I Made A Huge Artwork with 100,000 Beads - Art Challenge

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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  • Vexx
    Vexx  4 months ago +8229

    subscribe and i'll give you a single bead!

    • Kam V
      Kam V 2 days ago

      Vexx you owe me

    • Berglind Anna Haraldsdottir
      Berglind Anna Haraldsdottir 5 days ago

      Hadassah Maharaj fffccffccccccxcc. Cxxxxxxxxxccc

    • Legend Hunter
      Legend Hunter 6 days ago

      The last people that subscribes to my channel before midnight will win an Iphone 11! No joke, winner will receive a DM

    • Jumbo Sausages
      Jumbo Sausages 11 days ago


  • Bianca John
    Bianca John 11 hours ago

    1) Composition II In Red, Blue and Yellow art. By Pieter Cornelis Mondrian
    2) Flower Ball. By Takashi Murakami
    3) Starry Night. By Vincent Van Gogh
    Hey Vexx btw I did not look any of these up I actually knew these. Also I really want those Copic Markers I am still using those Crayola Markers.+ I also spelled every thing right-I think

  • Cecilia Cancellieri
    Cecilia Cancellieri 11 hours ago

    Level 1: Mondrian
    Level 2: Takashi Murakami
    Level 3: Van Gogh

  • No Thing
    No Thing 14 hours ago

    Piccaso ??

  • MJS Team
    MJS Team 15 hours ago

    I Love U

  • Auzzie god
    Auzzie god 23 hours ago

    This looks so good you are so talented

  • Henrique R
    Henrique R Day ago

    Mondrian, murakami and van gogh( the guy with no ear) nailed it

  • LOOP - o
    LOOP - o Day ago

    The artist was vexx. He did all the work in guess the artist

  • Elaina Cameron
    Elaina Cameron Day ago

    Great video

  • Felix Nisse
    Felix Nisse Day ago

    So satisfying

  • Rachel Donner
    Rachel Donner Day ago

    Piet Mondrian for the first, Takashi Murakami for the second, Vincent Van Gogh for the third?

  • : P
    : P 2 days ago

    I dunno but I think three is Vincent vango

  • pedos don't find me or I will call the cops

    Pattern that was the first

  • pedos don't find me or I will call the cops

    Flower thats rainbow

  • fortnite _Gaming
    fortnite _Gaming 2 days ago +1

    WOW THis iS ABeautiful😍😍😍

  • Jeffre The dinosaur
    Jeffre The dinosaur 3 days ago

    And then it costs 100000000,000000000$ to make this

  • Cupcake Kitties 24
    Cupcake Kitties 24 3 days ago


  • Clara DI PAOLO
    Clara DI PAOLO 3 days ago

    Do you speak Dutch?

  • Yarran Ryder
    Yarran Ryder 3 days ago

    Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan level 1
    VEXX level 2
    Vincent van Gogh level 3

  • tatianna watkins
    tatianna watkins 4 days ago

    you went wrong in the background when you pulled it off immediately. you gotta let it cool off first

  • Julienne
    Julienne 4 days ago

    Vincent Van Gogh 3
    TankanshiMarikami 2
    Petit Mondrian 1

  • Avinash Desousa
    Avinash Desousa 5 days ago


  • Meghan Maroney
    Meghan Maroney 5 days ago


  • bs g
    bs g 5 days ago

    You did such a good job! My favorite part was the one with the dragon, i absolutely love the colors❤💛💚💙💜

  • toprak_doodles
    toprak_doodles 5 days ago

    *Tables leg breaks*

  • The Mythic Fish
    The Mythic Fish 5 days ago

    Imagine how painful that bead counter was to make

  • Miles B
    Miles B 6 days ago


  • Miles B
    Miles B 6 days ago


  • Miles B
    Miles B 6 days ago

    Petit mondereon

  • Amado ROD
    Amado ROD 6 days ago


  • Amado ROD
    Amado ROD 6 days ago


  • Raegan Arndt
    Raegan Arndt 6 days ago

    You are so good

  • Araceli Salinas
    Araceli Salinas 6 days ago

    0:15 these

  • Lydell gary
    Lydell gary 6 days ago

    Art hub for kids level 1

  • Mike Soverns
    Mike Soverns 7 days ago

    Vexx Vexx vexxx all there Putin yo self out there

  • Yvette Contreras
    Yvette Contreras 7 days ago

    Awww godzilla is so adorable

  • Mac Cheese Hero
    Mac Cheese Hero 7 days ago

    Artist answers:
    Also vexx

  • BOT
    BOT 7 days ago

    Vexx:trust me as a engineer...

    *Level 190!*
    All fixed
    *level up*
    Good job.

  • kiegan Farris
    kiegan Farris 8 days ago

    1 vexx. 2 vexx 3 vexx

  • 카샤
    카샤 9 days ago


  • Victoria Wilson
    Victoria Wilson 9 days ago

    Vexx vexx vexx vexx vexx vexx vexx vexx vexx vexx vexx

    EMILY HENDRICKS 9 days ago


  • Harry cat
    Harry cat 10 days ago



  • Evelyn Paterson
    Evelyn Paterson 10 days ago +1

    Artist one: Piet Mondrian
    Artist two: Takashi Murakami
    Artist three: Vincent Van Gogh
    And last but not least... YOU! you are an amazing artist! NOTICE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  • tokstar 323
    tokstar 323 10 days ago

    I like how vexx does what it says in the title

    Then does more

  • Michele Cabral
    Michele Cabral 10 days ago

    1. Andy Warhol

  • Butt Monkey
    Butt Monkey 10 days ago

    Ouch...... I feel the pain....

  • limestonedmansister
    limestonedmansister 11 days ago

    Result is 07:24

  • James Klinteback
    James Klinteback 11 days ago

    the artists are vexx, vexx, and vexx!!!

  • May rise Productions
    May rise Productions 11 days ago

    1- peit mobndrian

  • Helmer Portugal
    Helmer Portugal 11 days ago

    1- Piet mondrian
    2- Takashi muralami
    3- Van ghog

  • Aida Cariaga
    Aida Cariaga 11 days ago

    Hahahaha lev two is blossom

  • Alexa Straite
    Alexa Straite 12 days ago

    Piet Mondrian is the first one

  • Johnathin Wood
    Johnathin Wood 12 days ago

    Sorry man I don't know I'm literally in elementary school except that would be nice so close i really wanted those😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jin Ki
    Jin Ki 12 days ago

    bruh i want some of your patience

  • HeyItzAnime
    HeyItzAnime 12 days ago

    Got it

  • Pura Retardadice
    Pura Retardadice 12 days ago

    Eu cheguei aqui aleatoriamente 😐😶

  • Emily Stephan
    Emily Stephan 12 days ago

    νєχχ ¢σмєѕ ιи тнє ѕтσяє
    ωσякєя:Уαу нєяє нє ¢σмєѕ ωє gєт мυ¢н мσиєу в¢υz σf нιм 🤪

  • Katelyn Envy Me
    Katelyn Envy Me 12 days ago

    1.Peit Mondrian
    2.Takashi Marakami
    3.Vincet Van Gogh
    Please notice me I never owned a single comic in my life and I like to draw so please 😀