iPhone XR - 30 Things You Didn't Know!

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • iPhone XR - 30 Things BEFORE Buying!
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Comments • 2 363

  • Piyush V
    Piyush V 2 days ago +1

    I switched from owning 2 AMOLED phones to LCD of XR, and it didn't bother me.

  • Piyush V
    Piyush V 2 days ago +1

    XR had the best sale of those 3 all around the world. So...

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 2 days ago

    What do you mean you can’t hook to Mac book directly? My old phone was a 7+ and I hooked it to my Mac. Or is there a better cable. My question doesn’t sound right. Hmm. What does the cable that isn’t included do that the sync cable doesn’t. Thanks so much.

  • S.H.L03 Games & more

    Does anyone else’s left speaker not work?

  • yungxm
    yungxm 3 days ago

    i only clicked on this video because i have a XR and whole video his throwing shots at my phone.

  • Kappa Pride
    Kappa Pride 4 days ago +1

    All previous iPhones had the lcd display nobody complained because it was good. Now people get something they will hardly distinguish from the lcd and start complaining. Their complaints are unreasonable.

  • Sad Boi
    Sad Boi 6 days ago

    I Own The Blue Iphone Xr

  • Janyla Adventures
    Janyla Adventures 7 days ago

    My cousin has a iPhone XR I have a se

  • Ricardo Ice
    Ricardo Ice 7 days ago

    Dammm this dude talk to fast 😭😭😭😭

  • just a rock
    just a rock 7 days ago

    im saving up until next year for a new phone and ive been researching quite alot. And honestly I think Ill be getting the XR due to it having such great software and software support and could last me more than 3 years. I was about to wait for the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 because its cheaper and could potentially have all the bells and whistles. But honestly Ive noticed that Iphones lacking features, but are excellent at essentials. Simple phone, Great camera and one of the best video recorders, great battery, and that damn software is so buttery smooth.

  • Dina Redfield
    Dina Redfield 9 days ago

    You’re so cute 🥰

  • Jacob Becker
    Jacob Becker 10 days ago

    Apparently 12:42 is LONG🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Tia Bailey
    Tia Bailey 11 days ago

    How come I payed 1000 for this

    THE BERAPIT GAMER 12 days ago

    Interesting,,,, now i know it

  • Toleen Khaled
    Toleen Khaled 12 days ago

    I'm gonna get one soonn!! Yayy!!

  • Stephanie King-Morson
    Stephanie King-Morson 13 days ago

    Good to know I made the right choice! Thank you very much for this video!

  • Rohan Aggarwal
    Rohan Aggarwal 13 days ago +1

    Watching on my iphone xr🤗

    LAURA 14 days ago +1

    U guys it’s normal because the iPhone XR is A lot cheaper like 400 $ difference at the moment I think

  • Lizzie Lopez
    Lizzie Lopez 16 days ago +2

    Who came to watch this video because they have a a iPhone xr

  • Ali Bastaki
    Ali Bastaki 16 days ago

    Watching on my xr got mine today love it

  • Hirantha Adikari
    Hirantha Adikari 17 days ago

    I couldn’t understand half of the things you said man. Speak slowly.

    • Stephanie King-Morson
      Stephanie King-Morson 13 days ago

      Hirantha Adikari
      I didn’t have any issues understanding him at all.

  • Briahn Brown
    Briahn Brown 18 days ago +1

    I’m trading my iPhone 6s Plus for the XR

  • Kimo
    Kimo 19 days ago +2

    Woah I have the iPhone XR and when he called it wired man.... It hurts😂

    I'm watching this cuz I have the XR . Who else ?

  • SpeedForce TaKa
    SpeedForce TaKa 20 days ago

    I did buy the iPhone XR and then watched the video, but I already knew all of that. I actually thought that the iPhone XR is actually bigger in size than the iPhone 7 Plus I previously had because of the screen diagonal size, but it turned out to be smaller which is a really great improvement.
    So far I love the phone, it's great, the only "complaint" would be the fact that it doesn't have the 3D Touch, but even without it, it's the best phone for me.
    And the price, oh well, that's almost half of what I bought my iPhone 7 Plus for 2 years+ ago.

  • lilchris1120
    lilchris1120 20 days ago

    Actually made it to the end lol good video tho 👍🏾

  • Chuan Feng
    Chuan Feng 20 days ago

    I have been watching reviews like this for 5 years but I do not have an iPhone. They are just too expensive. Though I can afford it and I like it, there is always a voice in my brain telling me that you should not spend so much on this....I am always struggling on wether to buy one. But the answer is no, as always.

  • Josh D
    Josh D 21 day ago

    The XR has the R because it isn’t as good as the XS, and R comes just before S in the alphabet! Or at least that’s my theory anyway haha

  • Hridaya Lakhani
    Hridaya Lakhani 23 days ago +28

    1:30 back looks like iPhone 8
    front looks like iPhone X
    what is 8 + 10?
    its 18.
    what is the 18th alphabet?
    coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    • ExpertCobra1911
      ExpertCobra1911 5 days ago

      Hridaya Lakhani you FUCKING GENIUS!!

    • GGCentral
      GGCentral 17 days ago +4

      Which means R = 18
      So X = 10
      That is algebra.
      XS = 12 & half
      10 + 18 = 28
      XR = 28,
      Which means XR is 6 times better than the XS

  • fran stars
    fran stars 24 days ago +2

    this phone is amazing so why are you trying to turn us against it 😫

  • Jmaine The YouTube
    Jmaine The YouTube 25 days ago +4

    I just like watching Xr videos because I have one 😂

  • Mikel Limas
    Mikel Limas 25 days ago

    Lmao we get it the XR sucks

  • Julio GZZ
    Julio GZZ 26 days ago

    I already got it

  • Maricel Reyes
    Maricel Reyes 27 days ago +1

    I don’t like how you only point out the bad things about the phone, and you say the screen is bad compared to the iPhone X, Xs, and iPhone Xs max but you don’t even show us the difference because there really isn’t one.

  • Zen kumunalu-haruyoshi Yamamoto

    30: Not buying it makes you save a lot of money 🤷🏽‍♂️💀

  • Million Voices
    Million Voices 28 days ago

    You really should talk way faster, I was still able to understand some words. I suppose it was your intention nobody gets what you're saying right?

  • Rose Valles
    Rose Valles 29 days ago


  • Loany Aguilar
    Loany Aguilar 29 days ago

    Just saying I compared the Iphone x max camera to the xr And umm The Xr camera is wayyy better its more clear 😌

  • Loany Aguilar
    Loany Aguilar 29 days ago

    Already have the phone 💀😂😂

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie 29 days ago

    I watching this the day before I get my iPhone XR

  • KG05
    KG05 29 days ago +1

    He sounds American for british

  • BkI Vlogs
    BkI Vlogs Month ago

    I have a iPhone XR the thing I don’t like is that it does no have 3D Touch so no live wallpapers

  • Lia Johnson
    Lia Johnson Month ago +1


  • Call me Remy
    Call me Remy Month ago

    Getting an I phone xr tomorrow I’m happy

  • Li-ham Cosplay
    Li-ham Cosplay Month ago

    I love my iPhone XR! It’s funny that he says you can’t view videos in 1080p, when I am right now 🤣🤣🙃

  • Sandra Sanders
    Sandra Sanders Month ago

    Me is watching on iPhone XR *cough cough red*

  • Dewanna Carter
    Dewanna Carter Month ago

    Made it to the end

  • Bailey young
    Bailey young Month ago

    I got a Iphone RX is amazing what is he talking about I get 3 days without a charge with heavy use FaceTime music what ever it’s hard to drain the battery 🔋.

    EPICWILTIME Month ago +1

    I exited halfway. Talked way too fast SORRY

  • Farhaan rickey
    Farhaan rickey Month ago

    my experience iPhone Xs is prettier than xr looking awesome go with Xs 👍👍

  • 8x10
    8x10 Month ago

    Water damage is covered

  • Gruener_teee
    Gruener_teee Month ago

    Why is his xr chrome?

  • Deadxcole 12:15
    Deadxcole 12:15 Month ago

    30 things you won't understand

  • w crisis
    w crisis Month ago

    this phone is truly worth to buy,trust me.

  • Shameria Johnson
    Shameria Johnson Month ago +7

    Im getting the iphonexr because of the color coral. I already know how to work a iphone

  • ava gabriella
    ava gabriella Month ago

    3:01. am I the only one who got a Regular brick not that thingy

  • Glecille Mae Nodalo

    Im watching this vid bc just bought my XR

  • Evelyn Cervantes
    Evelyn Cervantes Month ago

    I’m offended that you called it weird
    I have the IphoneXr

    It’s a peachy color

  • sanmanDC050
    sanmanDC050 Month ago

    Idk what he’s talking about but I watched HD movies on my Xr and it looks amazing. Don’t let this scare you it’s a awesome everyday phone. The best phone i ever had. Only tech geeks will care about this crap.

  • Aesthetic World
    Aesthetic World Month ago

    This video is all about how trash the XR are is, at least give someone positive information.

  • Aesthetic World
    Aesthetic World Month ago

    I’ve been using a 6 plus for 2 years now, ordered my yellow XR and it comes in 3 days. I am extremely excited to see what the phone is like.

  • Cameron Watson
    Cameron Watson Month ago

    9:45 no it can do 4k60 instead of 4k30 fps

  • Grace Fawcett
    Grace Fawcett Month ago

    I have an XR

  • Juan Ordaz
    Juan Ordaz Month ago

    Wow cool idgaf at this boy I just bought it lol seen red must cop

  • Apex820
    Apex820 Month ago

    If this little weasel was out getting some ass he wouldn’t have time to nitpick about a phone. I have the XR there’s nothing wrong with it. This nerd needs a woman! And a bitch slap 🤪👋🏻

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago


  • Joud Khaled
    Joud Khaled Month ago

    I got an iPhone XR today 🙌

  • Fast Trade
    Fast Trade Month ago

    wow 4k video

  • Alexandra4real
    Alexandra4real Month ago

    I’ve had the iPhone XR for about a week and I honestly dont like it. Will definitely be returning it. iPhone XS is way too expensive (but the right size for me) and iPhone X is discontinued by Apple. I really don’t understand what Apple is doing 🤦🏾‍♀️.
    Will either have to buy an iPhone 8 or go back to Samsung galaxy. Idk I thought iPhones were supposed to be about simplicity but guess not 😐

  • Pamela R.
    Pamela R. Month ago

    He talks too fast .....

  • Laila's Love
    Laila's Love Month ago

    That’s not the iPhone xr