this for our entertainment, even though you hated it :)

  • Los3rInc
    Los3rInc 10 days ago

    I like what you did different for the ingredients segment

  • Brandon Gordon
    Brandon Gordon 10 days ago

    This may be an old episode but you are amazingly beautiful, I haven't watched it yet that you got this

  • Eva Kay
    Eva Kay 11 days ago

    Claire really needs to do something with her hair. Don't get me wrong, she's super intelligent and witty, but when you wear a pant suit outfit, it'd be nice to pair it with a hairdo that doesn't look like she just rolled out of bed. Even a simple braid would do. Js.

  • Rachel Bowen
    Rachel Bowen 11 days ago +1

    Please make GOLDFISH gourmet!!!! 💓✨

  • Timothy Justin Emata
    Timothy Justin Emata 11 days ago

    Chris and Brad hyping Claire up is the kind of motivation I need in my life ✊🏻😫

  • Chloe Lauren
    Chloe Lauren 11 days ago

    Was I the only one who didn’t know that Carla’s last name is MUSIC?

  • dustyb58
    dustyb58 12 days ago

    14:33 should have been the thumbnail

  • dustyb58
    dustyb58 12 days ago

    do Zots!

  • Vaudsnitchy
    Vaudsnitchy 12 days ago

    haven’t even finished the video but please for the love of god tell me she was paid extra for this

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies 12 days ago

    I didn’t know they filmed this series in the WTC

  • LemonSide
    LemonSide 12 days ago

    I remember I was scared to eat pop rocks since it hurt when it popped in my mouth.

  • Kendyll Pavel
    Kendyll Pavel 13 days ago +1


  • Sammy Ye
    Sammy Ye 13 days ago

    make hichews!