Mikey Williams is a RISING STAR! 🏆 | SLAM Official Mixtape

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
  • Mikey Williams has made himself as household name as one of the best 8th graders in the nation. He teamed up with Bronny James on the North Coast Blue Chips and quickly became the two biggest stars in middle school hoops. What NBA player does Mikey remind you of?
    Shoutout to CXDY for the beat!
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    Mikey Williams is a RISING STAR! Official SLAM Mixtape! | Slam Official Mixtape
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Comments • 401

  • SLAM
    SLAM  Year ago +69

    What's your best player comparison for Mikey ? 🤔

    • EL1MS
      EL1MS 23 days ago

      @FRESH SPORTSWEAR westbrook can't shoot threes

    • EL1MS
      EL1MS 23 days ago

      Damian Lillard

    • Beni Kaey
      Beni Kaey 2 months ago


    • Saibo Hydara
      Saibo Hydara 5 months ago

      Kd bro

  • Fillip Marius Nielsen Kristensen 8A St. Magleby Skole

    What is the name on the music in the video?

  • Galina86
    Galina86 2 months ago

    He’s gonna be the next all star in the NBA

    JACOB D 2 months ago

    What’s the best

    JACOB D 2 months ago

    What’s the best

  • ChannelHighlights
    ChannelHighlights 4 months ago +1

    2:45 it’s Chase Adams ?

  • Str8 Up
    Str8 Up 4 months ago


  • Tracy Siller
    Tracy Siller 5 months ago

    I can shoot better dribble better not dunk better thoe chris Siller

  • Seb Christensen
    Seb Christensen 5 months ago

    I can dunk like that

    On an 8 foot rim😥

  • glee movies
    glee movies 6 months ago

    Bronny gonna be better i can just tell

  • Mike
    Mike 6 months ago +1

    Stay off them hoes and drugs bra ...stay focused on the game

  • Sbrabson04
    Sbrabson04 6 months ago +1

    He’s got they demeanor like he refuses to be average. I expect big things from this young man.

  • A •
    A • 7 months ago

    You sure d wade didn't train him ? 🤯

  • challenger 101
    challenger 101 8 months ago +2

    Plot twist

    *The ball is a actor*

  • Dylan Both
    Dylan Both 8 months ago

    He remind me a little of kyrie maybe lebron too

  • Agustin Portt
    Agustin Portt 9 months ago

    pff estos yankis no defienden a nadie hermano

  • OG Ian
    OG Ian 10 months ago

    What mikey williams height?

  • YRN CarsonJ
    YRN CarsonJ 10 months ago


  • Celeste Ramírez
    Celeste Ramírez 10 months ago

    termo williams

  • Celeste Ramírez
    Celeste Ramírez 10 months ago


  • Ksicma
    Ksicma 10 months ago

    7:15 name of player #19?

  • devil slayer
    devil slayer 11 months ago

    Bronny better then Mikey

    • SilentKilla04
      SilentKilla04 8 months ago

      At the moment. But I think Bronny gonna get bigger and more athletic once they are older

  • devil slayer
    devil slayer 11 months ago

    Bronny or mikey

  • Brian Ledon
    Brian Ledon 11 months ago

    name of the song?

    • SLAM
      SLAM  11 months ago

      Beat by @thecxdy

  • Enmanuel Fierro
    Enmanuel Fierro 11 months ago

    Nice very nice

  • Josiah Cañas
    Josiah Cañas 11 months ago

    Song name?

  • J Breau
    J Breau 11 months ago

    is a crack of course 😍

  • Kitaru
    Kitaru 11 months ago

    I already can hear KEKEKEKE

  • Adrian Lloyd
    Adrian Lloyd 11 months ago +8

    He gon make the nba

    Cause he nba youngboy😂

  • Adrian Lloyd
    Adrian Lloyd 11 months ago +5

    This is so random, but this kid got it all:
    1. He tall, and he only 14
    2. Very skilled at basketball, doing windmills n all types of crazy shit
    3. He handsome (no homo)
    4. He famous
    5. Hes rich, his house is nice, and have y’all seen his kicks? Damn!
    6. Edit: Lebron probably knows him and he got a lot of friends

  • Pi
    Pi 11 months ago

    Paul George 2.0

  • Hamdan Nadeem
    Hamdan Nadeem 11 months ago +2

    5:21 he looks lilke lamelo

  • Hamdan Nadeem
    Hamdan Nadeem 11 months ago

    1:35 ru-clip.net/video/YVsah5EBKuI/video.html its identical

  • Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams Year ago

    Lottery written all over this kid

  • leviwaltersss
    leviwaltersss Year ago +3


  • Alpha Kenny1
    Alpha Kenny1 Year ago

    Dude doesn’t pass...

  • Berk Kivilcim
    Berk Kivilcim Year ago

    derrick rose or russell westbrook

  • Brandon Rodriguez

    NBA youngboy ballin out here

  • young disciple
    young disciple Year ago

    NBA youngboy can hoop

  • E Z
    E Z Year ago

    Is this guy pharell williams son or brother? They lowkey look alike with the same surname.lol

  • Miami 808
    Miami 808 Year ago

    Damn, how tall is he? He's dunking like a grown ass man

  • Pixels Ninja
    Pixels Ninja Year ago

    What rim height do they play with

  • Foretell
    Foretell Year ago

    Yoooo this kid was at my middle school last year.. everyone messed with him sayin he flunked a year cuz of how tall he was

    YABOYNICK Year ago

    whos that lightskin dude wit the dreads

  • david
    david Year ago

    Why you have to break the camera like that 😂 @8:44

  • Rexy Pe Combo
    Rexy Pe Combo Year ago

    I like how no one talks about how Mikey beat the blue chips when he was on team Thomas then joined them shortly after ...

  • Caramel.queen21
    Caramel.queen21 Year ago

    I’m a girl in the 7th grade, 5’7.5, and can almost you rim. Mikey Williams IS my IDOL🏀😭

  • Fts Ant
    Fts Ant Year ago

    John wall

  • Ismael Tamba Villen

    i thought it was a youngboy nba twin lil bro highlight or something

  • J Bobko
    J Bobko Year ago

    I think that the blue chips have\had 2 lebron Jr.s

  • SSSailz
    SSSailz Year ago

    whats his height

    • Rexy Pe Combo
      Rexy Pe Combo Year ago

      He was 5’11 when he played in therse games but now he’s probably around 6-6’1

  • _ Fxbi
    _ Fxbi Year ago

    He plays like Jordan

  • Lelis Gomez
    Lelis Gomez Year ago


  • Micah McGonagle
    Micah McGonagle Year ago


  • Wes Mullen
    Wes Mullen Year ago

    He is my favorite player


    He out here💦🌍🤘🏾

  • Stephan G
    Stephan G Year ago +1

    Wtf how he get so good at that age?? These lil niggas all got rich parents

  • AsianZingProductions

    The scene when the guy was like that’s a call and he was like why u holding why u holding.5 secs later the other guy is holding mikey

  • 김우창
    김우창 Year ago

    Does mikil is a zion younger brother?

  • edyyo134 d
    edyyo134 d Year ago

    this the dude who got spanked by lebron

    • SLAM
      SLAM  Year ago

      They're on the same team